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How to get TEFL Certified with i-to-i + Review – Becoming an ESL Teacher

How to get TEFL Certified with i-to-i – Review

If you are interested in ESL Teaching and start your ESL Career in this golden field, then getting your TEFL Certificate is your first step to realizing that goal. Learn How to get TEFL Certified with i-to-i and start your English teaching adventure either abroad or even Online! – Reviewed for ESL teachers


Getting TEFL Certified For your ESL Adventure

A career as an English teacher comes with numerous possibilities. Part of the reason why this career continues to grow in popularity is the freedom that comes along with it. Instructors in some cases even have the power to tailor their hours, classes, and can even choose from locations all around the world to teach.

The job market is booming and the golden age for ESL teaching has begun, especially with the opportunities that come with speaking English. Find jobs both on location and online, using your skills to enhance the lives of others while discovering places all across the globe.

How can I get Started?

If you think it’s about time to make that career change you’ve always dreamed of, you’re probably wondering where and how you can begin. We come with good news along with an answer; it’s easy and it could take as little as 4 weeks to get started!

The first thing that you will want to look into is a certification of some sort, one that is recognized and acknowledged around the world. Among the most popular is the TEFL certification, one that when combined with a 4-year degree of any kind will allow you to teach anywhere and with the possibility of a highly competitive salary. This can be done on-site in many locations scattered across the globe or, right from the comfort of your home with i-to-I TEFL.

A bit about i-to-i

i-to-i TEFL was introduced to the world back in 1994. This TEFL Provider was at the Start of the online boom, where the entire world would start to evolve digitally. Following the requirements of English schools and academies worldwide, this course has now flourished into a well-recognized and highly sought-after course for those that are hoping to take their first steps into entering the world of online or in-class teaching abroad.

The course can be done completely online, along with options to move at your own pace if needed. There are 120 total course hours along with a certificate that is your ticket to thousands of ESL jobs upon completion. Along with the certificate, you get an inside connection to hundreds of thousands of successful graduates that can offer advice along with a long list of jobs that you can apply for as soon as the certificate is yours.

To start, it just takes a quick visit to the website plus and application to fill out. The entire course plus certificate can be yours for the low price of just $200 and from our experience, there are always deals offered. Below, we have an outline of the course, giving you an inside look of what you can expect from day 1.

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How to get TEFL Certified with i-to-i – Course Review

How to get TEFL Certified with i-to-i - Course Review

Course Break down

As you can imagine, this is an intensive course, one that can be done at your own pace. Once you are in and have access to the course, you can choose to work whenever and wherever you would like, with access to your smartphone, tablet, or computer. The course is broken down into modules of all the most important things you’ll need in your new career as an ESL instructor.

1. Lesson Planning Prep
Perhaps the most important lesson that you can take from this course is a lesson plan. Learn how preparation can set you apart from other instructors plus keep you from getting lost or running out of things to talk about. With a plan, you can enter into any classroom and any situation without the worry of letting your nerves get the best of you and rock your lessons every time.

2. Creative Content
Content is important. Even more important is your knowledge of the content which you’re teaching, getting yourself ready in case there are any questions that pop up. During this part of the course, you’ll learn about teachable topics plus, get a refresher on your own knowledge as well.

3. Create your Learning Space
Here, you’ll learn how these lessons will play out in real classroom situations. Use this knowledge to give your students the best environment for learning as expert instructors guide you along with their tips for effective teaching. Teaching a foreign language is different than any other subject, and here you’ll learn how to teach effectively.

4. Test
After the knowledge, you’ll be given an exam on all the sections to check and see if you absorbed all the proper information. You’ll be able to see if there are any weaknesses, going back to the section that gave you the most trouble for a quick review when necessary.

5. The End
At the end, combine all that you learned along with your certificate and get ready to put yourself out there. You’ll have access to the TEFL community with thousands of teachers all around the world that have been in your shoes. They will also help give any advice if needed, and are there in the event of any questions or concerns.


Job Opportunities

Now it’s time to start thinking about the type of job you want. With a certificate, you are now able to apply to jobs on location and online, whichever suits you. A few things to consider before taking a leap out there and saying yes to the first job that hires you are:

Teaching online comes with the chance to choose your own hours. Before sending in applications, consider the time zone in the country of interest, as some of them will require that you teach in the wee hours of the morning.

If you’re going to be teaching on the go, traveling around and taking a shot at the nomad lifestyle, think about the platform you’re going to be using. Some of the sites online will require that you have a solid WI-Fi connection to ensure that your classes won’t be interrupted.

Last but not least, think about your students. Do you see yourself teaching children or, would you rather teach adults? Do you prefer teaching grammar or perhaps practice more conversation? What are your favorite methods of teaching?

Taking these questions into account can help you narrow down your options. There are sites all around the web that are looking for teachers just like you so landing a job should be the least of your worries. The biggest worry should be which one to choose and the first trip you’ll take thanks to your new career!

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How to get TEFL Certified with i-to-i - Course Prices

Is it Worth it? (Pros and cons)

There are a lot of courses out there that claim to get you teaching fast. TEFL is one of the top and recognized as safe and legitimate. While there are on-site courses, the i-to-i TEFL is a bit different and allows learners to do so at their own pace and from anywhere they would like. But, is a course like this worth it? Let’s take a look at a few pros and cons, helping you to decide if this is the course for you.


  • Complete freedom with your hours and location
  • Easy to follow modules
  • Relatively Low cost
  • Offers TEFL Internships
  • Different levels of Course hours
  • Certificate of completion
  • Access to TEFL community
  • Recognized worldwide certification


  • Online courses are less interactive compared to other TEFL course providers like ITTT
  • Very few actual teaching hours
  • Courses are more expensive than their competitors
  • Caters Mostly to online Courses, lack of information about their in-class situations

There are far more benefits than there are cons from choosing to take this course. This is the best for those that are wanting to make a career change but may not have the time to do it over an intensive month. For those who wish to do an Incredible and realistic Onsite TEFL and CELTA Course and training, then We definitely recommend you SEETEFL as the top provider for it(Click here to learn more). or Check out ITTT’s World wide Online, Onsite & combined courses(Click here).

With i-to-i TEFL, learners can take as much time as they need, only completely changing over when they’re 100% ready. There are many other certification, some that are on-site and come with more interactive opportunities in the process. Answering the questions about the type of teaching you’re hoping to do can also help you decide if an online training course is best for you or not.

Now, i-to-i is definitely a good TEFL Provider, there is no doubt about that. However we do believe that some other Online course providers Like LetsTEFL, ETEFL and ITT are more affordable and has more to offer, but in the end the choice is yours and you should choose a provider which fits your needs.

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Useful Tips

  1. A Knowledgeable teacher is a confident teacher – The more knowledge you posses, the greater your confidence will be, so if you feel insecure, face it head on by learning the reason why and overcome it.
  2. Experience is your best teacher – Not even the best school in the world can help prepare for the job world by theory alone, it can only take you so far. In fact, Experience will be your greatest ally, just get started!
  3. Every teacher and person is unique – Don’t compare yourself to other teachers, unless it’s for self education. You must find your own teaching style and methods of performing classes. You are Unique and special in your own way.
  4. Don’t be too serious – This goes especially when you are teaching children, kids are naturally playful in nature, so if your are planning to teach children, observe more and adapt along the way. If you are teaching Adults, try to make your classes a little bit more interactive and with some humor mixed it, this can already take you a long way!
  5. Choose to Enjoy your ESL Adventure – whether you have teaching experience or are completely new, an ESL career is quite different and in some cases challenging. However it’s still one of the most adventurous and carefree jobs worldwide, choose to enjoy your ESL job despite any challenge you may face and you will have a lot of fun in your Journey.

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Why Not Start Today?

Although ESL Teaching is a Golden opportunity, This is a career which requires constant learning and growing. From day one you’ll start to see ways that you can improve, using each and every lesson as a learning experience to improve your lessons in the future.

A career as an online or on-site ESL instructor can set you free, helping you to move around the world and see all the wonders this it has to offer. With a certification, there are plenty of jobs out there that are just waiting for new instructors. Most of them come with mid to high-range salaries that can be just the thing to keep your pockets full as your trot about.

Whether it is in a location far away or from the comfort of your home, to become an instructor, you’ll first need a certification. This will not only guarantee you a job and a sweet salary but will also prepare you for your first day as an instructor, helping to calm the nerves and set you off on the right foot. There is no better time than today, so sign up and start learning from anywhere and anytime with i-to-i TEFL.

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