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The Easiest and Best of online teaching jobs – The top Online Positions

The Easiest and Best of online teaching jobs

If you are looking for the Easiest and Best of online teaching jobs, then you have absolutely come to the right place, because you will find here some of the best and easiest Online positions, with some of the highest paying salary in the online teaching world.


Your Online teaching Adventures Starts here

A good teaching experience all starts with the right positions, this includes teaching online and in a moment you will discover some of the top online teaching platforms for the best possible online teaching experience,

They are some of the most simplest online positions in the entire online world, where the curriculum and lessons plans already already done for the teacher, leaving you just mostly doing the easy work,

Also, Most online schools do not have any strict requirements, but having a TEFL Certificate is definitely a plus, especially as a new teacher with no prior teaching experience, doing a TEFL Course will help you obtain the necessary knowledge about teaching a foreign language Online,

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Teaching online with the right schools and platforms can definitely be a rewarding opportunity and in most cases very easy money, which is why we have listed some of the best opportunistic Online platforms for you here below.


The Easiest and Best of online teaching jobs

Become an Online English/Language/Subject teacher At Preply

Being a teacher At Preply is one of the most rewarding online positions in the entire online teaching world, it’s one of the most popular and top paying platforms for online teacher to teach at, next to teaching English, they have 55 other languages and subjects/hobbies as teaching jobs available!

The Easiest and Best of online teaching jobs - Teaching at Preply
The Easiest and Best of online teaching jobs – Teaching at Preply

Next to teaching Kids, Preply offers teachers the possibility to teach a quite diverse Age group, including Teenager, students and Adults alike, so you can have plenty of choice which age group you prefer to teach,

Unlike most other online teaching platforms, Preply doesn’t require its teachers to act like clowns or sing silly songs, in fact you have quite a lot of freedom on how you manage and teach your classes, of course it is important to keep a nice smile on your face, after all, everybody loves the friendly teacher,

Teaching Online can be very easy and Preply makes is even easier by providing their teachers with materials and lessons plans to make their online teaching experience as easy as possible, of course they also provide the option for you to create your own lessons plans if that is what you wish,

it’s quite an easy job, they can pay incredibly well and they treat both students and teachers with equally importance and respect, which is why they are one of the Top Online teaching platforms in the field.


Why teaching at Preply is an incredible opportunity?

These are just some of the reasons why Preply is such an amazing online platform:

  • Work as much as you want, they have no minimal or maximum required hours.
  • Once you get accepted, you can start immediately
  • No strict requirements, which means completely new teachers have the opportunity to start teaching with Preply quite easily.
  • You can set your own hourly rate, which means, the more experience you get, the more you can earn, Some teachers currently even earn over the $40-$60+ per hour!
  • You have the opportunity to earn an incredible high salary.
  • You just need to setup a profile so that the students can find you and you can even find them.
  • They can accept both native and non-native teachers.
  • They have 55 languages, subjects and even some hobbies as teaching positions available.

The Pro’s and con’s

Lets start off with the con’s:

  • There may be times when you will encounter students or clients that just want some help to review an examination paper or interview preparations, in which case it is important to communicate with them that the first lesson is free and to motivate them to take more classes, which in most cases is quite easy to do.
  • When you become more experienced and popular within the platform, you may get overwhelmed with students, which in return you may have to increase your hourly fees, in some cases even double your regular rate to keep you from being overworked.

And now lets move on to some of the Pro’s:

  • As mentioned before, with Preply you can earn a very good income or even beyond it.
  • Pretty simple work without any complications involved.
  • You don’t need to act childish, like a clown or sing any silly songs.
  • Completely new teachers have the opportunity to teach.
  • No university degree or teaching certificate needed(but teaching certificate is definitely recommended)
  • And of course lets not forget the greatest benefit of them all, you can teach from the comfort of your own home or from anywhere else around the globe.

What are the requirements?

  • In most cases it’s all about creating a quality profile, whether you have teaching experience or not, an attractive profile is what will lead people to become your students, Learn from other top tutors on the platform and make yours better.
  • There are no other strict requirements involved, they give everyone an equal opportunity to become teachers, just put a very nice smile on your face and show your enthusiasm to teach!

The way to get students

you tutor profile will be displayed across their platform and search results, which is how students will find you or you can find students as well, in any case, you profile positions will be determined by four main factors: The details and quality of your tutor profile, How much you are available, reviews from previous students and your response time to requests and messages,

So the better you get, the more you can earn, instead of being just judged for your good looks, well okay.. of course being good looking helps, but essentially it is not the defining factor, being a cool teacher plus a little bit of good profile marketing are the main keys to success,

So being a teacher at Preply is definitely more than fair game, both new and experienced teachers can have incredible opportunities teaching at this platform, are you ready to become an online teacher?

Then click here Now to start your own Incredible Online teaching adventure with Preply Today!


Make Money Online by creating your own successful online business the Easiest way!
Make Money Online by creating your own successful online business the Easiest way!

Become an Online English teacher at Palfish

Instead of teaching English Online on a laptop or computer, with Palfish you are able to teach on your own Phone, Yes! You even have the possibility to teach on your own Phone now!

The Easiest and Best of online teaching jobs - Teaching at Palfish
The Easiest and Best of online teaching jobs – Teaching at Palfish

While a lot teachers feel comfortable teaching from a Computer or laptop, there are a lot of folks out there who are tech savvy and simply who would love to teach from their own phones, which also provides a little more freedom than teaching from a computer or laptop,

When it comes to teaching English on your phone, Palfish is definitely on of the Top teaching apps in the field, you don’t need act like a clown or silly songs, but simply have conversations with kids, students or adults to improve their English level.

Becoming a Teacher at Palfish

These are just some of the reasons why teaching English at Palfish is an amazing choice:

  • You can earn a good salary, hourly rate is around $10 to $30 an hour.
  • In most cases, you can work as much as you want.
  • It’s quite a simple job, which is mostly about having conversations with students.
  • work from anywhere in the world by just teaching English on your Phone.
  • They have their own curriculum and lesson plans.
  • Their platform works similar to like a social app, the more active and engaging you are, the more success you can achieve.
  • The top ten teachers get a $180 bonus per month and the top eleven to twenty teachers get a $80 bonus per month.
  • You can earn a great salary and income.

The Pro’s and con’s

Lets start of with the con’s:

  • The support offered by the crew is quite decent, but It may take some time to hear back from them when you may have a question or issue.
  • Due to the time differences, you may have irregular hours, like you may need to wake up early and stay up late to teach your English Classes.
  • Technical issues or complications might occur once in a while, but are usually quickly fixed.

Now lets move on to some of the Pro’s:

  • Palfish is a very enjoyable and creative app where both the students and teachers can interact with each other in a fun environment.
  • You can definitely earn a full time income and possibly even a little more.
  • you can make contact with many other teachers on the app, not just the students.
  • Your classes are usually booked a week earlier, so you have plenty of time and flexibility to manage your time and classes.
  • Super easy classes, which it’s usually just One on One teaching so you focus completely just on a single student.

What are the Requirements?

  • Teaching Experience is definitely preferred, but new teachers may also be considered.
  • Having a TEFL Certificate.
  • Native speakers or very fluent speakers with a neutral accent.

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Become an Online English teacher at Magic Ears

Teaching English at Magic Ears can also be quite a profitable online adventure, considering that they pay around 30% more(Around $18 to $26/H) than a lot of other Online English teaching platforms out there, next to that, teaching at this online platform can be a very fun and rewarding teaching experience.

The Easiest and Best of online teaching jobs - Teaching at Magic Ears
The Easiest and Best of online teaching jobs – Teaching at Magic Ears

Why become a teacher at Magic Ears?

These are just some of the reasons why teaching online with Magic ears is so awesome:

  • Completely free teacher’s training, you start with a group training and afterwards one on one training, to prepare you for your online teaching adventure.
  • You can teach as many hours as you see fit.
  • Easy to use platform with it’s own materials and lesson plans.
  • Provides six months contracts, instead of being glued to a yearly contract.
  • relatively high salary for an online English teaching platform, around $18-$22 per hour plus another $4 bonus per hour.

The Pro’s and con’s

Lets start off with the Cons:

  • Because you will be a new teacher, you may get a little less hours until you become more trusted, but not to worry, this is usually a quick process.
  • when in comes to teaching online, Sometimes there may be some technical issues involved, of course these are beyond anyone’s control.
  • You will be working a lot of hours during Beijing’s timezone, so You may need to wake up early and to stay up late due to the time difference involved.

And now lets move on to some of the Pro’s:

  • A super creative platform, with video’s, games and song included, making your teaching adventure very fun and relatively easy.
  • Magic ears treats it’s teacher like a family.
  • After the initial process, you can usually work as many hours as you see fit.
  • Your income and salary can be really good.
  • You can start booking classes right after you signed the contract.
  • They do the bookings for you, just fill in any additional details and click okay.

What are the requirements?

  • You need a University degree or currently studying for one.
  • They prefer teachers with at least One year teaching experience.
  • They prefer teachers who have obtained their TEFL certificate.
  • They hire native English speakers or extremely fluent speakers with a good English level.

Preparing through the Interview

 Even though it’s normal to be a little or even very nervous for an interview, Magic ears does it’s best to make the interview process as enjoyable as possible, so that you can have a more fun instead of a nerve wrecking experience.

Here are some useful tips on how you can prepare for the interview:

  • Try to avoid tones and stopwords like um.. hm.. etc….
  • keep the light in your room as clear as possible so that the interviewer can see you well.
  • using different tones for during the interview, because at some point the interviewer may do a 5 min demo teaching class by acting like a 5 year old.
  • Try to clear any background noises, because they may cause a lot of distraction for both you and the interviewer.
  • Smile a lot and use a lot of body language, this will also help remove some of the stress and tension you may have.
  • Be yourself, be friendly and more importantly, be enthusiastic.
  • Animated teaching is highly appreciated. (Teaching English by using body language, sing songs animal stories etc..)
  • Wear some comfortable clothes and dress well.

Being an online English teacher at Magic ears can definitely be a very fun and rewarding teaching experience, which can pay quite well too, are you interested in becoming a teacher at Magic Ears?

Then click here Now to start your Teaching adventure with Magic ears Today!

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Interested in teaching abroad? Then click here now for more Info!

Do you have a Question or Comment? Then feel absolutely free to comment away here below into the Comment section!


12 thoughts on “The Easiest and Best of online teaching jobs – The top Online Positions”

  1. I’m so glad I found this review! I am a teacher and I have been looking for a good online teaching website. Preply seems like a great platform, and there are many pros. Good thing I am not expected to act like a clown, lol, or sing songs, although I do like to play games with my students, games where they can learn. I also like that you can set your own work schedule and hourly rates. I will definitely bookmark your page and the preply page and look into this asap.

    Thanks for this great review!

  2. Wow! I cannot help but marvel at the high payment made available at preply and it is definitely one of the places I will apply to right away. I have once worked as an online tutor but overtime, I realised that the pay ain’t worth it and I decided to quit working aw a tutor. Thankfully I came across this offer and I’m surely going to make maximum use of this opportunity. Thanks so much for the various offers. They are all worth giving a trial

    • Hi Shelley,

      Definitely feel free to try them all and find out which online teaching platform you feel is the most suitable position for you,

      I wish you a happy teaching adventure!


  3. This are some very good ideas  on the best online teaching jobs and I think that I should try one out having read this post. Palfish is a really good one based on the fact that they’re everywhere and they pay well. There is  a also a good opportunity for me to make a whole lot within a small period of time. The only con is the time difference and I dont min that at all. Thank you for the opportunity. Cheers!

    • Hi John,

      You’re very welcome,

      It’s true that the time difference can be a little annoying, but the extra pay makes up for it, which can put a smile on nearly any teacher’s face :),

      I wish you a happy teaching adventure!


  4. This is a concept that I find so very interesting, you see I would love to be an online teacher, I have had some past teaching experience but I don’t posses a TEFL certificate, I will look into the possibilities of obtaining one, but in the meantime, I will pass your post here onto a friend of mine who at the moment teaches children with learning difficulties and though she says it is a satisfying job there are some very naughty children and she did mention to me that she was on the look out for a different job opportunity, I don’t think she has even considered the concept of online teaching so I will pass this post on to her, thank you for sharing.  

    • Hi Russ,

      Both you and your friend are very welcome as online teachers, feel free to pass this webpage on to anyone who might be interested in online teaching! Also Doing a TEFL Course will increase your knowledge about teaching English as a foreign Language, so it is advisable to do a course, it will boost your confidence as well :),

      I wish you a happy teaching adventure!


  5. Working online and making cash is one of the coolest thing or ways to get money. Lately everyone wants to be in the comfort of their homes making money and I must admit its something really nice. However teaching is quite an easy task for those who have interest in it and teachers who are tired of running to bus stops so they wouldn’t miss the bus and all. Looking at making money from teaching with Palfish, its really cool and a nice process. But I don’t know much about getting the required certificate, how can someone get it?

  6. Hi there . I have been searching for some good online teaching jobs and I can see you have a list of some of the best up here that I can choose from. The reason is because I need to be home and still make some money. These are all good platforms, i like Preply the most though and luckily I have a degree which is a good thing and I can start earning pretty soon. Thanks!

    • Hi Henderson,

      Luck had nothing to with it, you obtained your degree through hard work and dedication, take some pride in that!

      I’m glad to hear that you found an online teaching platform you like,

      I wish you a happy teaching adventure!



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