how to make money and travel – The best & easiest ways to make Money Care-Free!

Make more Money With the best Three Options

Everyone wants to make more money and do the things they love to do, but what if your are in a low point in your life, and could use some help, what could you do? Well we Believe that our best 3 recommendation could help you getting back on your feet again, to travel and do whatever else you like to do.

here’s Our top 3 recommendations:

  • Recommendation 1 – Being an English teacher abroad ( no education degree necessary).
  • Recommendation 2 – Being an Online English or language teacher (Again, no degree necessary).
  • Recommendation 3 – Create your own amazing and successful online business.

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Now lets begin with the first chapter

Become a language teacher Abroad

Teaching abroad is becoming truly one of the most popular and high paying jobs in the world, to be a foreign language teacher is a great privilege, The salary is good, you get some benefits plus a totally free apartment, most schools also offer to reimburse your flight fees, With so many new schools opening up worldwide it’s becoming a huge task to find suitable foreign teachers to fill up their open vacancies.

how to make money and travel
how to make money and travel

You will be going on an adventure of a life, next to the good salary and benefits, you will have a good amount a free time and personal freedom for yourself, you will be in the middle of an amazing new culture and you will meet people from all walks of life, the wonders of teaching abroad is truly endless!

Most schools have their own curriculum and lesson plans, you only need to do the easy part, That is just teaching and while you don’t necessarily need a degree in Education, most schools will ask if you have TEFL Certificate, Having a TEFL certificate means that not only is the teacher more qualified to teach, but also certified, you can get on easily online for a cheap price.

Life can truly be fun and enjoyable while teaching abroad, you can save as much money as you want and spend it on your travels, having fun, going out or what ever else you would like to do, it’s your money anyway, Do what you love to do and enjoy an adventure of a life time that you will treasure the rest of your life! interested in Being a foreign language teacher abroad?

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Alright lets move on to the next chapter!


Become a Language teacher Online

Work from home and teach English or another language Online! Thanks to the internet an entirely new online world opened up and with it amazing new opportunities, Teach Online is one of those opportunities, you can earn good money, actually even a full time income just by teaching Online and the best part is, that you can work from anywhere in the world, even when you are traveling! that’s pretty cool right?

how to make money and travel
how to make money and travel

With teaching Online you will have more freedom and free time for yourself, you will help students to learn a foreign language and you will become an ambassador for your country online, like most other schools, most online schools will ask if you are a certified teacher, which means of having done the TEFL course and obtained a TEFL certificate, thanks to the course you receive training and will learn a ton of knowledge & information about teaching in general, it will help prepare for a real classroom environment and you will be ready to take on any challenge.

As mentioned before you can work from anywhere in the world as long as you have a stable internet connection and a decent computer or laptop, you can work as much as you want or as little as 10 to 12 hours per week, you can Save up more than enough money for your travels and do what you like to do most of the time.

There are usually two types of classes, group classes and 1on1 private classes, group classes usually consist of 4 to 6 students, while 1on1 is a more direct and personalized approach for the student, important qualities to keep in mind while being an online teacher & for during an interview, Be enthusiastic, smile a lot, use a lot of body language and more importantly, be your happy self and the Online Schools will love you, Feeling excited and interested about teaching Online?

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Now lets move on with the final Chapter!


Create Your own online business using the easiest method

Like i said before, With the rise of the Online world came many opportunities and the dream of becoming your own boss and having your own successful online business is not longer a dream, But a reality, In this final Chapter I’m going to recommend you the easiest way of creating a business, as long as you are willing to put in some of the work and effort you will see your own business gradually grow into a money maker that can earn you a full income online and beyond.

how to make money and travel
how to make money and travel

over more than a decade ago, Creating a business in the online world used to be such a hassle, from creating a website from scratch to coding the finer details, luckily in this day and age there are marketing programs out there that not only provide you with the right education, but have also done all the technicalities for you,

In early 2016 when i just started out, i was really fortunate enough to stumble on such awesome Marketing platform, that not only provide me with a simplified step by step training, but also had all the tools i ever needed to create a successful business and the best part was, they had(still have) a completely free version of their program, and with all of these features combined, i came to the conclusion that this marketing education platform was totally legit and I’m still a very happy member to this very day,

Speaking of members, there is a massive community of literary thousands of thousands of members in the platform, experienced and newbies alike and you can interact & ask help from all of them, they are such wonderful people from all walks of life and most of them are more than happy to give you a helping hand when you need it, the support is also amazing, if there is a problem, there is always 24/7 support.

Truly, i meant when i said, that creating an online business isn’t all that difficult, but it does require you, your work and effort, the education, the tools and help will all be available for you and if you start today, you will see yourself in a very good position in the near future, it’s a gradual process, this is how a true online business works, are you interested in becoming your own boss?

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We hope that this article was helpful for you, if so, then it’s purpose was achieved and we hope that we have answered your question on how to make money and travel, it is our honor to be of service to you, we wish you A Life Of Greatness!

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