Teach English online from anywhere in the world – The top Online teaching platforms!

Make an income by teaching English Online from anywhere in the world!

Teaching Online is truly an amazing and honest way to work from home and have more free time for yourself or your family, Start your journey today to Make money Online by teaching English Online from anywhere in the world just from a computer or laptop(or even your phone!) and from anywhere you want, Its Fun, it’s easy work, the curriculum & planning are done for you and it’s almost easy income.

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Teach English online from anywhere in the world online platforms

Teach English or another language/subject Online with Preply

Preply is truly one of the most profitable and diverse online teaching platform out there, Besides English there are 55 other subjects, languages(Spanish, German, Russian, French, Italian and many more), university subjects, hobbies, arts and more you could possibly teach,

Teach English online from anywhere in the world with Preply
Teach English online from anywhere in the world with Preply

The Age group is quite diverse as well, you can teach young learners, all the way up to teenagers, students and adults, you don’t need to act like a clown or sing songs, however Do be your friendly self and put a smile on your face, which I’m sure you will probably do,

You can set setup your own schedule, with your own hours and manage your classes accordingly, Preply takes good care of it’s students and teachers alike, both teachers and students are equally important to them, which in turn is the Key to their Success and why teachers are staying far longer with them.

Why teach With Preply?

Here are some of the Reasons why This Online teaching platform is the most popular choice:

  • Great possibility to earn a very good salary, The potential can be way above $3000,-!
  • Set your own hourly rate, meaning the more you grow and the higher your rating becomes, the more you can earn!
  • Currently some Teachers are already earning $40 to $60+ per hour!!
  • Setup your profile and the students will find you! (Or you can also find the students)
  • they prefer native speakers of the language subjects, but non-natives with a good level can be accepted as well.
  • 55 possible subjects to teach!
  • A Great professional and reliable platform that takes great care of it’s students and teachers alike.
  • Work as much as you want.
  • You can get started right after you get accepted!

The Pro’s and con’s

Lets start with the con’s:

  • Sometimes students or other clients just want you to review a paper, resume or help them prepare for an interview. Teachers need to communicate to these students or clients that the first lesson is free and inspire them to take more classes. If you are good, then this is relatively easy to do, especially if you truly help them!
  • When a teacher’s approval ratings skyrockets and gets listed in the top results, he or she may become overwhelmed with students and may need to increase his or hers hourly rate, sometimes even double the rate.

And Now for The Pro’s

  • No contract hassle, meaning you can work as long as you like.
  • Work from home or anywhere else you want to work from!
  • No need to act like a clown or sing songs.
  • Get paid according to your teaching skill, the better you get, the higher your pay-rate could become.
  • No need for a degree, it’s a plus of course, but just be an enthusiastic teacher!
  • The Salary can be Very Good.
  • You can earn a full time-income and even beyond it.
  • The average teacher earns between $25 to $35 per hour!


  • Setting up a quality profile is the key to success, it makes students want to come and find you, check out the top tutor profiles and learn from them.
  • Be an enthusiastic teacher and put a smile on your face!

This is how you will get students

they show your tutor profile in their search results. Your profile position is determined by four main factors: your availability, reviews from students who took lessons with you on Preply, the quality and detail of your tutor profile, your response time to requests and student messages.

So this in essentially means that you get paid for your teaching skill instead of good looks, well okay… good looks does help a bit, but it’s mostly teaching skill that does the trick, with a little bit good profile marketing next to it, but all in all, working with Preply is fair game.

Are you interested in Starting your Online career with one of the best Online teaching Platforms out there?

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IMPORTANT NOTE: After applying, To help speed up your application process and increase your Chances of getting hired, please send us a message to our e-mail address: Online@alifeofgreatness.com ,Write down your name, nationality and which teaching subject you applied for.


Make Money Online by creating your own successful online business the Easiest way!
Make Money Online by creating your own successful online business the Easiest way!

Teach English online With Magic Ears

Magic Ears is one of the most profitable online English teaching platform for a teacher to work at and better yet it pays 30% more than a lot of the other online schools out there, Teaching with Magic Ears is truly a Fun and an Enjoyable experience!

Teach English online from anywhere in the world with Magic Ears!

Why Teach with Magic Ears?

Here are few of the reasons why This Online School is an amazing platform for you to teach at:

  • High salary around $18 to $22h + an additional possible $4 bonus, making it up to $26/h
  • Easy platform, with it’s own system, curriculum and lesson plans
  • receiving Teacher’s training for free, first group training, then 1 on 1 training to prepare you for teaching online.
  • No required minimal number of work hours, Teach as much as you want!
  • offers 6 months contracts, so your not stuck with a 1 year contract.

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Pro’s and Con’s of Magic Ears

Lets start with the Con’s:

  • Sometimes you need to wake up early and stay up late due to working at Beijing’s time zone peak hours.
  • Working Online may have some technical risks, which is beyond anyone’s control.
  • May get less hours in the beginning because your are new. (but get more hours real fast once you are a trusted teacher)


And Now with the Pro’s:

  • They treat you as being part of a family.
  • Magic ears does all the booking for you, just fill in the minor details and press Okay!
  • The salary can just be really good.
  • As mentioned before, no minimal required work hours, work as much as you Want!
  • You Can already start make bookings right after signing the agreement.
  • Incredible and interactive Teaching platform with built-in Video’s, games and songs.


The Requirements to teach:

  • Bachelors degree or currently studying for one, As far as i know they wont ask for any verification whether you have a degree or not.
  • Native English Speakers or very fluent English Speakers.
  • To have 1 year teaching experience, again they cant actually authenticate if a teacher has experience or not.
  • To be TEFL certified preferred (having a TEFL certificate also counts as experience!)
  • Teaching Experience is Highly preferred, however even if noted in the resume, they don’t seem to verify it anyway.

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The interview Process

Interviews in most cases are always a nerve wrecking experience, but the good news is, Magic ears tries to make it as fun as possible!

Here is how you can prepare for the interview:

  • Its going to be a video interview
  • Be fun, friendly and Energetic! this is probably the most important Quality that they are looking for.
  • Use a Lot of Body Language & Smile A Lot!
  • They love animated Teachers!
  • Use different tones during the interview (the interviewer may do a demo class with you by acting like a 5 year old who knows little English).
  • Try to mute the background noise as much as possible,so your interview and teaching quality is undisturbed.
  • Try to avoid tones like, um…. or hm…, stop words and etc…
  • Keep the light in your work place as clear as possible, the interviewer & the children love to see their new teacher clearly.


Payment period and methods

  • Paid every 10th of each new month.
  • Paid on either direct bank transfer or PayPal.


Are your Interested and ready for a new Online adventure? Then Start your journey today by teaching online With Magic Ears by clicking Here.


Teaching English Online with PalFish

Palfish is an app where you can teach English from your mobile phone to both kids and Adults, Yes you read that correctly, you can teach from your mobile phone and work from anywhere you want!

Teach English online from anywhere in the world
Teach English online from anywhere in the world

Teaching from a laptop or computer is not always a comfortable option for a lot of folks out there, so now there are apps like Palfish that are specifically made for teaching English on your phone and they are one of the best online teaching apps in the field!

You don`t need to act like a clown or sing silly songs, just be your amazing self and have a meaningful conversation with your students, It`s quite easy work actually, Earn good money (around the $10 to $30 per hour) and help students achieve their goals for higher English speaking levels.

Why teach with PalFish?

  • High salary (around $10 to $30/h), the more experienced you get, the more you can earn.
  • They have their own curriculum and lesson plans.
  • minimal of 3.5 work hours per weeks (you can teach much more if you want to).
  • $180 bonus for the top 10 teachers per month and $80 for the top 11-20 teachers per Month.
  • It also works a bit like a social app, the more active and engaging you are, the more successful you will be as a teacher.
  • And you can just simply work easy from your own phone.

The Pros and cons of PalFish

Lets start with the cons again:

  • The time Difference () – You probably have to work some irregular hours, but the compensation and the platform is well worth your time.
  • It usually takes a little time to hear back from the support team, but the technical support is pretty decent.
  • Glitches can occur sometimes, but are quickly resolved when the technical support gets to it.

And now for the Pros:

  • A very flexible app, You have a lot of control over your own schedule, you are usually booked the week before, so there is plenty of them in between to your schedule if needed, build up an audience for yourself and you will have a nice group of weekly students to teach.
  • Once you are an official teacher, you will start at a level 1 one pay scale of 55 RMB for 25 min of teaching, you can grow up to level 5, at that point you can earn up to 75 RMB per 25 min.
  • Easy classes, Teach students 1on1 and you can just be focused personally on one student
  • You are together with many, many other teachers at the palfish community, a lot of these teachers are also more than happy to share their effective methods with you!
  • Palfish is simply just Fun and interactive social platform, where both the students and you can grow as a person.
  • You can earn a full-time income, so if you are in debt or simply just looking for a job, Teaching online can definitely help you out for the better!


Requirements for teaching at PalFish

  •  A TEFL Certificate (Or if you are planning on getting one, they may also consider you).
  • Very Fluent English speaking level (neutral accent preferred), native speakers are even more wanted.
  • experience with kids & adults preferred  – Again this is difficult to verify for any online platform whether a teacher has experience or not.

When applying, Put in my friend referrer code 26666300( it`s also always a little easier to get hired when referred by friends)And Click here to teach with PalFish Today!

Simply click the link above, type in your phone number at the page and the rest of the application will be done in the app itself! Just that Easy!


Or Perhaps you might even feel like working and teaching abroad, Learn more Here.

Once more: Get a TEFL certificate (teach English as a foreign language) to become a Certified teacher and get hired faster, more easier and it counts as Experience! Get a Cheap and good quality course here!


Have a comment or questions? Feel free to leave them here below.

24 thoughts on “Teach English online from anywhere in the world – The top Online teaching platforms!

  1. Teaching online line is a great way to make an income. I have read of people that teaches online and they are making a really good income from the comforts of their home. The majority of the world it seems speaks English so this would be a good and profitable language to teach.

    1. Definitely true Norman!

      Feel free to give it a try, it’s absolutely of no cost to you!

      Good luck and have fun,


  2. I had never heard of Magic Ears before but I will now definitely check it out.
    With people wanting to work online as teachers from anywhere these days, this definitely sounds like a good option.
    I know several people who have been thinking about doing this and I shall tell them to look into this program.
    Thanks for an interesting and helpful article.
    Best wishes,

    1. Glad this article was of use to you, Feel free to check it out, it’s absolutely of no cost to you!

      Best wishes back to you Colette,


  3. Thanks for outlining how you can teach English online from anywhere in the world, this truly is a much sought for and very valuable thing to do.
    Not only is the money pretty good, but I am also sure that it would be something very rewarding to do.
    Thanks for putting this article together… anyone considering doing this now have the steps to make it happen!

    1. You’re welcome John!

      Teaching English online is definitely an amazing opportunity, take it!

      Thank you for commenting and i wish you the best,


  4. Mark,
    This is interesting! I just retired a year ago from the local school district, my wife is retiring the end of the month, from the same district. This will be a great way to supplement both of our incomes! We had been discussing this very option in the last few weeks, and this just popped up. I have one question for you. Which of these platforms do YOU prefer?

    Thanks for the info,

    1. Hi Steve,

      Perfect timing!
      It all depends on your preferences, if you prefer working from your phone, then Palfish is the right option for you, if you prefer to work from a laptop then you could teach through an online platform like magic ears,

      I like flexibility, so my preference would be Palfish and like some of the other online platforms out there, once you get more experienced, your levels increases and you get paid more,

      I would say, just try out as many platforms as you want and then just go along with the one you love the most!

      Thanks for passing by,


  5. These platforms are good for native English speakers. I believe it will not be a problem for you guys to find a position. However, if you are not a native English speaker, I advise you not to spend time on these. I have a TESOL MA degree in the U.S and doing my Ph.D. in the same area. I could not manage to pass to further steps in my applications. I think these platforms have enough teacher and do not need any non-native language teachers. If there is a new platform, you should go for it.

    1. Hi Veys,

      It’s true that Native teachers are more desirable, However previous non-natives with a good English level have also been known to have been accepted into the programs, I Do not know why your application hasn’t been accepted, they should have given a reason for it, Did you try Preply?

      There are many different languages and subjects you can teach with them and they also hire non-natives if your language level is good enough, but once again, usually and nearly all Online schools prefer to hire native Speakers, but it is also possible that they hire non-natives, if you haven’t tried Preply yet, i suggest you give it go,

      Thanks for your comment and input,

      Warm regards,


  6. Hello to you. Could you tell me what rate I can ask for (range is OK) with Preply—when starting with them? I am a teacher with 17 years of experience teaching both kids and adults. Thanks in advance for your reply.

    1. Hi Pete,

      My recommendation is to set a starting rate around $17 to $20 to earn trust, this is just my recommendation,

      Later on you can increase to $25+ and more as you become a more trusted and high rated teacher, Being a teacher with some good teaching skills matters the most with Preply, The more students you get, the higher pay-rate you can set,

      I hope this answered your question,

      I wish you a happy Online teaching Adventure!


  7. Hello…sir I’m interested for ur job I’m living at India Hindi language compney so requirements hindi language parson…?

    1. Hi Suraj,

      If i recall correctly, Preply still needs Hindi teachers, it’s the first recommended platform, just click the join now link, apply as a teacher and follow the instructions. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting and I wish you a happy teaching Adventure!


  8. Hi There,

    These all sound good but some of the commissions they take are ridiculous. If Preply take 100% of your first lesson and 33% thereafter, how long do they generally take these amounts because they don’t stipulate if it is monthly hours or hours in total?

    With over 28 years of teaching experience, I want to get the rate I think I deserve!


    1. Hi Dione,

      Excellent question and i also believe that you truly deserve the right rate for your experience,

      In generally ALL online teaching platforms will take commissions of your salaries and you usually also do a non-paid trail lesson, just most of them choose not to disclose it, most online platforms have an hourly rate between 10-25USD/H depending on your experience, while the parents or schools pays the online platforms for example 30-40USD the actual hourly rate, but they simply advertise it differently, they advertise like 10-25USD per hour is the standard hourly rate, while the pay rate they receive could actually be much higher(30 to 40USD),

      And in my own personal opinion, the pay rate for the teachers in those platforms could definitely be a little higher as well, but then again i have no idea what their own personal expenses are, because they also needed to pay for their own staff and platform, but my guess is that they still make a very good profit from it,

      When it comes to Preply, At least they tell the truth and openly state it, how else do online platforms earn their money?, when it comes to the commissions, their slogan is, the more your tutor, the lower their commission will be, like if you work the very minimum hours like 1 to 5 hours per week, then the commissions they take can be as high as 25-33%, because the salary isn’t that much either and if you work for example a minimum of 10+ hours per week, then the commissions can be as low as 18% and if you work 20+ hours, their commission can be even lower as 10% (and it’s taken every time per lesson),

      The better your service is, the higher your pay rate can be, the more you work, the lower their commission can be, as i mentioned before, every online school will take commissions, most just don’t openly state it and Preply has one of the most(if no the most) lowest commissions of all online platforms, they also need to pay their own staff and expenses for keep the platform up to date plus whatever other maintenance, improvements and support expenses,

      If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them any time,

      I wish you a happy online teaching adventure!


  9. Good day to you all,
    I finished my TEFL/TESOL certificate in February 2019. I would love to teach online. I do have a question though, how do we get paid? Do I have to have a Paypal account or can I be paid directly into my bank account? I’m from South Africa. I have been teaching children between the ages of 5 – 12 years.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Ivaan,

      Most online teaching platforms pay either through PayPal and direct bank payments or in some cases even Payoneer,

      There shouldn’t be any payment difficulties involved,

      I hope this answered your question,

      happy Online teaching!


  10. 您好,先生

    正如你所见,我使用中文跟你沟通 ,是因为我本身是一个中国人,中文是我的母语,但此外我在西班牙居住超过5年,我想问你我是否达到贵公司的招聘要求


    1. Hi Leiwu,

      I am not able to type in Chinese, so i will just write in English, you can translate it later,

      If you want, it may be possible for you to teach Spanish, however considering you are of Chinese origin, it may be better for you to teach Chinese instead? feel free to check out Preply, there are quite a few languages you can teach in that platform,

      I hope this information was helpful for you,


  11. Hello ,
    Good Day

    I trust you are well,

    I am currently seeking an online teaching job opportunity ,

    I am a friendly , kind and patient young individual who has always had a passion for teaching.

    Allow me to transform your child by teaching them the fundamentals and basic concepts of English.

    1. Hi Nadine,

      Please feel free to apply to any of the teaching platforms above by clicking on the blue Links,

      I wish you a happy teaching adventure!


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