Teach English online from anywhere in the world

Make an income by teaching English Online from anywhere in the world!

Teaching Online is truly an amazing and honest way to work from home and have more free time for yourself or your family, Start your journey today to Make money Online by teaching English Online from a computer or laptop and from anywhere in the world, Its Fun, it’s easy work, the curriculum & planning are done for you and it’s easy income.

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Important note: Get a TEFL certificate (teach English as a foreign language) to become a qualified teacher and get hired faster, more easier and it counts as Experience! Get a Cheap and good quality course here!


The English Teaching online platform

Teach English online With Magic Ears

Magic Ears is one of the most profitable online English teaching platform for a teacher to work at and better yet it pays 30% more than a lot of the other online schools out there, Teaching with Magic Ears is truly Fun and an Enjoyable experience!

Teach English online from anywhere in the world with Magic Ears!

Why Teach with Magic Ears?

Here are few of the reasons why This Online School is an amazing platform for you to teach at:

  • High salary around $18 to $22h + an additional possible $4 bonus, making it up to $26/h
  • Easy platform, with it’s own system, curriculum and lesson plans
  • receiving Teacher’s training for free, first group training, then 1 on 1 training to prepare you for teaching online.
  • No required minimal number of work hours, Teach as much as you want!
  • offers 6 months contracts, so your not stuck with a 1 year contract.

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Pro’s and Con’s of Magic Ears

Lets start with the Con’s:

  • Sometimes you need to wake up early and stay up late due to working at Beijing’s time zone peak hours.
  • Working Online may have some technical risks, which is beyond anyone’s control.
  • May get less hours in the beginning because your are new. (but get more hours real fast once you are a trusted teacher)


And Now with the Pro’s:

  • They treat you as being part of a family.
  • Magic ears does all the booking for you, just full in the minor details and press Okay!
  • The salary is just really good.
  • As mentioned before, no minimal required work hours, work as much as you Want!
  • You Can already start make bookings right after signing the agreement.
  • Incredible and interactive Teaching platform with built-in Video’s, games and songs.


The Requirements to teach:

  • Bachelors degree, however some non- degree holders are known to have passed due to good qualities!
  • Native English Speakers or speaking like a Native.
  • To be TEFL certified (having a TEFL certificate also counts as experience!)
  • Teaching Experience is Highly preferred, however even if noted in the resume, they don’t seem to verify it anyway.
Make Money Online by creating your own successful online business the Easiest way!
Make Money Online by creating your own successful online business the Easiest way!

The interview Process

Interviews in most cases are always a nerve wrecking experience, but the good news is, Magic ears tries to make it as fun as possible!

Here is how you can prepare for the interview:

  • Its going to be a video interview
  • Be fun, friendly and Energetic! this is probably the most important Quality that they are looking for.
  • Use a Lot of Body Language & Smile A Lot!
  • They love animated Teachers!
  • Use a different tones during the interview (the interviewer may do a demo class with you by acting like a 5 year old who knows little English).
  • Try to mute the background noise as much as possible,so your interview and teaching quality is undisturbed.
  • Try to avoid tones like, um…. or hm…, stop words and etc…
  • Keep the light in your work place as clear as possible, the interviewer & the children love to see their new teacher clearly.


Payment period and methods

  • Paid every 10th of each new month.
  • Paid on either direct bank transfer or PayPal.


Are your Interested and ready for a new Online adventure? Then Start your journey today by teaching online With Magic Ears Here.

Or Perhaps you might even feel like working and teaching abroad, Learn more Here.

Once more: Get a TEFL certificate (teach English as a foreign language) to become a qualified teacher and get hired faster, more easier and it counts as Experience! Get a Cheap and good quality course here!


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8 thoughts on “Teach English online from anywhere in the world

  1. Teaching online line is a great way to make an income. I have read of people that teaches online and they are making a really good income from the comforts of their home. The majority of the world it seems speaks English so this would be a good and profitable language to teach.

    1. Definitely true Norman!

      Feel free to give it a try, it’s absolutely of no cost to you!

      Good luck and have fun,


  2. I had never heard of Magic Ears before but I will now definitely check it out.
    With people wanting to work online as teachers from anywhere these days, this definitely sounds like a good option.
    I know several people who have been thinking about doing this and I shall tell them to look into this program.
    Thanks for an interesting and helpful article.
    Best wishes,

    1. Glad this article was of use to you, Feel free to check it out, it’s absolutely of no cost to you!

      Best wishes back to you Colette,


  3. Thanks for outlining how you can teach English online from anywhere in the world, this truly is a much sought for and very valuable thing to do.
    Not only is the money pretty good, but I am also sure that it would be something very rewarding to do.
    Thanks for putting this article together… anyone considering doing this now have the steps to make it happen!

    1. You’re welcome John!

      Teaching English online is definitely an amazing opportunity, take it!

      Thank you for commenting and i wish you the best,


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