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Earn Super Easy & Great Money by teaching English Online at VipX – Online Platform Review

Change Your life Forever by teaching English Online at VIPX – Review

Are you looking for an Online English teaching job that is Rewarding, high paying and very simple to perform? Then Teaching English Online at VIPX is definitely the online company for you to work at. Because they offers the kind of jobs that will just simply make you want to get up and “go to work” every single day! [Reviewed]

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Beyond the Teaching Online benefits

While we all know that teaching Online comes with it’s own benefits like teaching from home or teaching abroad while traveling or from anywhere else in the world, There is no travel time to work or travel expenses, you can make up your own schedule, work as many hours as you like etc…., Teaching English online at VIPX goes even a step further beyond those regular benefits.

In fact, they welcome their teachers as part as a family, working in A Productive, inspiring and very rewarding work place. These are aspects which makes a good company a great company and it’s the dream company of all employees. But Good qualities isn’t the only thing job seekers are after in a company isn’t it?

Come on don’t deny it! Naturally The biggest number one sought after thing in a company is the pay rate(Yes it is and you know it!). And who can blame you? Nobody can, because everyone wants to work for the most highest paying(In this case Online) company and VIPX definitely pays very well, because they can pay up to $27.-/H for both full time and part time online teachers. Already feel like starting? Then click the link here below, otherwise read on to learn more…

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Becoming a part of the VIPX Family

When joining VIPX, you are not just joining some company or just doing some *Job*. You will become a part of the family company, in which they treat their Teachers and students both Equally well. So you wont just become another company *cog*. Nope, you will become a highly valued teacher and member of the community and appreciated in every area.

Teaching Will become a real passion, Your passion, a joy, you will wake up excited every morning for *work* and eager to start as soon as possible. What is work anyway? It won’t even feel like work. You are going to Help students to improve their English, actually you’re mainly going to improve their spoken language and greatly help them increase their future job prospects. You are basically going to get paid for just speaking English!

By the way, did i mention that your breaks will be PAID as well? I did not? Well Shame on me! It’s true though, each class will last approx 40 Min with 10 minutes Paid breaks in between. Now that’s pretty nice as well right? This company also handles all complicated stuff for you as well, like lessons plans, class preparation, curriculum etc… But i think it’s a better idea to put all the details in a job overview for Easier oversight. Lets go do that, On to the next Chapter!

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Teaching English Online at VIPX course review – Being Envied by your Family and Friends

teaching English Online at VipX - Why become an online english teacher?

Check out the VIPX Video below and what teaching online with them may look like:

Why Should you become a VIPX Teacher?

Why indeed, Well here are some of the top reasons why it’s one of the best, if not the best online choice out there:

  • Earn up to $27.- per hour
  • Free Training, Seminars & opportunities to develop your Knowledge and skills in online teaching.
  • You can have A fixed schedule
  • Both Students and teachers are Equally important
  • You have the possibility to Teach the same students
  • All the lessons plans, materials and curriculum are already prepared for you
  • Advanced access to all your class and teaching materials
  • Your Break times are PAID
  • Teachers can grow and move into other areas within the company
  • Teach students from 3 to 14 years old
  • You will use Very interactive and intuitive online platform
  • VIPX classes are delivered using their unique online platform featuring an interactive whiteboard to really help your classes come to life! (similar to what you saw in the video above)

Pros and Cons of VIPX:

Lets start off with the cons first:

  • You must be available for a minimum of 12 hours per week. So for those of you out there who are unable to commit to 12 teaching hours per week may not be able to teach with this Online company.
  • Due to the time difference (Beijing time zone), you may have to wake up early or stay up late to perform your classes

And Now for the Pros:

  • A High base rate of up to $22.- per hour
  • Additional bonuses and incentives to increase your pay rate.
  • The longer you stay the more you will earn(Naturally, Experience is highly valued and rewarded!)
  • Yearly High hourly Pay-rate raises!
  • You can choose between a 6 months or One year Contract
  • Each class will last 50 min, which is 40 min teaching and 10 min break, but you will be paid for the 50 min in total.
  • No Paper work
  • All the materials and lessons plans are provided for you
  • You will use a very interactive and intuitive online platform for your classes
  • Work at a great company that treats you like family.
  • Super Easy and smooth Job

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Requirements of Teaching English Online with VIPX

To be illegible to teach at this online company, you will need:

  • You will need a Bachelors degree or higher in any subject
  • A TEFL Certificate
  • Be A Native English Speaker

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You may have to do a demo class during the interview, so here below is some useful advice on what they are looking for in a teacher and what you need to watch out for.

What will they be looking for in your teaching activity?

Well, In essence, they want to see why their students would want to learn with you. What sets you apart? Are you fun and have a big smile on your face? Did you use TPR(Total physical response)? Did you follow the lesson materials? Pay good attention to their demo materials(which you will get from them) and you´ll do incredibly well!

What is TPR(Total physical Response)? Check the video here below to learn more:

How your teaching activity will be graded

Check the image below, it comes directly from the website:

teaching English Online at VipX - interview preparing grading

Most of it is pretty clear, Have a clear and personal work space for yourself. a place where you cannot be interrupted during class time.

Walk through the teaching materials you receive from the school so that you know what to teach during class.

Keep a positive attitude, Always. Try to keep smiling and show your enthusiasm!

Most of the times the students will be likely to talk, however there may be a few shy ones here and there, try to break the ice!

How and when will payments be Made?

Payments will be provided via direct deposit on the 10th of every month in US Dollars


Extra: Remember that you are you

Does the title confuse you? It’s no mistake. What i mean with you are you is that you are unique and different from everyone else out there, Every new and experienced teacher has a unique personality and you will have to find a way to combine that personality with your teaching classes. you will have your own different style and way of teaching.

So if you are worried about the competition or about another teacher being better than you are, Don’t be. It’s pointless to compare yourself to others(Unless for self-education purposes). Instead focus on how you can be a good teacher and from there become a great teacher, in our article Free ESL resources there is also a good video about that.

Always remember that You are You and no one else, Keep on learning, growing and become a great teacher along the process, it will be a gradual and natural one.

A Real Rewarding *Job*

Teaching English Online at VIPX is not just simply a *Job*, well actually teaching Online in general is not just a job at all. However this online company have gone above and beyond to create the best possible study and work environment for both students and teachers alike.

The online platform used at this company is made to be highly interactive and to make teaching(As well as learning) English so much more easier. To able to teach at this platform not only makes your classes easy to manage, but much more fun and entertaining as well. It’s a real modern way of performing Classes Online.

So for those of you out there who are looking for one of the most rewarding and well paying Online English teaching jobs, Then VIPX is one of the best places to be and Definitely also among the top recommendation among online schools.

What Are you still Waiting for? Start Applying!

teaching English Online at VipX - What are you waiting for? get started!

Indeed…, what are you still doing reading here? Applying doesn’t just magically happen, Click the link here below, Take action and start the application process!

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Happy teaching!

Got a Question, Comment or would you like to add something? Then Feel absolutely free to comment away here below into the comment section!

Earn Easy & Great Money by teaching English Online at VipX + Review
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