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How to get TEFL Certified with ETEFL Online + Review – Start your ESL Career Today

How to get TEFL Certified with ETEFL Online – Super Affordable and Good Quality Courses[Reviewed]

If you were looking for one of the most affordable and decent quality online TEFL courses, then this article about How to get TEFL Certified with ETEFL Online is definitely for you, because you are about to discover some of the cheapest accredited courses that cant be found at most other TEFL Providers.

Important: once you have started or completed a course, please leave a review in the comment section down below so that others may learn of your experience!

ETEFL is Accredited by: The Continued Professional Development Accreditation Group (CPD)

Accreditation number: ETEFL#777368

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Why do schools ask for TEFL Certified teachers?

Nowadays there isn’t a school abroad or online(with an exception of a rare few) that doesn’t hire teachers without some sort of a TEFL certification or TESOL certification, both are basically the same, just named differently. The question is why though? Why do teachers need to go through all the hassle of doing a TEFL Course and obtaining their own TEFL Certificate just to teach English as a second language to foreign students?

There is definitely a good reason for it. Becoming a TEFL certified teacher is not just a piece of paper or online document, it is your proof that you have done hours and hours of TEFL course work and have personally invested in additional Education specifically made for ESL teaching, thus obtaining the necessary knowledge, skills and expertise preparing you to take on any challenge in the classroom.

This is why schools world wide and online value TEFL certified teachers and recognize their investment in further education regarding teaching English as a foreign language specifically. So where ever you currently are and where ever you want to teach ESL, you are most likely going to become a Certified teacher, not just because it’s necessary, but also to make yourself a better and more Knowledgeable teacher and this is where ETEFL comes in, With the Super Affordable and good quality courses.

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Getting TEFL Certified With ETEFL

ETEFL may not provide the highest quality or very professional TEFL courses, but they definitely offer some of the cheapest courses among all TEFL providers and more importantly, they are all properly accredited as well. So for those of you ESL trainees out there who just wish to an affordable and pretty easy to follow course, Then this particular provider can definitely help you to fulfill that wish.

As i mentioned earlier, even though ETEFL may not provide the highest quality of online TEFL courses, they are definitely still good enough, Cheap doesn’t necessarily have to mean it’s bad. Quality courses can still be affordable courses, which means if you are on a tight budget and need to save as much money as possible, then you are probably going to need an affordable course.

ETEFL is not among the oldest TEFL providers either, In fact, you can consider them quite young since they have only been around for a few years. But nonetheless, over the course of only these past few years their popularity has been increasing dramatically just because of their affordable courses, making them one the top choices for teachers who want to teach Online or that are on a strict budget.

How to get TEFL Certified with ETEFL Online – Course Review

How to get TEFL Certified with ETEFL Online - course Review


ETEFL is still considered a young rising star among the top TEFL Providers, But thanks to it’s cheap, high quality and efficient courses, it’s rapidly growing in popularity each and every single year. ESL teaching has entered the golden age and English speakers worldwide are scrambling to get a piece of this highly profitable opportunity and ETEFL’s courses can help you get there.

Even though they only have 3 different types of courses available(more about this in a moment) and a lack of higher quality and professional TEFL courses, they offer their regular and most common courses required for most schools internationally at affordable rates. Which makes it the one of the most ideal TEFL providers for a lot of starting ESL.

Currently they only offer Three different TEFL Course types, which are the 60-hour standard course, The 120-hour advanced course and the 180-hour extensive Course. Most schools abroad and online usually accept the 120-hour TEFL certificates, So you could say that you need at least a minimum of 120 TEFL course to be accepted at most schools or institutions world wide.

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ETEFL Course Prices

Remember, affordable courses doesn’t necessarily mean low quality courses. You can definitely get a decent amount of quality education from lower priced courses, which can do the trick on helping you find an ESL job Either abroad or online. Lets have a peak at the courses prices.

Course Prices:

How to get TEFL Certified with ETEFL Online + Review - TEFL Course prices

Any Discounts?:

  • Yes, if you decide to use our  personal discount Code: ALIFEOFGREATNESS then you will get an additional 10% off of any of the above courses you decide to get certified with.

These are some of the cheapest Online courses among all TEFL providers, Now of course there are still higher quality course with affordable prices like the one LETSTEFL provides, but it will still cost you a little more money compared to the more inexpensive online courses. However, it’s important to keep in mind that good education is always a great investment.

In any case, it’s entirely up you. Both ways will help to get your ESL teaching adventure started, as long as you got the minimum 120 TEFL training course hours, most schools world wide and online can accept you as their foreign language teacher. So which ever TEFL provider you choose, make sure you choose at least a 120-hour TEFL course at the minimum and Once you have become a fully certified teacher, You can start to teach Local students around the world the English language.

ETEFL is Accredited by: The Continued Professional Development Accreditation Group (CPD)

Accreditation number: ETEFL#777368

ETEFL’s Courses overview

Lets have a quick look on what each course has to offer and how they can help you prepare for you ESL teaching career

The 60-hour standard Course

This Standard Course will equip you with the basic TEFL skills and introduce you to the world of TEFL. This online course will give you a full introduction to Teaching English as a Foreign Language with accredited certification.

  • Learn basic TEFL skills
  • TEFL core skills framework online instruction
  • Accessible 24/7 via your computer, tablet or smartphone

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The 120-hour Advanced TEFL Course

This is the most recommended TEFL Course which leads to a 120 hour TEFL Certificate. This is because most employers, especially those paying good salaries, will expect you to have completed 120 hours of TEFL education. This version of the course is the most flexible way to get TEFL qualified. This course includes information about techniques, methodology, pedagogy, and ideas for creating interesting lessons.

  • Learn advanced TEFL skills
  • TEFL core skills framework online instruction 
  • Fully integrated YouTube videos
  • Interactive online training 
  • Inclusive of section overviews and assessment
  • Accessible 24/7 via your computer, tablet or smartphone

To learn More, Check out their webpage: for a full overview and if you wish to have an additional 10% off, then feel free to enter our discount Code: ALIFEOFGREATNESS


The 180-hour Extensive TEFL Course

This extensive course leads to a 180 hour TEFL Certificate. There are some great TEFL jobs out there, and they’re looking for the right people with the right training to fill them. This course will equip you with extra training and a qualification that will make you, and your application, stand out to your future employers. This unique TEFL course includes specialist content regarding teaching Business English and Online Teaching.

  • Learn advanced TEFL skills
  • TEFL core skills framework online instruction 
  • Fully integrated YouTube videos
  • Interactive online training 
  • Inclusive of section overviews and assessment
  • Advanced teaching regarding business English and teaching English Online
  • Accessible 24/7 via your computer, tablet or smartphone

To learn more Check out their webpage: for a full course overview and once again, if you wish an additional 10% of this course, feel free to enter our discount code: ALIFEOFGREATNESS

How to get TEFL Certified with ETEFL Online + Review - Escape the nine to five

The Pros and cons

all TEFL companies will have their Positive and negative sides, The same goes for ETEFL, Lets have a look at the Pros and cons of this particular TEFL Provider

Lets start with the cons:

  • No onsite(In class) courses available
  • ETEFL Only offers 3 types types of courses
  • No Professional or higher levels of courses available

And Now for the Pros:

  • Cheap and very high quality TEFL Courses
  • Good and reasonably quick support
  • Great ESL materials and resources
  • Video education materials
  • Courses are relatively easy to follow
  • All courses are properly accredited
  • Your TEFL certificate will be authentic and recognized internationally
  • Different methods of payments
  • Not satisfied? 100% Money Back guarantee and no questions asked! 15-days policy

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Start your TEFL certificate today

All in all, ETEFL’s cheap priced courses(But still with great quality) makes it the perfect option for ESL trainees that are on a strict budget and save additional money for their wallet. you can even further save an additional 10% by using our discount ALIFEOFGREATNESS and save even more money for your ESL journey.

Do we recommend ETEFL’s courses? Although compared to the more higher quality courses offered by LETSTEFL and ITTT, we definitely still recommend ETEFL’s low cost courses, as they make a perfect fit for ESL trainees who are on a strict budget. Are you interested in starting your TEFL Certification with ETEFL?

Then click here to start your journey on becoming a fully certified teacher with ETEFL Today!

Have a question or comment or got something to add? Then feel absolutely Free to comment away here below into the Comment Section!

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8 thoughts on “How to get TEFL Certified with ETEFL Online + Review – Start your ESL Career Today”

  1. Hi,

    I have done my 120 hour Online course with etefl and it was great, i learned a lot of great stuff about teaching English to foreign students, esl knowledge, classroom management, teaching skills, 1on1 classes, group classes and much more. The education taught within this course was super informative and also learned lot a more than i initially expected, etefl is a great recommendation! Paul.

    • Hi Paul,

      Glad to hear to that you loved the course and congratulations on achieving your TEFL certificate, you are now a Certified teacher!

      I wish you a successful and happy teaching adventure!


  2. I started etefl’s 180-hour extensive a few days ago, so far I’m really enjoying the course, it’s very thorough and learned a lot about teaching English to kids and adults, I’m currently learning about teaching business English, this section is a lit bit more complicated but i am learning a wealth of new information, This course is a great choice, it’s cheap and there is so much to learn! Thanks for the recommendation, Lizzy

    • Hi Lizzy,

      Thanks for your feedback, it’s much appreciated! Glad to hear you are enjoying your course.

      Good luck and happy teaching!


  3. Hi there,

    i was thinking of going for either ETEFL or LETSTEFL as they are more in my budget and both offer great courses as well.

    Do you maybe know if it’s easier to get a job as an English teacher if you take a 180 hour course or a 120 hour standard one?

    Also, does it make it easier to get a work visa let’s say in Vietnam if you are TEFL or TESOL certified ?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Katya,

      Both TEFL providers will do just fine as they both provide excellent quality courses for affordable prices,

      As for the TEFL course hours, a 120 hour TEFL course is the minimum required course hours to be illegible for most schools world wide(including for Vietnam) and online, however a 180 hour TEFL course is more extensive and offers more knowledge and ESL education which will prepare you better for the ESL job world, further more, having completed a 180 TEFL course also looks better on your CV as well.

      Both TEFL and TESOL are accepted world wide, there really is no difference in them when teaching English to foreign students abroad.

      Hope this answered all your questions, if there is anything else you wish to have clarity on, then feel free to ask away!

      Good luck and happy teaching!


  4. Hi

    I’m considering doing the course as I’m a swimming teacher and love working with children.
    Are South Africans easily accepted as English teachers, and do you require a degree over and above?

    • Hi Dom,

      Yes, South Africans are definitely accepted in almost every country, most Asian countries require teachers to have degrees, but a lot of other countries do not, for example, a lot countries in South America, some Countries in Asia, like Vietnam and Cambodia, some countries in Europe, etc…

      You can also choose to work and study for a degree online if you are interested in teaching TEFL for a long time, that way you will have a long term job security, but this is just my advice for you.

      I hope this was helpful for you, if you have anymore questions, then feel free to ask away!

      Good luck and happy teaching,



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