the best jobs for people who love to travel – Your guide towards a care-free Adventure of a life time!

Earn Money while Traveling

Most people love to travel, enjoy and learn amazing qualities from a different a culture, relax, while releasing all the stress from their life back at home, but there are some folks among us, who are just the most incredible travel freaks and are addicted to traveling, The love of seeing new landscapes, meeting new people & learning from different cultures is just Mind blowing, what can you do?

Well Fortunately for you, We have some of the best top 3 recommendations about the best jobs for people who love to travel available and that will keep you moving forward to where ever your journey may lead you.

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Teaching English Abroad

the best jobs for people who love to travel
the best jobs for people who love to travel

Teaching English abroad is one of the most rewarding jobs you could do as a job(or even another language), not only are the students eager to learn from you, they are very happy to have a foreign teacher such as yourself in their Class room!

Where ever you are in the world or where ever you are going, teachers are always needed, you don’t need a teaching degree to be able to qualify as a teacher, but what most schools do ask for is if you have a TEFL certificate, which you can get online, With a TEFL(teaching English as a foreign language) certificate you will become a Certified Teacher!

Teaching while travel is one of the most popular jobs for a travel Freak, however to only point you need to keep in mind is, that most schools require that you to sign a 1 year contract, unless its a summer/winter job etc…, if you don’t want to be in the same country for a year, then perhaps the next job might be more appealing to you,

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Teaching English Online

the best jobs for people who love to travel
the best jobs for people who love to travel

Also Very popular in this day and Age is Online teaching, whether English or different language that you are good at, working at an Online Teaching School is one of the best jobs for a travel Freak, Travel blogger or digital nomad to make money from as a full time traveler,

Again most online Schools do ask of their future teachers have a TEFL Certificate, the knowledge, experience & information in a TEFL course is extremely valuable and basically helps you to become a better teacher, with teaching online you would be teaching mostly small group classes, usually around 4 to 6 students at a time and some 1on1 classes,

To pass an interview with any online school, be sure to be energetic and enthusiastic, use a lot of body language! That actually also help getting rid of some of the tension you may have in your body, be kind and patience, bu more importantly, just be your happy, positive self!

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Starting you Own Online business & make money online

the best jobs for people who love to travel
the best jobs for people who love to travel

This is my Favorite part, Make money online by Creating your own blog(maybe about traveling?),shop or any other kind of Online Business, I have been in the online marketing business for over 3 years now, It’s nothing short of amazing! is it difficult? Nope! is there quite some work and effort involved? Definitely!


It is truly not that difficult to create a successful business, but it does require work and effort from your part, by following a step by step beginners friendly course you will gradually see your own child business grow into a profitable money maker, it’s Educational, It’s fun and you will be doing it together with a community of thousands of other like minded Marketers,

And I will be Honest with you, although the marketing program I’m using has a totally free version, the premium version is where the biggest adventure will be waiting for you,

The best way to do this *job* is:

  • If you are 100% committed on your personal success
  • Have the patience & focus, It’s gradual process, Rome wasn’t built in a day either.
  • Already Have a job while your online business is growing(consider teaching online?)

If you are already capable of committing to these 3 simple basic steps, then your first step into becoming an entrepreneur has begun. The training is all available for you, BUT! It will take time, it will take some work, but more importantly it needs your action, If you start today, Then Imagine how your business will look like in 3 to 6 months from? Even a year from now? 2 years and beyond? It will be one of the most incredible adventures you have taken, an Online Adventure!

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We hope you all enjoyed reading this article and found the resources here in it useful, if you have, then this article did it’s job and provided you with one step closer to a life of greatness! Thank you all for taking the time for reading it!


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