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  1. Both their TEFL and TESOL courses have the minimum required 120 TEFL course hours
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the CHEAPEST Online 120-hour TEFL course - Refund policy

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Getting TEFL certified: The Right TEFL Course Matters

Speaking English at a native level is an asset(But in most cases, not a main requirement). It opens up the gates of the ESL job world and allows you to travel all around the Globe. Some think that teaching is easy, taking only the ability to speak. However, any experienced teacher will tell you, it is much more than that.

It takes different skills and an understanding of what it truly means to learn a language sufficient enough to communicate. Teaching children and adults another language takes some unique skills, one that is taught during a TEFL certification course. During a TEFL course, the necessary skills needed to teach in an engaging and fun manner are demonstrated. This is done through observation and practice, giving learners a shot at some hands-on experience.

This hands-on experience comes very in-handy in a classroom, especially on your first teaching day. Some online teaching academies allow anyone to start teaching before they even have completed a certification and in some cases no 4-year college degree is required at all. These include top academies like Preply, where you can create a profile and start teaching in less than 24 hours.

The importance of proper TEFL education

While these rare academies are great and allow instructors to dive in headfirst, they don’t do much to train instructors for what’s in store. You may have to fall many times, learning along the way what methods and techniques work best for both you and your learners. Some of you out there may prefer this way but, it is probably not for everyone nor would we recommend this method of teaching unprepared.

With the TEFL course, you’re getting a first-hand look at what’s to come. This is the reason why academies across the globe recognize the importance of TEFL and nearly in all cases require this TEFL certification for all their ESL teachers. TEFL holds an outstanding reputation for pumping out knowledgeable ESL teachers that are ready for anything. The course has a well-rounded curriculum that teaches everything from learning methods and classroom management.

The course opens up your mind, letting you see all the different aspects of learning a foreign language. Most instructors leave with confidence, ready and excited to take on their first class. Though all courses come backed by the TEFL name, not all courses are the same. The most accepted TEFL course by nearly all the regular and top academies is the 120-hour course, which comes with options for both intense(short duration) or long study(Long duration, taking your time).

Quality Courses are Key

If you’ve done a bit of digging on your own, you might’ve realized that there are a number of courses out there. Some come at relatively cheap prices, while others are very expensive. On top of that, some are online while others are on-site. This variety of choices makes it increasingly difficult when your ultimatum is quickly arriving in regards for choosing a proper course for yourself.

The cheaper priced courses could be lacking in one area or another. Perhaps they come with fewer available resources or little to no materials. The things that cheaper course lack may affect you and your teaching ability, leaving you less prepared than a quality course.(But luckily for you, not today and not here in this article)

We are always on the hunt for the best quality at the best price. A TEFL course, however, is not just like any other purchase. It is an investment, one that can turn very quickly in to profit. The knowledge gained from a quality TEFL course is something that you will use daily and most likely for the rest of your life, because knowledge will always remain a great power.

Get a Quality TEFL course for a Super 84% discounted Deal

Quality courses prepare future ESL instructors for the ESL job world and the challenges they may face, no matter if it is a face-to-face or virtual class. On top of that, the best course comes with actual practice, where you will leave having taught several hours. As you might guess, this helps to make the first day a bit less scary and in our top 10 TEFL courses and providers you can find some of the best TEFL education in the field.

Apart from preparation, a high-quality course comes with resources useful both during the course and after successful completion. Small perks like job placement and help with resumes along with in-class materials that amplify learning. One academy where you can find a quality curriculum and a few perks is the International Open Academy (IOA).

Thanks to an amazing partnership we made with the IOA you can now get an authentic 120-hour TEFL certification course at a super steep price with everything you’ll need for successful teaching. After successful completion of the IOA 120-hour TEFL course, opportunities will await you from all over the globe, even from some of the world’s most sought-after academies. If that weren’t enough to get you onboard, thanks to our partnership, future instructors can now enjoy the course at an even cheaper price than ever before!


Grab the Cheapest online 120-hour TEFL course just for $19 Today

the CHEAPEST Online 120-hour TEFL course - The international open academy

So, What is the International Open Academy?

The IOA made a big name for themselves for their variety of courses at great prices. Though due our partnership the prices are now super low, they don’t sacrifice quality at all, recognized as a top contender in the world of online academies. Courses cover a large variety of topics, but the one of interest for us is the TEFL course. They offer a 120-hour TEFL course online that takes as little as 4 weeks or as long as you need. The 120-hour course is the most acceptable course worldwide, required from regular to top academies and praised by others alike.

Unlike many things out there, the price of this course does not reflect the quality. You’ll be surprised at all the things that come along with the knowledge to teach, including necessary skills, learning methods, and more. If you’re looking for a way to break into the world of teaching fast, this is the way to go.

The full course is offered online, allowing you to log in from anywhere in the world, Learn at your own pace, completing milestones along the way. Plus, enjoy archived information that you can access as you advance in your career. As we mentioned, a good TEFL course introduces you to the knowledge you will use daily, from your first day until your very last.

What Will you Learn in the TEFL Course?

Teaching English should be relatively easy right? Experienced instructors will tell you otherwise. Though not difficult, some skills make it both easier and more fun. It is these skills that academies find useful and the reason why a TEFL certified instructor is attractive. Not every TEFL course is the same but, there is a basis of knowledge that each one is required to cover.

When you sign up for the course, you can expect an introduction to:

  • Methods of learning including how to make learning English fun and engaging
  • Linguistics in general, understanding how connections between native languages and English play out
  • Ways of teaching including writing, speaking, reading and listening
  • Managing a classroom, no matter the size or place
  • The hiring process and how to land your first job
  • Tips on how to find a job and job advice
  • And so much more

Click here to check out the full course layout of the IOA’s 120-hour Online TEFL course directly on the 120-hour TEFL course page

All of these skills are introduced to you in a short amount of time. Each one is an asset to you as you evolve, learning how they fit into teaching English as a foreign language. After the course, you’re sure to view the world differently, understanding how you can effectively help others communicate.


The Price of the 120-hour TEFL course

the CHEAPEST Online 120-hour TEFL course - The priceFor us it’s in Euro’s because we are located in a country in Europe

The 120-hour TEFL course offered from IOA includes an authentic 120-hour TEFL certificate and all the skills needed to teach English as a foreign language effectively. While at first glance, it might seem like that such a course would cost an arm and a leg, it’s actually much less than you may be thinking at this very moment. Let’s start with the original price. The full course and certificate come with an original price tag of $119. Compared to most other academies out there, this really is not a bad price. But we can do even better!

Now, thanks to the recent partnership we have with the IOA the price is lower than ever before, coming in at only $19. Yes, you heard it right, $19! This means that in just four short weeks or less, you could be holding your certificate in hand ready to take on your first ESL job anywhere in the world.

If you’ve thought about teaching online or taking off around the world, now is a better time than ever to stop thinking and start doing. The world needs more teachers to help in opening communication to a global level, so, what are you waiting for?(Yeah, i know, i know, you are probably waiting for the Pros and cons right? Alright lets get straight into it!)

the CHEAPEST Online 120-hour TEFL course - How to get your TEFL certificate

The Pros and The cons

Any decision takes a bit of thinking. Though you might not want to wait too long, as this 84% discount may not last. The IOA is a great online academy and provides an amazing TEFL course and, though not packed with extras, comes with all you need to get your foot in the door, though, it’s definitely not perfect. So to help you decide if this is the right course for you, we’ve brainstormed a bit about  what we feel are the good and the bad points. First off, let’s look at the not so great things.

The Bad:

  • Limited choices of TEFL courses
  • No real added perks to enjoy after completion
  • No face-to-face courses offered, only online
  • No opportunities for continued or advanced levels of TEFL training (If you need it)

The Good:

  • TEFL course is 120-hours, which happens to be the most widely accepted
  • Teaches a great set of skills that are useful from day one
  • High quality course with a ton of incredible ESL content, teaching methods, skills and more
  • The course is fully accredited and accepted across the globe by regular and top academies alike
  • The course is 100% authentic
  • Comes with a full 120-hour certificate of completion
  • Skills can be used for both on-site and online ESL classes
  • it’s currently at a Super low price that you won’t find anywhere else
  • A Full 14-day refund policy and no questions asked

Although there are some downsides, there are still many more positives and reasons to take this course. It is suitable for all budgets and is super convenient. In as little as four weeks, ESL trainees like yourself can be well on their way to becoming full certified and knowledgeable ESL teachers in academies all over the world. All in all, It’s a great course, maybe not perfect, but definitely great and you can get TEFL certified with it for just $19.(while it lasts)

And remember, you have a full 14-day refund policy

Click here to get your incredibly 84% discounted 120-hour TEFL course and start getting TEFL certified just for $19!


How to start your English teaching adventure after your TEFL graduation

the CHEAPEST Online 120-hour TEFL course - Find your dream job

Becoming an English teacher online or abroad

which ever direction you wish to teach in, both teaching online and abroad come with incredible opportunities. ESL schools online and especially abroad have a constant and massive demand for certified English teachers. We are living in a golden Era, where teaching English as a foreign language has become one of the most popular and even one of the most increasingly well paying job in the world.

For those of you who wish to teach English abroad can find a job relatively easy as a certified ESL teacher, there is currently a huge demand for English teachers in most countries all around the world, which ever country you desire to travel and teach in, it’s absolutely a very real possibility. Though we most note, that some countries do have a stricter visa requirement and require ESL teachers to possess at least a 4-year university degree or higher.

The opportunities for teaching online are also very vast, although it is less than teaching abroad, online platforms are constantly looking for certified ESL teachers. Teaching Online has become one of the most increasingly popular online job for nearly two decades and this trend is only growing by the year! However, like teaching abroad, a lot online schools and platforms require their ESL teachers to have at least a 4-year university degree or higher. So how do we proceed from here? Well lets move and find out.

How to find an English teaching job abroad

There are quite a few websites dealing with job support abroad, including here on AlifeofGreatness, If you check our top featured schools section, you will see some of the best schools and recruiting agencies in Asia. Also on our job site: you can find some awesome jobs worldwide!

As i mentioned earlier, now is absolutely the best time to be an English teacher in a foreign country, The opportunities are vast and you can travel the world! Teaching English as a second language isn’t only just fun, it’s adventurous as well and you get to meet all types of amazing people, including many other travelers and ESL teachers from many different countries.

Being an English teacher abroad usually also comes with great extra perks, next to having a reasonably awesome salary, you also get your own non-shared free apartment, health insurance, extra contract bonuses, free airport pickup and possibly other perks as well. each school will provide their own benefit package and this may vary per school. So although teaching abroad usually comes with better perks than teaching online, being an online teacher can definitely be a huge benefit of it’s own.

How to teach English Online

Teaching English online is definitely a huge benefit of it’s own, you can work from the comfort from your own home and avoid travel expenses and also have a lot more free time to do what you want or spend more time with your family or even travel the world and take your laptop with you, teaching from place to place, country to country without much restrictions at all. Just make sure you have a decent internet connection available though.

So yeah, although you don’t get a nice free apartment included with your online job, you still have the benefit of having lots of free time on your hands and time is precious indeed. You get to live your life mostly on your own terms, without anyone looking over your shoulders and you can enjoy the full job of teaching English to foreign students online without interruption from anyone.

And if you were wondering where you could find some of the top teaching positions, well you’re in luck, because we also have them right here on ALifeOfGreatness! As mentioned earlier in the article, you could teach freely with Preply and earn a great salary in the process or you check our top online teaching positions section for the some of the top online teaching schools and platforms!

But first… Get your TEFL course and become a Certified ESL teacher!


Get your TEFL course today and start your ESL adventure

the CHEAPEST Online 120-hour TEFL course - Starting your ESL journey

I’m sure you’re very eager to get your ESL journey started, however, do your TEFL education first. You can start your course today and finish it asap or if you’re not in a hurry, then you can take as long as you need, The choice is in your own hands. Education doesn’t need to be done in a rush, all that matters is that you learn the vital parts about teaching English as a foreign language and absorb the content of the TEFL course as much as possible.

And by doing your TEFL course with the International Open Academy, you can not only achieve your goal of become a Certified ESL teacher, but a knowledgeable and skillful one as well. What does quality mean? Well for the IOA’s TEFL course it means that you get good quality TEFL education which includes great ESL content and learning about vital topics like, managing your classes, how to tackle any challenge, how to teach important parts of the English language like, speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar and so much more.

If you desire good TEFL education at a super affordable price, well then now is your chance, because right now you can get the 120-hour TEFL course from the IOA for an incredible 84% discount, that means just for $19! If becoming an ESL teacher is your dream, then grab this course, learn it’s incredible content and become a knowledgeable and skillful teacher in no time at all!

Click here to get your 120-hour TEFL course just for $19 today

Click here to check out the TESOL version

For more higher quality and also lower priced Online TEFL Courses, click here to check out ETEFL

Or Click here to check out our Top 10 Best Online And Onsite TEFL Courses and providers

Got a Question, comment or got something to add? Then feel absolutely Free to comment away here below in to the Comment section!

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  1. This is great! I have been looking for a cheaper tefl course that still has some decent quality materials included for a very long time and I’m so happy i finally got it now. I just bought it today and had a quick insight look. There is plenty of great material available plenty of images and it looks pretty easy to go through as well, for me, this course is perfect. Thanks for the recommendation!


    • Hi Bella,

      Glad to hear that you found what you were looking for, despite the low-cost, which was only just discounted from the original price of $119, it’s filled with quality ESL materials and education, it’s definitely a great course and i’m 100% sure that you will enjoy it as well!

      Good luck and happy teaching!


  2. I’ve been doing the course for a few days now and so far i love it! I learned a lot about teaching to different kinds of people with different cultural backgrounds and how i could motivate my students(young and adults), I’m currently at module 3, which is the topic of reading and that’s pretty cool as well, the course is also really easy to follow. This course is a great recommendation, Thanks.

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