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online teaching job opportunities – Top Online jobs

The Top online teaching job opportunities

Teaching Online has become one of the most popular online jobs in the entire online world and If you where searching for the best online jobs opportunities, then you have absolutely come to the right place, Because it is here where you will find some of the best, Easiest and top paying Online Positions.


Your Journey of teaching Online Begins here

Having a good teaching environment all starts working at the right school or company, the same goes for teaching Online, which is why we have listed some of the top online teaching opportunities with the best online teaching experience for you in this article,

Although the requirements are not so strict like most other online platforms out there, it is definitely recommend for you to have a TEFL Certificate in your possession, because it is proof for most schools that you have required the desired knowledge about teaching a foreign language,

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In a moment, You will find some of the Best, Easiest and top paying online teaching platforms in the entire online world, working at any these platforms can be a very rewarding teaching adventure, check them out here below.


The Top online teaching job opportunities

Teaching English/Languages/Subjects Online at Preply

Teaching at Preply is one of the most opportunistic online teaching jobs in the entire Online world, it is truly one of the most, if not the most popular and best paying online teaching platform out there, they have around 55 possible languages, subjects and even hobbies as teaching positions available!

The Top online teaching job opportunities at Preply
The Top online teaching job opportunities at Preply

Next to having their own curriculum and lesson plans(or you can also make your own lesson plans), Preply doesn’t require their teachers to act like clowns or even sing silly songs, you have quite a lot of freedom on how you can manage and teach your classes, just make sure to keep a nice smile on your face during every lessons,

Although most online teaching platforms have one age group, the age group at Preply is quite diverse, ranging from kids, to teenagers, students and adults, so if you have a preferred age group you would like would like to teach, Preply has possibility for you available,

Teaching at Preply is quite a simple job and it’s system and platform makes your online teaching experience as easy as possible, They can pay incredibly well and treat both students and teachers with equally importance and respect, which is why they are one of the most top popular online teaching platforms in the entire online world.

Why should you become a teacher at Preply?

Here are just a few of the reasons why teaching at Preply is an incredible opportunity:

  • No strict requirements, which means even completely new teachers can be accepted.
  • You can earn a very high income and beyond.
  • You can set your own hourly rate, meaning you can get paid the salary you deserve, some of the highest earning teachers are currently even earning up to the $40 to $60+ per hour!
  • Once accepted, you can practically start immediately.
  • Work as many hours as you see fit, considering there are no limitations on how little or how much you want to teach.
  • Both Native and non native teachers can be accepted.
  • They have 55 languages, subjects and even hobbies as teaching positions available.
  • Just set up a profile so that students can find you and you can even find the students.

The Pro’s and con’s

Lets begin with the con’s:

  • During the course of your teaching adventures, sometimes you may encounter students or clients that just wish to have some help reviewing things like an examination paper, business documents or simply just want some help with preparing for interviews, in these cases it is important to communicate with them that the first lesson is free and inspire them to take more classes with you.
  • When you grow in experience and popularity, you may get overwhelmed with students, which may force you to increase your hourly rate and sometimes even double your normal rate.


Now lets continue with some of the Pro’s:

  • Completely new teachers have the opportunity to teach at Preply.
  • You don’t need to act like a clown, sing silly songs or other childish stuff.
  • You can earn very good extra money, a full time income or way beyond it.
  • You don’t need a university degree or teaching certificate, however a teaching certificate is definitely recommended as it will increase your teaching knowledge.
  • Teach from your own home or from anywhere else around the globe.
  • The work involved can be quite easy and almost like easy money.

The requirements for becoming a teacher at Preply

  • While it’s not necessary about qualifications, it’s more about creating a good and creative profile that attracts students that want you to become their teacher, whether you have teaching experience or not, a good looking profile is one of the main reasons why students want to learn under you(check out some of the other top tutor profiles and learn how they do it).
  • As mentioned before, Preply doesn’t have any strict requirements involved, but of course, it’s very important to be friendly and keep a nice smile on your face.

How can you get students?

While it is pretty easy to get students, a good and creative profile matters, it will be shown throughout Preply’s platform and search results, which is how students can find you or you can also find the students, the position of your profile will be defined by four factors, the quality of your profile, your availability, reviews from previous students and your response time to requests and messages,

The more experience you acquire and the more popular you become, the more money you can earn, in fact, you can sometimes get overwhelmed with students, which may force you to increase your normal price, So the more involved your are and the better you become, the more richly you will be rewarded,

Both new and experienced teacher are welcomed within Preply, although the experienced teacher definitely has a head starts, it doesn’t mean new teachers cant catch up, Experience will always be your best teacher, you will learn and grow naturally, Being a teacher at Preply is an incredibly opportunistic online teaching adventure and one of the top paying online jobs in the entire online world, are you interested in to starting your own online teaching journey at this platform?

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Make Money Online by creating your own successful online business the Easiest way!
Make Money Online by creating your own successful online business the Easiest way!

Teaching English at Palfish

While teaching English on your computer or laptop is one of the most common ways of online teaching, Palfish offers the opportunity for teachers to teach English on their own phones, Yes, you read that correctly, you can teach English comfortably from your own mobile phone and from nearly any Location your desire.

The Top online teaching job opportunities at Palfish
The Top online teaching job opportunities at Palfish

When it comes to working online, simplifications and technological advancements will always be improved each and every single year, The same goes for online teaching and Palfish has made the technological improvement to make teaching English online even more easier for a lot of online teachers out there,

Which is simply just teaching English to students on your own phone, just having simple conversations with either kids, students or adults and although you don’t need to act like a clown, using a lot of body language does make more fun for both the teacher and the students.

Why should you become a teacher at Palfish?

Here are just a few of the reasons why Palfish is such an amazing app:

  • The system works similar like a social platform, you achieve a higher rate of success by being active and engaging with your students.
  • You can usually work as much as you like.
  • Work from anywhere in the world, just by teaching English to your students on your phone.
  • They have their teaching program and materials.
  • The Top ten teachers earn an extra $180 per month, top 11 to 20 teachers earn an extra $80 per month.
  • You can earn an awesome salary, hourly rate is between $10 to $30.
  • very simple job, it’s mostly about having conversations with students.

The Pro’s and con’s

Lets begin with the con’s:

  • Due to the time difference, you may be working irregular hours, because most teaching hours will be done during Beijing’s time zone at peak hours.
  • Technical issues do happen sometimes, but are usually fixed quite fast.
  • The support offered by the team there is quite okay, but sometimes it may take some time to hear back from them.

Now lets continue with some of the Pro’s:

  • Your classes are usually booked a week earlier, which leaves you plenty of time for changes and preparations.
  • You are able to communicate with other teachers on the app.
  • Pretty simple classes, which usually involved one on one teaching.
  • Very fun, enjoyable and creative app where teachers and students can interact with each other.
  • You can earn good extra money, a full time income or possibly beyond it.

The requirements for becoming a teacher at Palfish

  • Having a TEFL Certificate.
  • Being a Native speaker or a very fluent English speaker with a neutral accent.
  • Having teaching experience is mostly preferred, but sometimes new teachers can also be accepted.

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Just Simply click on the link above, type in your phone number at the page and the rest of the application will be done in the app itself! It’s quite Simple!

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Teaching English at Magic Ears

Becoming a teacher with Magic ears can also be very opportunistic, according to their statistics they pay around 30% more($18 to $26/H) than most other Online English teaching platforms out there, which is why becoming a teacher at magic ears can be a very rewarding online adventure as well.

The Top online teaching job opportunities at Magic Ears
The Top online teaching job opportunities at Magic Ears

Why should you become a teacher at Magic Ears?

Here are just few of the reasons why magic ears is a very opportunistic Teaching Platform:

  • They offer 6 months contracts, instead of being tied to a yearly contract.
  • They provide their teachers with free teaching training, first group training, afterwards one on one training.
  • Pretty simple platform, looks good, easy to navigate and provides it’s own materials and curriculum.
  •  Pretty high salary, offers a regular rate of $18 to $22/h plus an addition $4 per hour bonus.
  • Teach as much as you want.

The Pro’s and con’s

Lets begin with the con’s:

  • As an online teacher, technical issues might occur, these are mostly beyond anyone’s control and are usually quickly fixed.
  • You may need to wake up early and stay up late to be able to teach your classes, this is because many classes are scheduled at Beijing’s time zone during peak hours.
  • as a completely new teacher at magic ears, you may get a little bit less teaching hours at first, this is because trust needs to be built, but the process goes rather quickly once you start teaching enough hours.

And now lets move on to some of the Pro’s:

  • When passing through the first stages as a starting teacher, you can usually work as much as you like.
  • You can earn good extra money or a full time income.
  • After you signed the contract, you can practically immediately start your request to book classes.
  • Your classes will be booked for you.
  • Very creative and intuitive platform with it’s own video’s, games and curriculum.
  • You will be treated as being part of a family.

The requirements for becoming a teacher at Magic Ears

  • A University degree or currently studying for one.
  • To be a native English speaker or a very fluent English speaker with a very good English level.
  • One Year teaching experience is preferred.
  • Having a TEFL Certificate is Preferred.

Interview Preparations

  • Be friendly, smile a lot, use proper body language and be enthusiastic.
  • Clear any background noise to keep distractions to a minimal.
  • Keep clear background light, the interviewer must be able to see you clearly.
  • During the interview, do your best to try and use different tones, because you may get a small 5 min demo class where the interviewer may act like a 5 year old.
  • Try to avoid stop words like um.., hm.. and others like it.
  • Good looks can matter, you don’t need to wear fancy clothes, but you still need to look good.
  • Do some exercise before the interview to relief your body from some possible stress.
  • Just be your happy self.

Teaching at Magic Ears can definitely be a very rewarding and profitable teaching adventure, one that can be both fun and easy, are you interested into becoming a teacher with this online platform?

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Have a Question or Comment? Then feel free to comment away here below into the comment Section!

12 thoughts on “online teaching job opportunities – Top Online jobs”

  1. Wow, I never knew about Preply! It sounds like such a great way to generate an income online. You could make up to 60 dollars an hour teaching online from your own home! That’s great that you don’t need a degree in teaching, just a teaching certificate. That way it is more accessible to anyone and has lower start-up costs. 

    I appreciate your link to the TEFL page. My friend’s brother actually teaches English in Japan, and he has a great life out there. He started 20 years ago, but imagine that these days, he could teach online!

    • Hi C,

      Preply is truly a great platform to teach at and the top tutors even earn $40 to $60+ per hour! The teaching requirements are also not that high, making them more accessible for most teachers, compared to the other online teaching platforms out there,

      Both you and your brother are welcome as online teachers, feel free to apply to any platform in the list! The TEFL  Certificate is quite is to get online as well, so that shouldn’t be a problem either,

      I wish you a happy teaching adventure!


  2. Sounds pretty good, the way you have written all the information on this platforms is really good. You have given the pros and cons so we can easily decide which is the best for us. I have to agree that teaching online has gone rampant lately and this is why I have chosen to try something out online. Thank you for the information.

    • Hi Henderson,

      You’re very welcome,

      Yes, the popularity of teaching online has truly skyrocketed in recent years and it will continue to grow in the many years to come, Online teaching is quite a simple work from home job, which is why it is so loved from people all around the world, it gives a person a lot more free time than a regular 9 to 5 job, also it pays a lot better for a lot of folks out there that are only just earning the so called minimum wage…

      Enjoy your teaching Adventure!


  3. I was wondering if teaching online could be for me, and it sounds like it is. You can just start on something like Preply, Palfish or Magic Ears, and then gradually build your profile and portfolio. Eventually, over time, you will become a very popular teacher on there, and have more students than you even know what to do with! Teaching online is great for someone who is a people person but still wants to work from home. 

    So are these exclusively for teaching English or can you also teach something like science or Math? Thanks! I appreciate your expertise.

    • Hi Edward,

      You can definitely become an online teacher!

      If you prefer to teach science or math, then Preply is the right online teaching platform for you, considering that besides the English language, their have 55 other languages, subjects and hobbies available as teaching opportunities, give it a try,

      I wish you a happy online teaching adventure!


  4. I very much enjoyed reading thru your site and like the fact that you guide the reader step by step from what is needed, what to expect and how long it may take . very informative and detailed, living with a Teacher ( old school ) I feel that this is great not just for people that are beginning on there teaching journey but also for the ones that are not yet ready to retire but are frustrated with the politics within the schools that is taken away from actually teaching. I feel as that this would be a great opportunity for those looking to make a difference in kids, and people without having to run thru red tape. thank you so much for sharing. 

    • Hi Andrea,

      You’re very welcome,

      Teaching online can definitely be the much needed fresh start that a current teacher, new teachers or even just starters are looking for, it is (usually) much more rewarding, with more free time and excitement involved, plus lets not forget to mention that you can just simply work from the comfort of your own home or any other relaxing place, which is why teaching online is currently so popular and loved, Go for it!

      I wish you a happy online teaching adventure,


  5. Palfish definitely sounds like my thing. You just have conversations with people trying to learn English. Eventually you can become in the top 10 or top 11-20 and get bonuses. And up to $30 per hour. That’s really great, to do all from home. Just do that for 5 hours a day and you’re making more than you could at a retail store. 

    Thanks for also providing the option of doing Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to make money from home, its good to consider avenues besides teaching online. With Wealthy Affiliate, you can make a website with a much more scalable income. Scalable means that the income is passive so you can keep generating revenue, the more people visit. At the same time, with teaching, when your schedule fills up you can just increase your rates. So, teaching is scalable too. Thanks!

    • Hi Chuck,

      Both opportunities are great ways for making money from home, with teaching online you can earn your monthly salary(or more) much better than a regular nine to five job or what is also popular and trendy these days, is that you can start your own incredible online business very easily, there are almost zero complications involved and the best part is that you can start completely for Free, if you want to learn more about Wealthy Affiliate then click the link here below!

      Click here to learn more about Wealth Affiliate Now!

      Or you can simply just do both, creating a successful online business takes time anyway, so you might as well do some Online teaching to generate yourself some good income, it’s all up to you,

      Enjoy your online adventures!


  6. Thanks for taking your time to engage in this amazing research. A friend of mine who is passionate about teaching has been searching for a legit and reliable platform in which he can teach English language. I think I have seen what he wants in this review and I can’t wait to share it with him…you have really engaged in a very thorough and comprehensive research with a lot of nice recommendations.

    • Hi Willy,

      Feel free to share it with you friend, I’m sure he will love it!

      Feel free to drop by any time again, you are also very welcome to become an online teacher,



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