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The best anonymous VPN services to protect your Privacy Online – Your Greatest Partners for protection!

The best anonymous VPN services

Protect yourself Online Safely & Easily

If you have been wondering what The best anonymous VPN services are, then you have definitely come to the right Place!

Data has become one of the most valuable acquisitions in this world today, YOUR data is so valuable that Company’s are willing to pay huge amounts of money for acquiring your data, tracking what you do online, where you are located, even tracking your movements, where ever you go, many of these companies surely have no ill intentions, Criminals However use Cyber crime for the benefit their own gains and it’s becoming an increasingly problematic issue worldwide,

Even data Breach is a massive issue we currently face in the world today, that’s why using a VPN (Virtual Privacy Network) is a safe why you can protect your own data from being stolen and from being used against you, A VPN encrypts your personal data, your tracking activities and personal identity online. Check out some of our recommended high quality VPN’s, both Free and premium VPN’s, Stay Anonymous!

The best anonymous VPN services to protect your Privacy Online

The VPN’s That help to protect everything you do Online


The best anonymous VPN services
The best anonymous VPN services

NordVPN is our number one recommended Choice, I use This VPN every single day, it works like a Charm and gives you military grade protection, so that you can browse the web completely anonymous, although this is a paid Service, you have 30day refund Guarantee, it offers deals and discounts frequently and you have a Choice between monthly, yearly, 2 years or even 3 years payments, for a reasonably cheap price you will be offered high quality protection and you can access any website from anywhere in the world.

Your Data and online activities will be safe, if you travel to countries that have internet censorship, be sure to travel a VPN beforehand or else you wont be able to access and download any vpn’s in that country nor be able to access Facebook or any other social media website.

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Pro’s and Cons of NordVPN

Lets start with the Cons:

  • No Free trial, even though they have a 30 day money back guarantee, its always nice to have a free trial, no matter how good a service is.
  • When in a country that has strict censorship to the internet, it may take some time before finding the right connection, for example for someone that currently stays in China, the Hong Kong or Japan servers work really well, but if you are just starting out, finding the right server is always a hassle with any VPN you plan to use.

And Now The Pro’s:

  • You can connect the same account up to 6 different devices.
  • You can use this VPN with nearly any device.
  • Very quick speed & download speed.
  • A Kill switch should you ever disconnect.
  • It doesn’t keep logs of your online data.
  • very strong encrypted protection.
  • You can use the quick connect button the find the right server and chooses the best server for you, it also works fast if you are currently residing in a country that has internet censorship, but sometimes it may take a few tries.
  • Once you know your way around, you can surf the internet smoothly for most of the time, i would estimate 95-99% efficiency, once you connect, everything just works easily with no hassle.
  • Reasonably cheap priced (i will list the price in a moment)
  • 24/7 quick support.
  • A choice over 5200 servers for you to pick from (if you choose to pick one manually).
  • Easy to use & Navigate.
  • It simple and the Graphics look amazing.
  • Amazing data and Privacy protection of military grade.


The Pricing

Here are the choices you can choose from

  • Monthly plan Payment – $11,95/M
  • Yearly plan Payment – $83,88 (discounted to $6,99/M)
  • 2 year plan payment – $95,75 (discounted to 3,99/M)
  • Biggest Deal: 3 year plan payment – $107,55 (Discounted to $2,99/M,  a MASSIVE 75% off)


The price is is definitely on the cheaper side and the quality is simply beyond excellent, I’m using the 3 year plan payment, although there was an offer a year back, we had it for an even cheaper Price, i believe it was around $97, They do give more offers, deals & discounts from time to time, but don’t forget the most important service they offer and that is Military grade protection for your privacy & personal Data!

Click here to Protect your online Data & Privacy now, By using NordVPN as your First Line of Defense against unwanted intruders, Stay Anonymous!

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The best anonymous VPN services
The best anonymous VPN services

WindScribe is another amazing VPN provider that offers both a free version plus a paid version, Like NordVPN, this VPN will work even in countries where there is Internet censorship, although i must admit less faster, but still, the overall options and choices that are offered are great!

You can protect your Date and privacy easily with the variety of services they have to offer, whether your a single person, Freelance, Small business owner or large business owner, The choices are available for you, its easy to use, navigate and the premium services are reasonably cheap priced.


Pro’s and Cons of WindScribe

Lets Start with The Cons:

  • WindScribe works well, but in my opinion slower than NordVPN when abroad in a country that has internet censorship.
  • Support not is the best of the best, but still okay enough.
  • Free version has limited servers to choose from.
  • Free version has a Data usage limit per month.


And now for the Pro’s

  • Free Version, WindScribe is perhaps not the best VPN one could use, but its free and premium versions are good enough!
  • Pretty easy to use, although sometimes you have to find the best server manually depending on your location.
  • Many different servers to choose from.
  • Great data and privacy protection.
  • usable on almost any device.
  • Simple Registration without all the hassle of filling to many details.
  • Gives fore Warnings when your internet is not safely secured to the VPN (VPN not active).


The Pricing

Here is what WindScribe offers:

  • absolutely Free but limited Version.
  • Monthly Plan payment – $9,-/M
  • Yearly Plan Payment – $4,08/M
  • Build a Plan – according to your preferences can be charged as low as $1,-/M.

Pricing is a little bit lower on a yearly basis, but not for 2/3 years payments, the amount of servers they have available only amounts to around the 130, sometimes less if you use a different device, it is slower, but it can do the Job, try out the Free version First before going over to Premium.

Click Here to Use WindScribe to keep your data and privacy safe!

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The best anonymous VPN services
The best anonymous VPN services

This VPN is another cost efficient choice, with over 1000 servers in 100 different locations, you can practically use this vpn anywhere in the world, although they might not be the greatest VPN provider out there, they would come out somewhere around in the middle, The speed & platform is decent for the asking price, the costumer service is good and the program is relatively easy to use.


The Pros and cons of IvacyVPN

Lets start with the cons:

  • Vague money return guarantee.
  • No free trial.
  • Cannot stream with Netflix.
  • There is no TOR compatibility.

And now the Pros:

  • The price is very cheap and the service is decent.
  • Quite easily to navigate.
  • Quite good costumer service.
  • 30 days money back guarantee(although) with some limitations.
  • Good data and privacy protection
  • usable on most devices.


The Pricing

This is what IvacyVPN Asks:

  • Monthly fee: $9.95,-/M
  • Yearly fee: $40,- per year, $3.33,-/M
  • 2 year option: $57,- ($27,- per year)

While they may not be the best out there, The price they ask for the quality they offer is pretty good, the VPN is pretty easy to use and you have a 30-day money back guarantee,

Click here to Check out IvacyVPN’s service

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With over 2000 servers world-wide Pure VPN is a major player in securing safe online browsing, unblocking access to restricted websites & safe access to any online connection.

Using this VPN will keep your Data, personal identity safe and online browsing anonymous, with over 2000 servers across 140 different countries, you can use this VPN nearly anywhere in the world without trouble! They have a 30 day guarantee on all payments and have good, cheap deals.


The Pro’s and Con’s of PureVPN

Lets start with The Con’s

  • Known to be slower than other VPN’s (in some cases a little too slow)
  • Some costumer complaints regarding DNS leaks (personal info leaking out on the net)
  • Not an entirely friendly Costumer service.
  • No Free Trial.

And now for the Pro’s

  • Cheap and affordable (Although their refund policy is not that good).
  • Many awesome features, including a kill switch, to cut off your internet when you are not connected to the vpn.
  • Many different payment methods.
  • Works on most devices.
  • Nice graphics and easy to use.
  • Many different kinds of payment methods.


The Pricing

These are their basic prices:

  • Monthly payment plan – $10,95/M
  • Three Month payment plan – $8,-/M
  • Yearly Payment Plan – $3,33/M

PureVPN is probably one if the most affordable VPN’s out there, are they one of the best? probably not, but they are not that bad either, in internet censored countries the vpn will work most of the time, though the speed may be a bit slow.

Click here to Check out PureVPN


Express VPN

The best anonymous VPN services
The best anonymous VPN services

Like NordVPN, This vpn is highly popular, with over 3000+ fast servers across 94 countries it is a great choice as a VPN partner, it keeps you data, info and online browsing secure, it also doesn’t keep any logs of your online usage, So next to our first recommendation(NordVPN), we would definitely place express VPN close it as a high worthy VPN Partner. Lets go straight to the Pros & cons.

The Pros and cons of ExpressVPN

The cons:

  • Compared to other VPN’s ,It’s one of the most expensive VPN’s out there.
  • No free trial.
  • In internet censored countries it might take a while to connect(but it usually does work good once connected).
  • Three simultaneously connections.

The Pros:

  • High Quality VPN.
  • 30 day money back guarantee.
  • Easy to startup and navigate through.
  • Internet kill switch in case the vpn disconnects.
  • Quick download speed & usage
  • It doesn’t keep logs.
  • The support is usually good & friendly
  • Strong protection.
  • Usually connects Quickly.

They are expensive, but the quality is really good, Using express VPN will also definitely keep your Data and Privacy Safe!

Interested in ExpressVPN? Then click here to check them out!


Protecting yourself also means protecting yourself online and It’s easy! These were our recommended VPN’s for you to use, keep your Data, your privacy & Identity safe at all times, prevention is better always better and cheaper.

Have a question or comment? Then Please Feel absolutely Free to leave a comment here below in the comment section!



6 thoughts on “The best anonymous VPN services to protect your Privacy Online – Your Greatest Partners for protection!”

  1. Hi Mark,

    I’ve used VPNs 100% of the time I’m online, on all my devices, for some years now.

    I initially used them when I started doing projects in the Middle East back in 2014, but with the steady erosion of Hong Kong’s freedoms I started using them here at home, as well, some time ago.

    While companies using my data are not doing so with malicious intent, I still don’t like it. They’re making money out of me, and the ISPs that sell them my data are as well. Since I cannot charge them for that I do everything I can to prevent them getting my data.

    I’m never going to be able to prevent it totally, but by using a VPN 100% of the time I am, at least, minimising what they can get hold of!

    I heartily recommend anyone who’s concerned about privacy online to consider using a VPN. They’re very easy to set up now and most of them have excellent support.



    • Thanks for sharing your experiences Martin!

      It`s much appreciated, i truly didn`t knew about Hong Kong`s situation being so serious, i thought it might take another 25 years
      apparently i was wrong, truly much appreciated info!


  2. Great post. The only times I have used VPNs was as part of an enterprise network when I used to work in the corporate 9-5 world. Like most people I wasn’t really aware of these VPN services till now. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    • Glad the article was of use to you Jonny!

      Using a VPN is of great importance in this day and age, where your Data & your personal identity online aren’t that safe anymore..
      All data is recorded and stored, you simply don’t know what will happen with your data or if someone will abuse it, this is the problem,
      It seems money talks and a lot of companies will pay good $$ to get as much info about you as possible..

      Thanks for commenting!


  3. VPN services are essential if you want to keep your information private. They are a great product for anyone from businesses to everyday citizens. NordVPN looks like a pretty solid product. I like that they have a 30 day refund guarantee, though I too wish that they had a free trial. Also I like that this product allows you to connect to up to 6 devices. I’ll definitely be saving your post for when it’s soon time to resubscribe, well done!

    • Hi Pentrental,

      I’m Glad to hear that this information was useful for you,

      I would definitely recommend NordVPN to you, it works amazingly well, even in countries with internet censorship,

      I use it myself, but When the time comes, You’re welcome to come back any time, feel free to go through each of the VPN’s and pick your favorite choice,

      Thanks for dropping by,



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