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How to get TEFL Certified With international open Academy Online + Review – Start your Certification Today

How to get TEFL Certified With international open Academy(IOA) – Review

 A proper TEFL certification is required these days to become an ESL teacher for most schools world wide or even online and if you were looking for a good, SUPER low-cost online TEFL course, then this post on how to get TEFL Certified with International open Academy(IOA) is definitely for you. [Reviewed]

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7 Reasons on why to get TEFL certified with the International Open Academy:

  1. Both their TEFL and TESOL courses have the minimum required 120 TEFL course hours
  2. Both courses are properly Accredited through the accreditation company ICOES
  3. Your TEFL Certificate will be considered Authentic and internationally recognized
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  5. Not satisfied? Receive a full 100% refund and no questions asked! – 14 day Policy
  6. Courses are of good quality and with more than sufficient ESL education to prepare you for your ESL adventure and classes abroad or online
  7. Certificates can be used to Get hired anywhere in the world or even Online!

The Second Most IMPORTANT question(Next to having good ESL education) is: are TEFL certificates from the International open Academy truly usable world wide?

The Answer is: YES! They are 100% authentic and you can get hired for almost any ESL job in the world!

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Start your ESL journey with the right TEFL Certification

Becoming a TEFL certified teacher is an important step in your ESL journey, Whether you know it or not, there isn’t a school these days which doesn’t hire a teacher who hasn’t done at least a minimum of 120 TEFL course hours. But why though? Why do ESL trainees need to do a TEFL course and get this certificate just to teach English to foreign students? Well, there is a good reason for that.

We first need to look at what a TEFL course is and what it offers to prospecting ESL teachers. As you well know by now, TEFL stand for Teaching English as a foreign language and a TEFL course is a specialized course specifically made for that subject, Providing ESL trainees with a ton of ESL resources, content, skills, expertise and knowledge that can’t even be found the regular teaching degree programs.

TEFL courses are ESL specialized and prepares trainees for teaching English to foreign students who cant speak English at all or very little, but then again, there may be more specialized sub-courses included for teaching business English or advanced English who have a higher level of proficiency of the language. In any case, for Those ESL trainees who are looking for a reasonably good and low-cost Online TEFL course, then IOA can definitely help you fulfill that search.

Getting Certified With International Op Academy(IOA)

The International open Academy offers a good Quality 120-hour TEFL and TESOL course at a very Low-cost price, it’s an ideal choice for ESL trainees who are on a low budget or just short on Money. So by choosing IOA’s TEFL Course you can save some extra money in your bank account and use it to prepare for your ESL Adventure abroad or for some equipment for teaching Online.

If you are looking for more higher, quality Online, Professional, Onsite classes or even Combined courses, then ITTT can definitely help you in that Area. Click Here to learn more.

The 120-hour TEFL course that IOA offers has plenty of ESL resources and teacher training materials to prepare ESL trainees for their English teaching journey, next to all that, it’s course also properly accredited. So once you have completed their course and received your certificate, it will be considered Authentic and internationally recognized.

Although the quality of IOA’s TEFL course is not as high compared to some of the Other TEFL Providers out there, it can still definitely do the trick to get your ESL adventure started. However Good education is always a great Personal investment as you will be very well prepared for your TEFL adventure and have obtained the necessary skills to manage your ESL classes.

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How to get TEFL Certified With international open Academy(IOA) – Course Review

How to get TEFL Certified With international open Academy Online + Review - 120 hour TEFL Certificate

I must mention that the International Open Academy is not just a TEFL course provider. In fact, like Cudoo, they provide a ton of other Courses in a huge number of other Subjects. So this course provider is not limited to just One subject or a more professional term would be called niche. Naturally you are here because you want to become TEFL certified, However if happen to be interested in their other courses or investment in further education for yourself, then feel free to have a look around their website.

They have many Low-cost courses which can also be a great addition next to the TEFL Course or if you have any particular personal interest, subject or skill you would like to learn, then maybe some of their courses might catch your eye. In any case, it had to be mentioned, so you wouldn’t be confused or surprised once you landed on their site. Lets move on.

IOA’s Low cost TEFL course is a good money saver for Low budget ESL trainees and can get Their ESL journey started without investing too much in ESL education(Extra: Feel free to get some Free ESL resources and useful tips from this section). But it’s up to you, if you wish to have a higher quality TEFL course and pay a little extra money for it, then ETEFL or LETSTEFL would probably be a better option for yourself.

TEFL Course And Price

Compared to most other TEFL providers, IOA only has one TEFL course which is the 120-hour TEFL course. Unfortunately, They have no other TEFL courses or onsite courses, they do have a huge number of other Courses in Other subjects.

Regular Course Price:

  • The 120-hour TEFL course priced is €119

A MASSIVE Discount:

  • Through us(ALifeOfGreatness) your course can get discounted to just €19! All you have to do is the click the link all the way down below at the end of our review.

So although they don’t have any TEFL courses or professional courses available. You can still get their 120-hour TEFL course for a Super cheap price, Which is pretty ideal for a lot of ESL trainees who are on a low budget and simply need to save as much funds as possible.

However, if possible, then investment in more ESL education is definitely recommended, as you will be well prepared to take on Any challenge you may face in your future classrooms. But, once again, it’s entirely up to you.

What will you learn?

During the course, you will learn a good deal about several ESL topics which will prepare you will enough for your ESL adventure abroad or online.

Some of these topics include:

  • How to motivate students who are new to the English language.
  • How to use a student’s primary language to teach them a new language.
  • The basics of linguistics, which will help bridge the gap between the students’ primary language and English.
  • All the reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills you will need to impart in your students.
  • Basic pedagogical techniques
  • Classroom management strategies
  • How to get hired abroad

And Here is a short Course Breakdown:

  • Module One: Teaching And Learning
  • Module Two: Linguistics
  • Module Three: Reading
  • Module Four: Writing
  • Module Five: Speaking
  • Module Six: Listening
  • Module Seven: Pedagogy
  • Module Eight: Lesson Planning
  • Module Nine: Classroom Management
  • Module Ten: Getting a TEFL job

Going through these Ten Modules you will be ready at a minimum level to take on your ESL journey, you will have learning the ESL knowledge, skills and education to prepare proper ESL classes for local students world wide. You will have received an Authentic TEFL certificate and become a real Certified Teacher.

The Pros and cons

Every company will have it’s good and bad sides. The international Open Academy is no different, They are also just a company offering students courses for affordable prices. But naturally, There are some downsides by being very diverse and not being able to fully provide top quality courses in one Niche.

Lets start with the cons:

  • Ironically, their greatest strength can also be their greatest weakness Which is: Too Much course Diversity and limited course options per niche
  • Only One online TEFL course
  • Not the highest quality course
  • No onsite/in-class courses
  • No job support

And Now for the Pros:

  • Diverse Number of courses
  • Low cost and Money saving Course
  • Decent Quality
  • Job tips and advice
  • Easy to follow
  • TEFL course is properly accredited
  • A 14-day money back guarantee
  • Decent and Pretty Quick support
  • Receive an Authentic TEFL certificate that can be used world wide and Online

How to get TEFL Certified With international open Academy Online + Review - Receive TEFL Ceryificate in 4 steps

IOA truly offers a great number of good courses, Unfortunately that strength can also be their weakness, like for example having only just One TEFL course, no other professional courses or specialized ESL courses(Like business English) are available. But at least what they have(Their 120-hour TEFL course), they offer it at a very affordable rate, Which makes it an attractive option for a Lot of ESL trainees with a Low budget.

Start your ESL journey and ESL Certification Today

All in All, International open Academy’s 120-hour TEFL course is a good choice as a certification option and to start your ESL journey with. Although they dont provide their graduates with any job support like ITTT(world wide), SEETEFL or LETSTEFL does, They do provide some useful advice to help graduating students to get started.

With IOA you will receive plenty of ESL knowledge and education in regards to teaching English as a foreign language or simple just call it ESL Teaching. There are many acronyms out there, but most of them just means the same thing, Which is teaching English as a second language to foreign students. But whatever everyone calls it, dont get confused by it, The meaning is the same.

In any case, Think about your TEFL Course choice, your budget and what type of ESL education you personally need, Good education is always a great investment in yourself and symbiotically for your students. The more you know, The more you can give your students! Get certified today and if you want to do it with IOA’s affordable 120-hour TEFL Course.

Then click here now to Get TEFL certified with the International Open Academy and to start your incredible ESL teaching adventure today!


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Reminder: Need some Free ESL teaching resources and useful tips? Then click here to check them out

Share Your Experience!: Got any questions or comments or got something to add? Then feel absolutely Free to comment away here below into the comment Section!

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