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Free ESL and English teaching resources to last a lifetime

Free ESL and English teaching resources

Are you looking for some Incredible ESL and English teaching resources that will keep you supplied for a life time? Don’t worry, We have got you covered and you will have all the tools you will ever need for this life time and even for your next one!

An Easier Teaching Life

Learning the ropes as an ESL teacher can be overwhelming. It can be tough to make plans that keep your students engaged while helping them to reach their goals. On top of that, you’ll be exposed to new situations daily, learning along the way what works and what doesn’t. This feeling doesn’t disappear but, it does get easier. Even the most experienced teachers in the game get in over their head every once in a while.

Luckily, you have us! While we can’t guarantee you won’t be in some awkward situations, we can help you to take a breath and turn bad situations around for the better. How exactly can we do that? Well, thanks to the world wide web, there are a large variety of sources new and seasoned teachers can use Free of charge, whether you are a regular English teacher or an ESL teacher Abroad or an ESL teacher Online. These sources are for you!

On top of that, we have some tips from the experts to solidify your teaching strategies, helping you become that teacher you’ve always dreamed of. Follow along, using this as your go to guide to improve your strategy and get your students excited for class, and happy to have a teacher like you. In fact lets start with a video below on what makes a good teacher great and then with some of the expert tips.

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Having the right Mindset

First off, lets quickly look at a few tips to get you in the right mindset. Keeping these few things in mind works across the board, helping you to become comfortable in a class in no time. Plus, it will make your students more confident in you, trusting you to help them reach their ESL goals.

  1.  Set Realistic Goals
    We mean both for yourself and your students. Learning a language takes time and patience. Apart from that, it takes practice, something that some students will not be very open to. Giving your students small goals to reach along their language journey will keep you both motivated, giving them something to be notably proud of.
  2. In-Class and Outside – Think about how you can help your students both inside and out of the classroom. Use your time effectively in class but, give them something that they can do at home to connect it all together.
  3. Tailor your Plans – Both children and adults learn the best when they can tie what they learned in class into their lives. For this reason, use that material while making your lesson plans. Create items and activities that will get your students talking, especially about things that they enjoy.

With the right mindset, you and your students will benefit for the better. No matter if you are brand new to the business or have taught for some time now, teaching is career where you are constantly learning. After each class you’ll always have something to take away, adapting your preferred teaching style as you gain experience. Now that you know what to focus on, lets look at some strategies for specific classes.

Teaching Strategies for ESL Teachers

Not all classes will be the same. Maybe you have a small class or a big class. Maybe you have a class with students of varied levels or of different ages. How do you handle them and how do you teach? Let’s start with adults.

Teach ESL Adults
Teaching adults is great. You can cover a wide range of topics and get into deeper conversations. On top of that, adults have clear goals and are usually more determined and motivated whether it be for employment or leisure purposes. There are a few things to keep in mind when teaching adults, all of which we have listed below.

Make lessons engaging – Most adults are not interested in just sitting in class and listening to a lecture. They want to be engaged and gain fluency and confidence. Given them something to get into, an activity, a debate, or a discussion. Get them speaking as much as you can.

Check their Comprehension – Make sure to check in often for comprehension. This works to build a better connection with your students and make sure that they are learning and understand.

Encourage them – Many adults need to gain confidence. A large part of your job is to encourage them to speak, being there to cheer them on along the way. Help keep them motivated, while they build up their level and increase their comfortableness with the language.

Reward them – Last but not least, come up with some type of test or reward system that will keep your students encouraged. They will feel like they have accomplished something and be proud of themselves coming to your classes with a whole new energy.

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Free ESL And English teaching Resources – Empowerment

Free ESL And English teaching Resources - ESL and english teaching resources

Teaching adults is great and comes with so many possibilities. Get creative, making lessons and speaking about topics that will get your classes riled up! Here are our top 3 tools each one full of possibilities for every level you might be teaching.

1. Lesson Plans by level:
2. Conversation ideas:
3. Pronunciation and games:

Video One:

Video Two(Non-Native Teacher):

Video Three – Teaching Business English(Although these are lessons for learning business English, you can still incorporate some of the content in your own classes) :

Video four – ESL teaching games and methods:

Teach ESL Children

Teaching children is preferred by many. There is something about helping children speak another language, learning in fun and creative ways that is so much fun. That doesn’t mean however, that these come without challenges. Sometimes it is difficult to keep children engaged. While a few of the strategies for teaching adults apply to teaching children, you’ll also want to take these few strategies into consideration.

Usable Materials – Children need help to stay focused. They might get antsy being forced to keep seated for a whole hour of class. Get them up and moving, creating materials they can get their hands on.

Interactive activities – Kids love to play. They are social little beings playing and talking to one another constantly. Give them that same opportunity but in English. Create activities that go along with your grammar points that give them a chance to speak with partners or in groups.

Review and review again – Learning a new language comes with a lot of repetition. You’ll need to be sure to constantly go over material again and again. Maybe begin the class with questions from past lessons or create a quiz to jog their memory.

Video Five – Warm up activities for at the beginning of a class or when the kids might start to lose focus(Can even be used for adults):

It may seem intimidating to teach children, especially a large group of them. The thing is with children, there are a lot of opportunities for fun. But, be sure to help them learn while having fun. This is easier than you might think, using the help of songs, games, and materials to bring lessons to life. Below are some of our favorite resources for fun and topic-based children’s lessons that will get them speaking and learning at the same time.

1. Activities and Lessons:
2. Games and Ideas:
3. Worksheets:

Video Six – ESL Games and methods:

Video Seven – Ball game:


Classroom Management

There comes a time in every teacher’s career where each day is filled with nerves. Maybe its nerves of being a new teacher, being in a new place, a large group of students. All of these have the ability to make teachers freeze up, unsure of what to do. Take these nerves on top of a seemingly unmanageable classroom and you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster. While some situations cannot be avoided, they can definitely be handled in better ways, and below we have a few suggestions.

Stand Tall We mean make a good first impression. Walk into your classroom with confidence and a friendly smile, showing your students you are nice but firm. This is where organization and planning help.

Create bonds – When teaching a language, creating a comfortable environment is at the top of the list. Both adults and children need to feel like they are in a positive environment that encourages them to keep going no matter how many mistakes they make. Showing them, you are there as a positive asset is the best thing you can do.

Seating arrangements – Both new and experienced teachers can benefit from assigned seating. If you’ve got chatty students, split them up. If you have two shy students, put a chatty one in the mix. This will get easy with time, increasing your ability to spot problems in seconds.

Group and teamwork – Giving students more chances to interact is a great way to boost the positive vibes. It will make a more calm and friendly environment for all, where students can interact and learn all at the same time.

Video 8 – How to become a confident teacher?:

You Got This!

Overall, a career as an ESL teacher is very rewarding. You will have amazing experiences while helping and watching your student grow and reach their goals. Still, it is easy to get overwhelmed at times, trying to be creative for your students while giving them the best chances to learn. Thankfully, the internet is crawling with so many resources to help take a little of the pressure off, helping you become the best teacher you can be.

As a final thanks for following along, here are a few more resources for mixed levels. As always you can take the ideas and adjust them to the needs of your classroom. All those listed below are a great place to begin, giving you more time to get creative and less time to stress.

A bit of Everything:

And Much More teaching resources:

Thanks for reading along(And hopefully you’re still in your current life time) and we wish you the best of luck! Happy teaching!

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Do you have any Questions or Comments or anything you would like to add? Then feel absolutely free to comment away here below into the comment section!

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