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Getting TEFL Certified: The TEFL Academy VS LETSTEFL: Who WINS The TEFL Battle?!

Getting TEFL certified with the Right TEFL provider – The TEFL Academy VS LetsTEFL, Who takes the field today?

Welcome to another battlefield of TEFL Giants, In today’s Battle we have The TEFL Academy VS LetsTEFL. You will learn all about the good, the bad and even the ugly parts of both course providers. Both TEFL providers will be combating for the top position today and and earn the title of TEFL Grand Champion, Who offers the best courses and will come out as the Victor? Lets find out!


The TEFL Academy and LetsTEFL introductions

Lets Start with the TEFL Academy first

Getting TEFL Certified: The TEFL Academy VS LETSTEFL - The TEFL Academy

The TEFL academy has been an old school TEFL provider for many years now and has helped a lot of students to become certified TEFL teachers. Their resourceful 165-hours online and combined TEFL courses is full with amazing knowledge and information about ESL education and how to teach proper ESL classes to foreign students.

Some students may be to complete their courses within 4-6 weeks, most will probably take a little longer than that, but there is absolutely no rush, you can also complete the course within your own time frame. During the duration of the course, you will undergo pretty intensive training with the help of qualified tutors at your back and you will be well prepared for your ESL journey.

A Quick overview – The TEFL Academy’s three strongest points

  • Two good Quality 168-hours TEFL course variations with great tutor support
  • 20-hour in class weekend training possibility with the 168-hour TEFL combined course
  • Courses are regulated by a non-ministerial government body

Regulated by: Ofqual

Qualification Number 603/3835/0

Unfortunately The TEFL Academy doesn’t offer direct job support, however they do point you in the right direction. Doing your TEFL course with this TEFL provider can definitely prepare you well enough for the challenges ahead and get your TEFL journey started with good confidence.

Click here to check out TEFL Academy’s 168-hour TEFL courses


And next up is LetsTEFL

Getting TEFL Certified: The TEFL Academy VS LETSTEFL - LetsTEFL

LetsTEFL is another old school TEFL provider who has also been around for many years, they are famous for offering one type of TEFL course which is their 120-hour Ultimate online TEFL course. They have also helped thousands of ESL trainees to become well prepared certified Teachers and get their TEFL adventures started within just 4 weeks.

Yes, with LetsTEFL you can complete their course within just 4 weeks time. it’s specifically made in a step by step method that it’s top quality course materials and ESL education are easy to follow and it’s knowledge more easily absorbed. However, as it was mentioned earlier, there is no rush, you can also complete the course within your own time frame.

They also offer direct job support in 5 main locations in Asia which are: Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and China(You can also check out our top featured positions) and indirect support in other locations. Further more it’s course is also properly accredited by an accreditation company.

A Quick overview – LetsTEFL three strongest points.

  • Their Super affordable and high quality 120-hour Ultimate TEFL course with great tutor support
  • Life time job support for their graduates (Both direct and indirect)
  • Includes training presented by an experienced and qualified TEFL teacher

accredited by: The World TEFL Accrediting Commission (WTEFLAC)

Accreditation number: LETSTEFL567465TW23

Although LetsTEFL only provides one type of TEFL course, it is packed with tons of ESL knowledge and education that will prepare you for your ESL adventures abroad or online. Also, a 120-hour TEFL course is the minimum required amount of TEFL course hours that is accepted for ESL jobs at nearly every school world wide.

Click here to check out LetsTEFL’s 120-hour Ultimate TEFL course.

Both TEFL providers offer great courses, but there can only be one winner, only one can earn today’s title of TEFL grand champion, who will it be? Well lets find out and let the battle begin!


Getting TEFL Certified: The TEFL Academy VS LetsTEFL – The Battle for the TEFL Championship begins

Getting TEFL Certified: The TEFL Academy VS LETSTEFL - The TEFL battle begins


On one side of the the corner we have the TEFL Academy who offers top quality TEFL courses, one purely online and the other with additional 20 hours in class room training. Both courses include good quality ESL education and training that will prepare ESL trainees for the TEFL classroom and teaching foreign students abroad or online.

And on the other side of the corner we have Lets TEFL and their unmatched top grade 120-hours Ultimate online TEFL course which is purely online and is packet with the highest quality of ESL knowledge, education and training that will prepare ESL trainees for any challenge they may encounter in the classroom abroad or online and it’s super affordable as well.

The competition is fierce and both course providers offer top grade courses and specialties in their own way. However, there can only be one winner today. Only one course provider can win the TEFL grand championship and take home the TEFL trophy. There is a lot of ground to cover and many battlefields that will take place, so lets get started with the first battleground, which is the TEFL course comparison and quality.


TEFL course comparison + Quality

Lets first start off with a proper setting of the Course options offered by each TEFL provider

The TEFL Academy:


So for the amount of courses and course types, The TEFL academy wins. But as they say, quantity doesn’t matter, quality does!

Lets Start with the Online courses first and specifically The TEFL academy’s 168-hours Online TEFL course.

  • When it comes to teaching abroad or online, some schools require TEFL teachers to just have a 100-hour TEFL certificate, however for most schools a minimum of 120 TEFL course is required to be illegible for ESL jobs world wide, especially in countries or locations with greater work visa requirements.
  • But as you already know The TEFL Academy’s courses are 168-hours long and can be used for nearly every school abroad and online. It’s courses are filled with amazing ESL knowledge an education and can prepare students well enough for their ESL journey’s abroad. Teaching young learners, teaching Online and teaching business English are included in the course.
  • Case Study, CV and Cover Letter, Job Sites and Resources are included and You will get 6 months access to their courses which should be sufficient time to complete it and upon graduation you will receive a level 5 TEFL certificate.

Getting TEFL Certified: The TEFL Academy VS LETSTEFL - The TEFL academy overview

*Important Note*: According to their FAQ, most recruiters/schools will ask teachers for a *Level 5* TEFL certificate and when we checked the TEFL Academy’s job board this seems to be the case, every school/recruiter there is asking teachers with level 5 TEFL certificates. But……..

When we checked other job boards for similar verification, it was minimal to none. There were no *level 5* certificates required. It seems level 5 certificates are only required by schools/recruiters on The TEFL academy’s job board and not for most others. Now this may be deception from The TEFL Academy’s or it may be an honest mistake, this is currently unknown.

The TEFL Academy might require employers or recruiters to add the level 5 TEFL certification on their job listings as a requirement for their jobs to be posted on their job board. But again, for the moment it’s unknown.

However if it is deception, then it’s definitely not ethical. What else are they willing to lie about? Now I’m not saying that their courses are not good, definitely not, Their courses are legit, It’s also understandable that they are a business and they want to sell their courses as best as possible. However, It’s about honesty here and trust matters, We will discuss more about this topic in the pros and cons section. We will also be conducting a thorough review of The TEFL Academy in a few days. For now lets move on to LetsTEFL.

Next up is LetsTEFL’s Ultimate 120-hour Online TEFL course:

  • LetsTEFL provides just one type of TEFL course, which is their 120-hours online TEFL course. It’s also the minimal required amount of TEFL course hours to be accepted for ESL jobs at nearly every school worldwide or online and it’s packed with all the ESL knowledge, information, education and training students need to teach proper ESL classes.
  • Teaching young learners, teaching Online, teaching abroad and teaching business English are all included within the course. In fact, through their course you will learn how to teach English to foreign students of different age groups. This includes young children, teenagers and adults. They also allow their students to have 12 months(one year) access to their course and can come back to revise the course materials as much as they like.
  • This course is very unique compared to most other TEFL providers, as it’s structured in simple a step by step method and easy to follow course materials that students are able to finish it within 2 to 4 weeks and when we questioned LetsTEFL online support on why students are able to finish their 120-hours online TEFL course more quickly than other TEFL courses, they gave us the following response(Check images here below).

Image One:

Getting TEFL Certified: The TEFL Academy VS LETSTEFL - Lets TEFL Online course support

Image Two:

Getting TEFL Certified: The TEFL Academy VS LETSTEFL - Lets TEFL Online course overview support

Image Three:

Getting TEFL Certified: The TEFL Academy VS LETSTEFL - Lets TEFL Online course overview support


I personally had a chat with one of their course tutors(Emma at the time) and she was kind enough to answer all my questions. So basically they have evolved their course in such a way that students don’t need to skim through huge chunks of texts, but instead go through smaller chunks, absorb information more easier and move through the lessons more easier, you just need to pass a series of quizzes at the end of each module.

Also there a ton of video training available which takes away a lot of the boring reading time and learn firsthand from experienced teachers themselves, there is also a lot of video training available for teaching English Online(check the following image below).

Image Four:

Getting TEFL Certified: The TEFL Academy VS LETSTEFL - Lets TEFL Online teaching online course support

So their Ultimate 120-hour Online TEFL course is true to the last word and not just exaggerated marketing, their course is super interactive and actually quite enjoyable, Emma also mentioned that they offered additional bonuses in their course that are not available in other TEFL courses(check the following image below)

Image Five:

Getting TEFL Certified: The TEFL Academy VS LETSTEFL - Lets TEFL Online course support additional course bonuses

All in all, Their service is incredible and personal tutor support is also readily available during the duration of the course. The course is very well structured and students can flow through its easily without getting bored, a splendid example of a TEFL course evolution.

Alright, that was it for LetsTEFL’s 120-hours Online TEFL course for now, lets now move on to the last TEFL course.

And now for the Last TEFL course, the TEFL Academy’s 168-hours combined TEFL course:

  • Combined courses are an interesting combination between Online study and in-class training, even though The TEFL Academy’s 168-course only includes 20 hours of in class training, it’s still good a learning environment and experience which can be beneficial for your ESL career.
  • For the classes you take online there is almost no difference, just the extra 20 hours of in class training for content that otherwise would have been done online. Having done some in class training is good additional preparation for your ESL journey ahead of you.
  • Their in class training offers some great and direct ESL education and classroom management skills that will be very useful for your ESL journey abroad.


Both TEFL providers offer great courses, each course with their own specialty, when it comes to online courses, then LETSTEFL is definitely the clear winner due to it’s well structured course, video instruction, extra tutor support and additionally added bonus materials. However, The TEFL Academy’s combined course offers 20 hours of in-class teaching which tips scales more in TTA’s favor.

So if we look at the overall picture, then we came to the conclusion that they are quite evenly matched as TEFL providers. But then again, LetsTEFL provides additional bonuses that aren’t available with the TEFL Academy. It was a very fierce battle, but we believe it’s a very close Draw. This is just the conclusion we came up with, however, feel free to make your own as well. Lets now move on to the support section.

Course support + Tutor support

A good support system is an essential part of any great product and when we reviewed both websites, we noticed that both TEFL providers have a quick online chat support function next to their regular contact page. Which is great, it means that you can get your questions answered or issues solved super quickly and not have to wait days for a simple response.

Both TEFL providers offer some form of direct tutor support within their courses. When it comes to online courses, then LetsTEFL has a lot of material presented by an experienced TEFL teacher, next to that, they have a lot of video materials presented by an experienced teacher as well, so in the Online course field LetsTEFL wins that field. However The TEFL Academy’s 20 hours of in class training offered in their combined course evens that field greatly, as face to face classes may offer a unique experience.

So we come to another evenly matched battlefield, Yes, we have another draw here. it’s quite intense! Both TEFL providers fiercely battle for the top position and there can only be one winner. We still have quite some ground to cover, so lets move on to the next battleground, The course prices.


Course prices of The TEFL Academy and LetsTEFL

Next to having Great TEFL courses and a great support system, offering affordable courses especially in this day and age can be a life saver. Not many TEFL students have the desire to spend a ton of money just to get TEFL certified and if you happen to be a student who is on a strict budget, then this next battleground will be of vital importance to you, who shall take this field?


Lets start with the TEFL Academy:

Their prices will vary depending on the country you currently live as it’s system automatically changes currency, how for sake of simplicity, we will show the standard price in USD.

Regular price:

  • The regular price for their 168-hour Online TEFL course is: $530
  • The Regular price for their 168-hour combined TEFL course is: $840

Discount periods – 50% off:

  • The discounted price for their 168-hour Online TEFL course is $265
  • The discounted price for their 168-hour combined TEFL course is $420

Getting TEFL Certified: The TEFL Academy VS LETSTEFL - The TEFL Academy's course prices

Next up is LetsTEFL:

The same case goes for LetsTEFL regarding price currencies, the price will vary depending on the country you are currently living in. But again, for the sake of simplicity, lets keep the standard USD price.

  • The price for their 120-hour Ultimate online TEFL course is $199.

Getting TEFL Certified: The TEFL Academy VS LETSTEFL - LetsTEFL course prices

So for this battlefield, we have a clear winner. The 120-hour online TEFL course is the most affordable one on this field, LetsTEFL wins this battleground. However we still have a few more battlefields to go before we can come up to a clear conclusion. Now lets move on to the next battleground, The job support.

Extra: If you are looking for More Super affordable Online courses Then ETEFL(click here) might be an option for you, as they have both very affordable 120-hours and 180-hours online TEFL courses.


Next up: The job support: Who will take this vital field, The TEFL Academy or LetsTEFL?

This next battlefield will be short but powerful, both TEFL provider offer some form of assistance to help their graduates find jobs abroad or online. The TEFL Academy has their own job board with several listed employers and recruiters. But they do not offer direct job support themselves, but instead refer their graduates to their job board or maybe another website.

However, LetsTEFL offers their graduate direct job support in 5 popular locations in Asia and indirect job assistance in other locations around the world, they also offer their graduates a life time of job support and assistance during your journey abroad. also, if it so happens that a placement goes wrong, then LetsTEFL will find you a new job and all expenses will be paid for.

So for this battleground, we again have once again got a clear winner and LetsTEFL wins this field. Now we move on to the last and final battlefield, which are Pros and cons battleground, who will come out on top?


The Pros and Cons: The Good the bad and the ugly – The vital points you must know about

For the last battleground we have the pros and cons, all the good, the bad and even the ugly points will be listed here, so sit straight, stay focused and learn all you need to know so you can make the best possible TEFL course choice for yourself.

The Pros and cons

Lets start with the Pros:

The TEFL Academy:

  • Two good quality and intensive 168-hours TEFL courses
  • Discount regularly offered
  • Tutor support
  • 20-hours of in class training
  • Relatively good structured course
  • Opportunity to Practice in the classroom(Combined course Only)
  • Have their own job board
  • Additional One Free 30-Hour Top-up Course in Teaching Young Learners, Teaching Business English or Teaching Online & 1:1
  • 14-days refund policy
  • Quick and easy Online support
  • top Quality TEFL certificate upon graduation
  • TEFL certificates are internationally recognized

Now for LetsTEFL:

  • Super Deluxe Ultimate 120-hours Online TEFL course
  • High affordability
  • Tutor support
  • Easy to follow course materials
  • Incredibly well structured course which makes learning faster and knowledge more easily to absorb
  • A lot of video training included
  • A lot of training will also be presented by an experienced tutor
  • Additional course bonuses are included within the course
  • Course can be completed between 2 to 4 weeks
  • Direct job support and life time job support
  • 14-days refund policy(+ an additional 14 days flexibility depending on the circumstances)
  • Quick and Easy Online support.
  • One year course access
  • Top quality TEFL certificate that will be internationally recognized
  • You can receive your TEFL certificate digitally Online(Within 24 hours) upon graduation or an official copy shipped within 3 to 7 days.

And now for the cons:

The TEFL Academy:

  • Only 6 months of course access
  • No direct job support
  • Only two days of in class training for the combined course compared to the usual 5-10 days.
  • Courses are pretty expensive without the discount
  • You will receive your TEFL certificate within 14 working days upon course completion
  • Incorrect information listed on their website regarding the necessity of a Level

Both TEFL providers have their positives and negatives, unfortunately for the TEFL Academy they have a little more negatives which cost them the battle. LetsTEFL Wins in this battleground as well. it was still a fierce competition though, as both providers offer incredibly good courses. But in the whole picture, LetsTEFL has done a better job on providing the best possible course and support combination.

Also noteworthy is the incorrect information listed on the TEFL Academy’s website and we we contacted them about it, their only answer the agent i personally spoke to could give was i don’t know and when i asked if they added this information themselves, the answer was no, they placed the ads exactly as it was given to them by employers/recruiters. Well in that case we will contact some of these employers/recruiters and verify this info ourselves.

I will put all the information i found in our review of the TEFL Academy in the next few days and i will link it to this article as well. It is just too strange that i have never saw the necessity of a level 5 TEFL certificate on other job listings at other job boards before, i even compared the same job listings of recruiters/schools from their job board to other job boards, the level 5 TEFL certificate is not even mentioned! Again, we will have a review up shortly, stay tuned. Now lets move on to the final conclusion.


The Final conclusion – The TEFL Academy VS LetsTEFL

Getting TEFL Certified: The TEFL Academy VS LETSTEFL - Conclusion who will be the TEFL champion

Many battlefields at many battlegrounds took place today, the competition was relentless. Both TEFL providers went all out and gave everything they had, The TEFL academy offers two variations of their great 168-hours TEFL courses and LetsTEFL went all out with it’s incredible Ultimate 120-hours online TEFL course. The Battles were truly fierce!

However, there can only be one winner today, Only one TEFL provider can take home the TEFL trophy, who will it be? Even though LetsTEFL won more battlefields we still have to look at the whole picture to come to a proper conclusion and our conclusion is that LetsTEFL beats the TEFL Academy in almost every area except one: the in class training, but that one area is definitely not enough for the TEFL Academy to become the victor. So letsTEFL wins and takes the field today!

Click here to start or check out LetsTEFL’s Ultimate 120-hours Online TEFL course

Also important for us to note, we don’t by any means try to defame or bad mouth the TEFL Academy, once again their course are legit and great teaching resources. It’s just some aspects of their business seem strange, their courses however are definitely legit.

Click here to start or check out the TEFL Academy’s 168-hours TEFL courses.

We have an important request from you: When you have started or completed a course, please leave a review down below in the comment section so that others may learn of your experience, it will be much appreciated!

Thank you for joining us today, we wish you good luck with your TEFL course and TEFL adventure!

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Share your Experience here down below! Got a comment, question or got something to add? then feel absolutely free to comment away here below into the comment section!

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