How to Make Money from traveling – Three excellent ways to make money.

The Three Best ways to Make Money

Most of us like to travel once in a while, but there are some among us who are just the travel freaks and even want to make living of it, doing what you should be the center of your life and if traveling is your center, then there are three ways we will recommend you to make money and keep an income flowing to your bank account,

These are our three best recommendations:

  • Teach English or another language abroad (Degree in Education not necessary)
  • Teach English or another language Online¬† (Once again Degree in Education not necessary)
  • Create your own successful Online business the easiest way (In your case about traveling or an online Blog site).

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Lets start with the first chapter

Become an English Teacher Abroad

Teaching abroad is becoming one of the most well paying jobs in the world, It’s fun, it’s educational, you have more freedom and it’s an experience of a life time, not only is your salary good, you will usually receive some benefits & a free apartment, You will become an ambassador for your country by helping the local school improve their foreign language skills!

How to Make Money from traveling
How to Make Money from traveling

Although you don’t necessarily need a degree in education, most schools do ask their potential teachers if the posses a TEFL Certificate, By doing a TEFL Course you will become a more qualified & certified teacher and you will get hired ten times faster than a teacher without a Course.

Teaching abroad is truly an experience of a life time, not only are you helping students by teaching them a new foreign language, you are basically also a representative of your country, students would love to know a little more about you and your country as well,

Most schools have their own lesson plans & curriculum, leaving you only with the *easy* part, Just Teaching, You have more free time & freedom for yourself, you usually earn more than enough to save a lot of money and travel more or party more, which ever you prefer, it’s your money, do what you want with it, Just Do what you love and enjoy your life, Are you interested in becoming a teacher abroad?

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Now lets move On to Chapter Two


Become a Language teacher Online

Teaching Online is becoming one of the most increasingly high wanted jobs in the world, the reason is obvious, The world is becoming more connected than ever before, working from home has become a reality and can provide a ton of more freedom and free time for yourself, next to that, the salary is good and you can teach from anywhere around the world, it’s truly one of the best travel jobs!

How to Make Money from traveling
How to Make Money from traveling

Most Online schools ask their teachers to be Certified, so getting a TEFL Certificate is highly recommended, simply because it provides the knowledge, training, information and personal expertise of past teachers all combined in such a course, you will enter the classroom well prepared and ready to take on most challenges,

When teaching online you will usually encounter only two types of classes, group classes and 1on1 classes, group classes usually consist of 4 to 6 students, while 1on1 classes have a more direct and personal approach on a single student, again, even online you will become an ambassador for your Home Land, You will interact with students on a weekly basis, they will learn invaluable knowledge and skills from you, It’s so exciting for them!

Online schools absolute love if their teachers are enthusiastic, Smile a lot, use lots of body language and be their happy positive self, you can usually work as much as you want or as little as 10-12 hours a week, you can teach from anywhere around the globe, as long as you have a stable internet connection and a decent computer or laptop to work from, It’s Truly that easy! what do you think?¬† are you interested in teaching Online?

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Now lets move on to the last but definitely not the least Chapter!


Build your own Money Making Online business the Easiest way!

As stated in the previous chapter, the world has become more connected than ever before, thanks to the rise of the internet and incredible increasingly technologies, working from home has become a reality and in this day and age there are quite a few ways to make money from home, however i will recommend you (in my opinion) the easiest way to create an online business, So that you can even make money from your travels!

How to Make Money from traveling
How to Make Money from traveling

Let me start with that while it isn’t that difficult to create your own online business, it does take some work and effort from your part, creating a successful business isn’t like winning the lottery or a get rich quick scheme, but with consistent daily effort you will see results in the near future, but more important, just enjoy the journey, keep track of your progress, so that you can say in 3 month, 6 months and a year from now, WOW what a journey, look at what i have achieved! And that something you will be proud of.

When i started my own Online journey in early 2016, i knew nothing about creating an online business, marketing or even the technology behind, i was definitely no IT genius, but luckily for me i found a marketing education program that took care of all the technicalities for me(what a relief that was), but next to all the awesome features, they provided me with a step by step training to create my own beautiful successful business, hence forth, the website you see today and several more like it, I’m definitely feeling Proud of the work i have achieved.

How does it work? well i did mention that in my opinion it is the easiest kind of business right? Basically all that you will be doing is simply selling other peoples stuff in exchange for a commission or also known as a referral fee, you don’t need to own or have the products or service physically, it all works through a special affiliate link.

An affiliate what? An affiliate link or referral link, Lets give an example, lets say you have an website up an running and links with several services or products on it from different kinds of advertisers, all those links will contain a special code that will let the advertiser know that if a visitor from your website clicks on that link and redirects to the advertiser’s main website that the visitor came through your website(thanks to that code) and when he or she buys something, You will be rewarded with a commission!

Sounds easy right? well it actually is! you may believe it is not, it’s just the work and effort you need to put in, the same program i am still using this very day has an amazing all in one platform, all the technicalities are already dealt with, websites are built in just a click, you just need to fill it up a little with content(and okay) make it a little more beautiful, but you really do receive a step by step training that makes all of this seem so easy and the best part is that they have a completely Free version for you to start with, Feeling Interested?

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We truly believe that these 3 *jobs* are the best ways for travelers(any most other people of course) to live a more fulfilling & happier life, if we have answered your question on How to Make Money from traveling and you found any of these opportunities useful, then this article has done its job, Thank for taking the time for reading and We wish you a Life Of Greatness!


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