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  1. Both their TEFL and TESOL courses have the minimum required 120 TESOL course hours
  2. Both courses are properly Accredited through the accreditation company ICOES
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The Cheapest 120-hour Online TESOL certification - Refund policy

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Choose your TESOL Wisely, Here’s Why

If you’re among many of the English speakers out there that crave an remote(Online) career or one abroad, then teaching English is absolutely a great option. These days, every country, no matter the native language, is pushing for better English skills. It is used all around the world, defined as the spoken language of money and business.

The increased opportunities have created a huge demand for instructors that can speak English and are willing to teach it. It seems like an easy enough task, right? While it is not difficult, it does requires some training to make the process easier. This training is a tool that will help you understand your learners and turn you into a more effective English teacher.

This is where the TESOL course comes in, a well-known teacher certification name in the world on teaching English as a foreign language. What it does is opens up the minds of future ESL instructors, showing them a whole new way to portray the meaning of the English language to other language speakers world wide, plus you will also learning the necessary teaching skills that you will use in your classroom.

The Cheapest 120-hour Online TESOL certification - getting your tesol certificate

How a TESOL course will help you

When undergoing a TESOL certification course, you will go through a series of modules that highlight the teaching methods and organizational skills needed to teach. It is this preparation that makes the TESOL course an accepted entry into the regular schools and best academies. These academies know that a TESOL graduate has the education and has learned the best and most proven techniques for teaching English as a foreign language.

Its reputation(TESOL) has prompted several teacher training academies to offer their version of the TESOL course, built on the backbone of the regular core TESOL certification curriculum. Courses vary from time frame to price, and also come with the option for online or face-to-face classes, these prices may be high or low-cost, it will depend on the academy and what they offer within their course.

The most popular and required option praised by top academies alike is the 120-hour course, one that could take about four/six weeks to a year to complete, this will also vary per academy. Several online academies offer this course but, not all of them are the same. Some may be better and come with a higher price too. What does it take for one course to *better* than the other? It has a lot to do with the extra perks a TESOL course provider can offer.

High Quality, Cheap, or perhaps even Both?

Most of the time, you get what you pay for. This same life lesson applies to online TESOL courses, as they come at a variety of prices. Courses are different for a few reasons, the most obvious being the price and the personal tutor support. Other not so apparent reasons include extra perks and possibly even a good reputation. However the simple truth is, Most high-cost TESOL courses have a higher price tag because of added extras and resources and usually has little to do with the quality of a course.

These courses come with things like extra perks like, help for finding a job and useful materials both during and after the course. On top of that, modules are generally taught by instructors with years of experience that have worked in the field.

Mid to low-cost courses usually lack these extra perks most of the time, giving learners just the right foundation, knowledge and teaching skills they need for their ESL career. Still, this comes with a certificate and is usually more than sufficient enough to use for your first job

Having both Quality plus affordability – The best of both worlds

So, how to choose which price range is best for you? First and foremost, it depends on your budget. It also depends on the extras and how they will benefit you as you make your way further into the world of teaching. For example, in our article The top 10 online and onsite TESOL/TEFL providers, you will find a whole range of different courses for a whole range of different prices

As with any knowledge, it is something that will come in handy in the future and considered a solid investment. What we are trying to say here is that the course you choose matters. This is the start of your ESL career and a TESOL course is filled with everything you need to teach successful ESL lessons from day one.

You can choose high quality, cheap or both. Of course, we all want both, the best quality for the lowest price. Sadly, that is not something that comes around often. This is also true with the TESOL courses. Well, most of them at least. But today you can, With our recent partnership you can now Get the best of both worlds and it’s possible thanks to International Open Academy (IOA).


Grab the Cheapest 120-hour online TESOL certification course Today! – Affordability + Quality

The Scoop on the IOA

The Cheapest 120-hour Online TESOL certification - The international open academy

The IOA is an internationally recognized course academy with the goal of bringing affordable and quality courses to all. They offer a whole lot of courses from a wide range of subjects and topics. Each of these come with a price tag way below the average, some as much as less than half the price.

As far as the TESOL goes, they have a 120-hour TESOL certification course that takes about four weeks to complete or you can complete it within your own time frame if you’re incredibly busy. It is constructed with core learning, all basic teaching topics, some advanced topics plus a few added pieces to help you out on your first day.

It is a quality course that comes without all the bells and whistles. On top of that, compared with the average of online TESOL courses, the price of this course is quite low cost(But, it’s about to get even better).

And now, thanks to a collaboration with IOA, we have an offer that makes this course the cheapest QUALITY 120-hour TESOL course out there on the world wide web. We all know that the price isn’t always the most important part out there, however we are sure it is an offer that will keep your eyes wide open and possibly cause you some sleepless nights over it. but, Before we talk about the price, let’s first take a look at the things you’ll be learning when you sign up for a TESOL course.

The Cheapest 120-hour Online TESOL certification - Tesol course overview

What’s the TESOL Course Like?

There are so many people out there that enter the world of teaching English thinking it’s really easy. Anyone that has taught at least one class will tell you it is quite different from that. It can sometimes be challenging and it will always be a career-long learning experience.

It sometimes requires extra attention to detail and planning to create lessons that are fun yet effective. This is the goal of TESOL courses, designed with a core curriculum meant to create a confident and knowledgeable instructor.

Some courses may have extra modules but, at the core, each TESOL course should come with:

  • Ways to make learning fun while keeping students focused
  • The different ways that students learn
  • Effective ways of making ties between English and your student’s native tongue
  • How to create lessons that include writing, reading, speaking, and listening practice
  • Classroom management for both online and onsite classes
  • What to expect on your first days as an instructor
  • All of this will be in the IOA’s 120-hour TESOL course plus much more.

In fact, click here to check out the full description of 120-hour TESOL certification course from the International Open Academy.

Although it Seems like a lot to pack into four weeks but, each module is fun and filled with useful information(Most courses anyway). The TESOL course was created to give future ESL instructors a way to create a solid base of knowledge that they could build on and even expand in their careers. Even from day one, each piece of information learned comes in handy, which will send you into the classroom ready to go.

A Price you Can’t Beat – Quality plus Affordability

The Cheapest 120-hour Online TESOL certification - cheapest Tesol course price

Original price: €119

Today’s Price: €19 – A massive 84% discount off

We mentioned above that the TESOL course from IOA comes today with a low price tag and it’s about to get a super low price tag. To see just how low, let’s first look at the average out these in the world wide web. Across the web, the price for a 120-hour TESOL course is about €500.

Though this is not a bad price to pay for your future, you can get pretty much the same thing for a much lower price. The TESOL course from IOA is priced at €119 originally, an already unbeatable price compared to the average TESOL course.

As we mentioned earlier, we come to you with an offer that might sound too good to be true. Right now, that same 120-hour TESOL certification course that normally comes priced at €119, is now priced at only €19. That is a real accredited four-week course with all the skills you need to start teaching with an academy online or abroad and live your traveling dreams for only €19! Talk about a dream come true! And this course is 100% Authentic.

In Case Your Still on the Fence, Read This – The Pros and cons

Those of you who are still deciding whether or not the 120-hour TESOL course from IOA is for you, we have something that might help. Just like with any course out there, this one from IOA is not perfect and lacks a few things that others may have.

While the price is what has us sold, there are a few other things that caught our eye (and some that didn’t) that we’d like to share. Hopefully, after this, you’ll have all you need to make a proper decision whether or not this course is for you and start your ESL adventure today. Let’s start with the not so flattering parts:

The Cons:

  • Limited to only one TESOL course which happens to be the most required one world wide and Online
  • There are no real extra perks within the course besides job tips and advice plus additional resume building assistance.
  • The course is 100% online and leaves no opportunity for on-site learning
  • There are no follow-up TESOL courses to advance skills offered from IOA, but there are some other additional short courses you could take.

Now for the Good Stuff, Pros:

  • IOA’s TESOL course happens to be the most widely accepted 120-hour course
  • This course is accredited, which means it’s 100% Authentic and accepted by all academies across the globe
  • Packed with the knowledge that instructors can use from day one
  • Next to the core and basic knowledge, some advanced knowledge is included as well.
  • Certificate of completion with your name on it upon completion
  • Skills useful for online and on-site classrooms
  • The most obvious, the price of just €19!
  • And…. a 100% 14-day policy refund guarantee! – No questions asked.

For most of us, the good will outweigh the bad, however ill leave that decision entirely up to you. Compared to other courses out there, the IOA offers today a super competitively priced option that gives future instructors all they need to teach confidently from day one.

And even though you won’t get a lot of extras or help with job placement afterward but, you’ll get a 120-hour TESOL certificate that grants you access into all the best and regular academies around the world. Those dreams of an online career or even one abroad can be yours in no time together with this course plus, it won’t put a dent in your wallet. Get it today for an Incredible 84% discount, (While it lasts).

Click here now to grab your 120-hour Online TESOL certification course just for €19 today! And start your teaching Adventure ASAP!

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What’s the next step – How can you get your ESL Journey started and find a job?

The Cheapest 120-hour Online TESOL certification - How to find a job

Do you want to teach English online or abroad?

The golden age for ESL teaching has already started and there are plenty of opportunities both for Teaching English Online and teaching English abroad. In either one of these choices you will find plenty of benefits for choosing that specific career path you so desire to follow, you could even swap career paths later on in your life, anything is possible!

If you choose to become a teacher abroad, teaching English to local students onsite in their native countries, then you will absolutely enjoy some of the best benefits in the world, which usually includes: A great salary, a non-shared free apartment, Health insurance, sometimes extra contract bonuses, Paid holidays, free airport pick up + free hotel(if apartment hasn’t been arranged yet) and possibly others. This will vary per school.

If you choose to become an online instructor, well, then lets say Teaching English Online comes with it’s own natural benefits. You can teach from the comfort of your own home or anywhere else with a nice quiet spot for yourself, like a coffee shop or something like that or you could travel the world and take your laptop with you. You have the freedom to move around as you please, without being stuck to one location plus you usually get some extra money bonuses from online schools as well.

choosing to teach English abroad – Where can you get a job?

There a lot of schools and recruiters these days looking for certified English teachers and there are several websites where you could find decent ESL jobs abroad, including here on your friendly neighborhood ALifeOfGreatness. We have a special section, which is the top featured schools section and it is there, that you can find some of the best schools and recruiters in Asia.

For other locations in the world, we also have our own job site: where lots of ESL jobs worldwide are posted daily, so teachers can find themselves a great position anywhere they want. English teachers are in high demand in most locations around the world and you are very much needed!

There is some important information that you need to know about though. In some locations, especially Asian countries, they require English teachers to have obtained at least a 4-year university degree(like a bachelor’s degree) or higher to be illegible for a working visa(z-visa) and to be able to teach legally in the country. Some countries may have stricter requirements, but others have almost none at all, so in a lot of cases, you should be okay.

Choosing to teach English Online – Where can you find a job?

There are quite a few online platforms out there on the web, some good, some decent and some quite bad. Searching the right online school to work for can be quite the hassle, especially when the low paying ones pop right on top the search engines. But luckily for you, we got you covered in this area as well!

At a lot of online schools, they require English teachers to posses a 4-year university degree or higher and some of them dont even offer a decent salary, But the good thing is not all online schools are like that. Because online academies like Preply, don’t require teachers to posses a 4 year university degree or higher, but they do require their teachers to speak English at a proficient level plus you can earn good money there as well, up to $40+/h!

On our top online teaching platforms section, you can find some of the top online schools that are active on the web and that can pay a decent salary as well. So you definitely still have plenty of opportunities for yourself available as an Online English teacher, you just need to know the right places. You’re probably very eager to get started right now, correct? but aren’t you forgetting something?

Yes… that’s right… Get Your TESOL Course first!


Get your TESOL Certification and Get your ESL adventure started ASAP!

The Cheapest 120-hour Online TESOL certification - Start your ESL journey

Right now, you may be thinking, why is it such a hassle to become just a simple English teacher? Well that’s easy, while you may be a Native or a proficient English speaker, it doesn’t mean that it will make you a great teacher just yet. Naturally, your teaching skills may grow with time and by trial and error, you also have to keep in mind that you will be an investment for the school you will be working for.

Usually, a teaching contract last for at least a year or so and schools don’t want to be waiting months for their teachers to be able to teach proper ESL classes. They want their teachers to already posses some form of a foundation, some basic knowledge and teaching skills about teaching English as a foreign language. And this is where to TESOL certification course comes in, it’s your key to the ESL job world

There are so many courses out there, with so many different prices, most quality courses will cost more than €200, but fortunately, you don’t need to. Because today you can get the best of both worlds, Quality plus affordability from our partnership together with the International Open Academy. You can get your TESOL course for an incredible 84% discount off the regular price, which was €119 and get it at this very moment just for €19! There is no better moment to get your certification started than now, go for it.

Click here to get your incredibly 84% discount TESOL certification course just for €19 today! Get your ESL journey started Now!

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Got a Question, comment or got something to add? Then feel absolutely Free to comment away here below in to the Comment section!

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CHEAPEST ONLINE 120-hour TESOL certification EVER($19)
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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this article, i was looking everywhere for a low-cost course that would fit my budget. Although i must admit, that this course is much more affordable than the budget i have set out. I have just started my course a few days ago and the quality is surprisingly good, i did not expect that either. Definitely a good course and it has my best recommendation as well.


    • Hi Md,

      Thanks for your feed back, it’s much appreciated! I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying your course and indeed, low-cost doesn’t always mean low-quality, in fact with the International open academy you can find many top quality courses at low cost prices. Keep up the good word.

      Good luck and happy teaching!


  2. Thanks for sharing this! I am interested in teaching English as a foreign language online as a source of side income, and I know obtaining a certification is an important prerequisite for teaching on almost every online platform. I’ve been thinking about taking this course for a few days now and i have compared it to some of the other courses out there. I just want to started teaching asap and i don’t need an expensive course to do that, so i really think that this is my best option plus quality seems good as well. I have one question though, is this course really authentic? Thanks for the recommendation!


    • Hi Bailey,

      It’s natural that most people will compare courses to see which one is the most suitable for them and although you can currently get this course for a low-cost price, the quality is definitely still present and to answer your question, Yes the course is 100% authentic, the course is properly accredited as well. You can use the certificate anywhere in the world abroad or even at online platforms.

      If you have anymore questions at all, then feel free to ask away!

      Good luck and happy teaching,



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