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How to Get TEFL Certified with ITTT Online & Onsite + Review – Super TEFL Training for Getting Top ESL Jobs

How to Get TEFL Certified with International TEFL and TESOL Training and get a Job [Reviewed]

If you are looking for the most Top & affordable TEFL and TESOL certification Online or Onsite, Then you will want to learn more about How to Get TEFL Certified with International TEFL and TESOL Training and why this particular TEFL provider is an absolute emperor among all the kings of TEFL programs. [Reviewed for the ESL Teacher]


TEFL Certification – Your Key for becoming an ESL Teacher

We live in the golden age for ESL teaching and it will remain so for the next two or three decades, The world is more connected than ever before in history and The English language is dominating most markets worldwide. Schools both abroad and online are rapidly adapting to this new era and the need for TEFL teachers is now greater than ever. Truly, The ESL career is currently one of the most profiting and rewarding sector of all job areas.

As you know by now, almost every schools world wide require prospecting ESL teachers to have their TEFL Certificates, which can be done by either Online or Onsite(in class) Courses, with the latter being most effective and educational. Yes, Online classes are more cheaper and in many ways more convenient for many ESL trainees out there, due to the fact that you are able to complete the course on your own pace.

However, it is widely considered that Onsite courses can do a much better job at properly training teachers for the ESL Job world, due to it’s direct personal training from other very experienced TEFL Teachers and therefore, trainees are able to directly learn advanced knowledge of what the ESL future awaits them and are usually able to get there Certificates in just a 4 weeks time frame. Whether you are interested in Online or Onsite TEFL courses, ITTT’s incredibly High quality and affordable courses can help you to make your TEFL dreams come true.

Getting Certified with ITTT

International TEFL and TESOL training(ITTT) Provides a wide range of online TEFL courses and onsite courses in many different countries(Check out the list a little later on in the article). They offer their trainees some of the most top quality courses that aren’t available anywhere else. next to that, their onsite courses are some of the most affordable(With exception for SEETEFL for Thailand) compared to their competitors.

Don’t mistake affordable courses for low quality courses, which is definitely not the case. Yes, sometimes higher priced courses offer very good quality education as well and in some cases it’s just a business in which TEFL providers want to make as much money as possible. However, ITTT provides it’s trainees with top quality education at a low cost and they also can help their graduates find ESL jobs afterwards.

All of ITTT’s courses are also properly accredited by schools, universities and accreditation companies worldwide, you can check out their accreditation affiliations down below at their website. So this means any certificate you earn with ITTT will be Authentic and can be used internationally and Online.

How to Get TEFL Certified with International TEFL and TESOL Training(ITTT) – Online and Onsite Course Review

How to Get TEFL Certified with ITTT Online & Onsite + Review

ITTT’s Online Courses

ITTT’s online courses are some of the most affordable the highest quality you can find online. Although it is somewhat on the more pricier side compared to some of the other cheaper TEFL providers, Top grade quality is what you can expect when doing online courses with this TEFL provider, including personal tutor support, video training and even in some courses additional Free included specialized courses(Example: Teaching Business English, Teaching Children or adults etc…)

Most schools require Prospecting ESL teachers to have done a TEFL or TESOL Course with a minimum of 120 course hours. Whether you want to do more than that is entirely up to you. However additional training and education is always recommended, as you will be prepared as much as possible to take on ESL teaching in a foreign environment.

ITTT also provides 120-hour TEFL Courses with personal tutor support at a price of $359 + additional Specialized courses included, however they also offer the 120-hour TEFL course without the tutor support and extra’s at a value of $239. You can receive a little extra discount from us: if you use our discount code WBIRX2020G then you will have 5% discount of any course you decide to pursue.

Courses to take + Prices.

Check out the image here below an overview of some the online course you can take:

How to Get TEFL Certified with ITTT Online & Onsite + Review - TEFL Courses overiew

And the Prices:

How to Get TEFL Certified with ITTT Online & Onsite + Review - Course prices

Now the one in green, the 220-hour master TEFL package means according to ITTT the best valued online course you can get your money’s worth. However like i mentioned earlier, Most schools will accept the 120-hour TEFL course hours. So if you are planning to do an Online course, then that’s the one we would recommend you to do, naturally if you want the additional education Then go for it.

Extra Reminder:

  • Discount – If you want 5% off any ITTT’s TEFL/TESOL Courses then feel free to use our discount code: WBIRX2020G

Some Additional courses

these are also some additional courses you can take to further invest in your education:

How to Get TEFL Certified with ITTT Online & Onsite + Review

Remember these are optional, not a requirement, Most schools will accept the 120-hour TEFL Course.

Course Specifications

here below is an overview of what can be included within their online courses:

  • Technical Support
  • Supplementary Materials
  • Free Lesson Plan Access
  • Grammar Units
  • Phonology Units
  • Video Lessons
  • Full Tutor Support
  • Free Course
  • Job Guidance
  • 120-hr Course + Videos
  • CTBE Course
  • CTEYL Course
  • Diploma Course + Tutor
  • PDF Certificate
  • Embossed Certificate
  • Internationally Accredited

Click here to Get started with One of ITTT’s Incredible top grade Online Courses Today!

ITTT’s Onsite Courses

We definitely recommend ITTT’s Onsite courses over their online ones, simply because we believe you will receive the best value and training worth your Money. Also Doing Classes onsite is a much more direct approach compared to doing it online, it’s also more fun and you will have group support.

They have classes available in many countries worldwide at their international training centers, perhaps even in your own Country!(We will have a list for you in a moment). Where ever you want to go or work, it’s also possible for you to get a job in your preferred location.

Available training locations:

United States Of America(USA) – New York City (For combined courses In Many more locations)

South Africa – Cape Town

Ireland – Bundoran, Limerick

England – London

Australia – Sydney

France – Brittany, Paris

Spain – Barcelona, Gran Canaria, Granada, Malaga, Seville

Italy – Florence, Rome

Greece – Athens, Corinth, Santorini

Czech Republic, Prague

Ecuador – Loja

China – Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai, Zhuhai

Taiwan – Taipei

Hong Kong

Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh city

Thailand – Phuket, Ban Phe, Bangkok, Chiang Mai

Japan – Tokyo

Philippines – Cebu

Cambodia – Siem Reap, Koh Kong City


Indonesia – Surabaya

Nepal – Kathmandu

India – Kolkata

Uzbekistan – Tashkent

Russia – Moscow

Egypt – Cairo, Alexandria

Costa Rica – Manuel Antonio

Brazil – Natal

Guatemala – La Antigua

Peru – Cusco

Mexico – Chiapas

Colombia – Chia

Argentina – Buenos Aires


And that was it for now, if any more Onsite training locations open in the future, then we will include them in the list as well.

ITTT’s Onsite Courses focuses on six main areas during the ESL training, which are:

  1. Teaching Practice
  2. Foreign language experience
  3. Language Awareness
  4. Student Profile
  5. Teaching Techniques
  6. ESL Materials, Developing ESL resources and projects

Course prices

How to Get TEFL Certified with ITTT Online & Onsite + Review - In-class courses

Currently they have sales going on, so you can start onsite courses(And even combined ones) for as Low as $1490.

Average Price:

  • Regular Price is $1990, discounted price is $1490

Extra Discount:

  • Remember the code i mentioned earlier? Well, it even works for onsite classes! So if you need the extra 5% discount then fill in the code WBIRX2020G during your application.


The Pros and cons

Lets now move on to the positives and negatives of ITTT, naturally no TEFL course or provider is perfect, this provider is no different.

Lets Start with the cons:

  • Their Online TEFL Courses are great, interactive and of high quality, but compared to other TEFL Providers it’s still a little on the pricey side.
  • Their Online courses are not as effective as their onsite courses
  • Their courses might be a little overwhelming for some ESL trainees

An Now for the Pros:

  • Top Grade and Low cost Onsite Courses world wide
  • Top Grade Online Courses with personal tutor support and lots of extra’s
  • Easy to follow Courses
  • Lots of ESL Training content, video’s and resources
  • international ESL Job support
  • Do your studies in your own pace or within group support
  • Accept Trainees at Age 18+
  • Earn a Top quality certificate that is recognized internationally

Onsite VS Online Courses

When it comes Onsite vs online courses and which of the two is better, then we would personally say that Onsite courses are much more effective, simply due to the fact it’s a much more personal and face to face approach, you do the course together in a group and can possibly learn much more than simply just do a TEFL Course Online.

We definitely recommend you to do an Onsite course if you are able to, because there are so many benefits that come with it. However the decision is entirely up to you, do what you feel is best and choose a type of course that fits your needs and budget.

If you are looking for Cheaper Online courses Then ETEFL, LetsTEFL or ITT can provide you with cheaper courses with the good quality still intact. However, if you are wondering if the more expensive courses offer better quality and education, then our answer is Yes, usually they do and We definitely recommend ITTT for any ESL trainee out there, Are you Ready to get TEFL Certified?

Then Click here now to join one of ITTT’s incredible Online or onsite TEFL Courses Today!

Need some Incredible Free ESL Resources and Useful tips? Then click here to get them now!

Do you have a Question or Comment or got something to add? Then feel absolutely Free to comment away here below into the Comment Section!

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