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how to become an online Tutor – Your guide for Becoming a successful Online teacher

How to Become an Online Tutor

Making Money Online as an Online tutor has become one of the Most popular *jobs* in the entire Online World and this Trend is continuing to grow exponentially with each passing year, so if you were thinking on how to become an Online Tutor, then you have definitely come to the right place, because here you can learn everything you need to know about teaching Online and the Proper steps you need to take, Read on..

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The Age of the Online World

The Digital Age has changed the way we do things, including the way we work,  The web has opened up a world full of opportunities where earning money comes easy and can be done at anytime and from anywhere, One Incredible field that has exploded side by side with advancing technologies is online tutoring, with individuals from all around the world turning to the internet to learn, languages, subjects, hobbies and More!

Both teachers, professionals and regular folk can benefit from this incredibly exciting field, taking steps to becoming a Freelancer in the process but, how exactly can they start? Anyone that is thinking about jumping in on the opportunity will want to keep reading because we have an easy to follow and Complete step-by-step guide with all you need to get started as an online tutor today,

But Before we begin, let us first attempt to define the niche of online tutoring. As an online tutor, you’ll generally work closely with individuals to help them improve. This does not only mean kids in school, this could also mean adults that need an extra boost of motivation in their field, or need to sharpen a certain skill. Whatever it is you’re helping individuals do, be sure to stick to a particular field to increase you level of expertise.

In this article we will Discuss and walk you through the following Steps:

  • The advantages of tutoring Online
  • Steps to becoming an online teacher
  • 1. Choose your path
  • 2. Who will your students be
  • 3. Create your curriculum
  • 4. Brainstorm your Profile
  • 5. Choose an Online Platform
  • 6. Invest in equipment
  • 7. Make it into a Course
  • 8. Make students come to you
  • Is there a future in a Career as an Online Teacher?
  • What to take from all this?

With these steps you will be well on your way to become a Full time or Part time Online Teacher! First, Lets Start with the advantages of teaching Online.

Advantages of Tutoring Online

how to become an online Tutor - Advantages

The market for online tutoring has increased exponentially in the last decade, thanks to advances in Digital devices and technology, Nowadays, Students and learners are choosing to learn with an online tutor just simply for the convenience,

This has increased the number of professionals becoming online tutors, giving them the chance to make their own schedule and hold their classes online from anywhere in the world so long as there is a solid and reliable internet connection, Another reason teachers are taking their skills online is the potential to make their own business out of it, with the opportunity for making it a Freelance career now more easier than ever,

Why become an online tutor? The truth is there are several reasons why the field continues to grow, making it attractive for students to use and teachers to take advantage of, Students are turning to get study help online simply just for the convenience, able to study and seek help whenever their schedule allows from school, home, or on the go.

The advantages you’ll get from tutoring online are:

  • You’ll feel freer than ever, taking your work with you wherever you go.
  • You can get Paid More
  • Save Money and Time on Travel.
  • You can set your own schedule, including days, hours and amount of classes.
  • Gain experience after each and every class(Which in turn should eventually increase your pay-rate)
  • Branch out and put your profile on different platforms
  • Get rewarded with each student success story and better yet, your own personal teaching success story.

Having that all said, if online tutoring sounds like your next career move, Then let’s jump right in to the next steps to make that happen.


How to Become an Online Tutor – The Steps ahead

how to become an online Tutor - The Steps

Steps to Becoming an Online Tutor

1. Choose your path
First things first, you’ll need to define your path. What will you teach? Honing in on your skills will give you better insight into all of the next steps you’ll need to take. Think about your own career path or perhaps something that you’re passionate about, Most New and experienced Online teachers choose to Become English teachers or also called ESL Teaching, which currently is one of the biggest, if not the biggest Online tutoring Market and can pay incredibly well, probably more than any other area,

If you desire to become an Online ESL Teacher or even just wish to know more about it, Then Click here to check out on how to become an ESL Teacher Online,

Remember, both children and adults are in the market to learn something new or to improve what they already know, leaving you with a ton of options to choose from, Don’t just think about the conventional, think outside the box, giving people something unique and interesting that they could learn about, As far as the current hot topics on the market, they are:

  • Math
  • Algebra
  • Science
  • Languages(English, Spanish, German, Chinese etc…)
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Economics
  • IT

One of the best Online tutoring platforms that has all these subjects and more is called Preply, it is a great place to start for any Online teacher and you can even set your own hourly rate, some of the Online tutors there are already earning $40+/H!

These subjects of course, can be further dissected into smaller subcategories depending on your area of expertise, Choosing a path can help you better organize your materials and create your lessons, giving learners a clear and organized path to follow, Once you’ve chosen your path, the steps start to flow pretty quick.

2. Who will your students be?
Knowing who your students and audience will be is the next step. Is it going to be adults or children? Or Perhaps both? Which country will they be from? What will you and your students be available? Answering all of these questions will help get you closer to a successful online tutoring career, This can help you discover the smartest and most effective options when choosing the online platform you want to teach at, Also, it gives you a good idea which platforms will work best for you, giving you more of a direct and clear-cut path in the process.

This can be easily discovered after defining your path, attempting to uncover the types of lessons you will create, Will they be more or less advanced? What kinds of topics are you hoping to cover? How can you relay the message and knowledge most effectively via an online class?

All of these questions can get you closer to creating a group of lessons that students will love to follow. If you are more of an expert in one field or another then maybe a traditional question and answer format will be the best for you. Either way it is good to know before moving forward, helping you stay focused and stay on track.

*If you are looking just for some simple online ESL tutoring companies to teach at, with their own curriculum, lessons plans and good hourly Pay, Then this section here with some of the most top Online ESL Platforms will definitely interest you.*

3. Create your curriculum
A clear path and knowledge of your type of audience are two major components that goes into creating your lessons and curriculum, You’ll want to first take your chosen topic and break it down into subtopics(If Needed),

You can do this by taking some time and brainstorming your ideas, jotting them down in order to eventually organize them into an order that makes sense, Once you have a clear set of subtopics to build on, you’ll be able to get creative and decide the ways you’ll want to teach it, Is there a certain method that you prefer over another? This, of course, gets better with time and experience, as you begin to understand different methods of learning and teaching.

4. Brainstorm your profile
Most of the top tutoring platforms allow you to create your own profile, one that all students looking to learn will see, When first starting out, you’ll want to invest time and creativity into making one that learners will want to click on,

Among those that are the most competitive, are those in which tutors feature reviews, a profile photo, and also a video, Giving students a preview of you and your teaching style is a great way to break the ice before you ever meet, with students generally feeling more comfortable with you from the get go, Also, after each class, encourage your learners to leave a review, This is a great way to attract other students but can also give you something to reflect on to make your classes better over time.

Also very useful is a TEFL Course, although it stands for Teaching English as a foreign language, it offers much more in regards to class room management, teaching foreign students, how to tackle problems etc.., it Can Definitely be worth your time for additional education and Preparation for teaching students Online, you can check some of the best Online and onsite TEFL Courses out Here.

Or if you just need a SUPER Affordable and Good quality Online TEFL course, Then click here to check out ETEFL’s courses(TOP Recommendation)

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5. Choose an Online platform
All the previous steps eventually lead here to this point, perhaps the most important one step, Where will you tutor? After answering and working through the first 3 steps, this one should become easier to maneuver, as you can choose depending on your topic, preferred method, etc.

how to become an online Tutor - Choosing an Online company

There are so many Online companies out there nowadays that you could create a profile along multiple platforms to test the waters a bit in each, At this point, you’ll need to be patient, as this is sort of a waiting game. The more classes you give and satisfied learners you have the more will come your way. Each class counts, which is why you should focus on your lessons and curriculum beforehand. So, which of the hundreds of platforms should you choose for your first go? Here are some of the top Online platforms recommended for 2020:

(As Mentioned Earlier, if you just want to do some Easy ESL Teaching Online for some good money and have everything done for you so that you only need to focus on the teaching aspect, Then click here to find out more)


Within this online platform can you not only just teach languages, but subjects as well and some hobbies, Plus you get to set your own hourly Rate, which is fantastic, meaning you can set your rate according to your own experience or start lower and grow hourly revenue when you are more popular and liked by your students,

instead of receiving an hourly *competitive rate*, grow your rate eventually beyond the $40+ per hour, perhaps even $50+ or $60+ per hour, the potential is truly huge, this platform is also really loved by the students and parents alike, you can also teach students of all ages, from children to teenagers and to adults, this is also one of the reasons why Preply is one of the most popular Online tutoring Platforms Out there!


This a platform that is also liked by both parents and students, it is safe, effective, and requires all of its tutors to have a teaching license, It can be quite tedious to get together all of the information required before teaching your first class but, it is definitely worth it once you do, with tutors receiving highly competitive pay for their time, This is a win-win for both students and teachers, and you’re sure to get lots of experience by making this one of your chosen platform.


This is a huge platform, with more than 24 million students trusting in tutors from Udemy. There are a wide range of topics and, as a tutor, becoming part of the team is fairly easy. You’ll first need to upload your course and let the students come to you. This of course requires some sort of strategy to stand out among the rest, as students mostly will come and find you. Still, with 24 million and counting, you’re bound to have some hits, gaining more recommendations as you gain more experience.


Like Preply, it’s Also great place for newbies, this platform is easy to use and easy to begin, Here, you can choose to help students in the moment with live chat help or schedule actual tutoring sessions that go up to an hour, Students are able to browse profiles and select their tutor, so you’ll need to put effort and pay extra attention to your content, As you finish teaching your classes, students can leave ratings, which will help your climb the Chegg ladder to more tutoring hours and higher pay.


More on the relaxed side of tutoring platforms, you won’t have to have lots to show when becoming a tutor for Wyzant. Several students choose this platform for the ease of use and the great prices plus the wide range of topics that are available. Creating a profile is easy and potential students will be able to find you in no time. The ease of becoming a tutor has made it a large market for all types of tutors so here you’ll have to be extra creative with your profile content!


This is also great platform for tutors that are just starting out, It is fairly easy to create a profile and begin tutoring, plus, the company will do the matching for you, This is a great feature, especially when you’re trying to gain more experience. There are more than 300 subjects on site now, with tutors of all levels and students of all ages, You’ll be able to work with innovative teaching tools and make some cash while you learn the ropes when using this platform.

Now that you have a general idea about the Online platforms, lets take a look at some things that can help make you stand out among pages full of other tutors.

6. Invest in equipment
The most effective tutors invest in equipment that make their classes better, Apart from a solid WI-Fi connection, you’ll almost always find them with a good headset, one that has some type of background noise canceling components,

Another thing that several tutors invest in is some type of screen sharing program, one that can create an interactive learning experience between learner and teacher, These are fairly easy to find and come with tutorials included, Learning to work with online blackboard software is also crucial, especially for those tutors who will be teaching things like math and science.

Most of these come with special tools like touch pads and pens than work well for writing things out, If this is not something that you can invest in right off the bat, no need to worry, using your mouse or touch pad will suffice, This can take some time to master, with your first writings possibly looking like scribbles, but remember, practice makes perfect!

7. Make it into a course
After you’ve gotten some experience under your belt and discovered more or less how students react to your lessons, you can begin to tweak them to make them better, Many successful online tutors go on to create courses which they can sell as an entire package to potential students for a set price, Teachers and tutors know that each class is also a learning experience for them, learning how to make courses easier to follow and understand in the process,You can always go back and change up your lesson, adding or taking out things that don’t quite play out the way that you expected.

8. Make students come to you
The thing about online tutoring is that you and your skills become more refined over time, You’ll notice that the more time you invest in teaching and reaching out to more students, the better your classes will get, This however, can be a challenge when your brand new in the market, as you’ll have to be patient and try to build your following day by day, There are a few things that you can do to try and attract more students, especially when you’re first starting out.

⦁ Make your profile attractive
We already mentioned this above but we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to create a profile that students will want to click on, Add friendly text, a good welcoming photo and perhaps an introduction or preview video that will help students get comfortable with you before your first class, This is the first thing that your students will see, your first impression, be sure to make it a good one!

⦁ Ask for reviews
Reviews are often times the deciding factor of rather or not a student will choose you as their tutor, After each class that you teach, ask learners to provide you with a review, one that will be there for all that come across your profile to see, Some students will be brutally honest and that is OK, as you can take what they say and use it to improve your content after each new class, Other students like to know that others have learned from you, and reviews are a great way to show that off.

⦁ Open up your schedule
In the beginning, you’ll want to try to be as open and available as possible, Once you know your audience and the time zone which is most typical for their learning times, you can open up your schedule for those hours in hopes to increase your chances of being selected, It is always recommended to keep your availability as open as possible, attempting to get as many follow up students and classes as possible.

⦁ Be there for students
The number one reason why students are coming to you in the first place is for help, If you have students that are sending you messages, make sure to respond quickly to maintain a good relationship, The more confident and comfortable they feel with you, the more likely they will keep scheduling tutoring times with you, although there may be limits, in the beginning try to be there for your students as often as possible.

⦁ Be helpful (even after hours)
This is something that is very difficult especially when first starting out but, but it does pay off in the long run, Sometimes students will have questions after a session and will attempt to reach you via a direct message, Though these are usually not included in your tutoring time, try to be as helpful as possible, especially if it is a small and easy to answer question, Tread lightly here, as there are some instances where you could be taken advantage of but, more often, a positive response will result in more scheduled class times in the future.

Is there a future in a career as an online tutor?

how to become an online Tutor - Go or stop?

Following the 8 steps mentioned above, you’ll be able to successfully launch and grow your career as an online tutor, but is there a future? Actually, the answer is yes! Anxious learners of all subjects and of all levels are turning toward online tutoring for more reason than one, There is a large market of individuals with a thirst for knowledge, one in which they will surely pay to quench, whether it is help with one specific subject and focus on walking students through their problems or a more lecture inspired approach, you can most likely find a market online.

As we’ve hinted throughout the steps, the world of online tutoring becomes bigger and brighter after each class, each one leaving you with new things to consider and adjust, Once you have a following and enough experience under your belt, you can start marketing yourself as an expert tutor, one that learners will pay large amounts per hour to receive lessons from,

You could even work to create your own personal website and brand, one where there is no middle man to compete with, This road however, is not the easiest to get to, and do note that it will take work, practice, patience, and time to get there, but it can definitely all be worth it!


What to take from all this?

Hopefully now you know whether or not online tutoring sounds like something that is right for you. It is a career that can be both fun and rewarding, allowing you to move about the world while making a solid income. You might not want to quit your day job from the beginning as you’ll need to grow first before making significant and reliable income.

Remember to get TEFL Certified: Click here to check out our top 10 recommended TEFL course providers!

If making online tutoring into a career is your end goal then you’ll want to take the time and carefully follow our 8 steps along with the suggestions to grow your ratings and jump start your career, It is fairly easy to set up your profile and get together a lesson but, make sure to invest some time in it, making it one that learners won’t want to pass up,

As an online tutor, those with a passion to help students do better in their education, career, or day to day life will have a wide range of possibilities, Learners of all ages are curious and waiting to learn some new skill or topic daily, If this sounds like something you’d like to do, there has never been a better time to dive in and get started,

This article may also Interested you: How to become an English teacher(ESL Teacher) Abroad, click Here now to Learn more.

especially with the coming of a new year, There are a wide range of platforms available to get started, most of them easy to use and navigate even for the newest of tutors, Take your office with you on the go and around the world, while helping individuals from around the world reach their goals, as an Online Tutor.


We hope that this article about online tutoring was incredibly helpful for you, if so, then it has done it’s job and we are very grateful to have been of service for you, Thanks for dropping by and we wish you a Happy Teaching Adventure!

Any Questions or Comments? Then Feel absolutely free to comment away here below in the Comment Section!

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