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how to start an online business and make money – A Beginners guide for a successful Online Business

The foundation for Online Success

These days, creating a successful online business isn’t that difficult anymore as it was in the year 2000, where you needed to be a tech-genius to even consider building an online business from complete scratch, luckily for us non-techie entrepreneurs, it’s now 19 years later and most of the technical stuff has already been set in certain models, like creating a website with just a click of your mouse button,

When you’re thinking about how to start an online business and make money Online, You have to have a solid foundation, In most cases, the online business industry has Three building blocks that is required for a business to run, the first building block starts with a business method, the second building block is how can you implement your business method and the third building block is how can you promote(marketing) your online business.

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We have got you covered in all aspects, the easiest business method & both the simple technical stuff & marketing in an all in one platform, There is currently already an entire community consisting of thousands and thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs work on their online business there and not only will there be plenty of training available, but also all the the technical details are taken care of, so you can concentrate completely on your business and the best part is, that they have a completely free membership, But lets start with the proper business method first.

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The Easiest method for your Online Goals

I truly believe that The most easiest business method of creating & maintaining an online business is through affiliate marketing, using this business method comes with the least possible hassle and you can just simply concentrate on your business, in fact i would say this method is very easy, the only *difficult* part is putting in some of the work and effort on creating your online business, but once you get rolling, you will be like, WOW, it is truly that simple!

how to start an online business and make money
how to start an online business and make money

What the Heck is affiliate market?

Simply said, it’s a marketing term that means selling other people’s stuff in exchange for a commission, without the hassle of owning any physical services or products yourself,

Which means:

  • You don’t need to own any products or services yourself, just recommend them and get paid a referral fee.
  • Absolutely no trouble with any product bureaucracy or paperwork.
  • Absolutely no trouble with any product taxes.
  • Absolutely no trouble with product licenses or registration
  • No heavy or difficult work involved.
  • Work from anywhere you want.

Sounds good right? businesses like amazon and e-commerce also use affiliate marketing, there are millions of businesses with tens of millions of products out there and you can make money from nearly any of them.


Is it Difficult to create such a business?

A BIG no and a little bit yes, a bit no because once you know how creating an online business with affiliate marketing works and you put yourself into the right mind, it goes pretty smoothly, of course there will be trails and errors along your path, but that is normal, every single entrepreneur will go through them,

And a little bit yes, Once you start something new, a new interested, hobby or regular even a regular job, the starting part is always a little challenging, Starting an online business is no different, but luckily, going through the training is a step by step process in which you will create your online business at the same time along the way, so all of the starting part becomes less challenging,

Most affiliate marketing programs out there just offer some decent training and education, some of them also offer very good training and education, but now tools, features or platform to create an online business, to be honest, i have encountered no other program, that offers an all in one platform, with training, education, tools, features or even a community like the one i am using now, so it is that platform i will recommend to anyone really considering to start their own online business and they have a completely free membership(forever) for you to use as you please.



Your Step By step Partner for a Successful Online business

It is always touch and go nowadays when finding the right sources to create and online business, i know the feeling when i started my search back in 2012/2013, unfortunately i didn’t find the right program back then and i didn’t even knew which business method to used, so that time was a failure, but luckily, when i regained interest in early 2016, i finally found the right platform to start my own online business, i was a complete newbie, but thanks to the step by step training and the amazing community there, creating a business went quite smoothly!

how to start an online business and make money
how to start an online business and make money

Your online business Partner

When i finally found wealthy affiliate in early 2016, i was completely surprised with their free membership, the were no costs involved and i could use some of their free training(i believe it was around 10 training video’s) & free websites to start my online business,

Why the free membership?

Well, when they started out in 2005, affiliate marketing was still relatively new and you had to pay to join their program, Back then there were only a handful of online marketing programs out there that could teach folks how to create an online business and they were quite thriving for some time, until….(i think you can guess this part), the rise of online get rich quick schemes or also simply known as scams…

Because of the quick rise of a considerable number of online scams, this made people more skeptical and doubtful of any online course out there, it did not even matter if they were good or bad, this was problem and Wealthy affiliate needed to stay ahead of the game and so came the decision to create a totally free membership, with free training and websites so that anyone can know what wealthy affiliate is about and also to know, if creating an online business is something folks really wanted to do,

So that’s why the free membership folks, of course they are a business, but in the end, they are an honest business that really cares about their members, they yearly spend a ton of money into the platform for upgrades, new tools & features, it’s truly state of the art! In fact how about ill just sum up some of the Pros and cons and afterwards a tour of the platform by showing you a video? sounds pretty decent right?

Here come the Pros & Cons!

The Pros:

  • Completely free membership(Forever).
  • Super easy account signup & you don’t need to signup any payment details like PayPal or a bank or credit card.
  • Get to know the community.
  • Get straight into the training.
  • Create your own easy free website.
  • First month Premium is $19,- (if you decide that you like what is offered).
  • No up-sells
  • Tons of more amazing training, education, tools & features for you to use!
  • Hundreds of amazing free & useful webinars included in the premium membership.
  • Hundreds of amazing free & useful training created by the experienced community members.
  • Their own affiliate program.
  • 24/7h technical support & 1on1 personal support from the owners or anyone else from the community.
  • The community consists of thousands and thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs, both newbies and experienced alike.

The Cons:

  • Once you upgrade from a free membership to a premium membership, you can’t go back to the starter membership with the same account(this has likely to do with account abuse and avoiding payments).
  • Information overload – sometimes the knowledge you learn can be a little overwhelming, so then it;s best to take a break, do some exercise, drink a fruit juice and go back to creating your business.

These were my only to personal cons with the program, the last one might have been my own fault, i went quite fast with the training & education, but then again, for a beginner like me(back then), it was all new! Okay next part, the Video! It’s Time for a personal tour of the platform, check out the video here below, it was created by another member of the community.


What you saw is what you get(if you have watched the video…) although with some recent changes in late 2018, it’s still looks mostly the same, just some new tools and features added and platform design and navigation improvements, These guys have been in business since 2005, that’s over 14 years! Why are business successful? It’s because they offer a service or product that people truly want and love right? These guys are no different! and  if you have been wondering what the Premium membership prices are, check them out here below!

The Price for Premium

  • $19 for the first month, afterwards it’s $49,- per month.
  • 6 month premium membership at $234,- that comes at $39,-/M, Big discount!
  • Yearly premium membership at $359,- that comes at $29.92/M, Huge discount!
  • November Special(can you guess it?) Yes! Its Black Friday! Yearly membership at $299,- that comes at less than $25,-/M, That’s a Super Discount!

Nothing else folks, that’s their entire premium price, no other hidden fees or up-sells involved, again, what you see is what you get, all the hundreds of webinars are all free at the premium membership, with weekly new webinars every Fridays! Once you start the free membership, you can decide for yourself of the premium membership is worth your money or just continue your free membership, both options are okay! The premium membership of course has a lot more amazing stuff included.

Am i a Premium member? Yes i am, i have been since early 2016, i wish that i had found them earlier in 2012, but unfortunately it just wasn’t meant to be back then, but here i am now and i will continue to be a happy member for a very long time, how about you? Are you excited to get started? Or are you a cynic? if you are a cynic, then how about just trying the free membership? It will be well worth your time, plus you get to have an inside look on how to create you own successful business online, so come on give it go!

And start here your own personal online business today completely for Free!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article, we hope that we have helped you in your quest to get one step closer to create a successful online business, We wish you much success & prosperity in your endeavors and above all, A Life Of Greatness!

Have a question or comment? The please feel absolutely free to comment away here below in the comment section!

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