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how to teach ESL with LetsTEFL & Start your ESL Adventure

How to teach ESL with LetsTEFL

If you have thought about teaching ESL Abroad or Online, then you have Definitely come to the right place, because Here you will discover on How to teach ESL with LetsTEFL and why this company is not only a very safe and trusted Course provider, but also are directly connected with many schools with several Asian Countries and how they can help you find the Perfect job placement for yourself.

For Those Who Cant Wait

So alright, for those of you out there who are eager and impatient to get started, here is a Short overview of how LETSTEFL helps its teachers and everything you need:

Who can Apply?

  • Both Qualified native and Non-native teachers!

What type of schools are there available?

  • Both Public schools and Private training centers are available!

Job Overview:

  • All teaching materials are provided by every school
  • 25-35 working hours only
  • Student are aged between 3 to 20 years old.
  • Extra: Their TEFL Graduates will have guaranteed job prospects(Comes directly from LETSTEFL)

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The Requirements

  • A bachelors Degree or higher in any field
  • A TEFL Certificate(you can also Take LetsTEFL’sĀ  easy to follow 120-hour ULTIMATE Online TEFL Course and finish within just 4 weeks!)

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  • Earn up to $3000 or more per month
  • Guaranteed job prospects if you are one of their TEFL Graduates
  • Bonuses
  • Paid Holidays
  • Flight ticket reimbursement
  • Health insurance
  • And more (More detailed description later on)

That was the quick overview Now Lets Continue or click the link above to get started Immediately..

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The Adventure of ESL teaching

If you don’t know it yet, ESL stands for Teaching English as a second Language, another common term would be TEFL, which stand for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and of course there are several other terms, however, In the end they all mean the same thing, Which is simply teaching foreign students English,

Teaching English to foreign students has always been quite a popular job and it’s popularity skyrocket at the start of the year 2000 and even more after the Olympics in Beijing in 2008, this trend continues to grow exponentially with each passing year, thanks to globalization, closer connections and the internet(Aka the Digital Age),

English Remains One of the most important languages in the world, it’s in every market, in every country and foreign students worldwide are scrambling to learn it as fluently as possible, you are currently living in the ESL Teacher age, a Golden age for teaching English to foreign students and you can make very good Money while doing it, better yet, you can make a GREAT living as an English language Teacher.

Need some Free ESL resources and helpful tips? Then click here to check them out.

What are the requirements?

The Requirements for becoming a foreign language language teacher differs from Country to country, the same goes for teaching Online, different online companies will have different requirements,

LetsTEFL will help you find jobs in these 5 Asian Places:

  • China
  • Taiwan
  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • South-Korea

Both Qualified Native and non native teachers can be helped and accepted through LetsTEFL

The requirements for teaching in these countries are:

  • A Bachelors Degree in any subject
  • A TEFL Certificate or any other similar certificates
  • And in some cases 2 years of teaching experience

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Extra 1: for those who don’t posses a degree – in other countries(And Online teaching platforms) you may just need:

  • A TEFL Certificate
  • And in some cases 2 years of teaching Experience

The requirements will be different per country and Online teaching Platform, which means there are be plenty of opportunities worldwide for native and non-native teachers, if you were wondering which countries don’t require a degree to get a work visa for teaching English, then check out the small list here below.

Extra 2: Countries where you don’t need a degree for teaching English

Asian Countries:

  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • India
  • Russia(it’s also 23% Part of the European continent)

American Countries(Not USA):

  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Nicaragua
  • Costa Rica
  • Mexico

European Countries:

  • Spain
  • Greece
  • Romania
  • Poland
  • Slovakia

This is a small list of countries in which you don’t need a university degree to be able to get a work visa to teach English, of course there are probably a few more countries, but i would personally consider these the main ones, most other Asian countries require a Teaching degree to be eligible for a Work Visa,

There are plenty of opportunities available in the ESL job world, including for non-degree holders, however if you plan on being an English teacher for a longer period of time, then i definitely do recommend to get yourself a University degree, in fact, Study and work can be a perfect combination, whether with in one of the countries listed above or an online teaching Platform Like Preply.

In any case, it’s all up to you, I’m just recommending here, šŸ˜‰

The Benefits of teaching ESL

If you Choose to become an English teacher abroad through LetsTEFL, then the benefits are absolutely in your favor, because you travel so far away from home, naturally there has to be some form of compensation, next to the incredible adventures and amazing friends and companions, there are many financial benefits that come in to play as well,

Which are:

  • A very Good salary, up to $3000(Or more).
  • Usually a Contract bonus when you have completed a school year
  • Free non shared apartment
  • Flight ticket reimbursement or in some cases paid in advance for you
  • Free Airport pickup
  • If no apartment is available yet, then Free Paid hotel room up to 2 Weeks/1 Month
  • Most Schools have their own curriculum and lesson plans, which means you just need to focus on the teaching part(The Easy part)
  • Many holidays, which in some cases are also paid holidays
  • Additional bonuses like performance bonus or a quarterly bonus etc..

These bonuses will differ per public school or language school you will be working for, each school has there own set of rules and system, But for one thing is for sure, you will definitely be richer teacher!

Lets now move on to discussing LetsTEFL and why their Services and courses are trusted all over the world.

Have a look at this short video below.

How to teach ESL with LetsTEFL – Your Friend in ESL

how to teach ESL with LetsTEFL

LetsTEFL can help both Native and non-native speakers from around the world to get a teaching position in their preferred location, They can also help prospecting teachers who do not possess Bachelor or University degree, Yes! So if you don’t have a degree, don’t worry, you can still get a job through them!

Choose the Easy way!

Instead of trying to figure it all out by yourself, Choose the Easy way and get yourself sorted out properly by LetsTEFL, Registering is Free and job placements are free as well, you only need to Get yourself a TEFL Certificate with them(or another accredited Course provider) and start the job application process,

There absolutely zero expenses for your involved other than paying for your own flight tickets, actually some schools can pay for your flight tickets in advance, so that’s just another benefit! Teaching English is not only fun, but very profitable as well,

As i mentioned before, this is the golden age for ESL teaching, although it probably won’t last forever, you should definitely take this opportunity while you still can, Time passes by so quickly and trends changes with it.

Why Trust LetsTEFL?

That’s indeed a very good question, There are so many other companies claiming to be *trustworthy*, what makes this one any better? Well for starters, They have been in business for years, in fact, they have been in business for over 10 years! If they were in the business of scamming, then they would have already been buried deep down the realm of eternal Ones and Zeros long ago…

But Still, years are not the only things that matter, it’s about how the many teachers that truly have been helped and they have helped thousands upon thousands of teachers from all around the world, Native speakers and Non Native speakers alike, They have built a reputation and trust for themselves over the course of the past 10 years, We have even contacted them to inquire more information, Check their reply here below.

how to teach ESL with LetsTEFL - E-mail Reply


Just One bad case over the past Twelve Months, But not only did they solve it, they also helped their course graduate relocate, find a new job and paid all his/her expenses! Now that’s what i call commitment and that’s the kind of treatment you get(and deserve), Because you really do deserve the best treatment and proper good paying job,

So with letsTEFL you won’t only just find a good good paying job, you will also be well taken care of, every step of the way, From getting your course, passing it, getting a job placement and arriving Safely From Point A(Your Home) to point B(Your destination) with all limbs still attached to your body,

Well… some of you might experience some jet-lag after landing(if you go teaching ESL Abroad), other than that, you should be totally fine, going abroad to teach English might sound a little scary and nerve-wrecking at first, but once you’re there and you’re all settled in, you will feel at home in No time at all!

Start Your ESL Adventure together With LetsTEFL today!


Final Word

Teaching ESL truly is one of today’s greatest opportunities, i said it twice before, i will say it again now, This is absolutely the golden age for Teaching English to foreign students, whether Online or Abroad, there are just so many incredible opportunities, too many in fact, did you know that there is a huge foreign teacher shortage in Asia? Yes there is! So that’s one of the reasons why the High Salary and benefits are currently So High,

Teaching English is not only just a fun job, it’s a very profitable one as well, One that you too can Benefit from, next to that, if you are interested in teaching abroad, just think about all the adventures you can undertake, the incredible people you can meet, interact with other ESL teachers such as yourself, the students you will meet and the impact you will have on them, it’s all automatically a part of the package!

So if you have an undying desire for becoming an English teacher and to be Part of this Great Age, then do it, Start your teaching adventure today, take action, Get yourself a TEFL Certificate by following a TEFL Course and set your first step on becoming a real Certified Teacher, Do it together with LetsTEFL.


Do you have any Questions or comments or got something to add? Then feel absolutely Free to comment away here below into the comment section!

how to teach ESL with LetsTEFL
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  1. Doers this organization help people who already have TESOL certificate or is the main focus to obtain certification? I have a TESOL already but I am looking for jobs in Asia and Europe.

    • Hi Linda,

      According to LETS TEFL They will help you even if you didn’t get certified with them!

      I hope you will find your dream job,

      Happy teaching!



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