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How to quickly get TEFL certified in 5 Steps & find a Job

How to Get TEFL Certified & Start your TEFL Adventure

Whether you want to Teach English Online or abroad, you are most likely still going to need your certificate, so if you have been wondering how to get TEFL Certified as quickly as possible, then you have definitely come to the right place, because here you will learn how to achieve your TEFL goals in just 5 steps!

But first, Why do you need a Certificate in the first place and why is ESL teaching so popular?

Why do you need a TEFL certificate?

A TEFL Certificate is your key to teaching ESL to foreign students, but it’s more than that, having your certificate means that you have done a Proper Teaching Course and the course is filled with vast knowledge,  information and expertise about teaching English to foreign students, it’s your guide for becoming a knowledgeable and incredibly helpful teacher,

It also take away a lot of the stress, fear and uneasiness for a new foreign language teacher, Remember, knowledge is power, so the more knowledge you obtain, the more powerful you become and you will naturally become more confident in yourself and your teaching abilities,

This is why so many Schools hire teachers who have done their TEFL course and are real Certified teachers, they have made themselves more *Valuable* by earning their certificates, done their training, obtained precious knowledge and skills from the teaching experts who came before them, which in turn makes them incredible assets for any school out there, whether it’s Teaching ESL Online or Teaching ESL Abroad.

Why is ESL Teaching so popular?

Well for starters, teaching English to foreign students has always been popular! It’s just with the rise of the internet decades ago that it’s popularity has multiplied ever since, especially since the start of the new millennium(the year 2000), because more and more people became connected through the internet worldwide and thus, the ESL Job world has risen with it,

This is truly the golden age for Teaching English, in this day and age there are billions of online users world wide and this number is only expected to grow, why is this relevant you may wonder? Well for starters, English is a world Language, it’s in every country and in every market and the more connected the world becomes, the more necessary TEFL teachers will be, it’s this rapid growth of globalization which also paves the way for golden opportunities for English teachers from all over the world,

Lets not forgot to mention the Money that can be earned and the benefits you can receive, if it’s teaching abroad, then usually you get benefits like a non shared free apartment, insurance, contract bonus and other bonuses, air ticket reimbursement or in some cases paid flight tickets offered from schools, if it’s teaching online, then the benefits usually just include monetary bonuses,

Still, all in all, ESL teaching is a very profitable career choice, you can do incredibly well for both  tutoring online and abroad, lets now move on to the 5 steps of getting TEFL Certified.


How to quickly get TEFL certified in 5 steps & Find a job

You may have like so many others before you heard or read of the incredible opportunity to teach English to foreign students abroad(or online), earn a great income, have your own free apartment, free insurance and so many other amazing benefits, however you probably also got word of the requirement of having a TEFL Certificate and you were immediately thinking of how to get it or better yet, how to get it as fast as possible,

as of this day and date, within a 4 week time frame is so far the fastest way to get your TEFL Certificate and now it’s the time for you to know how..

How to quickly get TEFL certified in 5 Steps

1. Choosing the right TEFL Provider for yourself

Everyone is unique and different, the some goes for the TEFL Providers, each provider will be unique, however it is true that some may be better than others and may offer more content, detailed support and additional bonuses which helps to stick out above everyone else.

Some of the most highly qualified Online TEFL Course providers are ETEFL and LetsTEFL. For top quality both Online and Onsite(in-class) TEFL Course providers Are ITTT and SEETEFL(Highly recommended), you can also finish your course within 4 weeks with them, however SEETEFL only has onsite courses and they are held in the beautiful, tropical Thailand, but they are super effective and much more realistic,

Whichever course provider you choose, make sure that they are at least internationally recognized and accredited by a TEFL accreditation commission, for example the wteflac(there also are several other TEFL commissions), if a TEFL course provider offers you non accredited TEFL courses, then the certificate(s) you receive may not be valid and you would have wasted your money,

So be sure to do your research properly(or check out our top 10 recommended Online and onsite course providers here) and check out what additional content, support and bonuses they may provide you, it’s always best to have as much of the tools, resources and help at your disposal you may need, to know the in’s and out’s on what it take to became not only a properly certified teacher, but a good(and cool) teacher as well.

2. How much time are you willing to invest?

This is probably one of the most important personal questions you should ask yourself, although the  TEFL Course does more than 50% of the work for you, it does not stop there, it also requires action and dedication from yourself as well, so just give a moments thought and think about your own dedication towards finishing a course within 4 weeks, how fast do you want to start teaching English abroad or online?

You definitely don’t need to rush it either if you want to take a little more time to finish your course, however Onsite courses are far more faster and pleasurable to participate in, because you will do it together with a group of TEFL trainees, so you will always have plenty of support(And possibly new friends) with you at all time,

But as i mentioned earlier, each person is unique and different, you pretty much already know yourself what type of person you are, so just think about what kind of course and support you need, do your research, find the most suitable provider and just get started, the road is clear and a wonderful future awaits you, take full advantage of this Golden TEFL Age!

3. What do you need to feel like a true Certified TEFL Teacher

If you have never taught a single day in your entire life, then becoming a TEFL Teacher may seem scary  at first or even a little frightening to you, however these fears can be easily overcome with the right knowledge and skill set, eventually Experience is always going to be your best teacher out there, so even though you may have done your course, got the knowledge and expertise, you may still feel like *not good enough*,

The truth here is, most people who start out on something new will feel the *not good enough* feeling, even though they have learned as much as possible about their subject, so it will be up to experience to fill that empty gap inside of you and the more experienced you get, the more confident and knowledgeable you become,

So the only thing you can do is, just start and trust in yourself and what you have learned, you will most likely face setbacks or even some failures, which is absolutely normal and a normal part of life, even in these situations you will grow, develop and evolve as a person, there is no shame in facing a setback or not knowing something or even making a mistake, just learn from them, don’t dwell on the past and become even better.

4. The Qualifications for TEFL(Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

It’s best you know ahead of time on what you’re getting yourself into, including the different qualifications for different schools and countries and how being a certified teacher fits into all of this, first of all even if you currently are a teacher, you probably still need a TEFL, because Teaching English to foreign students is a different field than you are used to..

In any case, in most cases, if you are teaching abroad, you will need:

  • Well Duh, A TEFL Certificate, a real no-brainer.
  • In a lot of countries you will need a Bachelors degree or higher(in any field).
  • to Speak English fluently.
  • to be enthusiastic and motivating.

For teaching Online you will need:

  • In most cases also a TEFL Certificate
  • In a lot of cases also A Bachelors degree or higher(But not all, more about this in a moment)
  • Be Fluent in English.
  • To show Enthusiasm and be a motivating teacher.

As i mentioned earlier, a lot of schools or online ESL companies require their teachers to have a bachelors degree or higher, however some online teaching companies like Preply don’t require their online teachers to possess a bachelors degree and ironically, they are also one of the highest paying Online tutoring companies out there, compared to the ones who require their teachers to possess college degrees…

In any case, there are possibilities for everyone, from native to non natives teachers and from degree holders to non degree holders, whatever your current situation is, there are still golden teaching opportunities for you, take them!

5. Get Started And take Action today

Inaction wont lead you anywhere, so the best thing you can do once you have checked out your favorite course provider is to just get started, i have personally been overthinking my options for many hours when i was choosing my first online TEFL Course, it’s good to check your options, but if you are pretty sure that you have found the one, go for it, also, if i Knew about SEETEFL’s Onsite course in Thailand years ago, i would have definitely gone for that one,

Why? Well not just because of the beauty and the tropical climate of the country, although i must admit, it would have partly influenced my decision of going for it, but because it’s much more realistic and i would have witnessed firsthand what ESL teaching to foreign students was, because part of their program is to observe REAL practical classes from other foreign teachers, that would have been so incredibly amazing and beneficial to watch!

Anyway, i cant undo the past, it’s done, however, i can definitely recommend it to new, prospecting teachers such as yourself, observing Real teaching classes is incredibly beneficial, much more realistic than undergoing TEFL courses online or doing onsite classes in your home country, This is just my personal recommendation, you are free to choose, just be sure to choose a course which brings the most benefit to your own personal growth and development and knowledge that you can pass on to you students.

For some more awesome TEFL Course providers, click here to check them out now.


Finally it’s time for you to set of into the ESL Job World & Find a Job

Yes, it’s time little bird, it’s time to fly out of the nest and into the TEFL World, you have done your course, got your TEFL Certificate and have become a true Certified TEFL Teacher, which means that you are illegible and ready to teach English in Many countries around the Globe!

How to quickly get TEFL certified in 5 Steps & Find a Job

Where to start?

Well if you were to ask me which country is the most profitable place to make money, then i would definitely say in China, especially with some of the top teaching positions, you can earn more than enough money to live beyond a comfortable lifestyle, in fact teaching English in China is probably the number one country where foreign teachers go to for *earning* good money,

If you were to ask me what’s the most relaxing and enjoyable country to teach English to foreign students, then i would definitely say Thailand(SEETEFL & LetsTEFL can also help you find jobs there), The country is famous for it’s slow paced lifestyle, it’s good food and a great place for foreigners to enjoy life there, so if you prefer a more relaxed and fun Lifestyle, then Thailand is probably the best choice for you to teach at,

Some Other countries like Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar are also great choices for English teachers world wide, the truth is,everyone is different and each of you will be attracted to a different country, each place is unique and filled with wonders and endless adventures, the world awaits you and it’s up to you to figure out your first destination. 😉


Enjoy your ESL Adventure

Whichever path you decide to follow and what ever destination you choose to teach at, make sure that it’s a decision you are happy with, ESL Teaching Should be enjoyable for the most part, trials and errors might happen along the way, but like a said before, if you learn from them, it will only make you more powerful,

Enjoy the journey ahead of you, teach your wonderful students the English Language, make some good friends along the way and be your amazing self!

Happy teaching!


Got any questions or comment? Then feel absolutely Free to Comment away here below into the Comment section.


How to quickly get TEFL certified in 5 Steps
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