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how to teach english online from home & TOP Paying English teaching Companies

How to Teach English Online from Home

If you have ever thought about how to teach English online from home, then you’re not alone, thousands of people globally are asking the same question you are right now, craving more freedom, more time and probably the most honest part here is More Money! Well you have definitely come to the right place and you’re about to find out how to make your dream come true.


Living the dream life

We have all thought about it. Quitting that 9 to 5 desk job and taking off on a journey around the world. We start to dream about far off places and unimaginable experiences and then reality hits us; How are we going to pay for that? What if we told you that reaching your dreams is a lot easier than you think? Well, it is, and you can start the steps to begin your journey today!

In this article We are specifically talking about teaching English online, the perfect low-pressure remote job that you can take with you around the world or do right from the comfort of your home. If you have ever dreamed or wondered what it would take to quit your job and start earning real money at home, then you’ve come to the right place. We have answers to all your questions plus, a few suggestions on where you can get your first job as an online English teacher.

Benefits of Teaching Online from Home

The most obvious of all the benefits that comes from teaching English online is the freedom. You are your own boss and make a lot of your own schedule, setting your availability in the process. Apart from this, the benefits you’ll score from teaching online are:

  • The ability to teach from home (permanently or temporarily)
  • The opportunity to grow your skills as a teacher
  • The ability to earn extra or a full time income
  • The joy of helping people across the globe reach their goals and better their lives

There are many more benefits many of which depend on the type of teaching you will be doing or the area in which you would like to specialize. As you become more comfortable in the world of online teaching, you’ll gain more Experience, Freedom and more confidence; which will open up more doors and more opportunities.

How’s the Market?

One big worry from newbies is the amount of money. It can be difficult to change jobs, especially a comfortable one where you’re earning a good salary. The thing is, English spoken all around the world, with billions of speakers both native and non-native. It has the ability to Raise salaries, lifestyles and even travel experiences. For this reason, people from all around the world are investing in either enhancing their current skills or developing new ones by learning English.

There is a high demand in several countries like China, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, and so many others that are ready and willing to scoop up native and non native speakers. You could be teaching adults, adolescents, or children either individually or in a group. No matter what you choose, there is Absolutely a very profitable market out there waiting for you.

In this article we will discuss the following points:

  • Why teach English Online?
  • What do you need?
  • Common technical requirements
  • Teaching English Online resources and Materials
  • What about Certifications?
  • How do i get my first Online job?
  • What are some of the top paying Companies Hiring Now?
  • Can I Make Good Money teaching English online?
  • What about the Future?

Lets Begin.

How to Teach English Online from Home – Lets get Started

It’s time for you to find out everything you need to know about teaching English online or as some others call it Online ESL teaching, Today is the day that you will start your brand new online adventure, a step towards a new life, a much greater life and become an incredible teacher in the process!

How to Teach English Online from Home - Why teach online

1. Why teach English Online?

There are several reasons why students decide to go with learning English online. Among them are:

The Efficiency
There is no need to travel or commute between houses or places. Students and teachers both only need a solid internet connection and a predetermined time.

Personal Growth
Unlike academies where class sizes can be large, an online class is usually 1 to 1 or in a very small group. Learning a language takes practice with both listening and speaking taking place, both of which work better on a 1 to 1 basis, so basically private training.

Another thing that is needed to be successful with learning a language is constant study and review. Most online classes are recorded and saved directly to the students account. If it is not recorded, all the notes and worksheets are shared, giving students a convenient place to read up on all that they have just learned.

More Cost Effective
Let’s face it, there are a lot less costs involved both ways. Students don’t have to pay the high fees for classes plus the possible price for commute for each class. Online classes are usually way less expensive, making it the perfect options for students of all types with all ranges of budgets.

Last but certainly not the least is the ability to be flexible with hours and dates. Class times are generally organized between the teacher’s and student’s availability. There is almost never a need to argue or worry about running late, especially when both student and teacher are interacting from their homes.

2. What do you Need?

We knew that the opportunities would catch your attention and we’re excited that you decided to learn more. We know at this point you may be wondering how to get started. First of all, you need to be willing to take action and don’t let fear or doubt stop you from achieving your goals. There are so many teachers today that never thought they would be teaching and actually find it to be very rewarding. So, get excited about your new journey and show those online companies how great of a teacher you will be!

Apart from this, for the best and highest paying companies, you will most likely need a 4-year university degree of some sort(accept from a few which we will be sharing we you as well!). Don’t let this bring you down if you don’t have one, there are quite a few accepting teachers without degrees as well.

Other than these few things, the rest is pretty technical, On which You also want to try and give your students the best online experience possible, making it just like they are sitting right in front of you and lets find out how!

3. Common Technical requirements

How to Teach English Online from Home - The technical requirements

Solid Internet
This should go without saying but, you will want to either first test that your internet connection can stand up to the test or take measures to make it faster. Many online portals have speed tests for free, providing you with information on how to up your speed if it is not up to par.

A headset is often required and honestly, we think necessary. Your students will be able to hear you with better clarity and you will also be able to hear your students properly. Some are highly advanced with noise cancelling materials while others are the most basic. It is best to start out with an average one, leaving you something to invest in as your experience grows.

Most computers and tablets come equipped with a camera that will work just fine. However, it is another one of those things that adds quality to your class. Your students will be able to see you and your materials crisper and clearer, so buying a proper webcam is definitely recommended, however if you are currently on a really low budget, then you could try to do without one.

Some online portals will give you materials, either allowing you to make or print them to use during your classes. If you’re freelancing however, this could be a good option to add a different dynamic to your classes. One main goal should be to set yourself apart from other online teachers of English, making students come to you.

Simple materials will do, however you can always add some content of your own, like pictures of things, animals or places, some songs or if you plan to teach adults, then perhaps some short documentary’s etc… so get creative and see what you can come up with! actually YouTube is also a very great resource to get some creative idea’s from already experienced teachers and much more!

Actually, check out a very informational and resourceful teaching video here below in a moment!

Though the things listed above are not required by most online portals, they do enhance the quality of your classes which in turn will bring you more students. While most companies will take care of most of these for you, you may want to consider this as a good option to start branching out further on your own.

4. Teach English Online Resources and Materials

And it’s now time for some resourceful teaching materials, check out the video!


5. What about Certifications?

Surely, if you’ve ever been curious or even a bit interested in teaching online, you’ve come across advertisements for one or more certifications. The most popular of them all is Teaching English as a Foreign Language or also called a TEFL Course. This is an intensive course that you can do either online or in person. Being TEFL certified means a few things, coming with a reputation for producing adaptable and knowledgeable future teachers. In the TEFL course you will:

  • Learn how English is different for non-native speakers
  • Learn different methods of teaching
  • Learn how to manage a classroom or individual online
  • Everything from teaching Grammar to spoken language, teaching Children, teenagers and adults
  • Create fun and interactive lessons
  • Gain experience through real teaching hours

Apart from the TEFL, there is a similar course known as the CELTA. This is also an intensive course but is more focused on teaching adults. There is also a lot more emphasis on the use of books and exam prep, however it is still a great and widely accepted option.

In fact check out SEETEFL’s Incredible 4-week low-cost TEFL & CELTA Course!

Each option comes with a cost of around $1500 total, with the CELTA sometimes running higher in the mid $2000’s. Though it can be done online, it is highly recommended to try to find an actual classroom as your experience will be unique. The online intensive courses usually go on for 4 weeks, with assignments due all throughout including a grammar and phonology exam at the end. If you’re wanting to start teaching as soon as possible, the first thing you should do is find the next course offered and go for it!

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6. How do I get my First Online job?

The good thing about the TEFL course provider is that, apart from a killer curriculum, you’ll also find a large network of both teachers and students that are spread out all around the world. After successful completion, most programs will give new teachers options and recommendations for their first teaching job.

How to Teach English Online from Home - how to get your first job

Another thing you will want to focus on is your resume. Most job applications and portals require your resume before you ever get an interview and a solid resume will help you stand out in the crowd and get you hired fast. One way to ensure that your resume stands up to the rest is to search templates online or consult other teachers in your network.

You will also need to put effort into building your online profile. This is often the first thing that students see, so you will want to make a good first impression. At the very least, be sure to include certifications and achievements as far as education. Include previous experience and all the things that you feel qualify you as a top-notch English teacher.

Most successful profiles feature a photo and a video, one where students can preview your teaching style. This helps to get the students comfortable with you before they even have their first class. Sometimes the thing that holds students back from starting an online class is their nerves so you want to show them you are calm, patient and that you can motivate and excite them and of course that you are there to guide them throughout their English learning journey.


7. What are some of the top paying Companies Hiring Now?

The good thing about teaching English is the demand. There are jobs all around the world for a wide range of subjects. There are more informal teachings that involve conversation all the way to very strict exam prep. The companies we have listed below are some of the top few to consider to begin your journey online.

1. Preply (Our TOP Recommended choice)

Preply is one of the most strict free online teaching companies for both native and non native teachers. Ironically they are also one of the most, if not the most profitable and high paying online company out there. while a lot of online schools require teachers to have at least Two years worth of teaching experience, this company however allows both Starting and experienced teachers work at their online platform, so this is why we have chosen Preply as our top recommendation for all teachers out there.

2. VIPKid

It is fairly easy to become a part of the VIPKid team. You’ll need a headset along with a bachelors degree and a certification. You’ll first need to submit a video of you teaching a topic that they will provide along with the materials you will need. This is perfect for those that would like to teach children, as all classes are given to young children in China. They allow you to choose your hours but keep in mind these are Chinese hours, which could be very different from you. Still, the salary is above average and classes are only 1 hour.

3. Magic Ears

The salary is anywhere between $18 and $26 for an hour-long class. This is also a Chinese company that attempts to match native speakers with young Chinese students based on the hours that you provide. Recommended by several online instructors, they take care of everything for you, including scheduling.

4. 51 Talk

Session are only 45 minutes and for each one you are paid $18. With 51 Talk, you’ll be mainly holding conversations with adults or with adolescents that may need help with tutoring. This is a great way to gain experience while getting used to teaching non-native speakers.

5. Open English

A minimum of 15 hours per week are required and the pay is good enough. You will work with a wide range of ages from all around the world, making your hours will be a little more normal. Plus, you’ll have real experience with accents from all languages.

6. Cambly

A reputable name in webcam tutoring, Cambly accepts teachers with no degree, so long as they are native speakers. Most of the classes here are for social chatting and for adults to practice their skills. Classes can range from 45 min to 1 hour and the pay is right around average.

7. Golden Voice English

This company only hires native English speakers and focuses on teaching English to Chinese students, they want their teachers to be mostly available between 6AM to 10AM EST from Monday to Saturday, although they do prefer that you possess a university, it’s a requirement.

8. Verbal Planet

Teaching at Verbal planet is quite a joy, although the pay isn’t that high, the classes are well set up and you can teaching students 1on1, in fact within the platform, the teachers and students will be paired up and must work together to achieve the students Desired English level.

9. Buddy School

This is another good online company which like Preply also has multiple teaching subjects and languages available to teach, they don’t have any strict requirements, the pay is decent, the only downside is that they take 20% of your earnings.

10. English Ninjas

This is an online company which hires native speakers only, you can work as much as you want, whether it’s 4 hours or 40 hours. However they do have one main requirement and that is when you choose to work your desired amount of work hours, you have to keep that up consistently each and every single week, they salary is decent and the work isn’t that complicated.


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8. Can I Make Good Money teaching English online?

How to Teach English Online from Home - Make good money with teaching english online

So, what about the money? Is it worth it? The answer is, Definitely N….. YES Of Course!, with time. What we mean is, you shouldn’t go off and quit your 9 to 5 just yet. Most of the companies you’ll start with will require you to do a demo lesson and some may even pay you only once per month(Preply pays per week). Don’t let this news bring you down; because once you get rolling, it all runs very smooth. When all of the required steps are out of the way, you can expect a healthy dose of classes so long as you have the availability.

On average your classes will be around 45 minutes to 1-hour. Some companies will pay a flat rate per class while others will allow you to set your own rate. Whichever you choose, you can expect anywhere from $10 all the way up to $40+ per lesson, which adds up in a month! There are also those companies that offer incentives and bonuses for teachers that are always on-time and always show up to their classes. Some even offer you chances to give demo classes to newly interested students, giving you a cut when they sign up.

Earning a Full time income and more

As far as earning enough to make a living, you will get out of it what you put into it. The average workweek is 8 hours per day which totals a 40-hour workweek. This could add up to a large monthly check. However, the most common is part time, with most online teachers dedicating part-time, like 20 to 25 hours per week.

Still, Once you grow in experience you can reach that $40+ per hour mark pretty fast, you will have more classes, more students to teach and thus earning yourself a full time income from home or even way beyond that, so it’s definitely possible, but you also have to put in your own growth and development as well, so that you can reach your desired goals more easily.

Working at home, you will not have to pay for all the hassles of making it to the office on time, doing it all from the comfort of your own home. When it comes to taxes, your home, computer, phone, and much more will also count as write offs, as you are now considered as an independent contractor. Some companies send over information toward the end of the year while others use PayPal as their means of yearly income check.


9. What About the Future?

How to Teach English Online from Home - Future of English teaching jobs

While no one can predict the future, you can bet your bottom dollar that the future is bright in online teaching. I would rather say this is absolutely the Golden age for Online teaching. You actually have quite a few options as you gain experience, some that might pique your interest. You should notice that, after each class, you can discover what you like and what you don’t like, using that to help you further narrow down your options.

The first option is to continue to teach with your preferred online portals, gaining experience and a reputation. Most of the companies and students that you work with can leave feedback and comments, helping newcomers feel more comfortable with you in the process. The thing about this option is that, as you gain experience, your prices per hour increase as well, giving you the freedom to work less and enjoy life more. This option is best for newcomers, helping you to get the hang of things and develop your preferred method of teaching.

The second option is to freelance. There are a ton of websites where you can advertise as a freelance instructor, all of which allow you to set your prices and curriculum. This option is recommended after you have gained quite a bit of experience and have a better idea about the type of classes you prefer to teach and that you have your own teaching curriculum and lesson plans ready.

Last but not least, you have the option to create your own website and cut out the middle man. This is an option perfect for those that have a lot of experience and know a thing or two about marketing. In this option, students will come directly to you, based off of recommendations or advertisements. You can set your hours, your curriculum, find your niche, and attract all the types of classes you want. This a perfect goal to have as you move along your journey as an at home instructor.

What are you Waiting For?

As you can see, there are not too many steps for becoming an online English instructor from home. Perhaps the most important of them all is determination along with the motivation to keep going. Nowadays, English is the most sought-after language, making it the perfect time to jump into the market. Start gaining real experience that can help you determine your subjects and the types of classes and students you want.

There are all sorts of companies that allow you to teach either children or adults that have a wide range of goals. Plus, after gaining some experience of your own, the doors open wide to enhancing your classes and you as an online instructor.

There is also a very bright future ahead. You can always enhance your content, your materials, and even change the way that you market yourself. Along with this, you can add small touches to your classes that create better quality sound and picture.


So, the last question we will leave you with is, what are you waiting for? There is no better time like now to start and now that you have a few insider tips, it has never been easier, We wish you the best of luck on your journey, to quitting that 9 to 5 and working freely and comfortably from your home.

Once More: We definitely recommend Preply as the place to be for all online teachers, Click here to learn more Now!

Got any Questions or Comments? Then Feel absolutely free to comment away here below into the comment section!

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