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How to use a vision board to activate the law of attraction and the 5 step process for ultimate manifesting

How to use a vision board to activate the law of attraction

If you have been wondering on how to use a vision board to active the law of attraction as quickly and as easily as possible, then you have definitely come to the right place, A vision board is a fun, effective and a incredibly powerful way to say YES to all the abundance you would like to receive(And definitely Deserve) in your life.

And by adding the incredible Five step process for ultimate manifesting from the No-BS Manifesting Course(And backed by Science), you can power boost your manifesting power to an incredible whole new level and make the law of attraction work just like magic.


A shortcut towards Manifesting Abundance

If you are here reading this article right now, then you have probably done a lot of self reflection lately, about your life, your future, where you want to go and how you can make that journey as smooth as possible,

As they used to say, all roads lead to Rome, just one is shorter than the other, the same goes for the law of attraction, while there are many good books, articles and videos about the law of attraction and manifesting, most of them talk about the stuff and the same strategies,

Which may or may not work for some people out there and this is where the five step process for comes in, which can work for everyone and when you use that process together with a Vision Board, then you will simply fast track your journey for Ultimate Manifesting.

A Quick introduction about vision boards

What is exactly is a vision board? Well simply put, A vision board is an entire collection of visual images of the dream life you aspire to live, so it’s similar to visualizing your dream life in your mind, But in the case of the vision board, you add physical images and details of your *Perfect* life on a piece of paper, board or even a part of your wall, to maximize the positive effects of the law of attraction,

And it’s this concept that a lot of the law of attraction experts say, will activate the law attraction to a whole new level, because your vision board, your dream life, will be every day on display, It’s one of the last things you will see once you leave your home, it’s one of the first things you will see when you return home and you will see it constantly when living in your home,

Your vision board will be your motivator, your companion, your positive affirmation booster that will lead you towards a life of Greatness, Success and Happiness, You can either create one by hand physically, like using a blank piece of paper with some magazines and pictures or you can create one digitally, like on PowerPoint and print it out.

(After the 5 steps for using the vision board You can watch a video about how to create a vision board)

How Does a Vision board actually work?

You have probably already learned by now from the law of attraction, that where your attention flows, that power grows and you will attract those very things into your life, this is exactly what you want to have in your vision board, your *ideal* life,

You vision board will serve you as an every day, inspiring reminder of the life style you dream to live, the stuff you would like to have, like a new car, house, guitar, clothes, your ideal job, your dream partner, more money etc…

There is no limitations to what you can do and achieve in your life, you are an incredible being full of amazing potential, remember that, in fact add that line to your vision board as well, Write down I am an incredible being full of amazing and unlimited potential, power boost your manifesting powers even more!

Visualizing yourself to Greatness

Visualize the Life, the things, the *perfect* relationship or anything else you want in life in your mind right now, keep them there for a moment, now search for it online or even on some magazines if you got them, search for it, you might not find exactly the same things you want, but you might find something similar or something even better,

You don’t need rush your way into creating a *perfect* Vision Board, good enough will do for now, your vision board will always be a work in process, the universe will always provide something new or *better* for you, which you can add or change to your vision board, change is always a constant factor in life, Try to be as adaptive to it as much as possible,

Gradually you will start manifesting things that are related to your ideal life, a promotion at work, increased salary, a project abroad, meeting new people, gaining additional wealth and more amazing stuff like it, it’s almost like Magic!

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How to use a vision board to activate the law of attraction – 5 steps for Creating a Successful Vision Board

Now lets walk you through a very simple 5 step process for creating and using a very successful and super powerful vision board, that will power boost your manifesting powers to a whole new level.

How to use a vision board to activate the law of attraction
How to use a vision board to activate the law of attraction

Step 1 – Visualizing the Abundance you want

As mentioned before, first visualize what you want or what you want to achieve, daydream or meditate on it if you will, visualize it all one by one and then write it down, nothing is too little and nothing is too big, you live in a world endless possibilities and opportunities, Feel them happening

Ask yourself these Questions:

  • How would you feel once you have achieved each of your goals?
  • What would you do after you have achieved your goals?
  • Where would you go or Travel?
  • What kind of stuff would you own, what kind of house, car etc…?
  • What does it feel like to be in that ideal relationship?
  • Who would you take with you or be your companion?
  • What kind of work would you do?
  • Who will you help next?
  • How would you live your life?
  • Would you live modestly or a life of luxury?
  • Maybe a little bit silly, but what kind of clothes would you wear?

Fill in details on what it would feel like to have achieved your desired Goals, these are just example questions, you can make more questions according to your desired life style and then make a small list for yourself,

Try to fill in the picture in your mind as complete as possible, try to be specific with every single goal, start with the goal that you can visualize easily in your mind, it doesn’t need to be perfect in the beginning, it can grow and evolve overtime, good enough can be alright for now.

Step 2 – The required materials

Actually you really don’t need that many materials, if you prefer to glue some pictures from some old magazines on a blank piece of paper by hand, then that’s a good option as well, you are just going to need a few things,

The few things you will need are:

  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Magazines
  • Blank pieces of paper
  • bulletin board, poster board or hang it up on a part of a wall you can frequently look at(Preferably a place you can see when you leave and return home).

You could also make it digitally(which can be easier) and then print it out, you could make it on PowerPoint(better choice), word etc, find the images of your ideal goal or life and add it to your collection on the page,

The few things you need are:

  • A computer with internet connection(Duh!)
  • PowerPoint, Word, Keynote, etc..
  • Images from Google or another source
  • A Printer
  • Tape
  • bulletin board, poster board or hang it up on a part of a wall you can frequently look at.

Setup your vision board in a place where you can’t miss it, better yet set it up in an area where you can even see it when you leave your home and when you return home, so that the first thing that leaves with you when you leave the house, is your dreams and positivity that can brighten your day and boost your manifesting power,

And when you return home, the first object you will see is your own vision board again, which again will brighten you up for the rest of your day or evening and will continue to power boost your manifesting powers and fast track your journey to whatever goals you desire to achieve.

This may seem like a No-Brainer, but Remember to add only the images of the goals, objects or the life your desire achieve in your vision board, leave the stuff that you don’t want out, you want to fast track your journey towards your dreams and goals, not move backwards or so to speak…

Step 3 – Effective Displaying for maximum visual exposure

You will want to display your vision board in an area of your house(or maybe even on a side of your wall) where you can get the most visual exposure, some experts and articles say to hang it inside your closet door, on your refrigerator, in your bedroom or in your living room, i say take it a step further,

Make copies and put one in your bedroom and another in a place in your house where you walk past the most, it’s also a place you can see for when you are leaving your house and returning home, you want to be in that constant frequency and vibration of continuously manifesting your Goals, dreams and desires,

Your vision board will be your constant reminder and a source of inspiration and motivation of your goals, you can even make a miniature version of your vision board and put it in your diary, journal, computer desktop and other creative tools you could use, you will always have a source of inspiration with and around you.

Step 4 – How to use a vision board effectively

Next, you will want to use your vision board as effectively as possible, To The Maximum Effect, you want to power boost the law of the attraction from the moment you wake up, to the moment you get back into bed again and fall asleep,

When you wake up, take a quite moment for yourself or meditate, to visualize your goals, your ideal life, your desires or anything else you wish to achieve, choose a comfortable position for yourself, you can sit up, be in the meditative position or even lie down(just try not to fall asleep again) and visualize or daydream what you aspire to achieve,

Update your Vision Board when necessary, Change will frequently happen in your life, you will as a person grow and evolve, overtime you may find that some of the images or pictures may not carry that much value for you anymore, you will need to adapt to this change and add your updated or your improved goals to your vision board, your vision board will always be a work in process, Change always happens, be flexible with this process and your journey will go much more smoother.

Step 5 – Let the universe perform it’s magic

Now that you have created your vision board and started to power boost the law attraction and fast track journey to Successful Manifesting, It’s time for you to get the heck out of the Universe’s way and let it perform it’s Magic, Seriously, you don’t want to overthink, you don’t want to let doubt get the best of you, let all the negativity fade away,

Learn to follow, to listen and to feel, because it’s this part that’s going to be crucial for your journey for successfully manifesting what you want, because the first manifestations will happen subtly(and sometimes in advanced stages as well), you have to learn to follow, because to universe will start to give signs and many other interesting and sometimes funny ways of helping you to manifest what you want,

Gosh, i could write an entire 5000 word article about this topic Alone, but ill keep short, there are just so many ways the universe can help you, whether it’s a thought in your mind, a sudden inspirational idea, talking with people at a coffee shop or bar, seeing signs along the street, it’s mostly call the action signs, it can truly be ANYTHING! they just suddenly pop up, it’s truly almost just like Magic! Follow your intuition, it will lead you the way and pay attention to as many signs as possible.

By using these 5 steps you can Power Boost your Manifesting Power to achieve any goal or desire, remember to keep your vision board updated when necessary, Be flexible to Change!

Here below is a video about how to make a vision Board, feel free to check it out:

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The art of Releasing Negativity and personal Barriers.

How to use a vision board to activate the law of attraction
How to use a vision board to activate the law of attraction – Releasing negativity and blocks

While it is of utmost Important to direct most your attention towards power boosting the law of attraction for achieving your goals and desires, it is also important to know how to deal with negativity, negative thoughts and your own personal barriers, so that they don’t slow your progress for the abundance you desire to achieve, after all a stained pool cant become clear again just by adding clean water to it, the water needs to be cleaned of all the filth in it to become clear again,

You will want to release as much negativity in your mind and body as possible, we call this, the art of releasing or you can also call it letting go, you may be wondering how you can let go, while this may seem like a confusing process or idea to some of you, it’s actually quite easy, but it will be a gradual process of which the effects you will feel overtime.

If you are currently experiencing the following feelings and issues(or even anything else), constantly thinking about stuff, always with a feeling like something is missing in your life, a heavy feeling in your head, always unsure if you are doing the right thing, then i have good news for you, it can definitely all go away,

I will walk you through a simple process that looks like this:

  • Learning about releasing and how it works
  • How to release any tension, emotion and feeling
  • How to keep releasing easily and instantly

About Releasing

Releasing or letting go is about removing the negativity and tension in your mind and body, actually when negativity, bad feelings and emotions arise, it usually starts with a tension in your head and shoulders, it’s like becoming as solid as a rock,

So this is the first place where you will start to relax your body and release the tension(usually just from the upper body), the next step is releasing any thoughts, feelings or emotions that causes this tension.

How to release anything

When you start your releasing process, you will want to release everything, meaning the bad, the ugly and the good, Yes, you read that correctly, release the positive and good emotions as well, so that the only feeling you will feel is tranquility and peace, this is just for the learning process, once you have mastered releasing, then of course, keep all your good emotions, Lets start with some practice,

  •  Relaxing the body

Sit down comfortably(you can also practice this when you lie down or even when standing), Set your attention to your head, neck and shoulders first, relax those parts as much as possibly, then move down to relax the rest of your, 

example: you can relax by shaking each part of your body(shake your head slowly), you should feel your body at least slightly cleared of some tension.

  • Breath in plus relaxing the body and mind

The first part was just a small experience of what relaxation feels like, now we are going to do it together with a very simple, but very effective breathing exercise,

This technique actually comes from a Qi Gong exercise, which you will start from head to toe, instead of just breathing in and out, visualize yourself breathing in the air around you(visualize white energy if you want), start with breathing the air into your head, neck and shoulders and when breathing out, visualize all the tension Being releasing into the universe and relax your head, neck and shoulders at the same time,

Just feel it all flow away , feel your shoulders relaxing down, feel your head becoming lighter, feel yourself becoming lighter, now follow the same process with the rest of your body, your arms, your torso, your legs and your feet, you can even release the tension into the ground if that works better for you, keep doing this exercise every day.

  • Releasing thoughts, feelings and emotions

You just learned how you can relax your body and remove tension through a simple exercise, but how do you release negativity?

In most cases, When you have done the exercise above, most thoughts, feelings and emotions will have been automatically released during the process itself or at the very least diminished, but we all know the mind can be stubborn….

Especially when you are just starting out, negativity can be quite sticky, just like glue, so you will also need to be persistent in releasing it, once these negative feelings return, start releasing the tension in your body again and pay no attention to the negative thoughts or emotions coming your away, just let them go, let them go past you,

if you are dealing if negative situations or difficult people in your life, follow the same exercise, releasing all the negativity that they send your way, just let it all go, important to know here is, letting go doesn’t mean the issue doesn’t exist or that you should just ignore it, No, letting go means that any issue can’t effect your health, mental well being or your happiness, you just release everything that effects you adversely.

How to keep releasing Easily and Instantly

At the beginning this may seem easier said than done, but once you started doing the exercise, you will be able to perform it faster and faster, you will be able to do it in just few seconds, you can do it while you are standing, getting a drink, eating dinner, while shopping, truly anywhere,

You just do the same exercise, just faster, once you feel tension or negativity rising in you, start to release it as fast as possible, start slow, then continue to perform the exercise quicker and quicker until you have mastered it, eventually releasing should only just take a split second,

This is how you can release easily and eventually almost instantly, it’s an amazing method for living a more peaceful and happy life, using this process can absolutely transform your life, give it try!


The 5 step process for Ultimate Manifesting

Now it’s time for the 5 step Process from the No-BS Manifesting Course(backed by Science and brainwave induced programs) for creating the Ultimate manifesting experience and to Super Power boost the law of attraction to manifest incredible abundance into your life almost effortlessly!

How to use a vision board to activate the law of attraction
How to use a vision board to activate the law of attraction – The 5 step process

The Five step Strategy For Ultimate success

If you have watched or read the secret, then you are definitely going to love the new Movie! If you haven’t watched the latest (Free) manifesting Movie yet(backed by Science), i suggest you do, (Click here to watch it on this page), It will totally enhance your views about the law of attraction and manifesting as a whole and reveal a five step strategy which is an Evolution of all the previous knowledge you have learned!

The Five-Step strategy:

  • Focus
  • Boost
  • Release
  • Gratitude
  • Action

Focus – Concentrate on what you want to achieve

It can be absolutely anything, look at your vision board, concentrate on the goals and desires you want to achieve, now keep that focus.

Boost – increase the power of manifesting with positive and happy thoughts

Use a lot of positive and happy thoughts, feelings and emotions to give a power boost to achieving your goals, dreams and desires.

Release – Removing all the fear, negativity and blocks

Release all the negativity, fear and blocks that may be surrounding your dreams and goals, without these blocks, your road will be clear for success!

Gratitude – show gratitude for the past, present and future

Gratitude has no limitations, in fact gratitude is one of the most powerful forces in the universe, be grateful for everything you have and will have, this way, you will add more fuel to your incredible manifesting Success!

Action – Just take Action!

Get of your *** and take action, do you want to achieve your dreams and goals? Then take action, lots of it, eventually this will almost seem effortlessly as it becomes so natural to you, do get a sudden inspirational thought or idea? Listen to it, do you see signs? Follow them! Are your friends inviting you over? Then say YES and GO!

BONUS: Simplicity – Simplify your life as much as possible

This is my extra Bonus for you and it drops a lot of weight of your shoulders, it may be an obvious no-brainer for some of you, but truly, try to simplify your life as much as possible, are there things, situations, places or people that are causing you unnecessary tension in your life? Then drop as much of it as possible,

seriously, you don’t want to keep anything that is weighing you down, you absolutely DESERVE to live a Life of happiness, peace and abundance, Simplify you life as much as possible, EVERY aspect of it!

A Course Made for Success

The steps above was taken from the No-BS Manifesting Course, it’s truly an amazing and scientifically course that you mostly only need to listen to, it uses the Theta brainwave frequency to optimize and train your brain for success in ever aspect of your life, it programs your subconscious effortlessly.

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The Universe is always at your side

The Universe is always Here for you and you will experience it’s magic and power more and more when you start manifesting greatness, your goals and desires into your life!


Ask the Universe for help

This simple question is so underused, ASK the universe for help, ask for help for achieving your dreams, goals and desires, Your help can come from absolutely anything, Like an Online search, meeting a friend or stranger, signs on a street, a sudden inspiration, Truly ANYTHING,

Ask for help, ask questions, and you will find that it will be provided for you in one form or another, it’s absolutely Amazing!

Struggle is Part of our Evolution

The universe loves us all very much, it loves YOU very much, so much that it wants to help you become more successful, more stronger, more powerful, help yo become the best version of yourself as much as possible,

You shouldn’t see struggle as a bad thing, it’s simply a part of your journey, a part of your personal evolution, however when you find yourself constantly stuck in the traffic or some other *weird* unwanted manifestation, then it might be a good idea to sit down or meditate to what is currently going on in your life and possibly change it.

Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong

You may have heard that line before, everything that can go wrong, will go wrong, it is The law of Murphy, where everything simply just goes wrong, sometimes a bad day, is just a bad day, there was nothing you could do about it,

Once you return home, have another good look at your vision board, do some releasing, read some funny stories or a funny movie, have a good night sleep and start again in the morning, leave the past in the past(or learn from it when necessary).

Experiences raises your Spiritual Vibrations

We live in a world and universe full of endless experiences, every single one of your experiences will upgrade and raise your vibrations, especially your struggles, you will become stronger and more capable in handling most situations, it’s part of your Evolution.

Your sub-conscience mind is always processing

Your Subconscious mind is always at work, always processing and upgrading, always planning and helping, Always creating for you, leading you towards your Goals, dreams and desires, it is one your best friend’s, always watching out for you,

So the more knowledge you learn, the more experiences you acquire, the more experienced you become, it will all be processed within your subconscious mind and will manifest your desires or the life you dream to be living, you will be always learning, even when you are not learning, how awesome is that?

The law of attraction is not black and white

The Law of Attraction, nor the Universe or the world for that matter is not black and white, It’s not like if you think some negative thoughts that they will immediately come true, of course not, if that were the case, then we would be blowing everything up with our minds already,

Or if you are just starting your learning process of manifesting, how to achieve your dreams, goals, desires or help the world, your fellow human beings etc… Of course there is a protection in place to keep your negative thoughts from being destructive,

The Universe knows all of this, it is loving, it is kind, it is caring, it always supports you, so don’t sweat yourself every time negativity shows up and you mess up, just let it all go and move on.


Focus on your spiritual growth

If you wish to succeed in any area of your life as fast as possible, focus on your own personal and spiritual growth first, the abundance you desire will gradually follow along your journey, The more *work* you do on yourself, the stronger your vibration and frequency become,

How to use a vision board to activate the law of attraction
How to use a vision board to activate the law of attraction – Spiritual Growth

Spiritual development

The frequency and vibration of spiritual growth has an interesting destiny, one might day that this particular spiritual power might even be more *favored* by to universe due to it’s close related vibration, this why a lot of articles and experts always recommend people to work on themselves first and the abundance will gradually follow with them,

Spiritual development or personal development, whichever name your prefer is a very natural process as well, a process that pretty much everyone goes through, whatever your current experiences are, try to flow through them as much as possible in a non resistant way,

This may sound easier said than done and i could impossibly know what struggles you currently face(or i would be what you could call a proper clairvoyant), but these unwanted manifestations, are also a natural part of life, don’t be too hard on yourself on this part as well.

Struggle is also a Part of Life

Although the law of attraction teaches us to focus our thoughts and energy on the positive and to set our intentions on the goals, dreams and desires we would like to acquire, it was still important to mention that all the struggles or challenges you are currently facing are a natural part of life,

So if you were thinking that you were doing something wrong or incorrect, that’s probably not the case, struggles help us to become stronger and to better face life’s challenges, it helps us human beings evolve to new previous levels that we couldn’t have achieved without those struggles,

So if you are struggling right now in any area of your life, know that it is most like part of your own spiritual growth and development, the universe has a greater plan for you and everyone else, keep going, keep taking action toward your dreams and goals, you are going the right way.

You can Definitely Achieve Abundance

How to use a vision board to activate the law of attraction
How to use a vision board to activate the law of attraction – You got this

You can definitely achieve all of your Dreams, Goals and desires, In fact repeat that sentence right now, I CAN definitely achieve all my Dreams, Goals and Desires, keep repeating it, repeat it in front of a mirror when you wake up, repeat it during the day and repeat it again when you are going to sleep,

Watch your vision board every single day, as much as you can, let it inspire  and motivate you, take action at every thought, idea and opportunity that comes your way and sooner or later you will find yourself achieving the abundance you so definitely Deserve, You CAN do it!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to read our article, we truly hope that it has helped you in journey towards manifesting Abundance, we wish you much Success, Achievement and Happiness in every area of your life, we wish you A Life Of Greatness!

Have a Question or Comment? Then feel absolutely Free to Comment away here below into the Comment Section!

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  2. Hi! Creating a vision board is fun. And as you have stated, it’s very powerful. The tips you have mentioned here are useful and easy to follow. I’m surprised on how practical you’re in this post. And your way of writing encourages everybody to use a vision board. Thanks for this post.

    • Hi Henry,

      Thanks for the feed back, I’m glad to hear that you liked article,

      Keep in mind, that updating your vision board is highly recommended, because eventually your goals and desires may be slightly changed or updated as well,

      Besides that, keep up the Good work,

      Happy manifesting!


  3. Wow, your post is really comprehensive on how to activate the law of attraction. I must confess that I didn’t know a lot of what is written here especially about the vision board. I think that is something I really need to explore. I also like that you have added ways to deal with real life problems like letting go. Honestly, I have been inspired by your post here. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Henderson,

      You’re very welcome!

      This was all a learning process for me as well, but within time and increased experience, you will get the hang of it as well,

      Happy Manifesting!


  4. Wow! I just couldn’t stop reading this article as exhausting as it is. This is probably one of the best I have read in this entire year. Thanks so much for sharing. Making use of a vision board to activitate the law of attraction entails us to visualise our goals through documentation and see it everytime to achieve success with it. This is really great for me and I’m definitely going to try a vision board out. What you visualise is what you actualise. Hence, there is need to take my imagination to reality. Wow! I learnt well through this post

    • Hi Shelly,

      Great to hear that you have gotten value from this article, that’s all what matters!

      Vision boards are truly an amazing way for power boosting your dreams, goals and desires in to reality, the law of attraction knows no limits, Definitely try it out, you can manifesting anything you want,

      Happy manifesting!


  5. Wow, this is a very wonderful post and I am glad to have read this. A friend of mine introduced me to the vision board and how it has helped him attain so much success and become a better person. I really do think it works because my friend has really changed and lives a very better and healthy life. This is something I’d like to venture in and you have explicated it here. Thank you very much, I will give it a trial.

    • You’re Welcome John!

      I’m glad that your friend benefited so much from his Vision Board, it definitely was a factor in his Success,

      Definitely try it out, it will be worth it,

      Happy Manifesting!


  6. Vision boards are an important tool in your success tool box. They are cheap to make and their potential value to you is immeasurable. This post is definitely going to help me figure out what i want in your life and then commit myself 100% towards making that first step of creating my vision board and activating the law of attraction to pull my dreams into reality. Thanks for sharing.

    • That’s Awesome Jeremiah!

      Definitely give yourself some time to reflect on your life, dreams and goals, you can meditate or you can even just sit down and just stare into the nothingness, something will eventually pop up,

      I wish you much Success and Happiness in your life’s adventures,


  7. A vision board truly portrays the presentation of our dreams and goals in the realest form. Making use of this board would open our view more towards actualizing our dreams for a better life. Like the laws of attractions. We attract what we feel, nurse and desire hence, we channel all our efforts towards the particular area alone. This has covered every possible questions I could have on vision board and I have also learned a great deal about the benefits attached to the use of a vision board. Cheers for this post

    • Hi Mattias,

      I’m glad that you learned so much from this article!

      You can definitely achieve your goals and whatever else you desire, the Law of attraction knows no limitations, Create your own Vision Board and start Power Boosting your Manifesting power, You CAN do it too!

      Happy Manifesting,


  8. Awesome post! This is a very incredible idea, which I have heard about it before, but was not that clear to me back then, if this has so much power then i will definitely start from today and start taking my life towards success by creating a vision board. Thanks a bunch for inspiring and giving us lots of ideas.


    • You’re very welcome Jordan!

      You can definitely do it, create your own vision board and start manifesting your road to Greatness Immediately!

      Happy Manifesting,


  9. Hello!!

    I definitely believe in the law of attraction. I will put into practice what you call the “vision board”. I have a place for myself in my house where I work many hours with my computer. There I will paste white sheets written with my most wanted wishes for example: “I want to make a trip with my wife alone to Cancun next December” In short, the walls will surely be filled to hit all my Dreams and wishes.

    It made me very happy thanks to you, the so-called Law of attraction Welcome!

    • Hahaha, Wow! The Law of attraction gratitude, that will surely boost our own Goals and Happiness, thank you so much Claudio!!

      I’m glad to hear that this article was so incredible helpful for you, That’s makes us really Happy!

      Fill your walls, with all the dreams, goals and desires you wish to achieve, nothing is too small and nothing is too Big, Fill your walls with Absolutely everything you want to Achieve, You CAN do it,

      I wish you tremendous Success & Happiness in your Manifesting Adventures!


  10. Thank you for this interesting and informative post.

    I have to say, I’ve been a bit skeptical of using a vision board but so many people I know live by them.

    I need to be selective to make sure I put it in an appropriate place.

    This might be an odd question but, would it be at all beneficial for me to replicate my wall in multiple places.  Specifically, I work on my computer 90% of the day.  I was thinking screensaver, desktop background, etc.  I just wonder if that much more exposure would be a good thing or detract from the board itself.

    Again thank you for this.  Now I have to get to planning a bit.


    • Hi Scott,

      If you read about some of the most famous people, business Men and Woman, you will find that most of them, if not all of them use vision boards, it’s use and effectiveness should not be underestimate, That’s why your friends also use it, because it can power boost your dreams, goals and desires into reality,

      I think you meant to Write Vision Board instead of wall at this section: (would it be at all beneficial for me to replicate my wall in multiple places),

      But in any case, sure thing, hang it up in your work area, set it up as screensaver and desktop background and any other area where you can boost your dreams and goals into reality, the more Power boosting, The better!


  11. Hello; Wow!!! I had not heard of a vision board before. The Law of attraction is somewhat different. as there are so many things that attract some positive some negative.

     I liked the information you have given about the vision board though; The tools that you informed about using are necessary as they can all fit into one’s life. Do you personally use a vision board? If you do, how fast have you achieve some of your goals?


    • Hi Dorcas!

      I’m glad the information was helpful for you, I’m not sure what you mean by The Law of attraction is somewhat different, perhaps you could elaborate?

      I personally use a Digital Vision Board most of the time, like desktop background and screen saver, as I’m working on the computer most of my time, Although I am planning to set up a vision board for the new year 2020 and the dreams, goals and desires i wish to achieve before 2030,

      That may seem like a long time, but i like to dream big and there are plenty of goals i wish to achieve,

      For simple things like important questions i may have, i get results practically immediately, For greater wealth in like a one month time frame, recently in just two weeks, for increased knowledge and information also practically immediately,

      These are just some of my examples and my goals and desires, success can mean something different for everyone, there is no right or wrong in the law of attraction,

      Give the Vision Board a try, you will find it will incredibly power boost your Dreams and desires,

      I wish you much Success and Happiness in your Life’s journey!


  12. Wow, what a great read! I had always heard about vision boards, but I never really knew what they were for or what they did. After reading this, I will definitely be making one of my own. I am a visual person myself, so I think this will really help me come closer to achieving my goals, and getting the best things out of life. Thank you for this article.

  13. I must say you have come up with a great post on vision boards. 

    Vision boards are indeed something not to unederestimated. They have lots of amazing benefits like cheering you up and motivating you during those desperate times when you fill empty and low in your life. They do keep on reminding you about the targets, goals and dreams which you have to achieve and prove to be  much more effective psychological tool to keep you on track. 

    Thanks for sharing this.

    • Hi Nick,

      Actually, Vision board are much more than a simple psychology tool, they help boost your thoughts, emotions and feelings to manifest your your,dreams or things you so desire, that’s why they are so popular and so widely used,

      Give it a try,

      I wish you much success and happiness in your life’s journey,


  14. A vision board sounds like an excellent way to activate the law of attraction, and honestly I hadn’t thought of this concept until now. I like the idea of putting one’s dream life into perspective via photos. It’s important to have goals, and it’s best to be able to write them down or display them visually. You have presented some great questions about self-reflection once success has been had. It’s important to remain humble. I think it’s a great idea to visualize and meditate upon waking. The No BS Manifesting Course looks outstanding and I will be checking it out further through your link, thank you!

  15. This website is loaded with very useful information. I can imagine how this vision board technique works. It uses the power of the mind or imagination. This influence the subconscious mind and over time, starts to manifest.

    The idea of vision board is great and I’m sure it will be a lot of fun. Thanks for the post.

    • Go for it J,

      You will power boost your goals, dreams and desires into reality with the vision board, You can do it!

      Happy manifesting,


  16. I find this concept amazing, a while ago I was trying to teach myself to have a positive mental attitude and during my searches for videos and articles on the subject I came across these manifest abundance video clips etc and I must admit I did find them fascinating, as far as I can gather, it all works in a similar way to the placebo effect where the subconscious mind believes something and it happens, I have never seen the vision board idea before and I really do like it, I really enjoyed reading this post here and I have bookmarked your website so I will be coming back to see more, take care and keep up the good work.

    • Hi Russ,

      I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the article,

      The Subconscious mind truly is an incredible force of power, the placebo effect is indeed fascinating, this is why programming your mind is extremely effective and lets your subconscious create the reality it believes to be true, this is also partly what manifesting is about, keep up the good work with your education and research,

      Give the vision board a try, it will power boost your subconscious mind even further,

      I wish you much success and happiness in your manifesting adventures!


  17. Vision boards are something that I’ve heard about but I’m just now researching them. You’ve written a very comprehensive article on how to make and use them. You have also added good advice on how to let go and I appreciate that. Going forward I will definitely try to utilize the ideas that you have taught me in this article.

  18. Great read!

    I have been wondering on how i should be using my vision board properly, so i did some online searching and found your article, i absolutely enjoyed reading it, i learned so much, i think now I’m ready to achieve absolutely anything!

    I also just check out the Manifesting course and the movie, it was amazing, a real eye opener, I already signed up,

    Thanks for your Help!

    • You’re very welcome! It makes us really happy that you have gained so much from our article,

      I Wish you much success and happiness in your life’s adventures!


  19. Wow! This has to be the most comprehensive page I have ever
    found on using a vision board to activate the law of attraction.
    Actually, I think this is probably the most in-depth article I have ever
    come across, Truly!

    You have thoroughly covered the core information and the closely related information as well.

    On the topic itself, I definitely believe we attract both the good & the bad into our lives according to where we focus.

    I bought a vision board kit a few years ago. Unfortunately, I never
    got around to actually using it. I still have it. I save it for “one of
    these days”. lol

    I think now is a good time to start using the vision, i somehow attracted this article into my life, so i guess this is my sign, Anyway, I just wanted to say this is an awesome article. Very detailed. Great job!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, it’s much appreciate!

      Haha, you have attracted this article one way or another, so that mean now you Definitely have to put your vision board kit to good use,

      Power boost the law of attraction and start manifesting abundance today!

      I wish you much success and prosperity in your life’s journey,

      Happy Manifesting!


  20. I totally agree that having a vision board to help subconsciously guide you towards your goals is a very powerful tool to utilize! I’ve been making these digitally for the past few years and they are used as my computer wallpaper background. It’s been great to watch things go from being a dream to reality, and then getting to update the vision board with new goals!  

  21. Wow, what an uplifting and inspiring post. I’ve not read such an in-depth article about vision boards, or why they are so powerful before. I have a wall in my office where I post inspiring pictures, postcards from loved ones and photos of favourite places I’ve visited, but I’d not thought of adding texts to it. Your post has inspired me to start collecting powerful and inspiring quotes and to start a wall collecting them. Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Actually that could be called a vision board as well!

      A vision board can meaning something different for each person, it doesn’t necessarily need to be texted based,

      You’re doing great!!

      Happy manifesting,


  22. I just reviewed your site and I was glad to find you because I’m in the process of creating a vision board myself.  I really don’t want to travel but I do have other goals that I want to meet. I started at the bottom where I felt I was now in my life.  My favorite writer for business is Zig Ziglar with the favorite quote “I’ll see you at the TOP”.  I put it at the top of my board and I look at it every day.  My board is very personal because I add the good things and the bad on a daily basis.  I do believe that nothing is impossible to achieve and with my strong conviction, the law of attraction is amplified in my thinking.  I try to surround myself with positive people and things and I believe I’m on the right track.  Your ideas are greatly appreciated and motivational.  

    • Hi Peggy,

      You’re definitely heading in the right directing, although i would recommend keeping the bad stuff out of your vision board, because you want to set your intention as much as possible on vibration positivity and attracting the goals and desires you want, other than that, keep up the good work,

      Happy Manifesting!


  23. I personally believe in Law of Attraction just like the book Think and grow rich said. Thank you for sharing the 5 steps on how to create a vision board. I myself have never got a chance to do it. I mostly write down my goals on my notebook. That can be a short, mid and a long term goal and I make sure that all my activities will lead me towards my goal. However I like the visual part of the vision board. My notebook is always closed. Taking a look at vision board will remind me about my goal daily. Thanks for such a motivational post. 

    • You’re very welcome Nuttanee!

      It’s seems you are well on track, try to add some visual images into your note book, it will boost your manifesting power, keep up the good work,

      Happy Manifesting!


  24. Thank you for this great article. I have been using vision boards ever since I learned about the law of attraction back in 2011 or so. It helps to have the images there because our brains are very visual, so when we can see the images then it helps activate the Law of Attraction even more. Being able to look at everything we want to manifest on a regular basis helps us have that feeling that we have what we want, and that helps attract everything to us that we will need to get what we want in life.

    thank you for your expertise on the subject and I will definitely take your tips into account as I continued my vision board practice. Thank you and I look forward to reading your next article.

    • You,re very welcome , I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the article,

      Keep up the good work, you are doing very well, although we do recommend you to update your vision board once in a while, because you as a person are ever evolving and growing, so naturally you should add any new changes to your vision when the that time comes, besides that, keep going!

      Happy manifesting,


  25. Hi,

    That’s a great idea! I have written down my goals, dreams and aspirations before but never done it as a vision board.        This is definitely something that can give so much more inspiration than just writing it down, as you physically see the board all the time. 

    I’m off to do my vision board now!


    • That’s Great Tony!

      Glad to hear that you got something useful from the article, that’s all what matters!

      Happy manifesting,


  26. Such an interesting article. Also, thank you for explaining what a vision board was, because I was so lost throughout the first few paragraphs of your article. This was such a motivational read. I don’t realky have a motivational board, at least not physically. I used to have a bullet journal were I wrote all my ideas and future goals but I left that aside. This article just made me want to go back into that journey again. 

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Glad you got motivated again, a little inspiration can do wonders!

      I wish you much Success and Happiness in your life’s adventures,


  27. It’s so lovely landing at your site. I have been searching for how to quickly activate the law of attraction using a visual board as I do believe in positive affirmation. 

    Your step number 4 is really fantastic! I completely agree that we need to boost the law of attraction every minute of the day from the time we arise from sleep in the morning till we go to bed at night in order to get that maximum effect. The early morning meditation must be observed daily as a kickoff. 

    Thanks for this vital post which I have already shared with family and friends.

    • You’re very welcome Chris!

      A vision board can absolutely be a game changer,

      To have all this visual images of your incredible goals, dreams or desires is such a power boost, it just motivates you from the moment you wake up and when you go back to sleep again, you are non stop vibrating the things you want, it’s truly amazing!

      Keep up the good work, you are doing very well!

      Happy manifesting,


  28. Thank you for your post. The vision board is a useful tool to enhance the law of attraction and to manifest abundance.

    I like the procedure of 5 steps for creating a successful vision board. I think the step 1 is essential for the success of manifestation and for the goal-setting. For me, I just started my online business and would like to be successful in my affiliate marketing. I have a series of goals to be met. To meet these goals, I need to take action and work hard to realize my goal one by one.

    Vision board provides a effective tool for me to illustrate my goals and action required to achieve my goals. Write them down, visualize it all one by one, take action to manifest then all.

    It is kind of you sharing this powerful tool with us.

    • Hi Anthony,

      Thanks for your feed back, it’s much appreciated!

      A vision board is absolutely an incredibly powerful tool, definitely give it a try, it can be your game changer,

      I wish you much success and happiness in your life’s adventures,



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