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Get Certified through the CHEAPEST ONLINE TESOL Course – Become a Certified ESL teacher just for €19!!

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Why picking the Right TESOL Course Matters

We’d like to start by saying that not all academies require an immediate TESOL certification from their teachers. With the rising demand of English teachers across the globe, finding a spot to work is easier than ever. Online academies like Preply only require that you speak English at a very proficient level. They allow teachers to work online, while still undergoing their TESOL certification.

However, they don’t ask about your degree(not required) or any other certifications or prior experience as an English instructor. The only trick of the trade with academies like this is creating an attractive profile that will grab the attention of prospective learners.

While this type of academy is great for some reasons, but, without prior useful knowledge or experience about Teaching English as a foreign language, it may take time for you to start making you money due to your lack of knowledge and experience in this work field. That is why the TESOL course exists and how it can help you not only become a more knowledgeable teacher, but a more confident one as well.

The beauty of the TESOL Course and how it benefits you

This is where your TESOL certification comes in handy. It is your ticket to the best academies both Online and abroad around the world. A reputable name that has no boundaries is the TESOL certification. Top paying academies ask for a minimum 120-hour TESOL course plus usually a four-year degree of any kind. However most regular academies have less stricter requirements regarding a four year degree, but we will discuss this topic later on in the article.

When an instructor steps foot into the world of teaching, having obtained a TESOL certificate is a very strong indicator that they are prepared for teaching English classes from day one. TESOL courses come packed with everything needed to build up a strong foundation that will hold knowledge as you gain experience. On top of that, it’s got actual teaching practice so that you’re walking in prepared from your very first day.

This is why TESOL certified teachers are so valued by academies all around the globe. Having your TESOL course is your proof that you are ready to take on any challenge that you may face in the classroom, it is your key word getting an ESL job either Online or abroad and it will tell academies or schools that you are ready to take on the job.

Get Certified through the CHEAPEST ONLINE TESOL Course - getting your tesol certificate in 4 steps

The difficulty of choice and how you can tackle it

The decision to take a course is simple. The difficult part is deciding which course to take. Choosing the right TESOL course is important to start the career you’ve always dreamed of. Shorter courses are available but, but by far the most widely accepted is the 120-hour TESOL course, in almost all cases actually.

So if you are not sure which kind of TESOL course you need, our recommendation is to go for at least the 120-hour TESOL course as this truly is by far the most required one. The smaller TESOL courses are usually more specialized ones, like how to specifically teach business English or technical English etc… These courses are usually 60-hour courses. ETEFL for example has it included within their 180-hour course but it is indeed more expensive and you can also choose to take the business course separately.

In any case, All these 120-hour courses can be offered in both intense and self-paced time frames, where you can choose which type of TESOL course better suits your lifestyle. You can find them in both face-to-face and online versions scattered all across the globe. Choosing any one will land you where you want but, they are not all created equal. We’ll elaborate more on that point here below.


High-priced Vs. low-cost courses

We are always looking for the best quality for the lowest price. The problem that we run into is the fact that most of the time, price and quality are usually directly correlated. Usually the better the quality, the higher the price. This is the case for most TESOL courses where you get what you pay for.

An in-class course is generally more expensive than an online course, taking more resources to set-up and run than online. Online courses come with a ton of conveniences including flexibility. Online courses can be simply done from the comfort of your home or any other place you feel comfortable learning, thus making it one of the most attractive options for all ESL trainees.

The variety of choices for online TESOL courses are huge. They come from ESL teacher training academies all across the web and with all sorts of price tags. While saving a few bucks is always great, choosing low-cost courses could mean you’re sacrificing substance, Which is generally not a good idea(luckily for you however, you will find both quality and affordability in this article today).

Investing in knowledge that you will keep for a life time

The skills and knowledge gained from a TESOL course are like a long-term investment. You can keep it with you as you advance in your teaching practices and your career. Looking at it this way, spending a little extra is worth it, especially with a reputable academy.

One large difference that you will see between low-cost and expensive courses are the available resources. Academies usually add-in goodies like job assistance and community support as a marketing technique for their more expensive courses. They also add useful additions to the required curriculum, sending learners out with a little extra that they can offer to their first class.

Now, we are not saying to go out and spend an arm and a leg, especially if you’re on a budget. There are quite a few academies who offer affordable course with great quality as well, usually priced between

€120-to€250, one of which is International Open Academy (IOA), but today however, they give an incredible 84% discount off their regular price. More on them in a sec plus, a look at an amazing offer they have going on for a limited time.

Get certified through the Cheapest Online TESOL Course at 84% off Today!

A Bit More about the IOA

Get Certified through the CHEAPEST ONLINE TESOL Course - The international open academy

IOA is an online academy that specializes in short courses. They offer tons of courses from categories like beauty, sports, and even health. As far as TESOL is concerned, they offer only one. But it just so happens to be the magical and most important 120-hour course we earlier mentioned above.

On average, it takes about four weeks to complete the course and it can be done from your computer anytime and anywhere. What we like about the TESOL course from IOA is the no-fuss approach to the curriculum. You’re presented with all that you need to know to successfully teach an online class or a class abroad. Plus, you’ll have some actual practice, able to walk in confidently and securely on your first day.

The course has a get in and get done feel, allowing learners to smoothly go through the course, complete it within their own time-frame and receive their TESOL certificate fast. We will say one thing, besides the good course quality and materials, you won’t find a lot of bells and whistles with this course. There are not a ton of added extras and no real job assistance but, you will be steamed ready for the ESL job world and you’ll have your 120-hour certificate which puts your foot in the door.

The application process for each academy is different and will require that you do your research . Before we go into details about the price and offer, let’s take a look at what you can expect when you take the TESOL with IOA.

What Will I Learn in a TESOL Course?

We’ve talked a lot about how the TESOL course prepares learners for their first job but, what does that mean? The truth is, there is a lot packed into a course. It was designed to give learners everything they need to know on how to successfully teach English as a foreign language. It is much more than just speaking and teaching vocabulary, it is conveying meaning through usually fun activities that will create a lasting memory.

This includes skills like:

  • How to teach effectively including a look at how we learn
  • New ways of teaching that make classes both fun and effective
  • Methods of helping students connect their native language to English
  • A look into learning methods and how to use them including reading, listening, speaking and writing
  • The dos and don’t s in the classroom to help you manage your students
  • How to plan your lessons and execute
  • A look into what your first days as an instructor will be like
  • All if this and more will be in the IOA’s 120-hour TESOL course as well.

Click here to check out the IOA’s 120-hour TESOL full course description

Learning all of these and how to apply them, you’ll leave equipped and ready to take on your first class. From your first day, you will notice how beneficial these skills are to making you an effective instructor that plans fun lessons. You will see why experienced teachers who have done their TESOL course before becoming an ESL teacher have performed better with their head start.

The price description

Get Certified through the CHEAPEST ONLINE TESOL Course - tesol course price

Original Price: €119

Today’s price: €19 – 84% discount

An online TESOL course costs, on average, €400-500. This is not a bad deal if you see it as a long-term investment but, there are more economical options available. IOA for example has a site-wide price on courses that’s only €119. Obviously, this is already an amazing deal when compared to the average across the web. We may have caught your attention here but, thanks to our partnership with IOA, we can do even better.

For a limited time, the 120-hour TESOL course from IOA is going for only €19. That’s right! You could be done, on your way to landing your first class in less than four weeks for only €19! From there, all that’s left to do is find the academy you’d like to teach with, and you’re off to living your dream as a digital nomad with a rewarding remote job.

Should I Take This Course? Pros and Cons

The deal might’ve been good enough, too good in fact and we may have lost a few of our readers(Sad face). If you’ve made it here, you might still be in limbo of whether or not to take the 120-hour TESOL course with IOA. While it is an unbelievable price, it does lack a few of those extras, some of which you may have been counting on. If that sounds like you, we’re here to help, with a useful list of pros and cons about the academy.

For starters, let’s first look at the cons:

  • The IOA only offers one type of TESOL course which is the most important 120-hour course
  • Unfortunately There are no real extras included with the course, besides some job tips and advice
  • The course is 100% online with no exposure to an on-site classroom
  • You won’t find advanced or specialized TESOL courses to up your game, but there are some other course you could check out which will also be for just €19.

However, it is also important for us to point out that there are schools and recruiters posting ESL jobs daily and you don’t need to pay anything for that, so for those interested in job support, it’s pretty easy to find, including here on ALifeOfGreatness. We have our top featured schools section and top featured online schools section.

Now for the Pros:

  • The one TESOL course they do offer happens to be the most accepted (120-hour)
  • You’ll complete the course having learned all skills needed for your first day
  • The course is accepted and accredited by most regular schools and academies all across the globe
  • After successful completion, you’ll receive a printed certificate with your name
  • You’ll have skills to teach any class both online or on-site
  • Extra included in the course: Building an attractive resume.
  • Comes at a price that sounds too good to be true(€19)
  • And… you have a 14-day 100% full refund guarantee – No Questions asked

So, there you have it. Now you know the pluses and minuses from taking this course, though there are many more ups than downs for taking the TESOL course with IOA. Don’t mistake this course for a low quality course, which is absolutely not the case. The Quality is definitely great, it’s just they don’t offer a lot of extra’s like the more expensive courses.

To be Honest, a few years ago i myself have done a certification course for €180(which was kinda okay as well), because it was the most affordable quality course i could find back then. If i had the same opportunity you have today, then i definitely would have gone for this course, but that’s just me.

Of course the price shouldn’t be everything when you want to follow a decent TESOL course, but the price available at this moment is just amazing and the Quality of the course is very good too, plus it’s pretty easy to follow. To think that your wildest travel dreams could be yours for just €19 is crazy and I’m SUPER jealous about it. It’s a definitely that one of a kind deal that you should consider taking while it’s still available.

In any case, if you are interested in this super deal then click here now to start your Incredible ESL journey with the IOA just for €19 Today!


What now? And where can you get a Job?

Get Certified through the CHEAPEST ONLINE TESOL Course - Where to get an ESL job

How to start teaching Online or abroad

So now you’re in the near future, you have got your TESOL certificate in your pocket and you want to get started with an ESL job Online or abroad probably as soon as possible, which you definitely can. There are quite a few places where you can find ESL jobs including as mentioned earlier, here in your friendly neighborhood ALifeOfGreatness.

If you are interested in teaching English online, then Preply would most likely be one of the best places for you to start. They accept both Degree and non-degree holders, plus they are also one of the most highest earning online platforms on the web, where teachers can earn up to $40+ per hour! Or you could also check out our top online teaching positions section, where several other top online schools are listed as well.

If you are interested in Teaching English abroad, then you could check out our top featured schools and recruiters in Asia section and find a Great ESL job there or for other locations around the world you could also check our job site and you can find a great many ESL jobs on that site. There are absolutely a ton of ESL positions available in almost any location in the world, you are truly living in the golden age for being an ESL teacher, Enjoy and benefit from it.

But the first thing that comes first….. Do Your TESOL course and get your TESOL certificate!


Start your ESL adventure by first getting TESOL Certified

Get Certified through the CHEAPEST ONLINE TESOL Course - Get your ESL adventure started

I know that you’re probably super eager to get your ESL journey started, however the first action you have to take is to get your TESOL certificate, which is possible through the TESOL course. While you may not be too eager on doing a course, it is definitely for most ESL jobs a requirement, plus you will be learning the necessary knowledge and skills about teaching English as a foreign language.

There are absolutely a ton of courses out there, a lot are expensive, some will be affordable and sometimes you can get lucky(like today) and get a Massive 84% discount off on an already affordable course. Also in most cases, low-cost courses doesn’t necessarily mean low quality courses. in most cases, it just means that low-cost courses don’t offer any extra’s within their program.

The course offered by the International open Academy includes great quality material and content that will absolutely prepare you for your ESL journey online or around the world. You will learn every step(from A to Z) about everything you need to know to be able to teach quality ESL classes to local students in foreign countries. This course normally priced at €119, you can now get today for just €19! Our recommendation for you is to get it now while it lasts.

Click here to get your 84% discounted 120-hour Online TESOL course just for €19 Now(while it’s still available)!

Click here to check out the TEFL version

Or Click here to check out our Top 10 Best Online And Onsite TEFL/TESOL Courses and providers

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  1. I’ve just started my tesol certification and so far it’s going well, the 120 hour course is good.if you are looking for a low cost course and you can manage an online course like this without any in class training involved, then this is the course for you. It will take some commitment and determination to complete all the 120 hours, but the course is pretty easy to go through and the lessons and explanations are great as well. Thank you for a great review and bringing this opportunity to our door. 


    • Hi there,

      Glad to hear that the course is going well for you and although 120 hours may indeed seem long, The IOA has created a step by step, easy to follow course that should help ESL trainees complete it in an efficient and without difficulty. It’s a great online course, the only down side is that there are no onsite classes, but then again, it is currently a very low-cost course, its simplicity is what makes it special.

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  2. Hello there, Thanks for sharing this awesome article,I know it will be of great help to many people out there as it has been of help to me. i have already completed my tesol certification with this course provider and I’m about to complete another with the ittt. The course i did from the International open academy was good, very easy to go through and very well structured, no regrets here.

    However, there was some education that i really wanted, but that was not included in this course, so i went for another course that the additional content i sought for. Still the course here was good and i recommend others reading this right now to go for it as well, it has everything you need and more to get started, it even has some additional education that is not included in other courses.

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      First of all, thanks for dropping by again and leaving your feed back. it’s much appreciated!

      Glad to hear that you have enjoyed and completed your TESOL certification, congratulations. The International TEFL and TESOL training(ITTT) indeed provides a lot of extensive and high quality courses, it is know to graduate a ton of ready to teach ESL trainees, a great choice as well. If you want or need additional ESL education, then this course provider can definitely help you get it.

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  3. Hello there! This is an amazing review you have got here. I am sure this information here will be of great help to any one who come across it as it was to me. It’s a fantastic course, I’m currently on module 5 and so far its going extremely well, the course is very easy to follow, very well structured, the content and materials are great as well. For anyone who is interested in a high quality education at low costs, take this course!

    I have also shared this article with my younger sister who is also interested in teaching English online, she will start her certification in a few days.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Hi Joy,

      Thanks for dropping by again and for leaving your feed back, it’s much appreciated!

      Glad to hear that your certification is going so well, both you and your sister will be fully certified teachers in no time at all! Keep up the good work.



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