Erectile Dysfunction Psychological Causes

How to overcome Erectile Dysfunction (Psychological Section)

First of all lets start with what exactly does it mean to have erectile dysfunction, if you are unable to get or keep an erection for a longer period of time, you may have this issue. most men will have once in a while difficulty keeping an erection going, but what if you have it not just once in a while, but for a longer period of time! it can happen to the best of us, heck it even happened to me, I met this great girl and went to bed together and I couldn’t even get a *simple* erection going, what was going on here? Not only does it ruin the mood somewhat, it can break a mans confidence in himself and make the issue even worse..


So how can we solve this, how did I solve this, let me tell you this first, although this may seem bad at first, which is how it definitely feels for every man! Let me tell you all one important thing and that is.. that THIS IS NOT A BIG PROBLEM! people who lost arm or an leg, have got a serious disease condition , those are big problems…, this isn’t a real big problem and it can be solved and realizing this is the first right step towards healing.

There are many different causes how one can get an erectile dysfunction, but we can put them in 2 main categories, which are psychological and physical causes with psychological being the number one cause for most erectile dysfunctions, which was also in my case but in all honestly I also did it in combination with Viagra and the combination of both worked totally fine with me. Now this combination will probably work for most people, but maybe just working on psychological part of yourself may just do the trick or maybe it is a physical symptom and treatment is required. I have written the most common causes and more on how one can get   ED (Erectile Dysfunction) and I have also written the most widely used solutions which most can be used immediately. (to see the physical section click here)

Psychological causes.

I will be writing several posts, which you can freely read about how to overcome erectile dysfunction and how to overcome erectile dysfunction naturally just by making simple changes, but these simple changes can also turn your entire life around, there is greatness inside everyone of us, inside you, inside me and it should shine brightly and if I can help you even slightly with benefitting your life then my goal here is achieved.

I’m starting with the psychological causes first, why? because most conditions and problems start from inside of us and from there *evil* can flourish, medications can heal or mask symptoms but eventually the same problem can reoccur or another can take its place, so the starting point towards healing is always to look inside ourselves, Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Relationship problems, Fear of performance or as I like to call it Overthinking…. (I was guilty of this myself)
Which type of erectile dysfunction one can have can also differ due to age, when ageing naturally most men starting above the age of 40 will start having erectile dysfunctions/sexual difficulties, because our bodies also changes with ageing, but more on this subject later.

And to add a little more knowledge for cause and effect, Did you know that 70 to 90% of all diseases are stress related? that’s right! most diseases come from stress and where does stress come from, that’s right it builds up inside of you and then…….. here comes trouble!

  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Stress
  • Relationship problems
  • Financial issues (And for possible financial solutions click here )
  • Depression
  • Guilt
  • Trust
  • Overthinking

Any of these reasons or others like it may cause erectile dysfunction, especially for men under 30 Anxiety may play a big role Whether its fear of performance, usage of condom, getting someone pregnant or perhaps even inexperienced with sex, now how do we overcome this, lets start with the first one.

Anxiety/fear –

A lot of men, especially those under the age of 30 who Have ED (erectile dysfunction) is caused by anxiety or fear, fear of performing, fear of using a condom and getting an erection, getting someone pregnant, have problems in their relationship or doubt the girl they are with or maybe just thinking way too much about a particular situation in their life, Whatever the reason is, it’s harming their love life, your love life, so how do we deal with this?

Possible solution(s).

Considering the problem comes from inside you, ironically the solution is also inside you. Sex should be something you can enjoy, making love to the person close to you, whatever it is you fear take a good look inside of you, Is it performance, don’t be afraid even if you are inexperienced making love is a wonderful experience, focus on that and let your fear go, trust your partner and better yet trust yourself, The next time your making love stay in the moment, focus on having sex, the pleasure, the love, the girl you are with. This really does go a long way on making your sex life better, but lets say you don’t have a relationship and just busy traveling or some other situation and you meet *different girls*, The same advice can work although you can also do it in combination with a medication treatment like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, Spedra or another kind of medication/herbal drug, if you are hesitant to use any form of remedies, its totally fine to try without, however my post fear of using medication can help to ease any issues or fear you may have about taking remedies.

Now I myself used Viagra in combination with the advice above and the combination has worked great for me, this will probably work for most men, but maybe not everyone, I will put a section on the webpage specifically for medicine/herbal medication, however proceed as you feel comfortable if you feel like just trying without any sort of medication, by all means do so, especially if you have a great and understanding partner and it may also be worth to consult your local doctor who can also suggest different sort of treatments if necessary, but if you feel the issue isn’t that big you can try to heal it naturally, although if you are using any other medication or have other conditions it may be wise to consult your doctor, but I will speak more of this later in the physical causes section. (scroll down to see several possible remedies or click here to see the treatment/remedies section)

Stress –

Stress is a big factor in all our lives, in fact 70 to 90% from all diseases comes from stress alone.. so yes stress is a big player, some people can handle it better than others, but we all have to deal with it every single day, but how can stress effect our sex lives and cause ED, well like anxiety, stress can influence our lives and particularly in this case our sexual life and it doesn’t necessarily need to be a lot of stress, if you are worried or have something *big* on your mind, this alone can effect your erection, so how do we deal with this?

Possible Solution(s).

first of all almost anything that has an inlet also needs an outlet and this is especially true for stress, basically stress is a form of energy, The type of energy we need to perform to do jobs for example, however if this energy doesn’t get out it remains stuck inside our bodies and this is not what we want, this is how problems arise , how diseases arises and how we get sick, so dealing positively with stress isn’t just good for possibly healing ED, but more importantly for an healthy way of life, number one on my list of solutions here is…

⦁ Exercise – this probably doesn’t come as a surprise , but Exercise is a vital part of life, doing exercise wont just keep you fit but also healthy and full of stamina and especially doing martial arts will push you to not just being healthy but also push yourself to a new level in your own way of life, but what matters here is that you get yourself in shape, get that energy going and the stamina flowing, it will make a big difference!

⦁ Attitude – Yes your attitude matters, infact it matters a lot, there is one phrase that always helps me to remind me of that and that phrase is, your attitude – your choices – your life! meaning you can bring your self down with negative self talk, self pity and self defeat or you can lift your self up with self encouragement – self motivation and self empowerment, What does this have to do with ED, well a lot… basically a negative attitude can have a just as bad effect as anxiety can give you by getting little to no erection, but then again it would seem obvious.. how can you have sex if you yourself don’t feel that good at all right?

So how can you change your way of being from a negative attitude to a positive one, well the number one change I would suggest is…. Relax… Yes relaxation is the first step towards almost anything, from being a state of relaxation you can change your world and from there change your attitude, there could be many reasons why you feel the way you’re feeling and that’s also for you to figure out but whatever it is, it can be solved, believe in it, believe in yourself, you are worthy of love and this definitely means also your own love, yes loving yourself is where it all starts, respect and love yourself first and your one step closer to a life of greatness.

⦁ Lifestyle – In life we all do what we need to do, sometimes things we have to do, but one must also wonder, is what we are doing right now also good for our own wellbeing? there are many treasures in life and our health and wellbeing may well be one of our biggest treasures. It may be work that’s causing a load of stress in your life, it might be your family or your relationship, whatever the cause may be you should really think about where on earth your getting your troubles from, maybe a change of lifestyle is required or maybe the work you have been doing for months or years is no longer good for you, the stress has an inlet but also needs an outlet, The answers you seek is inside of you, Remember your wellbeing is one of your biggest treasure, treat yourself good, you deserve it.

⦁ Rest – Yes rest is extremely important even though we work hard everyday on our daily tasks, our goals, eventually our bodies will reach its limit, we need to know when its time to take a break, to relax and to enjoy ourselves. get enough sleep, rest well and maybe even take a few days off if you can or take a holiday, even better! There are moments when we just have to listen to our bodies and take a break from everything even if you feel you want to keep going sometimes its just better not to and continue the next day or the days after and you will probably be more successful in the long run. Your health matters, you matter, remember this.

Relationship Problems –

A relationship should be full of love and positive emotions (well at least most of the times…). if you and your partner have unresolved issues or resentment, the pleasure for sexual activity can or will also decrease, if you and your partner are arguing a lot then ofcourse the same effect probably will happen, a relationship is a team effort, the team consists of you and your partner, love, respect, understanding and growth is what makes a relationship work and not just your partner but also yourself, work together as a team and if you still have difficulty together you can try to go for some counseling together, Sometimes however difficult it may be, if nothing is working out for both you and your partner, you might want to consider if the relationship is worth holding onto but that is also up to you and your partner, You deserve the best of life and honestly life is too amazing not to be enjoying it.

Financial issues –

Money… A subject that goes on in everyone’s mind, but for some people more than others, Maybe you are even one of those people and maybe this takes a good junk of space on your mind, And maybe you are wondering can this cause ED?

The answer is yes it can.. Worry, Anxiety, Pressure, Stress and possibly other factors that can contribute to influencing your health negatively, all of these factors can cause you to have a erectile dysfunction, So what can you do? first of all its obvious that worrying and anxiety are not helping, let it all go, it doesn’t mean your issues are gone but this means you will create space for something else to enter your mind, something positive and creative, you will start to think of more solutions and get more ideas, release the stress and you will notice your life will slowly transform into a greater life.

If you are looking for ideas or ways to make some additional income, check out my post possible financial solutions.

Depression –

Depression can be a tricky issue to address, it can be put in the same column as negative attitude only with depression it may be a little more serious… Depression can cause some chemical imbalance in the brain which in effect can cause a decrease in desire for sex and sexual activity, but the good news is most men will feel back to normal when the issues are addressed and ofcourse treatment if required, the use of Viagra or other similar medications may help you with this.

Guilt –

This can be Especially true in a relationship, guilt is a negative emotion and for some people perhaps a huge emotion to feel and deal with, for men if they done something *wrong*, hurting their partner in someway or perhaps cheating, it can cause a dramatic decrease in sexual activity, cause ED but even worse effect your relationship, it may be even an event from your past that has surfaced and something you must deal with. This is a problem inside you, if you must, talk to your partner, communication is essential and most of the times its better to get whatever feeling you have inside to the outside, feeling much more relieved in the process whatever the outcome may be. you can do this, your happiness and wellbeing matters, there is a much more brighter future ahead of you.

Trust –

Besides loving your significant other, trusting your partner is a significant building block to a great relationship. We all got hurt in the past at some point in a bigger or smaller form and in effect some of us take these emotions into the future and even now perhaps surfaces into the present, mistrusting your partner (if you do have a long term partner or at least have plans to ) can effect your sexual relationship, how can you make love if you don’t trust the person you want to make love to, it matters!

If you have good reasons not to trust your partner then you should consider if the relationship is worth having, there are many more beautiful human beings out there and you deserve to be happy, however if your mistrust does not have good reasons or have a good foundation then discuss it with your partner and look for an answer inside of you, looking inside will always do you better, why? because it will make you life more peaceful, regardless of whatever outcome may be, even if you get or got hurt, holding on to these emotions will only hurt you more, forgive your past and perhaps now even the present, not because the other person deserves forgiveness but because you deserve peace and that is perhaps the only reason you need, because you deserve peace and love.

Overthinking –

Yes! overthinking can be a problem and for some people a big big bigggg problem, and to be honest I was one of those people…. our minds have a way of creating problems that weren’t even there in the first place! why? because it likes to keep itself busy. Now we all sometimes overthink different aspects of our lives and this can also be a healthy habit, you learn and you move on but if you are overthinking in a over excessive amount that it negatively effects your life then it becomes a problem, the saying this is all just in your head can be very true, how can this cause erectile dysfunction?

well if there is an aspect of your life you got on your mind that’s playing over and over again like a movie then it can be quite hard to enjoy sexual activity… learn to let go, the past is over and cannot be change, the future is not set in stone and the present is what you have now, what you do now will be the building blocks for your future but you cannot control the outcome of what the future will present to you, all you can do is give it the best you got with what you have in front of you right now, make positive changes in your life, start small or big if you are in the position to, relax more and enjoy life, you deserve it and you worth it!


Lets move on…

Having Erectile Dysfunction is for most men an embarrassing issue, luckily in most cases it usually isn’t a big problem, still it is always wise to visit your doctor and to have a physical check, For a healthy man the causes are usually psychological and can be solved without much difficulty (besides the difficulty of your own mind ofcourse), be sure to check the physical causes section of ED for the most common physical causes to get erectile dysfunction, just to get a little more education on the different causes of ED.

Quality medicine,

Below this page you already see a few examples of medicine, I will make a short introduction here and in my other section for Treatment/Medication you will find many more different types of treatments you can use to your own benefit, my goal here is to offer to best possible service I can give to all of you in making your love life blossoming again.

Not confined to a brand name yet still works exactly the same and is the same as brand-named Viagra just not as overpriced is the generic Viagra, for the fraction of the price Viagra usually is bought, you can buy a great amount to improve your sexual experience, in this case I put the main example for 100 pills for $99, these tablets directly from the source and does not have a brand name which is why you can buy it at a low cost, which is in my eyes how it should be, so you get both Quality and quantity! ofcourse you can buy in higher quantity and the price gets even lower, but in most cases usually a 100 is more than enough.

And for the skeptics out there, as also shown below, you can order 30 pills for free, 10 Viagra, Cialis and Levitra to try out and for most buyers you already know this would be around $200-$300 and probably even more… for the brand named Viagra and others.

So that was the good news… now the bad news…the bad news is besides the possible side effects Viagra has (check here to see possible side effects), is the generic Viagra can only be bought in the US for now unfortunately… but not to worry I have for now a different option for those living outside the US and will continue to update when other solutions are found. (to view reviews about generic Viagra click here)


Next treatment I would like to introduce to you and you can actually also call an herbal treatment is the VigRX(plus), superior formulas than that of its counterpart Viagra and others like it, VigRX contains more natural ingredients and the risks are way fewer as well, although still quite new in its market, VigRX is quite promising and considered an herbal medicine, although I must say I have not tried this myself, there are plenty of studies done, backed by doctors and science and also quite a few reviews of real people who already tried the VigRX(plus).

Also it is not overpriced like the brand-named Viagra, but still is a little more expensive than the generic Viagra, you are allowed to try it out for 60 days, if satisfied Great! if not satisfied your money will be returned to you, usage of VigRX is different, 1 box per month, each containing 60 pills, dosage is 2 pills per day, the pills will be taken during meal time, obviously the more months you use it, the cheaper it gets , each pill will be close to a dollar if you choose the 6 months treatment and way less than a dollar for the 12 month treatment, this use of treatment is ideal if you have a steady and willing partner to aid you on your journey towards your better love life, to see more info about the VigRX(plus) check out the website, click here , check out the information, the reviews, what doctors and the studies show about the VigRX(plus).

I Have added several other options besides the Viagra on my Treatment/medication section and they are also way more natural, with some products even having no known side effects (as of yet).

Important Note : due to the unexpected shutdown of generic Viagra page for an unknown reason, we have removed the common Viagra treatments from our website until a proper substitute is found, the generic Viagra is the same as the Viagra, Cialis etc.. sold from the pharmacy, but for a more fair and reasonable price, instead of the shaming high prices sold from the pharmacy, for now we have only the more natural Viagra on our page, which are sold for a reasonable price, a lot more cheaper than that of the pharmacy, however if you are used to the common used Viagra, Cialis etc.. there are more sources out there that *claim* the sell these, you can try at your own risk, but we can not recommend or ensure its safety, in the mean time we will look for a proper substitute that we can recommend, we apologize for the inconvenience and we will make sure that we have a new solution very soon!

If you have any questions feel free to comment or e-mail me privately at



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  1. Ariel Baradarian

    As a student-homeopath, I totally agree with you. Most chronic physical issues, including those that are sexually-related, are more often than not directly linked to a mental or emotional conflict the person is or has been dealing with for an extended period of time. This is even documented scientifically by doctors, psychologists, and researchers.

    1. Mark (Post author)

      Hi Ariel,

      Awesome that your studying homeopath medicine, We try our best to provide the best solutions possible to help any visitor coming to this page and preferably natural solutions, you are totally right that many cases with chronic physical issues have been well documented and are mostly related to stress and stress comes indeed from emotional an mental related conflicts, regarding to the medication shown here, Viagra and the more natural medication does help to treat the physical symptoms, but what’s interesting is that in most cases the emotional and mental conflict also seem to disappear, some researchers even suggest that is can have something to do with the placebo effect, if someone has an issue, give someone a (fake) treatment pill for example and on the patients high expectations, the symptom can disappears, this is an interesting example of mind and body, I wish you well on your journey to become a great homeopath doctor. 🙂

  2. Bob

    Hello Mark, I’ve read through your site and found it to be very informative and beneficial, for a real and devastating problem for men and women alike!

    Besides providing very valuable information, It was easy to find that information! Your site is very constructive and a great source of help.

    1. Mark (Post author)

      Hi Bob,

      Thank you, I’m glad to hear that the information here has helped you understanding the issues of ED more, although it would seem like a devastating issue, it is usually more a mind problem and with time and effort, love and care, these issues can and will be solved and it doesn’t need to be a big problem either. 🙂

  3. Denise

    I’m not a guy but with my experience, it’s going to be tough to sell it to the guys I know that erectile dysfunction is not a big problem ha ha but good thing you’re another guy. It sounds better coming from you.

    The mind is a very powerful tool. It’s a good thing you’re out there to help the people going through this. You don’t have to say twice for me to believe that stress could be a cause of erectile dysfunction.

    The world is way too stressful and being a son, dad, husband, brother, uncle and friend can be super exhausting. Then when you add work to it, it can go boom.

    1. Mark (Post author)

      Hi Denise,

      Haha, well you are right that actually in the moment the guys will feel really horribly, because well… we are guys and we like to perform well…, however this is actually really not a big problem, this is something that just can happen to any guy at any time, The more bigger problem would be actually how would you and your significant other deal with it.

      A relationship requires 2 people, both have their own expectations, love is more than just in the bedroom making love, but I must admit it is an important occasion, but it would also provide a challenge to how solid is your relationship really and if both partners are well willing to cross bridges for each other, then this issue can be solved more easier and quicker.

      Thank you for your comment, Its always more interesting coming from a woman’s point of view. 🙂

  4. Joshua Thomas

    Hey Mark, this was very comprehensive. We men tend to hide our feelings a lot and I think that inclination to ‘bury’ things may plat a role in ED. We need to learn to be more open and honest, both with ourselves and our partners–because if you can’t share what’s wrong with you, you can never let the right things happen. Thanks for sharing this, I hope others heed your advice!

    1. Mark (Post author)

      Hi Joshua,

      You are totally spot on, men do tend to hide their feelings a lot because they think it makes them look weak, this couldn’t be more further from the truth, we humans, all of us, men an woman alike are emotional from nature, we live, we breath and we all feel, in truth hiding our emotions will only hurt us more.

      When a guy experiences ED it will be ofcourse a difficult experience to handle in the moment, but once realized that this isn’t actually a real big problem it can be solved a lot easier and quicker, talking and communicating with your significant other is a vital part of a relationship, ofcourse this can be a difficult time his partner as well, but if his partner can understand this has really nothing to do with her and can let go of her needs for a little while, they can flow through this challenge a lot easier and perhaps also a good opportunity to try and enjoy other pleasures and aspects of life.

      Thank you for commenting, a more deep comment to what goes on inside the mind of many guys. 🙂

  5. Tony

    This is an excellent discussion on the causes of erectile dysfunction. There is a wealth of information here on the possible causes and some good solutions.
    Hopefully I will never have to worry about this problem, but then again you never know do you ???
    Will keep your site bookmarked just in case.

    1. Mark (Post author)

      Hey Tony,

      This issue can actually happen to any guy and there are many causes to why it happens, in most cases an emotional and mental issue, I’m glad to hear you found this information useful, if you do happen to experience any issues regarding ED, pleas feel free to ask anything, we are always happy to help you out.

  6. Paul


    Paul here. Not a topic I thought would be a bit sensitive for discussion BUT . . . on thinking about it . . . a solution to a very real problem. I feel you approach the topic sensitively and offer help to those in need. Heck, that’s what we’re here for. Offer a solution to a problem. I wish you well. Paul

    1. Mark (Post author)

      Hi Paul,

      Well that’s the thing isn’t it, this can happen to any guy, you can keep the information in the back of your mind however I do recommend not to think to much about it, wouldn’t want to create any problems that weren’t there in the first place would we now?

      Having a sexual issue is quite a sensitive topic and most people are afraid to discuss about it, but however embarrassing this issue may be, talking about and realizing this issue really isn’t that big of a problem is the first real step towards healing.

      Thank you for commenting Paul, I Wish you a happy and loving life. 🙂

  7. Dave Sweney

    This was an excellent wrap up of the many psychological factors that can be involved in or result in ED. I do not think I have seen such a thorough yet concise article as this one is.

    Using this information, a reader can use self-analysis and introspection to see which of these factors may be affecting them and try the advice you have for each to solve their problem…

    The medication side of things is also a good solution in some cases, especially if it is a physical problem. I think in most cases it is likely a combination of the psychological and the physical…

    I say this because they feed off one another…The physical problem leads to psychological problems (i.e. I cannot perform, etc.)…It can become an ever growing issue (in your mind)…

    That is when having the pills help. I am speaking as someone who went through this. The pills (I tried both Cialis and Viagra) saw me through the period, helping the ED…

    These days I am not using the pills anymore, because through my diet and lifestyle the problems have disappreared…I do agree with you that these phases can happen to anyone…

    Lots of good information here, I do hope that more readers needing this will happen on your site!

    1. Mark (Post author)

      Hi Dave,

      Its true that having ED can also be a physical issue, and that can be seen on the physical section causes, diseases being physical or psychological has long been a discussion by many researches, it has been pointed out that most diseases come from stress and stress is mostly created through the emotional and mental aspect.

      Seeing a local doctor is always recommendable, He can always do a thorough physical examination and then provide if necessary some medication, however I do also believe that people are capable of doing their own research and analyzing this issue for themselves and healing it naturally.

      Besides that, having most diseases being diagnosed as a physical symptom also pays better for the pharmaceutical industry And a lot of the medication are usually overpriced which is not in favor of the people.

      I’m happy to hear you have solved your problem, I had the same problem before and used Viagra as aid to help me with it.

      Thank you for your comment, I’m always glad to see an in-depth comment because it always provides a lot of insight. 🙂

  8. Michael Kenny

    Hiya, Great article and you articulated very well, My only advice and my friend experienced this when he took viagra. his heart was beating faster than his normal rate! is to see your doctor first before taking viagra tablets especially those on high blood pressure medication, I hope this helps!

    1. Mark (Post author)

      Hi Michael,

      Thank you for your comment, yes we are aware this side effect, this is actually a common one and I have It listed a link to the most Viagra common side effects and your are right if you do experience this side effect, you should see your doctor, and on my page physical causes for the use of Viagra and having physical issues, you can find the most common and more possible side effects including high blood pressure. 🙂

  9. Mara

    This is the first in-depth article I’ve read on this topic, and you might say what’s t got to do with me because I’m a woman. But if you are married or in a relationship with a man who is experiencing this, it can be tough for both sides. It’s good to get an understanding of how a man might be feeling about this, and what some of the causes might be. I think it’s especially important if it’s psychological issues – it might really help if the woman can have some insight into what’s going on. I would like to thank you for writing about a difficult topic!

    1. Mark (Post author)

      Hi Mara,

      Thank you for commenting, always nice to hear from a woman’s point of view, your are right, It can be quite tough for both sides which can complicate the issue even more, this I experienced myself personally also, everyone has their own needs, its a selfish aspect part of ourselves, We are all emotional in nature, but most men have this idea that showing emotions is a sign of weakness which couldn’t be more further from the truth ofcourse, it’s a healthy part of ourselves and an important part too.

      when both sides realize that this really isn’t a big problem, you can flow through this challenge a lot easier and faster and at the meantime there are many more aspects of life to enjoy and to seek out, these experiences will make your relationship even stronger and much more worthwhile. 🙂

  10. pinkyadi21

    What a great article about ED, I had no idea that all these factors could cause ED. Very informative material. A backup such as Viagra is good, but to avoid using Viagra, I will make sure to keep my man happy and healthy! I sure hope that many people who are struggling with ED will read this and share with others who are struggling as well. Website is very well organized with useful content.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Mark (Post author)

      Hi and thank you for commenting, I’m glad this information has helped you gained some insight of ED, I’m sure almost every woman tries to keep their man happy and your man is lucky to have you! ED can be a sudden occurrence for any man however, all these factors can even be a buildup in the process, stress buildup is usually the main cause for getting ED, if you ever need any help you are most welcome to come here, feel free to ask anything, we are happy to help. 🙂

  11. shrey

    I really did not know there are so many resons behind erectile dynsfunction, I thought of it like some issue which is very rare but never thought even emotional stress and anxiety can cause it.
    It is really a turn off for the girl as well when this happens and to be honest, it demotivates you a lot.

    1. Mark (Post author)

      Hi Shrey,

      The issue of ED is actually quite a common issue! it happens to about 10-15% of the guys and this number will likely increase over the years due to the increase of stress in our fast pace society, emotional and mental stress are also actually the main causes for getting ED, it can be a turnoff for a girl and its true girls have their needs but then the question would be what does love really mean to you, would you be willing to let your needs slide for a little while, if you can do this, flowing through this challenge will go smoothly and you will realize this really isn’t that big of a problem, there are many aspects of life to try and enjoy at the meantime, which will definitely help to relieve the stress. 🙂

      Thank you for commenting. 🙂

  12. Jodes

    Thank you for the in depth information on ED you have provided. I had no idea things like stress and other emotional factors had such a large impact for men in this area. I guess as women we sometimes put the blame on ourselves thinking that it is us that `isn`t doing it for them` and we can make it worse by asking too many questions. Great food for thought, thank you

    1. Mark (Post author)

      Hi Jodes,

      Thank you for commenting and I’m glad to hear the information provided here was helpful to you, stress is an increasing factor in our high pace society, the number of men effect by ED is around 10-15% and this is likely to grow due to emotional and mental stress, well unless a man isn’t really in love with a woman or having some relationship issues, Having ED is likely to happen, but lets say this is not the case, then in all likelihood it is not the woman’s fault, but ofcourse it is a naturally responds to worry, to care and this is a good quality to have, just don’t over do it like you normally would, treat it as a small issue, which it actually is and you will flow through this challenge so much easier. 🙂


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