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The best ways to make money online as a college student – The top Online Money making methods

The Best ways to make Money Online as a College Student

College can both be an exciting and tough period in a student’s life, the tuition fees, borrowing money from the bank, the food, going out to have some fun, it can all become quite the financial burden, Especially student debt has become an unbelievable mess these days, but luckily there are ways to get out of this mess, so if you have been wondering what the best ways to make money online as a college student are, then you have definitely come to the right place.

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Making good Money Online as a Student

As a student, money shouldn’t actually be a real concern for you, considering that the younger generation are the future for once’s country, however this unfortunately doesn’t seem to be the case these days, as thanks to the current politics, student benefits have been swept aside, forcing students to borrow more money from banks and working even more hours by doing part time jobs that don’t pay well,

Fortunately, there are many ways for making money, including online, while there are a diverse amount of methods when it comes to making money online, a lot of them are quite complicated and can drain a lot of time, so we have chosen only the most best and easiest methods for making money online that most students are easily able to do, next to that, you can make good money as well,

Making money online these days doesn’t need to be complicated or hard, nor do you need to work long hours to make ends meet, after all, you have an education to focus on right? A student’s life should be enjoyable and as least complicated as possible, Education comes first, unwanted distractions like worrying about money should have no place in school, students are the future, it’s that simple.

Methods for Making Money Online

Making money online really doesn’t need to be complicated, as a student, Education can definitely be complicated enough, so that’s why we will recommend you some of the best and easiest ways for making money online with the least kind of hassle, check out our top two recommendations below,

Our top two recommended ways for making Money Online:

We truly believe that these are the top two methods for making money online, you can work comfortable from your own home, the coffee shop or anywhere else with a nice quiet spot for yourself and you can work as little or as many hours as you want, they are truly few of the least complicated methods for making good money Online,

With these methods you can live a more comfortable life and you can fund your studies as well, you don’t need to worry about making ends meet nor do you need to worry about being overworked, you can properly focus on your studies while making money along the side,

You can live a more relaxed life, go out once in a while and do more stuff that you love to do or you can just save up a pile of money for whatever goals and plans you have after you graduate college, you are free to do whatever you like with the money you earn, it’s your money after all, just make sure to be a little bit responsible with your spending habits.

Be responsible with your Money

When it comes to the student life, it’s usually not just a life of studying hard, but also with quite a lot of fun and excitement, naturally there is going to be quite some spending involved, it’s the student life and that has always been the case, but there is always the little concern of overspending involved and that’s where you might get yourself into trouble,

It’s okay to go to the bar, club, shopping center or diners once in a while, but when it becomes too frequently, that’s where you should be a little concerned, because you might find yourself without any money real soon, so just be careful with your spending habits and you should be just fine, although if you manage to make more than enough money online, then this should be less of an issue,

You can definitely make good money online, especially with our two recommended methods, whether it’s teaching online or starting your own simplified online business or you can even do both, you can make money by teaching online, while you are busy building your online business and eventually create your own passive income, creating a successful business online always needs some time to work, but with continuous effort, it can definitely be very rewarding.

There are no limitations

The internet has no limitations, in fact its growing bigger each and every single passing year, meaning the opportunities for making money online are growing with it as well, in fact the future of making real money is definitely online, eventually nearly everything can be done online, you are witnessing the start of a new age, an online age,

So whatever your reasons for making money online are(most likely to earn extra money), eventually try to think bigger, try to see the big picture, where are we going, what will the future look like? I know they probably don’t teach you this in school, but still, try to see the big picture, what does the future of making money look like? We have just entered an era where nearly every service or products can be used or bought online, the online possibilities will only continue to grow, think about your future in it,

The future of making money online is looking very bright, if you desire more than a hard working life with just a standard 9 to 5 job, but a live with more fulfillment, excitement and personal growth, then i would definitely recommend you to consider working online on a more permanent basis, of course set your focus on getting your degree as well, I’m definitely not saying to quit college here, I’m just saying, just think about the possibility of a lifestyle of more freedom and happiness by making money online.

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The Best ways to make Money Online as a College Student

Teaching English/languages or Subjects Online

The internet is a wonderful place full of amazing possibilities, amazing opportunities has risen Since the dawn of the internet a little more than 30 years ago, in fact teaching online was one of the first real online work from home *job* that most regular folks were able to make extra money just from the comfort of their own homes, it has made incredible evolution over the decades, making teaching online one of the most easiest, comfortable and well paying jobs in the online world.

The best ways to make money online as a college student
The best ways to make money online as a college student

The Journey of Teaching Online

You will embark on an online teaching journey to help people and students from all around the world, you will play an incredible role in their future careers or businesses, just by teaching them a new language or subject online, with an incredibly increasingly globalized world, communication is becoming now more important than ever before in history, communication in life, communication in business, communication at school, communication everywhere,

When you become an online teacher, you will be helping people and students towards a more prosperous future, A future where they can realize their goals and dreams, whatever they may be, so teaching online is not just a good paying *job*, but also a job with meaning and incredible personal growth for yourself as well,

It’s truly a very rewarding method for making money online, it benefits all parties involved, you can work as much or as little as you want and your financial prosperity will grow the better for it, most folks dream of a meaningful job that can also provide them with the means to live properly, this is where teaching online can definitely fulfill that dream.

The requirements for teaching Online

In most cases, There are not many requirements for teaching online and you don’t need a degree in education either, however, most online schools will ask if their potential teacher has a TEFL certificate, this can be easily achieved by undergoing a TEFL Course, you can simply do one Online or onsite, most new teachers choose to do it online, because it’s much cheaper and they are able to do it in their own pace,

Once you have have obtained a your TEFL Certificate you will earn the status of certified teacher, a TEFL Course will provide a new teacher with a wealth of knowledge and information about teaching a foreign language to students, it will help you become a more knowledgeable and better teacher in the process, which is why schools do prefer to hire teachers who have obtained their TEFL Certificate,

It really isn’t that difficult to get one, in fact it’s quite easy, we definitely recommend you to do a TEFL Course and to get your TEFL Certificate, you will learn immense knowledge about teaching and classroom management as well, you will learn from the expertise of the previous foreign language teachers who came before you, so we recommend you to do a TEFL Course and earn the status of a certified teacher.

An Exciting Adventure

Teaching online may not be as exciting as actually teaching abroad onsite, but it’s still a very enjoyable online experience as well, you will be interacting with a ton of incredible people and students from all around the globe, see it like an Online cultural exchange program, except you will be teaching on it, Students will be able to learn a little about you and the country you come from and you will also get to know a little bit about them and their country,

There is just so much more than just teaching involved, this is why teaching online is such and incredibly popular job, many folks from all walks of life are teaching online right now, it is one of the most popular jobs in the online world and it’s continuing to grow each and every single year, It’s fun, it’s meaningful, you will experience a ton of personal growth yourself and you can make good money, it’s truly a very rewarding method for making money Online,

As a students, you may or may not have limited time available, it all depends on your college classes, education and the work you need to do for it, So it all depends on your situation, as i mentioned before, you can work as many or as little hours as you want, if you just want to make extra cash, that’s possible, if you want to make a full income, that’s also possible, you don’t need to work that many hours to make good money, with teaching online, you can work fewer hours and make money money, pretty cool right? Are you interested into becoming an online teacher?

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Building your own Incredible and simplified Online business

While the internet has brought amazing opportunities like teaching online, it has also brought other incredible opportunities with, like being able to create your own online business and gradually creating a passive income from home, while you may not be able to earn quick money in the beginning like teaching online can offer, having your own online business is a more of long term approach for making a permanent monthly passive income online, where eventually you don’t need to work at all, or at the very least just a few hours per week.

The best ways to make money online as a college student
The best ways to make money online as a college student

A Long term plan

You can see your online business as you permanent retirement plan, it doesn’t take years for an online business to become successful, as a student it may take longer than folks who may have more time on their hands, lets say if you had all the time in the world, you would be able to start seeing results within the Three to Sixth months time period, as student or another person with a full time job, it may take 6 months to a year before you start seeing any results,

But once you achieve success, the money , will flow consistently each and every single month, If you are in need of money right now, then i definitely suggest starting with teaching online, so that you have a monthly income for yourself, you can also create an online business on the side, which means, that once you have more time available, you are able to achieve success much faster than when you have to start from scratch,

Creating your own online business is a fun and exciting process, it’s your own *child* so to speak, You will be taking care of your child, raising it, empowering and eventually it will grow up and it will take care of you, So to more love and care you give to your business, the more results you will see it giving back to you, the better the relationship is with your business, the more success will flow back to you.

How does an online business work?

There are quite a few ways to create an online business, I’m just going to show the way i personally find the best and easiest, which i also used on this website and others like, One of the best method maintaining an online business is through selling other people’s stuff in exchange for a commission, also known as affiliate marketing,

Which means you don’t need to create your own services or products, just recommend for example other companies stuff in exchange for commissions or you can also call it referral fees, you have zero hassle with any product or service, bureaucracy, licenses, registrations or taxes involved, non of that hassle at all, leave all that complicated stuff to the actual companies selling the products or services themselves.

So in my personal opinion, creating your own online business with affiliate marketing is one of the best and easiest business method in the online world, it comes with the least kind of hassle and you don’t need to own any products or services yourself, just recommend stuff that people Need, Want and Love, That’s pretty awesome right?

How can i create an Online Business?

I myself started at an awesome affiliate marketing education program in early 2016, I am still with them to this very day, why? Well, when i started out, i learned that there were so many technical programs needed that were all separately spread across the internet, when i found the platform i am currently in right now, that have everything included in it, so you can definitely call it an all in one platform,

Next to the previous issues mentioned before, trust was also a major issue, who do you trust? In my opinion, stuff that is free is most of times usually legit and they have a completely free membership with free training and websites included, of course they also have a premium membership, but that’s not obligated, in any case, i totally loved the platform and all that it’s offering, that’s why I’m still with them to this very day,

Everything is simplified, all the complicated coding and technical stuff is mostly already done for you, it’s just simply focusing on creating and maintaining your online business, it’s truly one of the best platforms in the online world and it’s filled with a community of thousands and thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs, Everyone helps each other and success just happens so much faster, you can do it too! Are you interested in becoming your own boss?

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Living in Freedom

Making money online usually also means living in more freedom, the freedom to work from home or from anywhere else around the globe, you can work and travel or in your case work in your holidays and travel in between, the possibilities are truly endless, the opportunities for making money online is amazing, think about the future of making money and see the bigger picture,

The opportunities the internet has to offer are truly limitless, the internet is growing bigger and bigger rapidly, each and every single passing year, whatever you need you can find it online, whatever you want to buy or do, you can find it online, you can definitely make money online, try out the different opportunities that are available for you!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to read our article about making money online, we truly hope that as a student that the information provided here was useful for you, we truly wish you much success and prosperity, in your education and financial abundance, We wish you A Life Of Greatness,

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12 thoughts on “The best ways to make money online as a college student – The top Online Money making methods”

  1. Hello! 

    This is a fantastic post for college students and other people about making money online! I believe the possibility and taste to make some extra money for the students is very important before starting to do something like that you have described. It would also make more overview of how the online world works and make some contacts and get ideas for the afterschool period. Also, it should go hand in hand with the ability to save money and no to waste them. 

    Anyway, your article is full of great ideas and important information and I am looking forward to reading another one on your website, which I am lucky to find!

    Thank you and wish you all the best!

    Bye Renata

    • Hi Renata,

      I’m glad to hear that you liked the article,

      Making money online is definitely becoming a great part of the future, the ones who are starting today will be profiting later on,

      Enjoy your online adventures and feel free to come back anytime,


  2. Thanks for the info and you really have a good website.

    I wish I knew about things like this in college because I just worked as a food runner in a restaurant but I could have done affiliate marketing and made tons of money on the side. In fact I wish I started affiliate marketing when I was like 14 LOL. Sometimes I think I would have made a million dollars by the time I graduated high school.

    I am on the wealthy affiliate premium membership now and it is going pretty well. I am getting some traffic to my site and it is indexed in Google. It’s only a matter of time before I start to make money on there. A matter of time and continuing to build the website. Thank you once again and teaching online that sounds cool too. And thanks for the recommendation on VPN protection.

    • Hi Charles,

      Thanks for your kind words, it’s much appreciated!

      Unfortunately we do not get stuff like making money online taught in college, it’s mostly just about how to get a job, so you shouldn’t blame yourself over that,

      Teaching online is a very popular online job worldwide, it’s quite easy work and you can get well paid for it, however, Creating your own passive income online is another thing entirely as you already know by now that you will be able to make as much money as you want, of course it does require more time and effort, but very rewarding once it all start rolling,

      I’m glad to hear your website is starting to do well, keep up the good work and of course get yourself a VPN, your online privacy and data are very important, you should keep that all safe as much as possible :),

      Thanks for commenting and I wish you much success in your online adventures,


  3. Teaching English online is a great way for college kids to make money. While affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money online, I prefer doing that on the side while copywriting for larger already established websites and services. They tend to pay about $100 per blog post and you start earning faster than building your own affiliate website. In the long run, affiliate marketing has more earning potential and is passive, but in the beginning it takes awhile to get up and running. 

    • Hi Melinda,

      Copy writing is also good way for making extra money on the side, but unfortunately most folks out there find it too complicating, because there is a lot more work involved compared to teaching online, which is in generally much more simple, complication is one of the reasons why i didn’t add it to this article,

      As students are already studying full time, i truly believe they need more simplification and less hassle, i totally agree with you that creating your own online business and using affiliate marketing to create a passive income can definitely be very rewarding, you just need to give the time and attention it deserves,

      Thanks for commenting and input, it’s much appreciated,

      i wish you much success in your own online adventures,


  4. Wow, there are a couple of great ideas here.  I have to say I am biased towards an online option like building an online business,  You’re very realistic in your advice and suggestions.  Most people who are pushing online opportunities promise unrealistic expectations, but your article is very professional and well written.

    I think you are right in that the process to setting up an online money making opportunity will teach the person a lot about themselves..personal growth as state. 

    The teaching online opportunity is also an interesting possibility but is quite a difference from creating an online business, which should end up earning me a passive income, i like both options though,

    Thanks for the great ideas and the discussion about them.  Lots to think about. 

    • Hi Tim,

      I’m glad to hear that the info here was of use to you,

      Feel free to try out both methods, in fact you can just do the both of them at the same time, considering that an online business will take some anyway, you can still earn a good income by teaching online,

      These are just my thoughts,

      I wish you much success in your online adventures,


  5. An informative post filled with excellent advice. I sure wish I’d read this when I was a student. Could’ve saved me a lot of heartache and stress. Not to mention, my financial life today would’ve been vastly different.

    If I’d known that making money online was actually lucrative when given the right attention and effort, I probably wouldn’t have gone for a secondary degree, which wiped out my savings completely. I’m still in debt and it’s taking a while to recover but I’m getting there.

    Thanks very much for sharing this information. I hope the current crop of students will pay attention and not do as I did.

    • Hi Kevin,

      I have heard your situation over and over again from other students, most students don’t even know what is possible these days, it’s not your fault either, school mostly just teaches you how to perform a job and fit into society, it doesn’t really teach you how to make money,

      The age we are heading into or ill rather start we just starting getting into is an online world, where nearly every service or products can be used or bought online, there are many more technological advancements coming up, which will help to make money online even easier, Right now, we are only in the starting point, the ones that succeed online today will be very dominate online for decades to come,

      I also totally advise students to pay more attention to the online world, this is where most of the wealth will come from,

      Thank you for commenting and i wish you speedy journey towards Debt Freedom,


  6. Thanks! Right now Im searching for a some kind of ways to make money online so this is very helpfull for me cause im BROOOKE. I will explore all the methods and see which one suits me the best for the moment.


    • Hi Sarah,

      Glad to hear that you found the information in this article helpful, you can go a long way with both of them, however because you’re broke at the moment i would recommend you for the teaching Online options so you can first earn a decent income. This is just my advice.

      I wish you well and good luck!



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