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How to get TEFL Certified with Cudoo Online + Review – Good or not?

How to get TEFL Certified with Cudoo Online – Reviewed for ESL trainees world wide

Choosing the proper TEFL Certification can be quite a draining search. Each ESL trainee will different different needs and desires regarding TEFL Courses. Some trainees may a desire for Higher quality Courses, Others will want professional courses and some ESL Trainees just need Cheap and affordable courses just to get their ESL journey started. And this review about how to get TEFL Certified with Cudoo is more for ESL trainees who just want to do a cheap TEFL course with decent quality.

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The Importance of Getting yourself Properly Certified

TEFL certification is more than just your key for Teaching ESL Online or Teaching ESL Abroad, it’s your education for becoming a knowledgeable and skilled ESL teacher and it will help to prepare you for teaching English to Local students world wide. A TEFL course will also provide a ton of knowledge of helping you to manage your ESL classes and for creating ESL resources.

TEFL courses are specialized courses specifically made for ESL teaching and this is why they are so incredibly valued by many schools from around the globe and why nearly every school only accepts certified teachers. For some ESL trainees getting a TEFL certificate may seem like an annoyance. However once they go through the content, they will realize just how valuable the knowledge and TEFL skills that they are given.

Yes, Going through a TEFL course might be tiresome and in some cases, it may even take some time. But once you have finished your course and received your TEFL certificate, you will feel like that all that ESL education has been worth it and you can finally start your ESL classes. If you are looking for Affordable and decent Quality TEFL courses, Then Cudoo’s 100-hour TEFL course might be just the one you need.

TEFL certification with Cudoo

Although Cudoo doesn’t offer specialized or professional TEFL courses, Their cheap 100-hour TEFL course is the minimum required course work which will lead to a completed 100-hour TEFL certificate and can be used at a lot of schools world wide and Online. Their course is also of decent quality and offers plenty of ESL teaching resources and teaching skills to help prepare their students for the ESL job world.

Further more, their 100-hour TEFL course is also properly accredited, which means that it’s an authentic course and will be recognized internationally as well. And although an Online TEFL course doesn’t really compare to the onsite or combined courses ITTT and SEETEFL offers, it will still do the trick to help you to get your ESL journey started.

This course is one of the most ideal options for ESL trainees who are on a strict budget and who need the extra savings for their wallets. However it is important to mention that good education is always a great personal investment and will help to better prepare you for you ESL classes.

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How to get TEFL Certified with Cudoo – Course Review

How to get TEFL Certified with Cudoo Online + Review - TEFL certification

As you have may noticed, Cudoo is no ordinary course provider, in fact they provide a ton of different specialized coursed next to just the 100-hour TEFL course. Just like the International Open Academy, They provide many different courses in many different subjects and areas other than just TEFL, Which makes it a very attractive course provider for students from all around the world.

However that is not important right now. What is important right now, is becoming a fully certified TEFL teacher and have the necessary knowledge and ESL teaching skills to manage your classrooms and Cudoo’s 120-hour TEFL course can provide you with a ton of important ESL resources, content and teacher training materials for your ESL adventure.

Unfortunately, they do not have any other online or onsite courses either than their 120-hour online TEFL course, but it still meets the minimum 100 TEFL course hours accepted by a lot of schools from around the world, further more It’s low-cost availability makes it one of the perfect options for ESL trainees who are on a strict budget.

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TEFL Course Price

How to get TEFL Certified with Cudoo Online + Review - Course Price

Cudoo Only offers One type of TEFL Course Which is:

  • The 100-hour TEFL course

The Price is:

  • $119.99

This is the only online course and price offered by Cudoo in regard to TEFL, however it is also one of the most cheapest online course among all TEFL providers. Some other low cost and good TEFL providers are ETEFL and ITT, which also offers a different set of TEFL courses other than the regular 120-hour TEFL Course.

Also, some TEFL providers Like LETSTEFL Provider a higher quality 120-hour TEFL course for a little higher price and can provide more value, video educational materials and additional extra’s which can definitely be worth the extra money. However that’s entirely up to you and your budget, what’s more important is whether you are satisfied with the education you receive.

Cudoo’s Course Overview

Their TESOL/TEFL Online course was developed by their CELTA Certified Experts and also specially designed to meet international standards, so the 100 TEFL certificate you will receive from them upon completion will be also be authentic and internationally recognized and you will be well prepared to take on your ESL classes.

Here below is an overview of the 100-hour TEFL course:

  • Assessed to meet international TEFL standards
  • A 100-hour TEFL certified program explaining the techniques and skills required to confidently teach English or your native language
  • Meets the minimum requirement for international teaching jobs
  • Practical takeaways that you can implement in your classroom right away
  • A unique language learning unit – put yourself in your students’ shoes
  • Videos of language teachers showcasing best practices
  • Tasks and quizzes to check your understanding of topics as you progress
  • Receive a printable international certificate available the same day you complete the course
  • Gain instant access to our course and study at your own pace.

And here below is the course Outline:

  • A 100-hour course of 17 Units
  • Acquire a background of modern teaching methodologies
  • Learn how to make grammar easy and fun in the classroom
  • Handle pronunciation challenges across a range of multi-language learners
  • Learn how to teach new vocabulary and apply it to real-life situations
  • Approach lesson planning and classroom management with confidence and energy
  • Cover all four skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • Gain an introduction to virtual and online teaching
  • Optional TEFL certificate options for those looking to teach a language other than English
  • Tips and advice for finding TEFL job

Their 100-course provides sufficient ESL education and materials to prepare ESL trainees for the TEFL job world and to become a certified teacher. Although we must note, that most schools world wide usually accept a minimum of 120 TEFL course hours, but a lot of schools will accept the 100 TEFL course hours as well.

The Pros and Cons

Every company will have it’s pluses and minuses, The same goes for Cudoo and here below is our list of Pros and cons of this TEFL provider.

Lets start with the cons:

  • Only one Online TEFL Course
  • Offers 100 TEFL hours instead of the common 120 TEFL hours, but a lot of schools will still accept a 100 TEFL course hours certificate
  • No job support.

And now for the Pros:

  • Very Cheap TEFL course with Decent quality.
  • Good content and ESL teaching resources.
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Their TEFL Course is properly accredited
  • Made by CELTA certified Experts
  • TEFL certificate is Authentic and internationally recognized
  • Useful advice for finding a job upon course completion
  • Many different types of specialized courses in Many other Subjects and Areas next to TEFL

And that was it for our Pros and cons, naturally there are many more pros to Cudoo, but these are the Main positives we though are the most relevant.

Begin Your Certification Today

Your TEFL Certificate is your key to the ESL job world, So choose a TEFL Course with the education that fits your needs and become a knowledgeable, Certified teacher. Each TEFL provider will have different courses and education that will be suitable per individual ESL trainee, There are better quality TEFL courses but they usually come at a higher price. So it depends on yourself how much you can invest in your own education. For more great Online And Onsite TEFL Providers, click here to check them out.

Cudoo offers there 100-hour TEFL course at an incredibly low cost rate, a lot of schools will accept the 100-hour TEFL course as well, but the preference is a minimum of 120 course hours, So keep that in mind. It may actually be worth the extra effort to do an 120-hour TEFL course and widen your job prospects depending where in the world you would like to teach. ITTT actually offers a lot of Onsite & combined courses world wide and can also help you find a job, so this provider may also be an interesting option for you.

In any case, if you are on a low budget and don’t seek an ESL teaching job in countries with higher job requirements, then Cudoo can be a great option, Are you ready to become TEFL Certified?

Then Click here now to start your affordable TEFL certification with Cudoo Today!

Any questions or comments or got something to add? Then feel absolutely free to comment away here below into the comment section!

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