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How to get TEFL Certified with LETSTEFL in 2020 + Review & The Ultimate 120-hour TEFL Course

How to get TEFL Certified with LETSTEFL + Review

When Teaching ESL either Abroad or Online, then having a TEFL certificate is an absolute must these days and if you were looking for The absolute High Quality, low-cost TEFL course, then you will definitely want to know about how to get TEFL Certified With LETSTEFL and why their 120-hour Ultimate accredited TEFL Course is among the top courses unrivaled anywhere else Online. This Review will reveal it all.

But first….


Why is a TEFL Certificate so important anyway?

Yes, why indeed? Why must you have such annoying Small piece of paper(Or online graduate document) to be illegible for most ESL jobs world wide? There must be a reason to go through hours of hassle, reading, watching educational video’s, Doing an hours long questionnaire test and Answering questions you don’t really want to answer. There must be a reason for all of that and you are right, there is.

As it’s already hinted a little bit earlier(The Watching Educational video’s part), It’s all got to do with Proper education and although it is not considered equal to a University degree. It’s an Educational course nonetheless and an important one too. A TEFL(Teaching English as a foreign language) Course is a specialized ESL course which has a lot of materials, Teaching methods and content that even(Most Likely) an education degree program doesn’t have.

This is the main reason why TEFL Certificates are so valued by schools world wide and why most schools require teachers to have a Certificate and be Real, Certified ESL Teachers and although most TEFL Courses out there can be quite boring with and with a lot of reading involved, luckily LETSTEFL and their Ultimate 120-hour TEFL Course makes Education and learning as interactive and as pleasurable as possible.

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A TEFL Course that actually is Fun

Nobody likes going to school, Well at least most people or students do not. However Learning Online and doing your TEFL Course Online with LETSTEFL is another story entirely. They have put tremendous time and effort on making their course as effective and easy to learn as possible, hours and hours of hard work gone by for the best possible learning environment for their students.

So Getting your TEFL Certificate won’t just be some boring Course like some of the other regular, overpriced(And sometimes unaccredited) TEFL Providers. Nope, You will have a supportive and highly interactive learning environment and a pleasurable TEFL Course journey.

Naturally, every TEFL Course provider will have it’s positives and negatives, the same goes for LETSTEFL. Although it is a Great course provider and Helping candidates at finding jobs abroad and Online, It still has some down sides. However we go into the Pros and Cons more thoroughly a little later in the article. First there some important Questions that need Answering.

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We will not Waste your Time

Lets get over the Four most important questions immediately and not Waste your time.

1. Is LETSTEFL’s Ultimate 120-hours TEFL Course properly Accredited?

Answer: Yes it is. Check their accreditation number here below plus the added image.

Accreditation number:

How to get TEFL Certified with LETSTEFL in 2020 - TEFL Accredition

2. Is there a good support team or system?

Answer: Definitely! In fact, you can have any question or issue solved very quickly through their Online support. Check the image here below.

How to get TEFL Certified with LETSTEFL in 2020 - Online support

3. Is there a preview of the course so that i can have a look?

Answer: Absolutely! There definitely is a Free preview available. Check the image here Below.

How to get TEFL Certified with LETSTEFL in 2020 - TEFL Course Preview

What is the Price?

Answer: The Price varies depending on discounts and sales periods and it seems there is one now. The Current Price is $199.-  And apparently they have added Free Shipping for an original copy for your TEFL Certificate as a bonus as well.

These were the top Four most commonly asked question when searching a proper TEFL Course and lets TEFL Definitely doesn’t disappoint. Their course is also below average priced, Most 120-hour TEFL Courses are priced between $280.- and $400.-. So you’re in for a good Deal too.

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How to get TEFL Certified with LETSTEFL – Content Review

Now lets walk you through the content that is included within the 120-hour Ultimate TEFL Course, What you will be learning and what kind of ESL education you will receive.

How to get TEFL Certified with LETSTEFL in 2020 - TEFL Course Overview


Quality Education

As you can see from the image there will be quite a bit of useful education happening during your TEFL Course. Learning How to teach parts of Speech and spoken language, sentences and tenses, Teaching vocabulary, Listening, Speaking, Reading, writing, Lesson planning, Motivating Your students, Testing your students, Class room management and other incredible resources and Bonuses.

You will be guided every step of the way, Each step is a building block for the next one, Thus gradually and effectively helping you learn all you need to know about ESL, The Basics, working Methods, Advanced materials and more. This Course has it all.

It’s truly one of the best and most advanced courses that has been made, Both Experienced and starting teachers can benefit immensely of it’s knowledge, ESL Expertise and teach their students more confidently and effectively. Knowledge is Power definitely applies here.

Additional services

Besides the extra support, free shipping and High Quality Course,

They also offer services like:

How to get TEFL Certified with LETSTEFL in 2020 - Free Employment training

They Help you Perfect and make a killer CV and Ace interviews for optimal success, with this additional Free employment training course you will be well on your way to get that Dream Job.


How to get TEFL Certified with LETSTEFL in 2020 - Life time job placement Service


A Life time Placement Service and not only that, They also guarantee you a job with one of their partner schools overseas. Now that’s called a top service!

You will be guided every step of the way and with all that support at your back, Your success won’t be far behind. So not all TEFL Providers are boring, some are actually quite interesting and very unique in their teaching materials and services.

So whether you are just looking for a TEFL Course or for a very good ESL Job abroad, both options are available, You can also do them both at the same place. That’s even better! Now as promised, lets move on to the Pros and cons of LETSTEFL.


The Pros and cons

Every company will have it’s positives and negatives, LETSTEFL is no exception here and you definitely deserve to know as much as possible. Now Lets get straight to Business.

Lets start with the cons:

  • LETSTEFL can only help candidates find jobs in 5 Asian places, Which are: China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand and South Korea, They currently have no connections in other countries.
  • As far as currently is known, They currently only have their 120-hour Ultimate TEFL Course available, there is no 140-hour course or higher. However nearly every school world wide will accept 120-hour TEFL certificates.

These are our only two Known cons of LETSTEFL, Now lets move on to the Pros.

The Pros:

  • Top Quality Education and services unlike ever seen anywhere else.
  • Highly interactive and effective way of learning
  • Easy to follow Study materials
  • The TEFL Course is Very Low-cost and reasonably priced.
  • Top and Quick support
  • Life time assistance in your ESL job search
  • You can complete your course within 4 weeks
  • Incredibly high chance of passing your Test the first time
  • Receive a high quality TEFL certificate that is valued and accepted worldwide!

Well folks that was it for our Pros and cons, this is what we have learned during our thorough review of LETSTEFL. However, we are still only human, if we have missed anything feel free to let us know!

A lot of TEFL course providers don’t feel the need to offer higher quality courses or additional services, whether it’s laziness or lack of competition among them, it’s very unfortunate. The more helpful and better the courses are, Then the teachers will also be better and in turn offer their students much more quality knowledge and ESL Classes.


Are you ready to get started?

Are you ready to get your TEFL adventure going and start your TEFL course? Then take action and start your journey today, you can finish your course with LETSTEFL in 4 weeks. Naturally if you want to take more time, then of course, take as long as you need, there is no race here. Only Education and self-improvement.

Teaching ESL is a True pleasure, Both Abroad and Online. We are truly living in the Golden age of TEFL, there is no better time to get started than now. English teachers are needed everywhere in the world, Especially in Asia, In fact they need you and your expertise. Your future students await you, so do your TEFL course, become a certified teacher and get started ASAP. You are needed.

What are you still doing reading this article? What are you waiting for? A Magic button and Poof you are suddenly certified? Wouldn’t that be a dream come true. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way, You need to take action and you can do that by clicking the link here below, so stop procrastinating and get to work Now!

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Happy teaching.

Have a Question, Comment or would you like to add something? Then feel absolutely free to comment away here below in the the comment Section.


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4 thoughts on “How to get TEFL Certified with LETSTEFL in 2020 + Review & The Ultimate 120-hour TEFL Course”

  1. This information was very useful. I just started my certification course with letstefl and it’s great so far, I’m learning at lot of new tefl materials, classroom management skills, teaching children, university students and even adults! and also how to deal with the more difficult students(if the occasion happens) was very intriguing, I definitely recommend this course. Young.

    • Hi Young,

      Glad to hear that you are enjoying your course! LETSTEFL’s Ultimate 120 hour TEFL course definitely offers a wealth of knowledge and ESL education. It’s super extensive as well, probably more so than most other 120-hour TEFL courses out there, it’s a terrific course and you are well on your way on becoming a certified teacher very soon!

      Thanks for sharing and enjoy the rest of your course.


  2. Letstefl’s 120 hour ultimate tefl course is definitely a top recommendation, i just finished it and loved the personal approach and tutor support. The course is also very interactive and far from boring. This was my personal experience and i would say it’s an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high quality and affordable tefl course, Antonio

    • Hi Antonio,

      Thanks for your feed back, it’s much appreciated!

      Glad to hear you enjoyed your course, we definitely agree that letstefl is one of the top Online TEFL course providers in the field, although they have one type of course available, It’s super effective.

      Again, thanks for sharing and happy teaching!



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