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Grab the Cheapest Online 120-hour TESOL course EVER(€19)! – High Quality + affordability

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Cheapest Online 120-hour TESOL course - Refund policy

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Why Choosing the Right TESOL Course Matters

These days, when setting out on the journey to teach English as a foreign language abroad or online, the opportunities are endless. There are academies everywhere around the globe who are beyond excited to have new ESL teachers to become a part of their amazing team and this could definitely be you.

While each academy may have its own way of doing things, most of them have one thing in common; they require a TESOL certification. Among the most recognized is the 120-hour TESOL certification, accepted and praised in all of the regular and top academies, which is asked by nearly most schools worldwide.

When an ESL instructor has a TESOL certification, they are considered prepared and skilled enough to teach ESL classes, even on their very first day. Of course, nobody can get rid of the nerves on their first teaching day, even the most experienced ones. But it can definitely get easier if you have done the right TESOL education and know how to break the ice. Also important to keep in mind is that the students will be nervous as well, excited of course, but there will be definitely some tension among them.

What kind of TESOL certification do you need

There are many types of courses out there, with many different kinds of course hours available, Though in nearly most circumstances, a 120-hour TESOL certification is needed. The TESOL courses with lower course hours are usually just additional ESL training(with the exception of the 100-hour course types). These courses may be a good addition, but are not an important requirement for getting a job.

there are few platforms online that accept anyone who speaks English at a proficient and native English level while still undergoing their TESOL certification. One example is Preply, which requires setting up a profile and searching for students. This might not sound so bad for some of you out there but, the truth is, it takes a little more to teach English than just knowing how to speak English(even if you are a native).

In a Proper TESOL course there are methods to effectively on how to teach a language, including making it fun for both you and your students. When you take a TESOL course, you’re given new insights into the world of teaching English as a foreign language, learning effective methods that students love. Not to mention, you’ll start with a lot more confidence from your very first day, coming out with actual teaching practice.

Know the job requirements

Though you can find all kinds of TESOL courses on the web, choosing the right one matters. You want to make sure that your foundation is strong. Your ESL education begins with your TESOL course and will most certainly expand each day you teach a new student or class. Do you know why? Because experience is your teacher as well, in fact it will be your biggest teacher ever.

Looking for the right TESOL course can become a tiresome and in a lot of cases a very long exploration of the different courses out there. When starting your hunt, you’ll notice there are different hours and different time duration’s of course completion. Among the choices, a 120-hour TESOL course is the most top recognized by all top academies around the world and in most cases is even a minimum requirement, including for obtaining a working visa(Z-visa).

You can find these in a variety of price ranges, but you may want to take quality into account. The thing about the price is, super low-cost courses could lack quality. However, you probably don’t want to break the bank just for getting started, so you’re most likely searching for a TESOL course that is both of good quality and affordable at this very moment(Which is what we exactly have for you here in this article).

Cheapest Online 120-hour TESOL course - how to get a TEFL certificate

Low-cost Vs. Expensive: What’s the Difference?

One thing is for sure, the TESOL name has a solid reputation. Any course that comes with a 120-hour certification will usually serve its purpose, though it will vary from course to course on how much you walk away with. There are many different types of TESOL course out there and the prices will vary as well, from low-cost ones to expensive ones.

An expensive course is one that usually comes with extra perks. These perks can include additional resources from during and after the course, all the way to job placement and assistance. In addition, quality courses usually seek the best and most knowledgeable instructors out there. Your instructors will be your first introduction to the world of teaching English as a foreign language. For that reason, you want to have experienced instructors that not only teach the curriculum but, give useful pointers as you advance further on your journey.

When thinking about the cost of a course, it can be helpful to keep one thing in mind. Like with any new knowledge, anything you learn is a personal investment. TESOL courses are packed with great information, teaching methods, skills and so much more, most of which you will use from day one and of course, the rest of your life’s journey.

You can get both quality plus affordability

Quality courses take teaching practices seriously, doing what they can to make it as close to real classes as possible. Keeping that in mind, it is best to choose a course that suits your lifestyle and your goals as a future instructor. Most 120-hour course online go at a self-paced rhythm, while others are an intense four-week course.

As you mentioned earlier before, these courses come at a variety of prices, averaging into three and even four-digit numbers. The average is not out of reach but, there are deals out there. For instance, the International Open Academy (IOA), They offer a no-fuss 120-hour fully accredited and good quality TESOL course plus a 14 day 100% refund guarantee, currently at a super deal due to our recent partnership with them.

It doesn’t come flooded with all the bells and whistles but, offers a quality curriculum at an unbelievable price. Once you’re done with the certification, you can bet your bottom dollar there will be a job with your name on it. Just like other 120-hour TEFL certifications, one from IOA gets you in the door of some of the best academies out there.


Grab the Cheapest Online 120-hour TESOL course Today – The perfect combination of High Quality + Affordability

More About IOA

Cheapest Online 120-hour TESOL course - The international open academy

The IOA is an online academy with all kinds of incredible courses. Their widespread popularity comes from their large number of courses plus, their low-cost prices. They offer everything from sports training to photography courses and everything in between. While each course is currently priced lower than you may believe, high quality still stands out, making it a great option for those looking to score their TESOL certification.

Course completion guarantees that new ESL teachers will walk away with all the knowledge they need to know for day one and beyond. Take their TESOL course, for example, they offer a 120-hour course that is packed full of important knowledge, ESL teaching skills and methods, teaching speaking reading, listening, writing, grammar and so much more.

On average, it takes about four weeks to complete, each module packed with new and exciting information or you could take as long as you need. There are not many perks offered from this academy TESOL course besides job advice and some additional education that isn’t really available in other TESOL course but, when quality is there, perks aren’t such a big deal, they are after all just extra’s. The big prize is the certification course and their 120-hour course definitely qualifies as an accredited course recognized by academies all around the world.


TEFL Course Breakdown: What Will you Learn

We know some of you may be thinking, what is there to learn about teaching English? The answer, a lot actually. Teaching a language is much more than just being able to speak it, it takes an additional set of skills to convey a meaning, especially one to make learning English understandable to those with a different native language.

Instructors learn over time and will make mistakes along the way but, a TESOL course may very well minimize most of them. Some courses have their own additions regarding course material but, there is a basic set of skills acquired in every course.

These include:

  • A look into different ways we learn and how to teach properly
  • How to make classes fun and engaging
  • How to create connections between a student’s native language and English
  • How to incorporate all learning styles like listening, reading, speaking and writing
  • How to manage a class both online and in classroom
  • What to expect when searching for your first job
  • And in the IOA’s TESOL course, so much more.

Click here to check out the full course layout of the IOA’s 120-hour Online TESOL course

All of these topics are taught in a fun and interactive way in only a short amount of time. Though the time might seem short(you could also take as long as you need), each one of these skills is crucial to building a strong foundation to build on as you evolve as an ESL instructor. From day one, you will see how each of these skills will help you teach any number of students confidently.


So, What’s the Cost?

Cheapest Online 120-hour TESOL course - TESOL course price

Original course price: €119

Current Deal: €19 (84% discount)

As we mentioned, there are a number of courses out there. These come with all kinds of price tags, some more attractive than others. Taking a 120-hour online TESOL course with IOA comes with an original price of €119. Not so bad, right? While it is affordable and way below average, but we can still do better!

Thanks to a recent partnership we made with the International open academy, you can currently get their course for a SUPER deal, you can score their 120-hour course and a 120-hour certificate for just €19. We repeat, €19! The super-low price won’t sacrifice any quality either. In as little as four weeks, you can have the certification you need to start your teaching adventure online or abroad.

You’ll get the full 120-hour course along with a printed certificate with your name. During the course, you can expect to both learn and apply knowledge, getting you prepped and ready for your first day. Think about it, your wildest traveling dreams can be yours in no time, for just €19.


A Look at the Pros and Cons

If you’ve made it this far and are still considering whether or not to take this course, this section will definitely help you further. The TESOL course offered by IOA is great and comes with an unbeatable price but, it is not perfect. There is no perfect course out there, and a look at the pros and cons can be just the thing to clear up doubts. To start, let’s take a look at the downsides of taking this course.

The cons:

  • Limited choices when it comes to TESOL courses, but the most important one(120-hours) is present
  • No real additional resources offered after the course other than job tips and advice
  • Everything is online and there is no in-class training available
  • The course has no follow up or other advanced TESOL courses

The Pros:

  •  The one TESOL course offered is the most required sought-after course that ESL teachers need (120-hours)
  • The course is filled with everything needed to teach from day one
  • IOA’s TESOL course is accredited and accepted in all regular and top academies
  • Successful completion comes with a printed authentic 120-hour certificate
  • Teaches advanced skills and methods for both online and in-classroom settings
  • Comes with an unbelievable price tag of just €19
  • A full 14-day 100% refund policy, now that’s just pure self-confidence

There are definitely more pros than cons and although it may not be a perfect course, it definitely is a great one. The price alone is a huge plus, beating out every other course you can find out on the world wide web. With this course, you can be on your way to visiting places you’ve always dreamed of, at the small price of just €19. To have the opportunity to travel while making a livable income teaching English is liberating, and it is right at the tip of your fingers. Get it Today!(while it lasts)

Click here now to get your TESOL course for an incredible €19 Super deal!


How to start your ESL adventure

Cheapest Online 120-hour TESOL course - how to start ESL teaching

Choosing between teaching online and abroad

Both teaching online and abroad have their own amazing benefits, from being able to teach and travel around the world, teaching local students English in-class and having fun at the same time. Meanwhile you can travel during the holidays or do some sightseeing in your free time and meeting so many different kind of people from all walks of life and making so many incredible new friends along your journey. This is the amazing life of teaching English abroad.

And when teaching English online, you can teach teach students English from the comfort of your own home or the local coffee shop or any other place with a nice quiet spot for yourself OR you could even travel the world and take your laptop with you, going from place to place, country to country, traveling and making money at the same time, that is for many people the dream life they crave for!

In any case, you will have so many options and possibilities at your disposal, in most cases, you will have more free time on your hands, more freedom and usually more money as well! However, there may be some limitations you need to know about, in some cases, schools may require their teachers to posses a 4-year university degree or higher, in some countries it’s even a requirement for getting a working visa(Z-visa). But luckily, in a lot of cases, you should be just fine.

Choosing to teach English Online and finding a job

Being an Online teacher is an incredible benefit on its own, you are able to teach from the comfort of your own home, the local coffee place or any other location with a nice and comfortable spot for yourself or as mentioned earlier, you could travel the world and take your laptop with you! just be sure that you have a decent internet connection available.

There are several websites where you could teach online and make a good salary, one of our top recommendations is Preply, as they even give starting ESL teachers without a 4-year university degree the chance to become full time teachers and you can make a great salary along the process, you can also check our top online teaching positions section for some of the most best and well paying online platforms on the web.

Important to note is that a lot of online companies these days require teachers to have at least a 4-year university degree or higher to be able to become English teachers on their platform, which can limit the opportunities for a lot of ESL teachers out there. Luckily not all online schools have this requirement, but it can be quite a search and in a lot of cases, the salary may not be that good either..

Choosing to teach English abroad and getting a job

Teaching English abroad has been a popular job for decades now, which only increased with the start of the new millennium and now is absolutely the golden age for being an ESL teacher, this goes both for teaching abroad and online by the way and it’s estimated that this age will last for at least another 25 to 35 years!

The opportunities for ESL jobs abroad as vast and schools needs awesome teachers like yourself! You can find several websites online that are dealing with jobs abroad, including here on ALifeOfGreatness, you can check our top teaching positions section for jobs in Asia or our job site: for ESL jobs worldwide.

While teaching online has the benefit of working from… well.. where ever you want.. As and English teacher Abroad you are usually positioned in one location and at one school for usually a year, most schools offer a year contract, in some rare cases maybe 6 months. However, while you may not go where ever you want, schools do offer an attractive benefit package which usually includes a good salary, a none-shared free apartment, health insurance, a contract bonus, free airport pickup and possibly other benefits, though this may vary from school to school.

In some cases there also may be some limitations for you, for example, some countries require English teacher to have a 4-year university degree or higher to be illegible for a working visa and teach legally in the country. But luckily, there are a lot of countries who do not have this requirement, so you should be pretty safe in that area.

But first, Get yourself TESOL Certified!


Start your TESOL Certification today and begin your Incredible ESL journey

Cheapest Online 120-hour TESOL course - Start your ESL adventure

Even though you might be incredibly eager to start your teaching adventure as soon as possible, getting yourself educated is the right course of action at this moment and you can soon start your ESL journey within just a short time frame, just 4 weeks in fact. By undergoing a TESOL course you will learn incredible knowledge and teaching methods about teaching English as a foreign language.

This is why nearly most schools all over the world and online require teachers to have at least a 120-hour course done, So they are well prepared to teach ESL classes and take on any challenge they may face. Even though it may seem like a hassle to you, it is priceless, remember, knowledge is power and you will thank yourself later for it. Plus it is also knowledge that you will keep and possibly use for the rest of your life.

A high quality course doesn’t need to be expensive and our partnership with the International Open Academy proves that, as you can get their valuable accredited 120-hour TESOL with an incredible 84% discount at this very moment. Which means from the previous original price, which was €119, you can get the course at an Incredible €19 today. Get it now!

Click here now to start your TESOL certification course just for €19!(while it’s still available)

Click here to check out the TEFL Version

Or Click here to check out our Top 10 Best Online And Onsite TEFL/TESOL Courses and providers

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  1. I must say that the 84% off is an absolutely huge amount of savings! I have just bought the course myself, it’s really good actually and pretty easy to follow. Anyone looking to get certified through an affordable tesol course would really be missing out if they decided not to jump onto this opportunity. I wonder why they are practically giving it away though? It’s much more valuable than the currently ridiculous low price. But then again who cares haha… It’s my win…

    I actually don’t mind that there is no in-class training as I enjoy being home and doing it online is much more convenient for me. Thanks for the recommendation!


    • You’re welcome Steve,

      Glad to hear that you like the course

      As for why the huge discount is rather simple, there are two reasons:

      1. Because recent we made a partnership together with the IOA regarding their TESOL course

      2. Probably from IOA’s perspective, due to recent world events, most people are low on funds right now, so this discounted 120-hour TESOL course can help a lot of people to become certified ESL teachers and from the comfort of home plus earning a decent income in the process. Also, it helps spread the positive word about the international open Academy and it’s unique and quality courses.

      So next to the first reason, the second one also probably has a big influence on why they give such a generous discount, they just want to help more people, especially in this difficult time.

      Enjoy your training and happy teaching!


  2. Hello there, Thanks for sharing this awesome article. I have just started my tesol certification yesterday and i have quickly scrolled through the materials and lessons, but The course looks really good and it easy to go through. This is exactly what i was looking for. Although i would have probably still gone for the course by it’s regular price, the discount is a nice bonus and it was a great recommendation and if anyone else is thinking about taking this course, my recommendation is, just do it! Thanks Again.

    • You’re very welcome and thank you for dropping by and leaving your feedback, It’s very much appreciated as well!

      I wish you good luck with your course and naturally, a happy teaching adventure after you finished it.

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