Can i make money while traveling? Yes you really can make Money while Traveling!

You can Definitely make money While traveling The World!

We all love going on an adventure once in a while, but for some, a much bigger and longer adventure is planned ahead of them, You might be wondering what to do when you run out of money and you feel that your adventure is yet far from over, follow your feeling, because you are definitely right, your adventure is only just getting started.

I have 3  recommendations for you on how to make money while continue your travels for as long as you want!

Here they come:

  • Number One – Teaching English or another language anywhere in the world (No Education degree needed).
  • Number Two – Teaching English or another language Online (Again no Education degree needed).
  • Number Three – Creating your own long term successful online business The easiest way (Honest & Real).

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Lets start with our First Travel Job!

Teaching A Language Abroad!

To be a foreign language teacher is one of the most rewarding jobs a travel freak could undertake, the impact that you bring in the lives of your future students is just phenomenal and they with yours! The Salary and benefits are amazingly good as well plus you usually get a free apartment that comes with it!

Can i make money while traveling? Yes You Can!
Can i make money while traveling? Yes You Can!

To be able to be a teacher abroad most schools these days ask if you have a TEFL Certificate available, which you can get online for a cheap price, after doing a TEFL course you will become a certified teacher and you can get hired ten times faster than someone without a course,

Why is the course so important? Because of the invaluable knowledge, training and expertise it as to offer, it’s amazing, it helps you become a more qualified teacher! And it helps to give you a head start before heading of towards the classroom without any prior teaching knowledge or experience.

After the interview with the school and both you and the employer have come to an agreement, then you could start teaching as soon as possible, The chosen school should be able to provide you with a work visa and give you a tour in the school, see the classrooms, the offices and of course to meet some of the local teachers and make a few friends in the process, Do you believe you that you have what it takes be come a foreign language teacher?

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Alright, on to our second Travel Job!

Teaching a language Online!

Become an Online teacher, Teach from anywhere around the world and teach how much you want! Earn a good salary Online & help students to increase the spoken language and language Skills!

Can i make money while traveling? Yes You Can!
Can i make money while traveling? Yes You Can!

Teaching online is one of the most care-free jobs for a traveler, you have more free time, more freedom and still able to travel in between on a regular basis, how awesome is that? it’s amazing right? Usually Online Schools ask if their teacher has a TEFL certificate and can work the required minimal hours (usually around 10-12 hours per week),

There are usually two types of classes, group classes consisting of around 4 to 6 students and personal 1on1 classes for a more personal approach, classes can vary from 30 to 50 min per class only, The online schools (and also the regular on location schools) usually have their own curriculum and lesson plans, leaving you with only the easy part, Just Teach.

Simple requirements are, having a decent internet connection and computer/laptop, Be friendly and enthusiastic, Smile a lot use a lot of body language(This works great) and be your happy self! A Happy teacher means, good classes & the students will return that energy to you, which makes the entire experience very rewarding, What do you think? Do you have the passion to teach online?

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Now Its time For the Grand Finale.


Be Financially Free by creating a successful Online Business!

We all dream of winning the quick lottery, quitting our 9 to 5 job and travel the world care-free, Unfortunately only and really only a few people around the world only win the lottery, so i guess we will have to take the longer way, which is fine, because with some work and effort from your part, you will gradually create your Own successful business and become your own boss, Forever!

Can i make money while traveling? Yes You Can!
Can i make money while traveling? Yes You Can!

When i started out on the online business adventure, i knew nothing about creating a business, not even the technical stuff(Which is actually already done for you), So then i found a way and in my opinion the easiest way, which is selling other peoples stuff online in exchange for a commission(aka Affiliate marketing), and I’m not talking about physical products, No, no, no, not all that hassle, The companies do all that hard word,

We just simply do the Marketing, as you can see right now, this website and several others like it have all to do with Marketing, for example when you click on a link that redirects to the main advertiser’s  website, A special code will be in that link, that code will let the seller know, that a costumer came through that special code and buy’s a service or product, if for example it was your code, then you would get rewarded for that Referral,

Anyone that buys a Service or product thanks to clicking on your links are called referrals and you would get a commission, also known as referral fees, sounds easy right? well actually it is that easy, you just need to know how to do, i did all of this thanks to a step by step education marketing platform which has a completely free version, True they also have a Premium version, but you don’t need to sign up for it if you don’t want to,

Heck you don’t even need to sign up a bank or credit card, there are hidden catches, truly i can promise you that, you could use the free version forever if you want to, but the important thing is, free or premium, you will be one step closer to creating your own successful online business and it isn’t that difficult either, it just needs some work and effort from your part, there is a community of thousands and thousands of like-minded members in the program and you can interact with any of them, experienced or newbie alike, Does it sound interesting to you?

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We hope you enjoyed reading this small article and that we have answered your question on Can i make money while traveling, We truly believe, that these are the top 3 jobs that will help you to create a better future for yourself & do you whatever you love most and whenever you want, We wish you A Life Of Greatness and much success and happiness in your future endeavors! Thank you for reading.

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