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By coming here, you have just made your very first step towards a journey that will lead your life towards more freedom, happiness and prosperity. It’s a journey that will not only change the lives of others you will touch, but yourself as well.

As millions of people and students worldwide are scrambling learning the English language due to the effects of globalization and the increase use of the language in almost all markets in every corner of the world, English has never been more important than it is today and so The golden age of TEFL has finally begun and it’s time for you to rise, shine and to be apart of this great era. If you have a good mastery of the English language, then your own personal golden age has come at last.


The golden age of TEFL and how you can easily become a part of it

TEFL has been around for quite some time now, however, it really started exploding since the early start of the new millennium when more and more countries got richer, more globalized and connected to the world wide web(aka the internet). Now why exactly is TEFL so popular and trending right now? It’s rather simple actually.

It’s all because of the opportunities that comes with it. What exactly? Well let me enlighten you. Currently, most TEFL teaching jobs in foreign countries(and even online) pay more salary than most jobs in your own country(and i haven’t even mentioned the other benefits yet either)!

How much you may wonder? Some TEFL jobs can easily end up earning you up $3000 to even $4000 per month! That’s an insane amount of money and you don’t even need to possess a teaching degree, just a good mastery of the English language and a TEFL certificate(we’ll get to that in a moment) will mostly suffice.

Did i mention the benefits yet? No i didn’t? Well let me enlighten you on that part as well. If you choose to teach English abroad, then next to a mind blowing salary, in most cases you will receive free accommodation(a nice and clean furnished apartment) or housing allowance and assistance for an apartment of your own choosing.

in most cases, you will also get a free health insurance policy, flight ticket reimbursements, contract end bonus(Can be up to $2000), free hotel, airport pick and possibly more. This is the current life of the average TEFL teacher. Basically, as a TEFL teacher you get paid to travel, have fun and make a difference to countless lives you will touch during your adventures, better yet, you’re getting a mind-blowing salary for all that fun! Plus, most schools already have their own curriculum and materials ready for you, so you can just focus on the fun, teaching part.

While teaching Online may not present the same benefits, you can definitely teach from anywhere you want in the world. You can teach and travel at the same time, living a lifestyle that most people can only dream about. Now what do you need to start your own English teaching adventure? In most cases a TEFL certificate will suffice. Now what is a TEFL certificate, why is it important and where to get one?

What is TEFL? And how to start your TEFL Adventure ASAP


The TEFL certificate – The What, Why and where?

Lets start with the what first

TEFL stand for Teaching English as a foreign language and a TEFL Course is a specially designed course specifically for candidates who wish to become TEFL teachers. And upon graduation(usually within 4 weeks), you will receive your TEFL certificate. Once you got your certificate, you can start your incredible TEFL adventure almost anywhere in the world(Including teaching online)!

And now for the why

You may be wondering why such a certificate is so important. Well, as mentioned earlier, A TEFL course is specific education for teaching English to foreign students(who may not know any English at all). Within a TEFL course you will learn how to prepare and manage TEFL classes and also how to deal with most issues should they arrive in your classes. But most importantly, you will be a well trained and certified TEFL teacher that future schools are eagerly waiting to hire.

And finally, where can you get a TEFL certificate?

There are quite a few of TEFL courses out there. Some can be done online, some can be done in-class and you can also have a combination of the two. The only problem with in-class courses is that they are quite expensive, so most candidates prefer to study a TEFL course online. A combined course is a mixture of online and in-class training which are quite popular too and In the next chapter you can check out our top pick of online and in-class course providers.

Some Online course providers can even charge you $500 just for doing an Online course. However, we have managed to lower that down significantly, if you scroll down below to the next chapter you will see some of the top course providers who still offer good quality courses for fair prices and at the moment in one case even below fair. Because currently you can get your own 120-hour TEFL course(most common and minimal required) just from $19(with reasonably good quality) to $250(with great quality and more extra’s included)

All the courses are properly accredited, which means that when you get your 120-hour TEFL certificate, it will be accepted by any school worldwide and online. In class courses can cost you around $2000 to $3000. However we have managed to lower that for you to around $1300 to $1500 and most combined courses can cost you up to $1000 to $1500, but we have managed to lower that number for you from around $500 to $1000. In any case, it’s up to you to choose which method of training you prefer.

A lot of TEFL trainees prefer in-class due to the direct in-class training from other experienced TEFL teachers and there will be content passed on that may not be available in a regular online TEFL course. But which ever course you decide to choose, whether it’s online or in-class, you will still become a certified and knowledgeable TEFL teacher with a wealth of education to offer your future students. Now lets move on to choosing the best TEFL course for yourself.



Starting your Incredible TEFL adventure today – Choosing your best TEFL course

What is TEFL? And how to start your TEFL Adventure ASAP - choosing the best


Your Top 8 TEFL training choices

What is TEFL? And how to start your TEFL Adventure ASAP - The international open academy

As promised earlier on, you can get your 120-hour Advanced TEFL course for just $19 at this very moment from the IOA. This is possible due to a recent partnership we made with them and this course is also fully accredited by ICOES, which means it’s 100% authentic. The original price of this course is $119, but due to the recent global troubles, it was decided that a lot of TEFL teachers to be needed the monetary weight off their shoulders. So that’s one of the main reasons for the current discount.

100% 14-day refund policy included and no questions asked

Unlike the more pricier courses, there are no real extra perks included within this course, like job support or extra advanced courses etc…, are not included. But it’s quality is good and it will get you where you need to go. This course can be fully done online and completed within just 4 weeks! This Course is a great choice for anyone on any budget and that are looking for a hassle free quality TEFL course.

Click here to check out the IOA’s full 120-hour TEFL course description and sign up to get your place today


What is TEFL? And how to start your TEFL Adventure ASAP - LETSTEFL

LetsTEFL is absolutely a great online course providers that Only provides one type of TEFL course, which is their 120-hour Ultimate TEFL course. Next to the Foundation and basic knowledge, Their course is also packed with incredible advanced knowledge about Teaching English as a foreign Language, plus they also provide full job support Abroad in Asia and job advice for online jobs.

You can get their incredibly resourceful course for just around the $190(previously $480) today, full personal tutor support is including within the course, along with more advanced materials, business English and additional perks. Getting Certified with this course provider is absolutely a great choice. Completion time: 3-4 weeks.

Click here to learn more and sign up with LETSTEFL 120-hour Ultimate TEFL course

What is TEFL? And how to start your TEFL Adventure ASAP - ETEFL

ETEFL is another Incredible course provider that offers 3 types of TEFL courses which are: The 60-hour Basic course, The 120-hour Advanced course and the 180-hour Extensive course. Now the standard course just gives a basic introduction and knowledge about TEFL, The advanced course is more thorough and goes through a wide range of advanced topics + perks + you also get online job support.

The 180-hour extensive course has much more advanced materials, plus another entire module for teaching business English is Included, The prices of these courses are around the $65 to $190. Getting Certified with this course provider is also absolutely a great choice.

You can also get an additional 10% off any of their courses by using our discount code: ALIFEOFGREATNESS

Click here to learn more and sign up with one of ETEFL’s Low-cost but higher quality courses

What is TEFL? And how to start your TEFL Adventure ASAP - ITTT

ITTT is another Great course provider(among the best) who offers an incredibly wide range of TEFL and TESOL courses world wide, Their courses can be done online, in-class or even a combination of both! Where ever you are in the world right now, it is most likely that this course provider has a program near you and they offer a ton of extra’s and perks within their courses(including additional job support)!

The prices of their courses varies greatly as well. It all Depends on what type of course you wish to follow, If it is the 120-hour online TEFL certification course, then the price stands at $199, for more advanced course up to $499. if you wish to follow a 100% In-class course, then it can cost up to $1490 and combination courses can cost from $699 to $1195 depending on where you want to follow it.

While in-class courses seem expensive, these are actually the more affordable ones out there. A lot of the In-class courses around the world cost around the $2000+ and in some cases even way beyond that. But once again, we can give you some Small comfort, if you use our discount code WBIRX2020G, then you will get a 5% discount off any of their courses!

In any case, whether you want to do an Online, in-class or combined course, rest assured that you are in good hands with ITTT, They stand among the top teacher training Academies! Completion time: 4 weeks to 6 months

Click here to learn more and sign up with one of the International TEFL and TESOL Training top TEFL courses

What is TEFL? And how to start your TEFL Adventure ASAP - SEETEFL

SEETEFL is a magnificent TEFL/CELTA course provider, which is specialized specifically in Onsite courses in Thailand(The best). While in this tropical country you will undergo an incredible 4 week and intensive certification process that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Next to all the advanced course training, direct in-class teaching experience, they also offer full job support in Thailand and even help graduates to get paid internships if they need to build up their experience.

The regular cost of this course is $1595, however if you apply for the Super early bird program, then it will only cost you $1395 and the paid TEFL Internship program costs $1295. Getting certified with this course provider is one of the best choices an ESL trainee could ever make(and one of the most affordable in-class course providers out there), as they would learn everything about the ins and outs of TEFL plus also observe live teaching practices at real schools. Completion time: 4 weeks

Click here to learn more and sign up with one of SEETEFL’s incredible in-class courses in sunny Thailand!

What is TEFL? And how to start your TEFL Adventure ASAP - ITT

ITT is also a very good Course provider who has 5 different types of TEFL courses to offer, Which are: The 60-hour basic course, The standard 120-hour course, The advanced 120-hour course, the 180-hour professional course and the 200-hour professional plus course. You are free to choose a course that comes with or without perks and additional resources.

The prices of the TEFL courses varies from $79 to $259, with the regular 120-hour course priced at $99 and the advanced 120-hour course priced at $119. If you are on a low budget, then these affordable courses are definitely worth considering, as the 120-hour course is the most necessary one.  ITT is definitely an awesome course provider and a great recommendation as well. completion time: 6 weeks – 1 year

Click here to learn more and sign up with one the International TEFL and TESOL’s TEFL courses.

What is TEFL? And how to start your TEFL Adventure ASAP - TEFL UK

Just like the previous course providers, TEFL UK also stands among the top teacher training academies in the entire online world. They have various online courses available like the 70-hour Business English course, the 20-hour In-class(Online) practicum course, the 120-hour TEFL online course, the 140- hour TEFL Combined Course, the 150-hour TEFL online course and the 170-hour combined TEFL level 5 course.

The prices of the courses varies between the $115 – $360 with the most minimum required 120-hour course priced around the $130 and the highest level 5 course priced at $360. You can also get an extra 10% off any of their courses by using our discount code: 87C47f55. Doing your TEFL certification with this course provider is definitely a great choice as well, as after course completion, you will be well prepared for your future ESL classes.

Click here to learn more and apply with one of the TEFL UK’s amazing and relatively low cost courses.

What is TEFL? And how to start your TEFL Adventure ASAP - Premier TEFL

Premier TEFL is another awesome course provider who has been certifying new ESL teachers for many years, they have several different types of online and combined courses available. The prices of the online courses are between the $100 to $470, with the minimum required 120-hour course priced at around $160.

Although the courses are more expensive, they come with a lot of perks and extra materials included, so the courses offered by the premier TEFL are definitely great and you can choose one depending on your needs and budget.

Click here to learn more and apply for one of Premier TEFL’s diverse and quality courses



Not sure which course to choose? Then keep these few pointers in mind.

What is TEFL? And how to start your TEFL Adventure ASAP - How to choose a TEFL course

  1. your budget

Choosing the right TEFL course for yourself can sometimes be a hassle, so lets make it easier. First of all(and the most obvious part), is your budget. Good education is always a great investment, however, you are definitely in the right to consider your current situation. If you are really on a low budget then going for the most low-cost course is the best choice and let me be clear here, all courses listed above are good choices.

Low-cost doesn’t have to mean low quality, in fact the IOA’s 120 hour TEFL course usually costs $119. But currently, because of our partnership with them and because of the current situation worldwide, you can get it just for $19 at this very moment and it’s a good quality course as well.

       2. your learning goals

Think about what TEFL knowledge you would like to obtain which you believe can improve your teaching skills as a TEFL teacher, if you have a higher budget, then you have more choices on the type of TEFL courses you can choose from. ETEFL, ITTT and LetsTEFL are all great choices for online TEFL training and they are not as overpriced compared to most other courses in the online world.

      3. Online training, in-class training or a combination of both?

I believe most TEFL trainees prefer the in-class training. However, if such courses came with lower price tags, then more trainees would actually go for it. But there are certain expenses involved for the course provider when arranging such class. The trainer needs to be paid, the room, taxes, course books, food etc… So In-class training is more pricier than it’s peers, but definitely worth it in terms of training and obtaining knowledge, not to mentioned the valuable classroom teaching experience you will receive as well.

If you have the budget to attend in-class training, then our recommendation is to go for it, the experience will definitely be well worth your time. Another option for you could be to sign up for combined classes, in which case you can study both online and obtain several hours of valuable in-class training, plus it can have a much lower price tag than full in-class training. ITTT’s combined courses are a great example of it.

So all in all, you have great TEFL course choices on all levels and many different price tags, from low-cast to more pricier but very good quality courses with more extra’s included. The options are here, the choice is yours.

Start your TEFL adventure today!

What is TEFL? And how to start your TEFL Adventure ASAP

If you ever have wanted a change of lifestyle and teach English abroad or work from the comfort home and teach English online, then now is your chance. This is the golden age for TEFL and this can be your own personal golden era as well, the possibilities are currently limitless. You have the opportunity to make a difference in the world and live a great lifestyle while you’re at it.

Live the life you deserve, become a TEFL teacher, help others learn the English language. Earn a great salary and live a happier and more fulfilling life, a life filled of greatness, start your very own TEFL adventure Today!

Got a Question or something to add? Then feel absolutely free to comment here below into the comment section!

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