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Top Online Schools that Hire Candidates without a degree – Get your online job Today!

Online Schools Hiring Candidates without a Degree


Everyone dreams of a job that allows them to be in their sweatpants, keep that mass of hair in an untidy bun and work at their own pace. We guess this is every student’s story on the hunt to secure some decent job to make some extra bucks so that they can at least make ends meet.

Are you trying to provide English Language classes but are unable to find an opportunity? Is every job post you come across asking you for a degree?

We gather you have never been to a university but have the command needed to teach the language or simply the knack to be a persuasive teacher. Or, are you still a student with their degree in progress?

Well, say no more because online schools are looking for candidates who can provide English language tuition’s. And guess the best part? Some companies do not demand a degree as a prerequisite.

Speaking of this, we have compiled a comprehensive list of online English teaching jobs through which you can fill that pocket of yours without worrying about having to provide a degree certificate. This is because the following companies do not ask for a degree but preferably experience, that too, not an extensive one.

Let’s get started.


The Online Schools Hiring Candidates without a Degree


31abc accepts non-degree holders if you have extensive teaching experience. Having a TEFL, TESOL, or TESL certificates along with teaching experience with kids is a plus.

You will have the same students 3 days a week. That means very stable teaching hours and income for teachers. Each class lasts for 28 minutes, and count as half-hour lessons in regards to coaches’ salaries.

Class times in North America are in the morning before traditional work hours. You will be teaching one-on-one or two students, grouped by their English as a Second Language levels.

Online Schools that Hire Candidates without a degree - sayabc



This company not only offers the best pay but is highly flexible when it comes to schedule setting. The company believes in giving its employees the freedom to choose their working slots that best befits their lifestyle. If you are someone who likes to start in the early hours of the day, you can choose the morning time as your slot.

However, there may be instances where time-difference can be a challenge. The teachers might be needed to render their services during late-night hours.

The only requirement is to be present, punctual, and have a good Internet connection. In case a teacher needs assistance in preparing a program, the company is willing to provide all the necessary support.

They provide extensive training sessions to prepare the employees as they believe in giving everyone a fair chance regardless of whether they are degree holders or not. However, they should have some sort of teaching experience to compensate for the lack of a degree.

Online Schools that Hire Candidates without a degree - cambly



It is one of the coolest platforms connecting aspiring English learners with English teachers across the globe. You can taste every culture and virtually travel all over the world without even stepping out of your house. Moreover, most students here are adults, so be prepared to deal with that age-group.

This also comes with the flexibility of choosing the teaching hours that best help you maintain a work-life balance.

As for the requirements, Cambly’s application process primarily focuses on how good your Internet connection is in addition to how tech-savvy you are as a person. The company does not ask for formal teaching experience, let alone a degree.

Online Schools that Hire Candidates without a degree - Magic ears

Magic Ears

Magic Ears is always looking for passionate candidates to provide English classes to little Chinese learners. The ages of the students range from 4-12, and the company seeks individuals who can offer a fun, interactive learning experience to these children. The platform is flexible and focuses on building a session in a 1-on-4 class format. This is to ensure that the teachers can provide undivided attention to each student and make the course more conversational and practical.

The platform sets the lesson’s schedules beforehand, and the duration of each class is 25 minutes. Now comes the exciting part! If your performance is up to the mark, your students give you positive reviews and keep on asking for you; the company offers rewards in terms of bonuses and incentives.

If you are a US citizen and hold a TEFL certification, you don’t have to worry about securing a spot! Other than this, it does not matter if you have a degree or not. If anything, this company asks for dedication, sincerity, and affable nature.

Online Schools that Hire Candidates without a degree - palfish



An app-based company, Palfish looks for potential candidates who are willing to accommodate students even on short notice. The platform takes pride in catering to students with super busy schedules, who might even roll in for a class while they are commuting on a bus to their school. Hence, Palfish seeks individuals willing to provide English tuition’s on a tight schedule.

The platform is flexible in that you can either opt for a one-on-one English teaching session or choose to teach an entire group at once. Furthermore, the app allows you to decide your rates that you would like to charge for each session. With your growing reputation and strength of the class, the income climbs another step on the ladder.

Again, Palfish does not look for formal teaching experience or degree but rather a fluency in English. Besides this, you have to be hardworking and extremely passionate to secure a position on the Palfish team.


Online Schools that Hire Candidates without a degree - italki



There are incredible online teaching platforms that provide you with the freedom you deserve, and iTalki is one of them. You’ll be able to create your schedule and your rates according to what you’d like them to be. This is an excellent platform which allows you to connect with students from all over the world and share your culture with them. Teachers are booked based on their profile, introduction video and student reviews, so make sure you do your best.


There’s no set curriculum, so planning your classes are essential to having students book you again. Picking a “niche” is also another great way to stand out from the crowd, so make sure you know who your student is and what you’d like to teach them (a Spaniard who loves learning about the weather, perhaps?).


Requirements: You’ll need to be 18 and older, and be a native English speaker or fluent in English. Having any form of TEFL certification will improve your chances of attracting new students.


Earnings: Teachers can set their rates, but the platform does recommend starting at around $8 – $12 per hour to attract students and rack up some good student reviews. iTalki does take a commission based on the teacher’s set course price.

Online Schools that Hire Candidates without a degree - amazing talker

Amazing Talker

Amazing Talker is another great option if you’re looking for a work from home opportunity that enables you to set your own rates. It’s also great if you’re looking for a flexible teaching schedule that allows you to create your own teaching materials. You’ll interact with students of all ages, and it’s a company that provides a very relaxed and supportive environment. There are two class options, 25-minute trial lessons and 50-minute private lessons. You’ll be matched with students according to your background and the student’s learning needs, so you won’t feel like you’re completely alone in catching the attention of potential students.


Requirements: You’ll need to be a native English speaker, TEFL certificate, and have a passion for teaching!


Earnings: You’re able to set your own rates, but top tutors are able to charge around $25 per class. However, Amazing Talker will take a 15% cut of the rates set.

Online Schools that Hire Candidates without a degree - Acadsoc



An international online ESL platform, Acadsoc aims to emerge as the leading educating company for Chinese learners. Therefore, they are always looking for promising candidates with a flair and passion for teaching English.

If you are not looking for a freelance opportunity, but rather a full-time or part-time English teaching job on a remote basis, Acadsoc is for you. The work package and number and age-group of the students depend upon the experience you hold.

You are in for some great bonuses if you maintain perfect attendance, complete each class on time, and of course, preserve a stellar performance.

Online Schools that Hire Candidates without a degree - is an online platform that matches teachers with ESL positions online and overseas. They connect you directly connect you to schools so you won’t be bombarded with spam or irrelevant offers!

You can apply for ESL teaching jobs or create a profile and wait for interview invitation from the school, that usually come in 24 hours.

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We hope that not having a dream does not make you kill your dreams. You can rest assured as the above companies ask for nothing more than fluency in English and a passionate streak when it comes to teaching it online.

Also, this is a great way to enhance both your learning curve and resume. We suggest you take a shot and let nothing stop you from chasing your dreams!

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Got a Question, comment or got something to add? Then feel absolutely free to comment away here below into the comment section!

TOP Online Schools that hire Candidates without a Degree
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TOP Online Schools that hire Candidates without a Degree
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