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Online Teachers Training Courses – TEFL Certification for your future

Teach English as a foreign Language Certificate

Do you speak English? Then you can teach it!


Traveling and Going abroad anywhere in the world is always an exciting(And for some a nerve breaking) adventure and sometimes you love it so much, that you just want to keep doing it! maybe even in a particular place or country that you like. Well whatever your reasons are, you can definitely keep doing what you love by becoming a Teacher!

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Yes a teacher! in fact an English teacher, its one of the best jobs you could do in the world, More Adventure, More free time, More money and more happiness! You can do it too, have you never taught abroad before? or have you never taught at all? No problem! nowadays there are these amazing teaching courses that you can do Online!(or even abroad Onsite) And that way you can get yourself a proper teaching certificate,

Its Called a TEFL Certificate or Teach English as A Foreign Language Certificate, why would you want to get such a Certificate? One of the main reasons is because of the huge value it provides a New(And experienced teacher) and it’s also one of the biggest access key to becoming and English teacher abroad, it just gives so much knowledge and information about teaching in a foreign country, A Wealth of wisdom, knowledge & life experiences from highly advanced & expert English teachers, Regular teaching, business teaching, private teaching, you name it!

It also gives so much knowledge and information about the English language & literature that you will feel more confident in yourself in Becoming a teacher, being the cool teacher, knowing how to manage a class room, interaction & organization, class lessons & much more!

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Another reason why having a TEFL certificate is so beneficial is because schools will want to hire you 10x faster than a teacher who hasn’t got a certificate, Why? Because of how valuable the training is and schools know that, they totally love *their* teacher being certified, we can recommend you some of the best Cheap 120 hours TEFL course and higher quality ones as well, for most schools a 120h TEFL course is enough, very few schools may ask higher than that, but it’s really just only a handful.

After obtaining your TEFL Certificate and becoming a certified you can start your teaching adventure by becoming an Online teacher or teaching abroad onsite in foreign countries.

Online Teachers Training Courses – The Top TEFL Courses

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Premier TEFL

Premier TEFL offers one of the most valuable and inexpensive 120h TEFL course out there for a very cheap price! they also offer several other online, onsite courses, paid internships and more!


  • Their 120 hour TEFL course is around $99,- and it’s more than good enough to use for most schools.

Feel free to check out their Webpage and the resources they have to offer.


TEFL UK also provides some of the most super cheap and High Quality TEFL courses in the TEFL World and even better, if you use our discount code 87C47f55 Then you will get an additional 10% off from any of the courses you decide to undertake!


  • Their 120 hour TEFL Course is 99 Pounds and if you use our ten percent discount code, then it’s 89 Pounds.

TEFL UK truly provides some of the cheapest courses out there, with the high quality remaining intact and with the discount it’s even cheaper, They have all kinds of courses, including TEFL classes onsite, TEFL internships and more,

check out there webpage and choose one of their awesome courses and fill in our code 87C47f55 to get a big 10% discount!, there is plenty to choose from, Just check out which course is the most suitable for you and get started Today!

The Ultimate 120-Hour TEFL Course at LetsTEFL

If you desire a more higher Quality Online course(but a little more pricier) and that has some extra’s included, like Free a Employment training course, getting your CV(Resume) Perfected and polished, acing interviews to an incredibly high successful hiring rate, shipping your Certificate internationally for Free, then LetsTEFL is definitely for you,


  • Their 120 TEFL Course hour is $199,- , which includes all their services and support for life.

Although the previous Courses mentioned above are definitely good as well(And money saving), For those that want or need the extra perks and guidance that is offered At letsTEFL, then that’s definitely a good program to follow, they put in the extra effort to help prepare you for your teaching adventure every step of the way, from becoming a certified teacher to polishing your resume and help you Prepare for the job interview and much more!

Check out their awesome 120-TEFL at, learn more about their program and start your awesome journey on becoming a fully certified English teacher today!



Do TEFL Onsite Courses in tropical and sunny Thailand in Chiang Mai!

(Paid TEFL Internships(For Native speakers) & volunteering options are available as well! Gain the Experience You Need!)

Join a group of max 20 Trainees and give yourself an unforgettable TEFL learning experience and adventure of education, fun & exploration in the beautiful, sunny Thailand, Do a 4-week incredible TEFL training course that is of the highest quality, instead of sitting behind a computer and trying the finish the TEFL course alone(and sometimes boring), do it with fun & amazing group support, learn more incredible knowledge, teaching skills & earn yourself one of the most highest quality TEFL certificates available, All of this is made possible thanks to SEE TEFL’s amazing Onsite Courses opportunities!

Online Teachers Training Courses together with SEE TEFL
Online Teachers Training Courses together with SEE TEFL


TEFL Training Course in Chiang Mai

Treat yourself to an unforgettable TEFL learning experience in beyond extraordinary Thailand, Join a small group of trainees on a journey becoming fully Certified English Language teachers at an actual TEFL Training center, gain 4 weeks of incredibly valuable onsite classroom skills training in Chiang Mai, Observe REAL teaching practices with real students at a range of local schools and enjoy getting your TEFL Certificate together with a group of trainees instead of doing it alone!

Further more, enjoy the food, culture and landscape of the kingdom of the Thailand, your classes are only from Monday to Friday, which means that you have your own free time on Saturday and Sunday, enjoy some time out, go out for some drinks, eat some delicious food or participate in any other activity that  amazing Thailand has to offer,

And better yet, you can do all of that together in the company of your group! So you will get an all in one true TEFL Experience, You will get the highest quality of TEFL Education, observe Real onsite teaching practices, gain 4 weeks of onsite Classroom Skills Training, enjoy everything Thailand has to offer and Much MUCH More!


  • The Regular price is $1595,-
  • Discount One: Early bird price is $1495,- (Save $100,-)
  • Discount Two: Super Early bird price is $1395,- (Save $200,-)
  • The TEFL Internship + course option (For Native speakers) is $1295,-

SEE TEFL’s courses are also one of the few most affordable prices which most people are able to undertake and the current passing rate stands on 95%, which means do-overs are very unlikely to happen, non passes also do happen when students choose not to attend their classes and instead go partying…

It is quite common that visitors who journey to Thailand get stuck into the dream life of fun and adventure there, which in generally is not such a bad thing, but for students who attend TEFL training there, if you want to become a certified teacher, just be sure to attend your classes!

The Pro’s and con’s

The Pro’s:

  • You will be completely be immersed into a foreign teaching environment, getting firsthand knowledge and experience on what it means to be an ESL Teacher.
  • You are not alone, you will be among a group of other TEFL trainees and have the proper support you need.
  • You will observe actual teaching practices and see firsthand how teaching English in in a foreign country works.
  • You will learn a ton of incredible more information and knowledge than a regular online course.
  • They help you every step of the way, including job employment, internships and volunteering positions if you desire it.
  • You will learn in a completely educational, tropical and a pleasurable environment.
  • Attend classes in the beautiful and sunny Thailand.
  • Enjoy Thai culture, food & Scenery and so much more!
  • Live an experience that you will treasure for a life time!
  • Earn a TEFL Certificate of the Highest Quality.

The Con’s:

  • Instead of doing online classes from the comfort of home, you will be doing them in Thailand, so for folks who do not wish to travel far and wide and don’t like adventure as much as a backpacker, this may seem like a turn off.
  • although it is one of the few affordable onsite TEFL Courses out there, doing a training course in sunny Thailand may seem like on the pricey side, but in all honesty, you can definitely get much more value and experience in return than the money you invest for it, next to that, you can also gain a ton of experience through volunteering or doing a (For native speakers)paid internship.

Course summery:

  • 4 weeks of onsite classroom skills training in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • See TEFL can help you arrange accommodations, You can just do the easy part which is Signing up!
  • Monday to Friday 9AM – 4PM
  • Includes 6 observed teaching practices with real students at a range of local schools
  • Training groups are limited to 20 trainees
  • Get yourself teaching experience by volunteering Through See TEFL in Thailand!

Doing an onsite TEFL course in a foreign country is much more realistic, effective and education than doing a simple TEFL Course Online, you will be completely immersed in an highly effective training environment for optimal growth and knowledge learning,

All in All, at SEE TEFL, you are definitely in very good hands and with their help, you can become a fully qualified TEFL teacher in no more than 4 weeks! Better yet, if you are worried about the accommodation, they can help you with that as well, let SEE TEFL handle all the complicated stuff and you just do the easy *work* By Signing up here & Start your own TEFL Adventure Now!

Choosing a Proper TEFL certificate varies per Trainee

Choosing the right TEFL course can be quite time consuming, Maybe the price of the course matters to some of you or maybe it doesn’t, what does matter is choosing the right kind of course, no matter which TEFL course you choose, they should at least all be accredited and internationally recognized by an organization like for example The World TEFL Accrediting Commission (WTEFLAC), which all of the courses laid out in this post are,

Next to that, it also varies from person to person on their wants and needs, one trainee may just want a simple online course without all the help and extra’s involved, while another trainee may desire all the help he or she thinks needs, another trainee might want to do an onsite course because it’s a much more personal approach and when doing it a abroad, definitely much more realistic(and possibly more effective),

In any case, whichever course you decide to endeavor, think about what you want and possibly additionally need, like interview training or creating a *perfected* CV etc…, it’s up to you, Personally if i were a complete Novice and wanted to do an online course, i would go for the extra help an pick LetsTEFL, but since I’m quite the adventurer myself i would choose the Onsite course in Thailand, but that’s Just me, Choose the suitable option for yourself and have a happy teaching adventure!


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