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The best of online english teaching jobs – The Top Online Teaching Positions

The best of online English teaching jobs

If you were looking for the best of online English teaching jobs, then you have definitely come to the right place, it is here where you will find some of the Best, Easiest and top paying Online schools and platforms in the entire online world,


Your Online English Teaching Journey Begins here

In a moment you will find some of the best, easiest and most well paying online teaching jobs in the online world, Your adventure of teaching online will be a smooth journey all the way to the end, It’s fun, The curriculum and lessons plans are already provided for you and it’s quite easy work,

Although in some cases not a major requirement, having a TEFL Certificate is definitely a big plus, online schools or platforms usually hire teachers faster if they done a TEFL Course and have become Certified teachers, so we do recommend you to do a TEFL course and become a certified teacher,

Check out our recommendations for a cheap and high quality course by clicking here.

Your Teaching Online adventure will become an incredible journey of increased wealth and freedom, It’s actually very easy work and very easy income and better yet, the students are truly grateful for every lesson you have provided for them.


The best of online English teaching jobs – Top Online Teaching Platforms

Teaching English/Languages/Subjects Online with Preply

Preply truly is One of the most diverse, profitable and very popular Online teaching platform in the Online World, Next to teaching English, there are 55 other Languages(Spanish, German, Russian, French, Italian and many more) and Subjects teachers are able to teach, it’s no surprise that Preply ranks among the top online teaching platforms out there!

The best of online English teaching jobs - Online Teaching with Preply
The best of online English teaching jobs – Online Teaching with Preply

Many Online English teaching platforms usually just have one age group, which is just teaching kids, Preply on the other hand has quite a diverse age group, starting from Children, teenagers, students and all the way up to the adults,

also there is no need for you to act like a clown or sing silly songs, However do be your happy self and put a beautiful smile on your face, I don’t think most students would like the mean looking teacher in their online classroom, just imagine their reactions or the look on their faces….

Preply takes very good care of it’s students and teachers alike, they treat both the teachers and students equally important and respectfully, which in turn is one of their main keys to success and the reason why teachers stay far longer with them, You can setup your own schedule, Manage your own hours and setup your classes accordingly.


Why Teach with Preply?

Here are just some of the reasons Why teaching online with Preply is the most popular Choice.

  • Incredible opportunity to earn a very good salary, even way beyond the $3000,- per Month, Some teachers even earn between the $40/H and $60+/H!
  • You can setup your own hourly Rate, meaning the more popular you become and the more your grow, the more your rating increases, the more you can earn!
  • You just need to setup a profile so that students can find you or you can even find the students, that’s beauty of this platform.
  • When it comes to teaching English or other languages they prefer native speakers, but they also accept non-native speakers with a good level as well.
  • They have 55 languages and subjects available for teaching.
  • Work as many hours as you want.
  • You can get started right after being accepted!

The Pro’s and con’s of Preply

Lets start out with the Cons:

  • Sometimes you may encounter students or clients who may just want your help to review a paper(like an examination paper), resume or to help them prepare for an interview, teachers need to communicate with them that the first lessons is free and inspire them to take more classes, this is relatively easy to do, especially when you get more experienced.
  • When your approval ratings skyrocket, you may get overwhelmed with students and you may need to set your hourly rate higher, in a lot of cases even double your normal rate.

And now it’s time for the Pro’s:

  • Non-complicated and pretty easy work.
  • Work from the comfort of your own home or anywhere else in the world.
  • You Don’t need to act like a clown or sing any silly songs.
  • Get paid according to your teaching skill and experience, the better you become and the more you can get paid!
  • You don’t need a university degree to be eligible to teach, its a plus of course, but just be your enthusiastic self and put a nice smile on your face.
  • The salary can be Extremely good.
  • You earn your required extra money, a full time income or even way beyond it.

The Requirements

  • Creating a Quality profile for yourself is the fastest way to success, The kind of profile that just automatically attracts students to you, check out some of the other high popular tutor profiles and learn from them.
  • Once again, just be your enthusiastic self and put a beautiful smile on your face.

This is how you can get students

Your tutor profile Will be shown within their search results. Your profile position is determined by four main factors: your availability, reviews from students who took lessons with you on Preply, the quality and detail of your tutor profile, your response time to requests and student messages.

So in essentially, this means that you get paid for your teaching skill instead of just your good looks, well okay… good looks does help a bit, but it’s mostly teaching skill that does the trick, with a little bit good profile marketing next to it, but all in all, working with Preply is definitely more than fair game.

Are you interested in Starting your Online career with one of the best Online teaching Platforms out there?

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Make Money Online by creating your own successful online business the Easiest way!
Make Money Online by creating your own successful online business the Easiest way!

Teaching English Online With Magic Ears

Magic ears is also one of the most profitable Online English teaching platforms out there, better yet, according to their statistics, they pay 30% more than a lot of other online platforms out there, Teaching with magic ears is also truly an enjoyable adventure.

The best of online English teaching jobs - Online Teaching with Magic Ears
The best of online English teaching jobs – Online Teaching with Magic Ears

Teaching with Magic Ears

Here are few of the reasons why Magic Ears is a great platform for you to teach at:

  • Relatively high salary, around $18 to $22 per hour + an additional $4 Bonus, making it up to $26 per hour.
  • Free teacher’s training, first group training, then 1on1 training to prepare you for your Online Classes.
  • Pretty Easy Platform with it’s own system, curriculum and lesson plans.
  • You can teach as much as you want.
  • Offers 6 months contracts, instead of being tied to yearly contracts.

The Pro’s and con’s

Lets start out with the con’s:

  • Due to the time difference you may need to wake up early and stay up late to work that Beijing’s time peak peak hours.
  • Sometimes when it comes to working online, there may be some technical issues involved, which is beyond anyone’s control.
  • You may get a little less hours in the beginning as a very new teacher, but once you become more trusted, then your working hours can rise real quickly.

And now it’s time for the Pro’s:

  • Magic ears treats it’s teachers like a family.
  • They do all the booking for you, just fill in the details and click Okay.
  • The Salary can be Very good.
  • Work as many hours as you want.
  • You can start to arranging books right after you have signed the contract.
  • Incredibly creative Teaching platform with built-in Video’s, games and songs, making your online teaching adventure smooth and simple.

The Requirements:

  • Native English Speakers or very fluent English speakers with a high Level.
  • A Bachelors degree or currently studying for one.
  • At least One year teaching experience is preferred.
  • Teaching Certificate is Preferred (Get a TEFL Certificate Online)

The Interview Process

Interviews in most cases are always a nerve wrecking experience, but the good news is, Magic ears does try to make the interview process as enjoyable and fun as possible!

Here is how you can prepare for the interview:

  • Dress well, because Its going to be a video interview
  • The most important quality they are probably looking for is an enthusiastic teachers, so be fun, friendly and be yourself.
  • Use a Lot of Body Language & Smile A Lot!
  • They love animated Teachers!
  • Use different tones during the interview (the interviewer may do a demo class with you by acting like a 5 year old who knows little English).
  • Try to mute the background noise as much as possible,so your interview and teaching quality is undisturbed.
  • Try to avoid tones like, um…. or hm…, stop words and etc…
  • Keep the light in your work place as clear as possible, the interviewer & the children love to see their new teacher clearly.

All in all, being a teacher with Magic Ears is definitely a good job and you earn a very good salary with them,

Are your Interested in becoming a teacher at Magic Ears? Then Start your online teaching adventure today by clicking Here.

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Teaching English Online at Palfish

Palfish is an Online teaching app where teachers able to teaching English Online on their phones, yep you read that correctly, you can teach English on your phone and from any location in the world!

The best of online English teaching jobs - Online Teaching with Palfish
The best of online English teaching jobs – Online Teaching with Palfish

While Teaching English online on a computer or laptop is a comfortable option for many folks out there, this isn’t always the case for a lot of other folks out there, this is where teaching English on your phone comes in and Palfish is one of the top app in the field!

Once again, You don’t need to act like a clown or sing silly songs, just be your awesome self and have meaningful conversations with your students, It`s quite simple work actually, Make good money (around the $10 to $30 per hour) and help students achieve their goals for their studies or future careers.

Teaching At Palfish

A few of the reasons why teaching at Palfish is a great opportunity:

  • Work from anywhere in the world, just on your phone.
  • Pretty Easy Job
  • You can Earn Good Money,  The more experience you acquire, the more you can Earn.
  • You can mostly work as much as you want.
  • The top Ten teachers get a $180 bonus per month and the top eleven to Twenty teachers get a $80 bonus per Month.
  • They have their own materials and lessons plans.
  • It works similar to a social app, The more active and engaging you are, the more successful you can become.

The Pro’s And con’s of using this app

Lets start out with the con’s:

  • You may have to work irregular hours due to the time difference, but you can get well compensated for those irregularities by an increased salary.
  • Technical difficulties may occur once in a while, but are usually quickly resolved.
  • The technical support is quite decent, but if you have a question or an issue it may take a little time to hear back from the support crew.

And Now it’s time for some of the Pro’s:

  • Simple Classes, It’s mostly just 1on1 teaching and you have the full focus of just One student.
  • Very flexible program, your classes are usually booked a week earlier, so if there are any issues on your side, you will have plenty of time to resolve them.
  • Palfish is an incredibly creative and joyful app, where both teachers and students can interact with each other in a pleasant way.
  • You can earn a full time income or even more by teaching at Palfish.
  • You are able to communicate with the many other teachers on the app and you learn a thing or two from them.

The Requirements for teaching at This App

  •  A TEFL Certificate, or if you are currently doing a TEFL Course, then they may also consider you.
  • Very Fluent English speaking level (neutral accent preferred), Of Course, native speakers are even more wanted.
  • Teaching experience with kids & adults is preferred, however it’s possible to teach without experience.

When applying, Put in my friend referrer code 26666300( it’s also always a little easier to get hired when referred by friends)And Click here to teach with PalFish Today!

Just Simply click on the link above, type in your phone number at the page and the rest of the application will be done in the app itself! It’s really Just that Simple!

If you feel like teaching abroad, then click here instead.

And Once again, if you want to get a TEFL Certificate, then click here to learn about some of the best and cheapest courses.

Do you have a Question or comment? Then feel absolutely free to comment away here below into the Comment Section.

10 thoughts on “The best of online english teaching jobs – The Top Online Teaching Positions”

  1. Thanks a lot for the info. I have been looking for a legit platform to teach online and your recommendations have actually made my life much easier. Preply, Magis ears, and Palfish, all of these look like great options and I am now planning to which network to start with and what strategy to use to get more students. Thanks a lot for the inputs. This was a great article and extremely helpful. 

    • Hi Sirshendu,

      That’s great! I’m glad to hear that this article was helpful for you,

      I believe that Preply is the most suitable platform for people from your country, try it with them,

      Happy Online Teaching!


  2. There are many people out there in our society who are either tired of teaching in classrooms and those who have no jobs but can teach and are waiting for the right opportunity to get a teaching job online and would gladly jump of these offers you have stated here. However i have come across a few people who complain that a particular certificate is being required before they can get the job. How can these people get the certificate?

  3. The importance of a TEFL certificate cannot be overemphasized when talking about teaching English online whether you are a native or non-native speaker. The offers you have shared here are really great and I would really try out a couple of them especially preply. It seems to ve very lucrative and worthy of my time. Thanks

    • Hi Rodarrick,

      I’m glad that you have found a teaching position of your liking,

      Although i do agree that getting a TEFL Certificate does greatly improve your chances and knowledge, i still believe however that teaching Experience will always remains one of the best teachers for any teacher,

      In any case, I do always recommend that teachers(both new and old) get themselves a TEFL certificate and become certified teachers as this is both helpful in getting hired more easily and a great increase of knowledge as well, feel free to check out some of the TEFL programs,

      i wish you a happy online teaching adventure!


  4. Thank you for this very enlightening review, as I am yet to discover a whole lot more about this internet space.  I had no idea that one could could teach online, but then again, the online space is where the world is geared towards.

    It is a good thing to continue the process of learning for as the adage says, “to stop learning is to stop living” and I am really grateful that I am apart of this era.

    I like that you have made recommendations of three platforms on which persons interested in this field could start looking and this is very commendable of you.  Again, thanks for sharing,  All the best.

    • Hi Mazie,

      Same here! I had no idea that teaching online was even possible until two years ago, most folks don’t look for opportunities to work from home because partly that is also not being taught at school,

      The internet space is growing bigger every single year and new opportunities will continue to grow with it, teaching online is one of the most easiest ways for making an income from home, whether part time or full time, you can make good money, Enjoy it,

      I wish you a happy online teaching adventure!


  5. This was very interesting. I never thought about teaching online before. Is it possible to get accepted with out a bachelor if they have a lot of experience?  this is not for me, but my sister in law, she is a teacher, i will definitely share this with her. Thank you

    • Hi Simon,

      Yes it is possible to get accepted without a bachelor degree, Preply still accepts teachers without degrees, your sister can become a teacher with them :),

      Feel free to share this page with anyone else that might be interested in online teaching, the more people you can help, the better, share the happiness!



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