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Getting TEFL Certified: LETSTEFL VS ETEFL – Who is the Victor?

Choose the right TEFL provider and get TEFL certified Today! LETSTEFL VS ETEFL – Who comes out on TOP?!

Two TEFL giants will be on the field today and will be combating for the top position, who will win? both are online TEFL course providers and all the courses are proper accredited and references will be detailed below as well. In today’s article We will have LETSTEFL VS ETEFL, who will be the Grand champion today? Lets find out.


LetsTEFL and ETEFL introductions

Lets start with LetsTEFL

Getting TEFL Certified: LETSTEFL VS ETEFL - letsTEFL

LetsTEFL has been around now for many year and has quickly become an online giant due to it’s incredibly popular 120-hour Ultimate Online TEFL course. It’s very efficient course and affordable course has helped tons of ESL trainees to become Certified teachers within just 4 weeks, which is also how they advertise their course, However you can also complete the course within your own time frame.

Whether you want to complete the course ASAP or in your own time, both options are possible as there is no rush involved. Their course is filled with highly interactive content, easy to follow study materials, personal tutor support and top quality ESL education unavailable in other 120-hour Online TEFL courses, next to all that they also can provide you with a life time job support for specifically Japan, South-Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and China(For China, you can also check our top featured jobs section).

A Quick Overview – LetsTEFL Three strongest points

  • An Incredible top quality online 120-hour Ultimate TEFL course.
  • Includes training presented by an experienced teacher and top Online & quick course or technical support
  • A Life time job support abroad

accredited by: The World TEFL Accrediting Commission (WTEFLAC)

Accreditation number: LETSTEFL567465TW23

There is no doubt that LetsTEFL is an awesome TEFL course provider and by following their online 120-hour Ultimate TEFL course, you can definitely get you started at nearly every school abroad or Online and you will be well prepare for your ESL adventure and classes.

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Or read on…..


And next up is ETEFL


ETEFL is another TEFL Giant that has been around for some time now, although it hasn’t been in business as long as most other TEFL providers, it’s high quality and SUPER affordable Online TEFL courses made it a quick rising star among the most best and top course providers.

Just like the previous provider, you can complete any of their three awesome courses within a 4-week time frame or within your own time frame, there is no rush, only your dedication will be required. Within their courses you will be taught a ton of incredible ESL education and content, which includes teaching business English as well!

A Quick overview – ETEFL’s Three strongest points

Accredited by: The Continued Professional Development Accreditation Group (CPD)

Accreditation number: ETEFL#777368

ETEFL offers few of the most SUPER affordable and high quality online TEFL courses out there, it is filled with massive amount of top grade ESL knowledge and education which will help you prepare for your ESL adventure abroad or online, It gets even better, if you use our discount code ALIFEOFGREATNESS, then you will get an additional 10% off of any of their chosen courses.

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But between LetsTEFL and ETEFL, who is the grand champion? Well then, lets find out and let the battle Begin!


Getting TEFL Certified: LETSTEFL VS ETEFL – Let the TEFL Battle Begin!

Getting TEFL Certified: LETSTEFL VS ETEFL - TEFL battle begins


Both online course providers offer top grade TEFL courses which not only will help to prepare ESL trainees immensely for their ESL classes, but also are able to get hired much easier for most ESL jobs world wide and even Online. The education taught within the courses are of the highest quality and stand among the most top ones online.

However, even though that both providers are great options, there can only be one winner today, so we have laid out for you down below a detailed overview about both course provider. You will learn about the pros and cons, which aspects they excel in and which not, You will learn about not only just the good, but the bad and even the ugly as well.

There can only be one winner, but either one of these providers might can still become your preferred choice and After reading this review, you will be able to make a much better decision on which Online TEFL course provider is your ideal choice, start your certification today and get your TEFL adventure started as soon as possible.

Lets start with the type of courses and the course quality.


Courses offered + Quality

Lets first have a look on what types of courses are available by each provider.


  • 120-hour Ultimate TEFL course


  • 60-hour standard course
  • 120-hour advanced course
  • 180-hour extensive course

So for the amount of courses and choices ETEFL wins, however quantity doesn’t really matter, Quality does!

Lets first go through the smallest course here, which is the 60-hour standard course:

  •  When teaching English abroad or online where the requirements for ESL teaching at that particular country or company isn’t high, then a 60-hour standard course may suffice, however we don’t recommend lower hour TEFL courses(unless they are specialized courses), for they may not have enough ESL education that can prepare you enough for the classroom.
  • These days a minimum of 120 TEFL course hours are required to become a TEFL teacher for most ESL jobs world wide and even Online.

Now lets go through the more common and more Higher quality 120-hour TEFL-course:

  • As previously mentioned these days you will need a 120-hour TEFL certificate to be able to get a ESL job anywhere in the world or online and both LetsTEFL’s and ETEFL’s 120-hour are very good.
  • LetsTEFL’s 120-hour Ultimate Online TEFL course is filled with incredible ESL education and knowledge. When going through the course, you will discover highly interactive and easy to follow content and instructions in a step by step basis, it wont feel difficult at all, but actually quite enjoyable! Further more, you get some free additional extra’s and ESL resources.
  • ETEFL’s 120-hour advanced Online TEFL course is also filled with great ESL content and information. The course is pretty easy to follow and also in a step by step basis and will well prepare you for your ESL classes.
  • LETSTEFL VS ETEFL’s 120-hour TEFL course – When it comes to quality, More content, extensiveness and inter-activeness, then LetsTEFL’s course is the clear winner, plus LetsTEFL’s course is more enjoyable and easy to follow compared to ETEFL’s 120-hour TEFL course.

The Last one, the 180-hour extensive Online TEFL course:

  • In rare instances, an ESL job may require teachers to have done at least 180 TEFL course hours, but these jobs are rare. However 180-hour TEFL courses are more extensive and provide a ton of more ESL education and knowledge to super prepare ESL trainees for their TEFL adventures, usually there are also specialized subjects like teaching business English in the more extensive TEFL courses.
  • ETEFL’s 180-hour TEFL course will engulf you with all kinds of ESL knowledge and ESL practices and teaching skills, it is a super extensive course which can completely prepare you to handle any challenge in the ESL classroom, further more, you will also get an additional specialized course which is teaching business English to businessmen or women and adults, it’s an excellent course and a highly recommended one as well.

Getting TEFL Certified: LETSTEFL VS ETEFL - LetsTEFL's 120-hour Ultimate Online TEFL course


Getting TEFL Certified: LETSTEFL VS ETEFL- ETEFL's TEFL courses


Both TEFL providers offer great courses in their own way, however LetsTEFL’s 120-hour ultimate online TEFL course beats ETEFL’s 120-hour advanced online TEFL course due to quality and better course creation. But ETEFL’s 180-hour TEFL course is super extensive and offers excellent course content plus teaching business English as well, but lacks the inter-activeness LetsTEFL’s course provides.

So the conclusion we took, quality wise, they are on Par. Yes, it’s a draw. It was a difficult conclusion to come up to, but they are quite evenly matches in this area. However there is still quite a long way to go before we come to a total conclusion, lets move on to the Support area.

Course Support + tutor Support

We all know the vital importance of a good support system, when we took a look at both websites, we saw that LetsTEFL has a quick online chat support for both the course and technical issues, which is not only just fast and efficient, but also very convenient!

And when we checked ETEFL’s website, they only seemed to have a simple contact page on their webpage. However when we went to their  contact page, they also have a quick online support chat function available, which is very convenient if you need quick help.

But still, it’s better to have quick online support access on all pages, it saves time and might even encourage some ESL trainees to ask directly for more information about the course. So for the support area, LetsTEFL’s wins by a margin. Next on the list, the course prices.


Course Prices of LetsTEFL and ETEFL

Next to a good support system, affordable courses can be a great life saver, especially for those ESL trainees who are on a tight budget and cannot afford the super expensive professional courses. Thankfully, both LetsTEFL’s and ETEFL’s course prices aren’t that rocket high and are still of excellent quality, But who will win the battleground as most affordable TEFL course? Lets find out.

Lets start with LetsTEFL:

The price for their Ultimate 120-TEFL course is interesting, it will depend on the country you live in. So for example, if you live in a European country the course price is set for 169 Euros and if you live in the US, the course price is set for 199 USD  and so on, but for the sake for the standard price, you won’t pay more than $199 USD for their course and you will get all the ESL education you need in it.

Getting TEFL Certified: LETSTEFL VS ETEFL - LetsTEFL's course price

And now for ETEFL:

  • The price for their 60-hour course is 49.99 pounds (Yes it’s in pounds, but ETEFL offers a lot of payment Methods)
  • The Price for their 120-hour advanced TEFL course is 99.99 pounds.
  • The price for their 180-hour extensive course is 149.99 pounds
  • EXTRA: And if you use our discount code ALIFEOFGREATNESS, then you will get an additional 10% off of any of ETEFL’s courses!

Getting TEFL Certified: LETSTEFL VS ETEFL - ETEFL's course prices

So for this arena we clearly saw who won on this battlefield, ETEFL’s courses are more affordable then the 120-hour TEFL course offered by LetsTEFL, ETEFL Wins. On to the next battleground: the job support.


The next staging ground: Who offers better job support, LetsTEFL vs ETEFL

This next stage will be short, but powerful. Both TEFL providers offer some form of Job support, in LetsTEFL’s case they offer their graduates direct and life-time job support in 5 Asian countries and job advice for other countries. In ETEFL’s case, they offer some Online job support, but this is indirectly and you will be referred for some online jobs(Or you can check out some of our top listed Online positions).

So in this Battlefield we have a clear winner and that is LetsTEFL, Yes LetsTEFL wins this one. Next up the Pros and cons.


The Pros and cons – The good, the bad and the Ugly.

Next in Line, we have the pros and cons. Now some of these points, you will already know and others not yet. Unlike most other reviews out there, you will learn about the good the bad and even the ugly. We believe in honesty and you deserve honesty and it will definitely help you to make a better decision on which TEFL course you prefer to take. Lets get started.

The Pros and Cons

Lets start with the Pros:

Lets TEFL:

  • Super Deluxe 120-hour Online TEFL course
  • Very affordable course for the quality and content that are offered
  • Course is very interactive and included with training presented by an experienced teacher
  • Easy to follow study Materials
  • 14 day money back refund policy (with an additional 14 days flexibility).
  • professional and quick Online support
  • Course can be completed within 4 weeks or within your own time frame.
  • Life time job and direct job assistance
  • Receive a top quality TEFL certificate (+ Free shipping for an original printed copy)


Now for ETEFL:

  • Multiple choices of top quality courses
  • Super advanced 120-hour Online TEFL course and deluxe 180-hour Extensive online TEFL course
  • Super affordable courses, especially for the quality and content that are offered
  • Receive an additional 10% discount by using our discount code ALIFEOFGREATNESS
  • Courses are filled with amazing ESL education and content
  • You can complete the course within 4 weeks or your own time frame
  • Online job assistance
  • Receive top quality TEFL certificates upon graduation

And now for the cons


  • Only have Online classes available
  • The condition For the 14 day money back refund policy to work, is that you shouldn’t have done more than 40% of the course.

Now for ETEFL:

  • Only Have online classes available.
  • No refund policy
  • Doesn’t offer direct job support

And that was it for the good, the bad and the ugly, In this section we have a clear victor and it’s LetsTEFL that Wins with both their refund policy and direct job support. Even though both TEFL course providers truly offer great TEFL courses, it’s always nice to have a refund policy in place. This not only ensures security for their students, but also shows a level of confidence that they have in their courses.

But a lot of providers have a protectionist stance and are afraid that some trainees might abuse the policy, a TEFL provider might offer the best course and training in the world, then a student comes in and learns it all and boom, asks for refund and takes all the knowledge for free and all the hard work and effort of the TEFL provider with it.

Okay.. Maybe that was a little drastic, but it does actually happen and that’s a shame. Personally i do believe that some form of a refund policy should be included, it’s just a nice safety net for students to have. However i will leave it up to you whether or not a refund policy matters. You can check out some reviews from both TEFL providers from the review links down below(Scroll to comment section). Lets now move on to the final conclusion.

Click here to check out LetsTEFL’s review page

And click here to check out ETEFL’s Review page

The Final Conclusion:

Who becomes the grand champion Today?

Getting TEFL Certified: LETSTEFL VS ETEFL - TEFL course Winner

It was fierce battle, Both TEFL providers went all out today, but there can only be one winner. Lets affordable TEFL’s Ultimate Online 120-hour course is undoubtedly unmatched in any other field, but so are ETEFL’s Super affordable 120 and 180-hour Online TEFL courses, Plus the additional 10% you get from using our discount code makes their courses even more attractive!

However, ETEFL lacks 2 things that LetsTEFL clearly offers, which are: direct job support and a good refund policy. Plus they also offer additional tutor support, which is a great addition. So Thanks to sheer quality and additional extra’s, the grand champion of today is LetsTEFL(Applause!).

Click here to get started with LetsTEFL immediately!

Make no mistake, despite the lack of refund policy, ETEFL is still a great TEFL provider and absolutely a great choice. However feel free to choose the best provider and TEFL course that suits you the best!

Click here to get Started with ETEFL Immediately! (And use our discount code ALIFEOFGREATNESS to get an additional 10% off!)

We have a request from you: When you have started or completed a course, please leave a review down in the comment section so that others may learn of your experience, it will be much appreciated!


Thank you for joining us today, We wish you good luck with your TEFL course & happy teaching!

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Share your Experience here down below! Got a comment, question or got something to add? then feel absolutely free to comment away here below into the comment section!

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