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the best ways of how to make money online from home – Real work from home methods

the best ways of how to make money online from home

The work from home dream, most people have it, but most people never achieve it, let alone taking action for it, simply because they don’t believe it’s possibly, but fortunately since the rise of the internet more than thirty years ago a new era has risen with it and if you have been wondering what the best ways of how to make money online from home are, then you have absolutely come to the right place.


The Reality of working from home

Although there are different and complicated methods when it comes to working from home, We have removed all those too *complicated* stuff from the equation, so that *normal* folks can make money online, using pretty simple money making methods and that you can work from the comfort of your own home,

Many people that choose to work from home, simply don’t want to work a 9 to 5 job anymore or they are unable to work a 9 to 5 job, While the workload and stress level of 9 to 5 jobs can be extremely high, working from doesn’t have these unhealthy issues, there is no travel time either, unless you decide to do some work in a coffee shop or something like that, then there is a few minutes time…

But all in all, working from home is far more beneficial and cost effective than an actual 9 to 5 job, so it’s no wonder more and more people decide to work online or create their own online business, in any case, thanks to the rise of the internet, the possibilities have become truly limitless and dreams do become true.

Making Money Online

To make money from home used to be just a dream of the past, this is no longer the case, in this day and age, it has become a reality, you can just simply work from home or any other place you feel comfortable(like the coffee shop) and work Online, we are in an age of incredible technological growth and things are going to get even more interesting within the next coming years,

Truly, you have made a great decision that you should work from home, because in the very near future, you will be able to do all sorts of incredible stuff online, but i will talk a little bit more about this later, for now lets focus on some of the best money making methods you could be doing Online,

Our top Two recommended Online Money Making Methods:

We truly believe that these are the top two(and non complicated) online money making methods, we will be discussing them further in a moment, you can work from the comfort of your own home or anywhere else you wish to spend your time at, as long as it’s a place where you can remain focused,

If you are in the position to work from home, then take it, take that opportunity, it will be one of your best investments ever, you will do stuff that is far more meaningful, you will be able to help so many people and you will experience an incredible amount of personal growth and you will be earning money for it!

So if you are really considering to make money online, then these methods can definitely be the answer for you, They are both meaningful, you can earn good money, experience an incredible amount of personal growth, you will so much new knowledge and information along the way and you can work as many hours as you want.

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Becoming an Online English/Language or Subject teacher

Teaching Online has become absolutely one of the most popular work from home jobs in the online industry, in the early years of the internet, it was one of the first real online jobs that nearly any person could do and it became rapidly popular within the next following years, regular folks became teachers and were able to work from the comfort of their own home and earn a good salary.

the best ways of how to make money online from home
the best ways of how to make money online from home

An Online Teaching adventure

Teaching online was one of the first real work from home opportunities at the early days of the internet, since then it’s popularity has dramatically risen each and every single year, folks were able to work both full time and part time, if i only knew myself years ago that this opportunity existed, i would have started it way back then, but unfortunately i didn’t knew that, so i missed out on that possibility back then,

But Luckily it’s never too late, eventually i stumbled across the teaching online opportunity and i was captured by it ever since, The idea of being able to work from home and teach online was mind blowing, i couldn’t believe that it hasn’t occurred to me before, something so simple, but yet out of reach from my thinking pattern, I’m still pounding myself over it,

In any case, with teaching online you will be able to teach people and students from all around the globe, with the rise of rapid globalism, communication of foreign languages is becoming of greater importance than ever before, more and more people are learning a new language with each new coming year, Being an online teacher has an important role to play in the present and far into the future, it’s a secure job for years to come.

Teaching Online requirements

While teaching online have usually far less stricter requirements than teaching abroad onsite, they both have in common that most schools prefer their teachers to be certified, this can be easily achieved by doing a TEFL Course and to obtain a TEFL certificate, once you obtained your certificate you will become a certified teacher and you will be able to get hired much more easier by most schools,

The value that a TEFL course has to offer should not be underestimated, it provides a new teacher with an incredible wealth of knowledge and information to prepare them for teaching inside a classroom, whether it’s online or onsite, its incredibly useful for both cases and it simply helps you to become a much better teacher, a teacher with more knowledge and expertise,

This is why a TEFL certificate is valued by many schools out there and why most schools prefer to hire teachers who have obtained their TEFL certificate and are certified teachers, even thought it remains true that experience will always remain your best teacher and nothing can truly replace that, Doing a TEFL course will help boost your knowledge and expertise about teaching, but still, Experience will still always be your best friend.

Consider it an Adventure

Consider teaching online like an online adventure, it may be new or strange to you, but it’s totally an exciting and fun job, you are able to work from home after all and you can make up to $30,-+ per hour! It’s fun, you will become a teacher and you are able to interact with people and students, you are helping people out for their future career and you will experience a ton of personal growth with, it’s an incredibly meaningful online job!

It’s not stressful like a regular Nine to Five job, you can work as much as you want, but earn more money by working fewer hours, compared to working over hours and earning just a little bit of money per hour, there is a big difference in that, you will be doing a far more relaxing job than most people around the globe, that’s pretty amazing right? working fewer hours and making more money instead of working over hours and making less money, but still if you like working more hours, that can be a possibility,

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There are no limitations to what you can and can’t do online, How much money you can make is totally up to you, of course as a beginning teacher you will probably start with a little lower salary, but can grow quite rapidly once you grow in experience, like i said before, experience is your best friend, to more you grow in experience, the more you can earn, there are quite a few ways to make a living online and teaching online is one of them, are you interested into becoming an online teacher?

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Start your own Simplified Online business

One of the most greatest investments in your life is making the step to creating a solid income for yourself, but instead of exchanging your time for money, like a 9 to 5 job or teaching online, you can actually create your own simplified online business or even businesses and when i say simplified, i really mean Simplified, no complicated coding or any other of that complicated stuff involved.

the best ways of how to make money online from home
the best ways of how to make money online from home

Creating your own solid income

Truly, i wouldn’t dare even try to recommend you the most complicated stuff, even though it is a great challenge for some folks out there, but this business method can also be challenge, just in a different way, it’s not going to be in the form of hard or difficult work, but more like consistent work,

I hear sometimes form beginning Online entrepreneurs that creating an online business is very hard or difficult, but come on are you working so hard that you are breaking your back? Or are your doing such difficult stuff like coding an entire business from scratch, No right? Then it’s neither Hard nor difficult work, if it still were the year 2000(almost seems like the stone age by now), then yes, you definitely needed to know how to code to create your own successful online business, or you needed to hire one,

But now, not even that many years further, all that stuff has been taken care of, meaning all the coding has been set in certain models, that the only thing you need to do now, is just focus on creating and maintaining your business, now you can create a website with just a click of your mouse button or now you can just find some keyword tool program to help you find the best keywords, these programs are all already made for you.

The *easy* work

You just focus on the *easy* work, maybe creating a successful online business, isn’t that easy either, especially if you don’t have the right training, tools and community backing you up, but i wouldn’t definitely call it difficult or hard work either, instead i call it consistent work, maybe it’s easy for me to say right, because I’m(still) in the right online business program, i have(in my opinion) the best education available at my disposal,

Next to that i also have all the tools and features to create and maintain my online business and all of that in program, you could even call it an all in one platform, I’ve started my own online journey in early 2016, it’s been nothing short of amazing, once i realized that affiliate marketing was the perfect and easiest business method that i wanted to create my business with, i was totally focused to making it happen,

What is affiliate marketing? It’s a simple marketing that means selling other people’s stuff in exchange for commission or also know as a referral fee, but without the need of owning any physical service or products yourself, just recommend stuff that people Need, Want and Love, so that means no hassle with any product or service bureaucracy, registrations, licenses or taxes, just do the easy work!

The Least hassle

Let all the companies do all the hard work for us, nowadays there are so many businesses out there, selling almost the same or similar products, that the competition is becoming absolutely crazy, we are not going to be a part of that, affiliate marketing, uses all that competition to our own benefit, We simply recommend other peoples/company’s stuff and we get a commission for each reoccurring sale,

This is why i totally love this business method, it’s easy, with zero hassle and extremely cost-effective, the marketing platform i am currently has both a totally free membership and a premium membership, is it possible to create a business completely for free? Yes it is, but it’s going to be a very long road, that’s why i eventually chose to go premium, because it was(still is) the fast way to success,

How fast you can achieve success is totally up to you, the more work and effort you put into your business, the faster you will succeed, once you start to follow the training, it’s not about hard or difficult work, but it’s about consistent work and this is where most starting entrepreneurs fail in their businesses, they think once i have my business setup at the very beginning, i don’t need to do anything else, Wrong.

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It’s a gradual process

An online business doesn’t just succeed within One or Two months, if you work full time on it, then it will most likely still take at least six months before you will start seeing results, maybe in the very early days of the internet it use to work like that, but not anymore, the internet has evolved, technologies have evolved and there are many more websites out there,

You may think Wow, that is a lot, but as a more experienced entrepreneur, i can tell you, now, at this very moment, we are only just getting started, you are witnessing a new era, an era where nearly everything can be done online and this trend is about to grow even more in the next following years, online technologies are developing rapidly, if you start your own online business today, you can be profiting from this very decision in the very near future,

You just need to give some though about the future of all businesses, where does technology lead us, what era are we heading into? Online business definitely have a huge future ahead of them, right now you are at the forefront, with this knowledge in mind, what will you do? Will you let this opportunity slip away(regardless if you choose the same business method or not) or will you choose to be a part of the beginning of an entirely new Era?

Remain focused

If you decide to take on this adventure, then by all means go for it, but with your full focus and determination, the more work and effort you put in, the faster you will succeed, Be consistent in your work, because it’s consistency that will lead the way to success,

Keep your focus and determination and the success will come, follow the training that is laid out before you, when i started out, i didn’t do as instructed, i though i *knew* better, few months later i got that very hard lesson that i was totally wrong, because information sinks in gradually, once you become more experienced, you will gain a greater deal of understanding,

So as a complete newbie, you might feel nervous or afraid to do as instructed, but trust this start *failure* right here(which is me), just follow the training, you will understand the why when your business expands, if you choose to follow the same course and platform i do of course, but if you do decide to follow the same path as i did, then I’m nearly one hundred percent sure that you wont regret, What do you say? Are you interested in starting your own amazing Online business adventure?

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Earning good money

With both teaching and online and starting your own business you are able to make good money, like we said in the beginning, we only recommend the best and non complicated methods to make online, sure there are some so called *easy* methods where you are only able to earn a few dollars, but it’s definitely not worth calling making real money from home,

Making real money from comes either from a good online job like teaching Online or to create your own online business, From teaching online you are able to get a regularly paycheck every single month, while creating your own online business makes(eventually) you a solid income every month and yes eventually you may not need to work anymore or maybe just an hour per day, the truth is that the possibilities are limitless!


Thank you so much for taking the time to read our article about making an income from home, we truly hope that it has provided you with the necessary information for you to move forward in your life, We wish you tremendous success and achievement in your future endeavors, We wish you A Life Of Greatness.

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  1. I have friends who make their living by offering services as freelancers online… I believe that this could be one of the fastest ways to increase your income by working online.

    I am currently trying freelancing in Fiverr and I have managed to get some projects during my first week there. 

    Do I have to be a native English speaker to be able to teach English online?

    • Hi Harry,

      It’s true that there are quite a few ways to make money online, even as a freelancer on Fiverr, but i really believe that the two online money methods above are the most easiest, simply because mostly normal people without any technical or computer background can do it and on freelance websites like Fiverr, most folks need to already know some technical or computer skills to be able to provide good services for entrepreneurs,

      And about teaching Online: Some Online schools do only require native speakers, while other online schools will accept both native and non-native speakers alike,

      You can check out a of few of these platforms by clicking here,

      I wish much success and achievement in your projects,

      Thank you for your comment and input, it’s much appreciated,


  2. Thank you for the post describing how to make money online from home. I particularly like your honest analyses of starting your own online business. Most of the online business advertisements give a false claims: make millions in 30 days or something like this! You are very realistic that even we work full time, we need more than 6 months to see results. It is natural of any business, which need trials and errors to sort out the money-making ideas.

    I am working on affiliate marketing. Could you recommend me one of the best program? Thanks for kind help in advance.

    • Hi Anthony,

      Exactly, when you are creating an Online business business, you are focusing on the long term, instead of falling into the trap of thinking one can make millions of dollars within 30 days, it’s simply not realistic,

      but if you start today and put in the work and effort every single day from here on, then you may absolutely see results within your first year and even within your first 6 months, its been done by quite a few beginning entrepreneurs now,

      It’s all about consistent work, if you work every single day the results will come, I personally also love doing affiliate marketing, if you are looking for one of the best platforms in the online industry, that is truly an all in one platform, with all the training, education, tools and features an entrepreneur could ever need to create their own online business from,

      Then i suggest checking out this article by clicking here


      It’s the same platform I’m currently using right now and in my opinion it’s nearly perfect for creating an affiliate marketing type of business,

      Thanks for dropping by and giving your input, it’s truly much appreciated!

      Happy Online adventures!



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