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Get Your Degree Online Through Future Learn + Review – Start Securing Your Job Future Today!

Get Your Degree Online Through Future Learn – Reviewed for Online Students

Although this article is meant for ESL teachers or trainees who want to Teach English Online or abroad, This article is definitely also helpful for the Non ESL students or future teachers among you. So if you were wondering on How to Get you Degree online, Then FutureLearn can absolutely Help you in your journey to achieve your goals –Reviewed for Online students.

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The importance of a degree even with Teaching ESL!

The opportunities that come from choosing a career as an ESL teacher are endless(AKA The Golden Age). Anywhere around the world either online or abroad, new jobs seem to hit the market daily, as emphasis grows on learning the English language. Before, it was difficult to find a good paying online job without a university degree, with many countries requiring that all instructors had at least a bachelors.

Now, companies have opened the doors to those who may not have a degree, but have a passion for teaching. If this sounds like you but you’re not sure where to get started, we have the inside scoop on how to get started plus some teaching opportunities you can apply for today. The future is bright for passionate instructors, and it only takes a few steps.

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Get Certified

It is commonly assumed by many native speakers that possessing a native level is enough of a certification to teach. This could not be further from the truth, especially if you want a good paying job with a lot of great benefits. A certification is the first step in opening you up to the world of teaching English as a second language to both children and adults(AKA a TEFL Certificate).

Get TEFL Certified Online with ETEFL or LETSTEFL

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During the program, you will be exposed to typical classroom situations along with guided expert instruction by those who have been in the business and learned from experience. Things like how to plan lessons, manage classrooms, and how to think outside the box are all included in the course, starting your journey prepared and confident.

Evolve your Practice

While a certification is packed with useful information, it still just brushes the surface of most areas. Teaching, is a career that will require continued learning, causing you to learn and evolve your practices the more experience you gain. For this reason, the best way is to dive in ahead first, learning along the way as you grow. This requires a solid and positive mindset, realizing that you are still learning.

It is recommended to give yourself some constructive criticism after each class and at the end of each day. What would you change about the lesson to make it better? How will you use what you learned to help you in the future? Taking these answers and using them to build your expertise will have you teaching like a professional in no time.

Sharpen your Skills

While learning by doing may be the best way to evolve as an instructor, it is easier said than done. Some out there prefer to learn the ropes a little more before teaching their first class. It is also great to learn in time, learning more after you’ve taught to think in a different perspective.

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This could give current teachers a fresh perspective, sparking their creativity to create killer lessons that their students will love. For those without a degree, a good place to start is FutureLearn, an all-inclusive online learning portal that is perfect for anyone anywhere around the world.

FutureLearn takes a different approach to creating online courses, most of which are taught by experts with real experience. These are self-paced and allow you to choose your topic, whether you’re wanting to teach children, adults, or those with learning disabilities. Up and ready for enrollment on the website are the following course, just to get a good idea:

  • English in Early Childhood: Language Learning and Development
  • Teaching English: How to Plan a Great Lesson
  • Dyslexia and Foreign Language Teaching
  • Understanding IELTS
  • Understanding Language: Learning and Teaching

Each of these courses listed above run for an average of 4 weeks if you dedicate about 4 hours a week. Each one has been developed by large names in the education world such as BBC, Open Learning and British Council. Some of the courses also come with real university credit where you can work toward a degree if you want one.

Video One – Introduction to FutureLearn:

Video Two – Welcome to FutureLearn:

Get Your Degree Online Through Future Learn – Review

FutureLearn US Online degree courses

How to Use FutureLearn

There are a few different ways to get your hands on the courses we have mentioned above and others on the website. The first, and perhaps most difficult, is choosing. Browse through the home page through thousands of short ESL courses ranging from 2-4 weeks. There are three total levels of access, each one listed below:

Yes, there are free courses! Choose any that are uploaded and enjoy full access to them the entire time they stay online. You will have the full duration plus an additional 14 days to complete the course, as long as is hasn’t been taken down.

Full access for its entire lifespan with FutureLearn plus access to exams and tests that will keep track and affirm your knowledge learned along the way. On top of this, some of the courses come with certificates to show off your achievement.

Access to courses for an entire year plus tests and worksheets when there are any included. Completion of courses comes with a digital certificate for printing plus, unlimited access to all course materials and videos. You can also compete the course in your own time, with no need to stick to a strict timeline or deadline.

Where do I Start

To find the course which you selected, simply visit your dashboard where you can find it listed under ‘My Courses’ The access begins once you have selected a top and course, depending on your level of access, will last accordingly. Once started, you can choose your preferred method to learn a topic, whether it is through video, audio, or visual text.

If there is ever a problem or concern during any section at any time during the course, learners can ask questions in the margins that are open for discussions with other learners and will eventually be answered by an instructor. This is a good way to get social and check your understanding all at once.

Once you complete a section you can check it off of your ‘To Do’ list to hold your place and track your progress when needed. You have options to participate in discussions along the way and partake in suggested activities either alone or with some of your fellow learners that are taking the same course. This is a great opportunity to get social, expanding your knowledge by opening up to other suggestions from learners across the globe. After you have competed all the parts and are done with the course, you can print your certificate and move on to the next one, enrolling before it begins.

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Extra FutureLearn Video:

ESL Job Opportunities

FutureLearn is an ideal site to grow your expertise no matter where in the world you are. Everything is available online plus, with an upgraded or unlimited plan, you will have a certificate to send to your future employer. Some that are online right now ready and waiting are:

Preply – Perfect for those freelancers out there, this platform lets you set your own price and hours. You score students through trial lessons of 25 minutes or so, the more prepared the better.
The Time is Now

VIPX – High salaries and the opportunity to set your own and fixed hours can be found here, making it a perfect starting point for your career as an ESL instructor.

Magic Ears – Here, you will be teaching online to children from China which could also mean a different schedule overall for you. Still, the pay is great and you can pick your hours. If you want to teach kids, this is a good place to start as well.

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A career as an ESL instructor is Incredibly hot right now. Maybe it’s the chances of freedom that come along with it or the rewarding and fulfilling sentiment of teaching those with a passion to learn your native language.

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Living the ESL Life

While before it may have been difficult for those on the hunt for jobs without a degree, there are now plenty of platforms to make up for that. Life as an instructor come with a lifetime of required learning, sharpening your skills along the way to becoming a professional. This has never been easier, with online courses specifically for those that want to start a career as an ESL instructor or would like to specialize in one area of the field.

The first step you should take to launch your career is to earn a certificate, which will open up a lot of doors. Then, enroll in a few courses to gain credits if you don’t want to jump into a job just yet. As we mentioned above, in the world of teaching, you can never be too prepared, always ready for anything that could happen both in online and in-class situations.

With proper training and expanded knowledge, you’ll handle even the most unpredictable situations like a pro, giving your students the knowledge, they were searching for and a class they’ll be bragging about with all their friends. Start now and you won’t be sorry you did. Change your life positively Forever.

Happy Teaching!

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