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The No-BS Manifesting Course Review – Your Hero In Manifesting

The No-BS Manifesting Course Review

The Real Deal Manifesting Champion

The No BS Manifesting Course Review: The Real deal? or just another Hype?

Product review: No BS manifesting Course

A Course That also uses Science!

The No-BS Manifesting Course Review
30-Min Free video – The 5 steps You must Know & backed by science! The No-BS Manifesting Course Review

Watch the free manifestation movie above Online now, Plus you will Also:

  • Discover the 5 step Manifesting strategy that will Power Boost your Success.
  • Find out why Nearly 94% of the law of attraction practitioners Fail.
  • Get Incredible powerful insights of successful manifesting experts Themselves.
  • Learn how to supercharge your mind and tap for Abundance, Wealth, Love, Success & anything else you desire.

The No-BS Manifesting Course Review – A Journey Of Greatness

Supercharge your manifesting power to a Whole new level by using the No-BS manifesting course, If you have watched the video above, then you will have the discovered the 5 step strategy for Ultimate success,

The Five-Step Strategy

  • Step 1 Focus: Concentrate on what you want to Achieve(it can be absolutely Anything!)
  • Step 2 Boost: Increase your desired goals with happy & positive thoughts.
  • Step 3 Release: Removing the fear and negativity surrounding your Dreams and Life
  • Step 4 Gratitude: Showing gratitude for the things you have had, currently have and the ones still yet to come.
  • Step 5 Action: Just get Started!

The No-BS manifesting course uses the help of science to back up it’s program, following a simple step by step course that you can just spend a few minutes every day to read or listen to, making it one of the most enjoyable process in the field of manifesting, Each new day comes with a little more progress!

In fact i have manifested some amazing opportunities for you right now!

You might be in a position where you are currently thinking about making more money, a change in Life style, better business growth or even starting your own business from home, anything that can improve your current situation, Well then check out some of our amazing options down below, They might be just the right help that you need right now!

Become a Teacher, Teaching English or another Language Abroad!

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Start your own simplified Online business today for Free or Improve your current business!

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Life can be tough sometimes, but hopefully with the services above, you can start to enjoy Life a lot more, I love making people happy and seeing a smile on your face is my greatest Reward!

Manifesting is Fun And Easy!

You don’t need to be a professional to be good at manifesting, It All starts with the little things and this mental space will expand further to the bigger stuff, Enjoy the process of Creating, Manifesting is Easy, Cats are complicated!

The No-BS Manifesting Course Review
Manifesting is Easy! The No-BS Manifesting Course Review


Living The Life Of Your Dreams

Nobody said living the life of your dreams was going to be Easy, But it can definitely become Easier! This is what the No-BS course offers for anyone who is willing to put in a few minutes per day, just by mostly listening to stuff that works like Magic for your brain,

Alright.. maybe not entirely like Magic, but still close enough! In fact, Thanks to the audio improvements made by science, there are subliminal tones(using the theta frequency) within the courses you are listening to, Which gradually unlocks your full potential,

Many of us have been conditioned with limited beliefs through out our entire lives, maybe not intentionally, but still they were placed there mostly by other people who taught and programmed you stuff that they though were *right*, other reasons may have been a negative home environment or a traumatic Childhood, whatever the reason may be, they can all be released.

The Science behind it all

What makes this program so effective? Why would this program work compared to all the others programs out there? First Starters, every part of this course goes hand in hand with Positive subliminal programming, which means that our subconscious mind gets programmed & reprogrammed in many Incredible ways, Mainly through The Theta Frequency.

The No-BS Manifesting Course Review
The Science Involved – The No-BS Manifesting Course Review

Many of you have probably seen the law of attraction movie, where you were taught The Ask, Believe and Receive Method, if you haven’t watch the law of attraction movie, i have it embedded for you here below, For the ones that have already  seen it, you can skip it or watch it once more if you like. 🙂

The Secret

  • directed by: Drew Heriot
  • Produced by: Paul Harrington and Rhonda Byrne
  • written by: Rhonda Byrne
  • Distributed by: Prime time productions
  • official website:


A Powerful program to boost your manifesting results

The method taught in the law of attraction movie is ask, believe and receive, however it does not exactly fill in the Details that is required for Real and powerful manifesting, it’s an enjoyable movie for sure, But we definitely need something more beyond that, which is where the No-BS manifesting course comes in,

By following the 5 step manifestation techniques, you can achieve much greater results, plus amplifying the speed of your success by reading and (mostly) listening to course, You will gradually feel a weight of your shoulders And achieve success in whatever goals you desire in life.

If you happen to forgot the 5 step techniques, Here it is Again:

  • Focus.
  • Boost.
  • release.
  • Gratitude.
  • Action!

This course is an enjoyable process, you can relax a few minutes and listen or if you have a little more time to spare, you can do some reading Or listen More(Which ever you Prefer)! The point is, just go with the flow, don’t force yourself to do things, unless you have really been putting it off for a long time, in which case, a slap on the wrist might be necessary…, No but really, you can even listen to the material while you are sleeping! So No Excuses!

Does it really Work?

The No-BS Manifesting Course Review
Does it Work? The No-BS Manifesting Course Review

Although there is still much research(scientifically) in this Area, Science has already proven quite a few positive results so far, that Subliminal programming genuinely Works, If hypnosis works, which basically reprograms parts of your subconscious mind, Then this does as well.


The strategy where it all starts

Lets leave out all the subliminal programming and Brainwaves enhancement for a moment, Lets just look at Pure Logic, it all starts out with the 5 basic techniques,

  • Focus on what you want – Direct all your thoughts and concentration towards what you want, This in effect will rewire your brain to gradually make it happen.
  • Boost your emotions and feelings – This can be a little tricky in the beginning, but it gets easier overtime, you feel what you want and what it feels like once you have it, How can a very negative mind or be set up for success? This is where the next part comes in.
  • Release – Release all the fear and negativity you may have with the goals you desire to achieve, All this releasing leaves a lot of empty space in our brains, space that can be filled with more Happy and positive stuff!
  • Gratitude – Some of you may not realize this now, but gratitude is also a part of boosting and very powerful as well! Maybe you have met some people who are incredibly grateful & happy for all the stuff they have & the things they can do, how does it feel when you are around them? Pretty good right?
  • Take Action! – without action, nothing can be achieved, To become successful in any desired field you must be Pro-Active, you might get help & clues from many unexpected sources, this is how manifesting starts, you start Small and it gets bigger, unexpected trips, unexpected romances, unexpected business ventures, Extra Money, Stuff like this will happen!

If you haven’t check out the opportunities i recommended for you before(a little bit after the manifestation movie), I suggest you do, They are pretty cool options for changing your life dramatically, which are also either totally free or Free to start with! Now Lets Move On…

What does the 5 step Method tell us? From a Logical perspective you will be doing everything right to achieve your desired goals, This is simply pure logic and also a success method most successful entrepreneurs, business men and women use! You simply boost your mind into a successful state.

Simply knowing this method is already Life Changing and you can implement it immediately, Heck who knows you might even make it without the course, But from My personal experience, success always happens faster with the right Help and This Manifesting course is one of the best i have found so far and they also offer quite a few free materials which you can implement immediately!


Is it Difficult?

The No-BS Manifesting Course Review
The No-BS Manifesting Course Review

I hear this question All the time, This my friends is absolutely the wrong question to ask, even though my answer will be No, it’s not a difficult program, How much Investment of your time is your personal development worth? I believe your Answer would Be As much as it takes right?(and i mean it like generally in any field).


Its all about the simple choices you make, either you choose to go for personal development or Choose Nah.. ill do it some time later on in my life(When? Yeah, in your next life-time right?). It’s either Do or Do Not, You want Change? You want success?  You want a greater Life? Then get of your *** and take action!

As Mentioned before, Manifesting is easy, Cats are complicated! Also this stuff Isn’t Rocket science, Gosh Imagine if it were, It would have probably taken me a Life Time to see results! But luckily for us, Manifesting is definitely far more easier than Rocket Science! And with the No-BS Manifesting Course a lot more faster! Now Lets Have a look at the Pro’s and con’s.


The Pros & Cons – The good the bad and the ugly(figuratively)

We all love to hear The good things, but what about the bad stuff? Are there any? I will list out Some of the Pro’s and Con’s for you, so that it gives you an extra boost confidence whether this course is Really For You, Lets find Out & Remember to keep your focus and don’t miss a thing!

The No-BS Manifesting Course Review

Lets Start With The Pro’s First:

  • Easy to use program anyone can listen to with just a few minutes per day.
  • It’s an Effective system that can help you Power Boost your sub-conscience mind for an incredible Life Of Abundance & Success!
  • Learn how to implement the 5 step (logical) manifestation method that successful folk use.
  • Uses subliminal programming and the theta frequency for maximum success.
  • Gradually reprograms the sub-conscience mind for a greater life.
  • It’s time Friendly, Hey We know life gets busy sometimes, but once you get started, you will open up more time gradually and almost effortlessly!
  • A near perfected(it can always get better!) Step by Step Daily plan.
  • You will Gradually see results with each passing day.
  • You will gradually release the restrictions and limitations that is currently holding you back
  • You will learn how to gradually let go about stuff that don’t really matter.
  • So Many Details will be filled in that the law of attraction movie for some reason was missing.
  • No-BS Course, this is the most important part, It Simply Wasn’t made for wasting your Time.
  • Its an E-book! Which means it you can Start immediately and use it on nearly any device! Or Download/ Print it out.
  • They have some Incredible cool free stuff available As Well!
  • And So Much More! But Ill leave that up to you to Discover it for yourself. 😉

There is Just SO Much to discover, plus if you have watched the manifestation movie, you can just feel The Truth of it, Life can be made easier for you as long as you work on your personal development each day, Even when you Are Sleeping! Lets move on to the Next part, The cons!


Now it’s Time for the con’s:

  • Over-hyped Marketing: I understand that any good course out there want to become the number One, Maybe for Profits or maybe to really help the people or maybe it’s simply just both, In any case I’m not the kind of person that needs all the hype involved, just give me the facts And I’m Happy(and okay… maybe just a little bit Hype, It does make you feel Good after all!).
  • Some practitioners mentioned It’s hard work: Like i said Earlier, Using The term difficulty or Hard is simply in my opinion not a proper term to use, It’s about the Gradual process, Enjoying the process of your own transformation and at the end Most People just love to say, Oh, It was such Hard work, but it was Definitely Worth It! But they didn’t mentioned the Gradual Process At all.

We all take Pride in the Endeavors that we have accomplished, Of Course a bit of Boasting comes naturally, But Don’t Forget The Process, It’s about your journey to Greatness! And this is something That This Course Can help you with! In fact feel Free to Have a look at their Main Page Here!

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For Who is the No-BS Manifesting course for?

It is Important to know that it does take some work and effort involved and that it’s a gradual process, nobody Said that life was perfect and easy, but it Can get Easier, so Who is this Course For?

The No-BS Manifesting Course Review
The No-BS Manifesting Course Review

For Who?

  • For Complete beginners and experienced manifesting folk Alike.
  • For anyone Out there Who Loves personal development & to become an expert at manifesting.
  • For anyone who is willing to put in a few minutes of their time Daily into their Own personal development.
  • For people who are ready to put in the work and effort that is required for greater Success.
  • For The Experienced Manifesting folk out there who want to achieve greater results.
  • For Anybody that Wants to Live a Life Of Greatness & become more successful in an area of their Life

Anyone Can actually do it, All you need is the right knowledge, help And take Action, Just get started, There is going to be no Start signal for you either than your Own, Do or Do Not, it’s That simple Folks! Life wont wait for you and time won’t wait for your either(This is for the procrastinators among Us), Just Take Action and get Started!

Real Manifesting Starts with the little things and then you will create bigger manifesting Results and then the results will manifest themselves even Bigger and Bigger and so on, But It all Starts with the Baby steps, Manifesting is also surprisingly entertaining, it wont always come in the way you expect it to be,

It can come in many forms! Whether it’s a friend, A Sign you see while on your way towards your destination, a Phone call, A Sign from life itself, it can be Animals or a sight of nature, Your Brain and Subconsciousness just programs itself for success, Its Quite Amazing, You just pick up more information that you simply couldn’t have before.

The price of the manifesting Course

It’s $39,- for the course, they also give some discounts sometimes, which is very nice for the Money savers among us.

They give quite a few free stuff, in fact ill give you the No-BS manifesting Cheat sheet for Free in a bit.

They Also have a money back guarantee in their program to ensure your satisfaction, In fact, A One Year money back Guarantee!


My own Personal Experience

Success wasn’t just handed out to me, I did the work and effort involved that gradually changed all areas within my Own life, I’m proud of it, I’m incredibly Grateful For all the things that has been manifested, I Continue to Manifest every single day, heck it may not be perfect, But it’s Still Incredible! But again Manifesting Can come in Many Forms!

The No-BS Manifesting Course Review
The Adventure into the Unknown – The No-BS Manifesting Course Review

The Journey Of A Life Time

I learned about the existence of law of attract a little bit later than most people, probably around the end of 2011 or early 2012, even then i though wow this is pretty cool stuff, Lets try it! Of Course as you can expect this came with immense trail and errors, Then i started to attract some pretty cool small stuff and then a little bit bigger and then Boom! I hit a wall, I simply didn’t knew how to continue on,

Fortunately for me i discovered the 5 step manifesting technique a little earlier on in life and i simply just implemented the pure logical side of it, The Changes were phenomenal, I taught my sub-conscience Mind to implement the 5 step strategy,

i also Found & learned a bit about subliminal programming and The Theta frequency back then, i found a few programs that could help me with that and increased my manifesting success even more!

Now All of this stuff & More is together in One Program, The No-BS Course! Have i had access to this course much earlier on, my life would have probably been much different today, But alright it is as it is And I’m not going to complain about it, that would probably manifest some negative results, Which i would rather not have…


More Abundance Manifested!

few years ago i started my own simplified Online business, Thanks to An Amazing entrepreneur Program That taught me how to build an Online business the easiest way & step by step, i now own several Online Businesses, This is how i currently make my living, My Secret? it All started with Manifesting!


Science Helps You Too!

Every day there are so many new scientific breakthroughs that it almost seems like Magic! The ones that use science in there courses, are the most likely ones to achieve great success, Because Science really can help a lot of people, It is fact and Logic And it can be an Amazing Partner for Incredible Success!

The No-BS Manifesting Course Review
Science is with manifesting is Awesome! – The No-BS Manifesting Course Review


The Greatness Of Science

The No-BS manifestation course uses science to as an incredible Power booster, Just by Simply listening, Your sub-conscience mind already makes great, Steady improvements that will effect many area’s of your life Positively, Just spend a few minutes per day of your Time, Relax And enjoy the Course.

Life can be Rocky sometimes and sometimes stuff just happens, I truly believe that it will only benefit you by making you stronger, Don’t be too hard on yourself, Be kind for yourself, Let go of the Fear, Anxiety And Embrace the Unknown, You can Achieve all of this! (also if you haven’t yet, please be sure to watch the free Manifestation Movie!)


My Final Conclusion

I Truly Believe and it’s my personal Opinion that The No-BS Manifesting Course is an Incredibly All in One System that Can boost your manifesting power to a whole new Level, The way this program was made and setup was both for people who don’t have too much time on their schedule and those that just want to go through the course and achieve results as quickly as possible, It simply just makes life easier,

Everyone Results will be different, because we all live different lives, But it is the action that is taken, The Work and effort that is invested, All of that will determine your success rate, Science can make Life Easier, But Action is the First step Towards Success!

If you are interested in getting the No-BS manifestation course, just start by watching the free movie All the way in the Beginning and then the rest will work just like Magic! 🙂

I Almost Forgot: As Promised Get your free No-BS manifesting Cheat Sheet By Clicking Here!

Also If you haven’t got one yet, Then check out here on how you can create a Vision Board, which can absolutely power boost the law of attraction and speed up your process to achieving your dreams and Goals!


Thank you So Much for taking the time to read our article, We truly hope that you enjoyed The No-BS Manifesting Course Review and that you learned a great deal from it, We truly Wish you Much Success, Prosperity and Happiness in all areas of your Life, We wish you A Life Of Greatness.

Have a Question Or Comment? Then feel free to comment away here below in the comment section!

28 thoughts on “The No-BS Manifesting Course Review – Your Hero In Manifesting”

  1. Great post! This looks like a pretty solid all in one system and I appreciate your thorough review here. Positive subliminal programming looks pretty interesting in that our mind gets reprogrammed through The Theta Frequency. It reminds me of a goldfish that is said to remember in 15 seconds intervals. I’m glad to hear that No-Easy Manifesting is easy. Anything worth doing right takes time and effort. I also like that it’s an ebook and that it can be done anywhere. I have bookmarked your site and will be looking further into this product, well done!

    • I’m Glad to hear that you hear that you loved The article,
      Although i think you meant The No-BS(not No-Easy) Manifesting course, But Yes, manifesting is fun and easy!

      It does take work and effort, but once you start, it all starts with manifesting the little stuff and then the bigger stuff,

      Thanks for commenting and enjoy the course!

      Happy Manifesting!


  2. A very thorough review of the No-BS Manifesting course. I watched The Secret when it first came out, I even have the DVD, but it seemed to leave out some critical pieces. I am a real believer in manifestation. I think we all create our experience in the world around us whether we intend to or not. This course looks like it covers all the bases, and I will be excited to try it out. Thanks so much for the information.


    • Hi Michael,

      I’m Glad to hear that You liked the review,

      This course can definitely help boost your manifesting power to a whole new level,

      Just do a little bit every day(or as much as you want),

      Enjoy & Happy manifesting!


  3. Great article.
    You have gone into detail with the review, I am a firm believer that if you work hard enough to achieve your goals then you will succeed. Its all about a positive attitude and aiming high. I have also read the book “the secret” and agree that through the law of attraction positive surrounds us – if your able to turn a negative into a positive then you can use this in every day life.

    Very good post and I see it helping people including myself

    Thank you

    • Hi Ben,

      Although i both liked watching & reading the law of attraction, this article was about the No-BS manifesting course,
      Which can even provide greater results just with Logic & science together,

      Still, thanks for your input,

      Happy manifesting!


  4. The power of our personal attitude to the world around us cannot be overemphasized. I believe the 10% situation and 90% attitude will determine the success of something or its ultimate failure. The principles laid out under the “The strategy where it all starts” section are logical well defined.

    Im a huge believer in Simon Sinek and what he often discusses is reinforced by your article so I strongly believe that people will benefit from this product. 


    • I totally agree With you Richard!

      Ill Check out Simon Sinek, Might be an incredible addition i could add somewhere later on,

      Thanks for your input!


  5. Hello!!! 

    I had no idea about the No-BS manifesting course before, but after reading a little bit about, now I feel so intrigue and curious about it, I wanted to learn more about how it worked! At first it seems like it’s too good to be true, but as I kept reading your review, I think I should give it a try and experience it myself. When I finally reached the for what kind of people is this course for, I knew I had to try it out, as I love personal development and I ready to put in whatever it takes to achieve greater success. 

    Great review, I am curious to read more articles of yours! 

    • Hi Mariana,

      This Manifestation course is truly one of the better ones out there, Feel absolutely free to give it a try,

      Watch the movie first and read some of the free stuff, it’s pretty good stuff!

      Happy Manifesting!


  6. you’ve done a great and thorough justice to come up with the well detailed and life changing article. I’ve learned alot from the article and i would work toward the 5 strategy to see how far i can achieve in life. To be successful in anything you are doing in life you need to stay focus  at it, be positive and take action . . . only by so doing you can attain the height you want to attend in life. Looking at the pros of the No-BS Manifesting course it worth considering for great success

    I have bookmarked the article so i would always love to check back. Thanks for sharing this awesome opinion.

    • Thanks for the Kind Words, Its much appreciated!

      Do the work and effort + manifest your dreams to achieve any desirable outcome, You can definitely create the life you want, there are no limits, besides the ones in your own mind,

      You can do it too!

      Happy Manifesting,


  7. Hi,

    This is the first time I have come across the term manifesting. So, am I correct in thinking that it is a way of creating what you want in life? This is an interesting post, as from what you are saying this course takes out the guess work of getting to a desired point in life (with hard work)?

    • Hi Tom,

      To Answer your first Question, Its a Yes, That is what manifesting does, although in not some instant magical way, that some people are thinking of, if that were the case then half of the people on this world would be creating many amazing things right now and the other half would be blowing us all up into pieces(because a lot of folks cant control their thoughts),

      But luckily it doesn’t work that way, who knows, maybe in the future when humanity evolves into something greater, it might just be that! For now we will just have to satisfy with manifesting a greater life for ourselves, which is entirely possible!

      What this course does, is provide you with a 5 step manifesting plan and an entire course not just with some reading material, but also listening material that has subliminal programming included, This works similar like hypnosis, meaning listening to this course will help reprogram your subconscious mind and set it up for success, It uses the theta frequency to stimulate your brainwave patterns,

      So you could say this course uses a pure scientific method to help you achieve whatever you want in life,

      You should watch the free 30-manifesting Movie, it’s Fun & interesting!

      Thanks for dropping by,

      I wish you all the best,


  8. Like many folks, I read “The Secret” and was pretty blown away by it at the time. I got very excited about it and totally believed it, and some really great stuff did come my way when I was following what the book said. But this course sounds like it takes all that stuff a couple more steps beyond. 

    I have heard about listening to ‘brain wave’ sounds that take the participant into the theta brain wave state and so reprogramming the mind becomes possible (like you said, just like hypnotism).

    This looks very interesting to me. Thank you for presenting this Manifestation Course in your review and giving your honest opinion.


    • Hi Sue,

      Thank you for your insights, i always love to hear about other peoples experiences,

      It does work like hypnotism, just on a way more subtle level, watch the manifestation movie, it can already give you a lot more details to improve and boost your manifesting power,

      I wish you well Sue & Happy manifesting!


  9. Hey, all I can say is life is much more than just what we see on the surface. There are many things we know we don’t know, such as for me, I know I don’t know rocket science. However, there are really infinite things that you don’t even know you don’t know. Science is just things we have proven so far, that’s ‘official’. Yet we all know science can’t fully explain simple things like why we have dreams. The mind is much more powerful than it appears to us, and we are often the roadblock ourselves to achieving, well literally anything we want.

    • There is definitely more than meets the eye with Life,

      Science can help a great deal and from my perspective science & spirituality are great partners, together greater Knowledge and wisdom can be achieved,

      Thank you very much for your comment and input James,

      I wish you much amazing personal achievement,


  10. I’ve tried a couple of manifesting courses in the past, Manifestation Miracle and Thought Elevators…

    I can say that I learned a ton of stuff from them on how to create my own reality according to my own liking and I could benefit from combining what I already know with  The No-BS Manifesting Course to skyrocket my results.

    Will definitely try the course.

    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Harry,

      You’re very welcome, I’m glad to hear that your own personal development journey is going so well,

      The No-BS Manifesting course can be a great addition for your continued growth,

      Thanks for commenting and happy manifesting!


  11. This is nothing but a very motivating and insightful post. I am an enthusiast of personal development and I believe in self confidence and working on ones self to yield the result one wants for his/her life. Irrespective of any how it comes,I should be able this take responsibility of my life and this is why I think this No Bs manifesting course would go a long way to boost my manifestations in life. Thanks for this great and awesome post. Its very helpful.

  12. Nice work here, I love how you organized out the key terms to manifesting success. I agree that with focusing towards your vision and having a positive mindset that you will overcome, anything is possible. I have been keeping that mindset for about 2 months now, and it has made me think and act clearly into what it is that i need to do. Good job!

    • I’m glad to hear that you are improving rapidly Joshua,

      Keep up the good work and remain focused on your goals, try to release as much doubt and negativity from your mind as possible and you will keep seeing more success!

      Keep on Manifesting!


  13. Solid in depth article on No-BS manifestation course. I have the opinion you have to work for you goals to achieve any form of success. Compliment that with The Theta Frequency and program your mind with positive affirmation, this is the way to go. This is great, not only for business owners to achieve success,but in life generally. Especially in the pace of day to day basis.

    • Absolutely!

      without action(which is the last step) you will get nothing done, but using these 5 steps, you will take action into the proper direction and not wander aimlessly without any or little results,

      Enjoy your manifesting adventures Fred,


  14. This I  must say is a very interesting, educative and informative article. I’ve learned a lot just by reading through this article and its really going to help in my endeavors. I really love the 5 step strategy for success and also the very fact that the program is a very simple one to follow daily. I’ve not tried anything of this kind before but I think The No-BS Manifesting Course Is worth a trial. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Jones,

      It’s definitely worth your time, watch the movie and go through the free stuff, you will find out for yourself the quality of the no-BS manifesting course,

      Enjoy your manifesting adventures,



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