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How to get TEFL Certified With SEETEFL + Review – The Top Onsite Courses In Thailand!

How to get TEFL Certified With SEETEFL – Reviewed for the ESL Teacher

If you were looking for the Ultimate and TOP TEFL Course, then Learning about How to get TEFL Certified With SEETEFL is definitely for you, Because it’s High Quality and Highly effective onsite courses in Thailand is unrivaled anywhere else. Thoroughly reviewed for ESL Teachers world wide, A Must know.


Why a Good TEFL Course Matters

Half of you ESL teachers out there may wonder why a good TEFL course even matters and The other half of you may wonder why you need such an *annoying* Certificate Just To teach English abroad or online anyway. Both are good questions and i get it. I was in your place before and i was like come on, do i really need this piece of paper(or online certificate) just to teach English? But i can definitely tell you with great certainty, it Matters.

Especially a good and Accredited TEFL Course is of great importance. A proper TEFL Course teaches prospecting ESL teachers all the basics and more about teaching English as a second language to foreign students. You will learn all a huge wealth of information about teaching the English language, grammar, Speaking, Listening, reading, Classroom Management and all the other important stuff.

I also know that some of you may heard that doing a TEFL Course is boring, takes a lot of reading and a huge amount of time. In fact, sometimes TEFL Courses may take months to complete and this may come as a big burden for you ESL teachers who want to start as soon ass possible. But Luckily you Can finish sooner. With SEETEFL’s Onsite Courses you can finish within 4-weeks and it’s fun too!(For Good Online Courses you can check out LETSTEFL by clicking here).

 A TEFL Course that is Quick, Fun and even Adventurous!

With SEETEFL, Your TEFL Course Won’t just be Fun and Quick, It will be adventurous as well! Because you will be taken them in the Beautiful and Tropical Thailand! Yes, you read that correctly In Thailand and more specifically in the Beautiful and wondrous ChiangMai. You will also be observing LIVE TEFL Classes with REAL Foreign students and see firsthand how ESL teaching works and gain valuable experience.

Ah.. Beautiful Thailand, Good memories. The country of Buddhism and a foreigner’s dream of living, working and even retiring. A way of life and living unlike you have ever experienced before in your life. More slow paced, relaxed and most definitely fun. I could tell you a whole lot more, but that’s not the point of this article(Click here later on to check out how to teach ESL in Thailand). Nope, the point here is on how to get properly TEFL Certified and more Specifically with SEETEFL.

You will want to Get properly and effective TEFL Certified, SEETEFL can definitely help you achieve that goal, they have their own training centers in Thailand(with real students) and are also connected to many schools nationwide there. They can help their graduates get both Full time or part time jobs and even internships just for those of you out there who want to gain valuable ESL teaching experience.


How to get TEFL Certified With SEETEFL Review – SEETEFL’s Course overview

In this section you will see an overview of everything that SEETEFL has to offer and Why doing your TEFL Course with this provider is absolutely one of the best TEFL choices you could ever make.

How to get TEFL Certified With SEETEFL + Review - Course overview

Training in stunning ChiangMai

Doing your TEFL training in Thailand and amazing ChiangMai is absolutely one of the greatest choices for ESL teachers, Not just ESL education wise, but Environmental as well. As far as ESL Teaching education is concerned, You will be part of a group of MAX 20 trainees studying ESL knowledge, resources, In-class practical training and Observe real Practical TEFL Classes with REAL local students.

You will be undergoing not only a top quality TEFL Course, but a highly realistic one as well. One that will benefit you far greater than any online course. While there are definitely some Great Online TEFL Courses and they are cheaper as well, it still doesn’t match a practical onsite course and you are unable to observe real TEFL classes in person. Next to all that, most TEFL providers are also unable to help you to find a Job abroad or online.

This is why onsite TEFL courses are so incredibly valued, especially like the ones SEETEFL provides in ChiangMai, it’s simply far more realistic and possibly also more effective than some Online or your local onsite TEFL Course. If you want to teach English abroad, then we definitely recommend doing it together with SEETEFL, If you just want to teach English online, then doing an online TEFL course might be more convenient for you

SEETEFL’s Course Overview

Here Below is a short Course Summary:

  • As you read above there will only be a maximum of 20 trainees per course, so if you want to join on a particular time, Make sure you book early.
  • Volunteer opportunities for those who wish to volunteer
  • SEETEFL Can help with trainees accommodation
  • Includes 6 observed teaching practices with real students at a range of local schools
  • 4 weeks of onsite and classroom skills training
  • Training days and hours are from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM

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Course Outline

TEFL Training Course Syllabus in 16 topic Area’s which are:

  • The Teaching Process
  • Topics, Situations, Notions and Functions
  • Classroom Interaction
  • Classroom Discipline
  • Teaching Children
  • Large Heterogeneous Classes
  • Lesson Preparation
  • Teaching Pronunciation
  • Teaching Vocabulary
  • Teaching Grammar
  • Teaching Speaking
  • Teaching Listening
  • Teaching Reading
  • Teaching Writing
  • Assessment overview

Practical and Authentic Teaching Practice

TEFL Training Assessment Framework

Foreign Language Experience

Language Awareness – Structure and Components of English

English Learner Student Profile

TEFL Training Course Objectives

The course enables candidates to:

  • Acquire essential pedagogical knowledge that is relevant to teaching English as a foreign language to a wide variety of age-groups
  • Acquire essential practical skills for both assessing the level of an adult’s competency in using English as a foreign language and teaching English to Adults whose first language is not English.
  • Demonstrate their ability to apply their learning in real teaching contexts.

TEFL Training Course Program

Courses run for four weeks in total. During that time, candidates will receive 120 contact hours and these will include:

  • Input
  • Supervised lesson planning
  • Six observed teaching practices (six hours)
  • Feedback on teaching
  • Observation of experienced teachers
  • Consultation time
  • Familiarization with the role of being a second language learner

And Much, MUCH More!

These are but a few of the subjects you will endure during your incredible TEFL Course, there is much more awesome stuff you will receive!

Check the video here below for a SEETEFL Tour!:

The Prices:

  • The Regular price is $1595,-

However there are discounts As well:

  • Discount One: Early bird price is $1495,- (Save $100,-)
  • Discount Two: Super Early bird price is $1395,- (Save $200,-)
  • The TEFL Internship + course option (For Native speakers) is $1295,-

These are all the prices plus the possible discounts you can get, there are no other hidden fees or last additions. What you see is what you get.

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How to get TEFL Certified With SEETEFL + Review - Why choose SEETEFL?

The Pros and cons

Naturally every course provider will have it’s ups and Downs and SEETEFL is no different.

Lets start with the cons:

  • More expensive than doing an Online TEFL Course(But it’s a common con among all onsite courses).
  • Information overload – While Doing an Onsite course in Thailand is definitely more fun, it’s still a lot information and knowledge you are acquiring, so your brain might go haywire.
  • Might be to quick for some trainees – As of currently known this date, 4 weeks is the fastest possible time to finish your TEFL course, however this speed might be to fast for some trainees.

That was it for the cons, now it’s time for the Pro’s:

  • SEETEFL Provides Job Guarantee!
  • You will be doing your TEFL Course in a Fun and Encouraging environment
  • You will have group support
  • You will have top rate ESL teaching Education and teaching skills
  • Earn a top grade TEFL Certificate
  • You will observe actual TEFL Classes with Real local students
  • You will have an advantage over most other starting teachers, especially in terms of ESL experience
  • You will acquire knowledge and information of the highest quality
  • Last and the best, You will be doing it all in the Beautiful and Sunny Thailand, in ChiangMai!

And that was it ladies and gents for our Pros and cons. Like i said earlier, every TEFL provider will have it’s positives and negatives, even though i personally really like SEETEFL and the cons aren’t really a big deal for me, it may be the case for some of you out. But all in SEETEFL is definitely a Top rated provider and with Incredibly high quality courses. It’s definitely a Great recommendation for anyone who wish to become ESL teachers.

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Start Your ESL adventure Today!

Teaching English to foreign students is definitely a great job or even a career choice and it will continue to be so for at least the next 20 to 30 years! It’s truly the Golden Age for ESL Teaching, Both for Abroad and Online. You have made a great decision to become a part of this golden era.

SEETEFL is absolutely one of the best companies in the world who can help you in your TEFL journey and it’s also amazing course and job provider to start with.

Are you ready to start your incredible adventure in this golden era? Then take action and start your TEFL Course ASAP, Better yet, start it today and even more better, Start it Right Now!

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Happy Teaching!

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