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How to Get TEFL Certified with International TEFL & TESOL + Review – Start your ESL Adventure Today

How to Get TEFL Certified with International TEFL & TESOL – Reviewed for ESL Teachers

Most schools abroad or online these days wont hire English teachers without some sort of a TEFL Certification. Schools want their prospecting teachers to be knowledgeable and specialized in ESL Teaching. So if you were wondering on where to get affordable and good Quality TEFL Courses Online, Then read more on how to Get TEFL Certified with International TEFL & TESOL and start your TEFL Adventure today. [Reviewed]


Becoming an ESL Teacher starts with the right Certification

Most of you prospecting ESL teachers are probably wondering on what’s all the fuss about regarding the TEFL Certification and why you need it just for teaching English to foreign students. It’s a good question to ask, but there definitely is a good answer and even more so, a good reason for why becoming a proper TEFL Certified teacher is so important.

Having your TEFL Certificate these days is your key for becoming an ESL Teacher, but it’s not necessarily about the certificate itself, but more so on what it represents. It’s proof that you have done your TEFL Course which involves Hours of ESL studying and learning the basics and vital skills about Teaching English to foreign students. It’s a very specialized course specifically focused on TEFL.

It’s Provides teachers, Both beginners and experienced with the necessary knowledge, information and classroom management skills for ESL Teaching. However finding and choosing the right TEFL Course can be one of the most time consuming and confusing aspects for a lot of starting TEFL Teachers, especially when it comes to searching for affordable courses and this is where ITT comes in.

Certification with International TEFL And TESOL(ITT)

International TEFL And TESOL has some of the most affordable and good quality TEFL courses which can’t be found anywhere else online, It’s a great choice for prospecting teachers who are on a strict budget and are unable to pay for a more expensive(And Usually) a higher quality course. Which is a great relief for a lot of English teachers out there.

This doesn’t meant that ITT’s courses are of low quality, definitely not. Their courses are greatly valued, Properly accredited and recognized internationally as well. You will learn all the basics and information you need about ESL from all their courses and thus pave you the way for becoming a fully certified and knowledgeable ESL Teacher. But like companies, ITT has it’s positives and negatives, but we will get more into that later on in the article.

If you are looking for affordable and cheap courses, which are also Accredited, Internationally recognized and of high quality, Then ITT can Definitely be Your main choice. This TEFL Provider offers courses of great Quality and are incredibly low cost, Which makes it one of the most attractive options compared to the other available TEFL providers. Do they offer the best online courses? Probably not. However they will definitely work for Most Schools Worldwide and online and that’s the main Objective.

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How to Get TEFL Certified with International TEFL & TESOL – Course Review

How to Get TEFL Certified with International TEFL & TESOL - Course review

Why get Certified with International TEFL and TESOL?

There are so Many TEFL providers to choose from, Most of them Are properly accredited and considered authentic, Some others are are not Accredited and will not be considered authentic. So when choosing any TEFL course, just be sure that their courses are properly accredited like the ones ITT offers and that once you have your TEFL certificate, you can get started at most schools.

Besides having their courses properly accredited, what makes ITT unique and sets them apart from other TEFL providers? What makes this TEFL Provider so special? Affordable and cheap courses wont just be enough to be very attractive for most prospecting TEFL teachers, well…., for some it might be, But for most, additional value and support are usually the make it or break it details when it comes to choosing a provider and getting a job.

How to Get TEFL Certified with International TEFL & TESOL - Why ITT?

And these are qualities which ITT also provides for their students and this with the combination of their super cheap courses makes doing courses with this particular provider a very attractive option for many prospecting ESL teachers out there, Especially those who currently do not have an income stream and must rely on a strict budget to make their ESL teaching goals come true.

Lets move on to the next part and it’s One of the most important parts which you are all probably wondering about, which naturally are the course prices.

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ITT Course Prices

As mentioned earlier, even though that ITT’s courses are super affordable, don’t think that the quality suffers from it, this couldn’t be further from the truth. It is also important to note that in some cases expensive courses doesn’t mean higher quality as well, it might just be a business to some course providers out there, So be sure to properly to do your research on your course choice before purchasing. Alright, with all that in mind, lets get back to our current focus, which is ITT’s Course Prices:

How to Get TEFL Certified with International TEFL & TESOL - Course prices


As you just saw on the image above you, ITT offers 4 different courses with the prices listed as well. These are the full course price and there are no hidden fees or any extra costs added, actually(I missed that one earlier), you can even get an additional 10% off by using their discount code! And that means additional savings for your wallet.

So here is an extra overview of their full prices(discount not included):

  • The Basic 60-hours TEFL course – $79
  • The Standard 120-hours TEFL Course – $99
  • The Advanced 120-hours TEFL Course – $119
  • The Professional 150-hours TEFL Course – $159

And that was that folks, these are all the courses and prices that ITT offers prospecting ESL teachers. Their courses are super affordable at an incredibly low cost price, while still keeping high quality integrity and value for their TEFL students. It is a great choice for many starting and experienced English teachers out there and it can also be a great choice for yourself as well.

Start your TEFL Course with ITT Today!

ITT’s Course overview and Summaries

Check out a short overview here below on what you will learn:

 How to Get TEFL Certified with International TEFL & TESOL - TEFL course overview

This is but a short overview, naturally each course will provide something different or additional content materials and teaching resources, helping teachers choose the best option for themselves. Most schools however require that teachers have done at least a 120-hour TEFL course at the minimum, so that the teachers have learned enough basic and vital knowledge about teaching English to their future students.

Now lets move on to the course summary of each available TEFL course.

Course Summary:

  • The Basic 60-hours TEFL course:

    Complete at Your Own Pace With no Deadline.

    Assignments, Quizzes, Videos for all Modules.

    Tutor Feedback

    Certificate, Verification Letter and Transcript.

    Quick Tutor Support by Chat box and Email


    Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

    6 Modules Covering Basic EFL/ESL Theory

  • The Standard 120-hours TEFL Course: Two Week Course, for Teachers With ExperienceAssignments, Quizzes, Videos for all ModulesTutor FeedbackCertificate, Verification Letter and TranscriptQuick Tutor Support by Chat box and EmailCompatibility

    Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

    13 Modules Covering Standard EFL/ESL Theory

  • The Advanced 120-hours TEFL Course:

    Complete at Your Own Pace With no Deadline

    Assignments, Quizzes, Videos for all Modules

    Tutor Feedback

    Certificate, Verification Letter and Transcript

    Quick Tutor Support by Chat box and Email


    Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

    Full Support with Job Placement

    13 Modules Covering Advanced EFL/ESL Theory

  • The Professional 150-hours TEFL Course:

    Complete at Your own Pace With no Deadline

    Assignments, Quizzes, Videos for all Modules

    Tutor Feedback

    Certificate, Verification Letter and Transcript

    Quick Tutor Support by Chat box and Email


    Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

    Full Support with Job Placement

    17 Modules, Covering Professional EFL/ESL Theory


These were some of the short descriptions of each course for more thorough descriptions checkout their website and see more on what each course has to offer.

Now as promised, i mentioned earlier that each company will have its positives and negatives, ITT is no different and our next section will be about the Pros and cons of this TEFL provider.

The Pros and cons

Lets start with the cons:

Or check out ITTT’s cost effective world wide onsite courses(And online courses)

And now for The Pros:

  • Super affordable and low cost courses
  • Finish the course within your own time frame
  • You can finish your course in 2 weeks
  • Great content and course materials of high quality
  • Great and easy support
  • All courses are Accredited
  • A 14-day money back guarantee

Start Your ESL adventure Today

Start your TEFL adventure today by getting certified with ITT, Choose one of their incredibly affordable courses, start studying and learn as much as possibly about Teaching English as a foreign language to foreign students, You can finish the course within your own time frame or if you want even in two weeks time! You can start teaching ESL ASAP, Are you ready to start your journey?

Then click here to check out ITT’s Low cost & effective TEFL Courses and become a TEFL Certified teacher!

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Got a Question or comment or got something to add? Then feel absolutely free to comment away here below into the comment section!

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