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Top 10 Best ACCREDITED Online & Onsite TEFL Courses – Choosing the Right TEFL Course

The Top 10 Best ACCREDITED Online & Onsite TEFL Courses in 2020

The Golden era for ESL teaching has begun and ESL trainees are scrambling to get their TEFL certificates and have a slice of the cake from this next generation opportunity. Now is the best time to start your ESL teaching adventure and if you are looking for the best and most affordable TEFL Courses or programs, then you have definitely come to the right place. Because In this post you will find some of the Top 10 Best Accredited Online and Onsite TEFL Courses and programs in 2020.

Important: once you have started or completed a course, please leave a review in the comment section down below so that others may learn of your experience!


Becoming TEFL Certified in the golden ESL Era

Teaching English as a foreign language has never been more profitable than it is today and this will continue to be the case for at least the next 25 to 35 years. Now is the best time to become an ESL(Teaching English as a second language) Teacher, as schools from around the world both In-class and Online are fighting for Knowledgeable and Certified teachers!

Which makes TEFL certification so important now more than ever, with your TEFL certificate or certificates you will have access to countless of schools world wide and online. You must also know that most schools(especially those with Higher work visa demands) require teachers to have done at least a minimum of 120 TEFL course hours. A lot of schools elsewhere might also accept 100 TEFL course hours, but to be on the safe side, it’s recommended to go at least for a 120-hour TEFL course.

Even better would be to go for an onsite(in-class) course as this would really boost your ESL knowledge and also your chances to get hired more easily. All the TEFL providers listed in our top 10 have had all their courses accredited by a proper company, examples of these accreditation companies are: ITAC, Acrreditat, tquk, wteflac, ACDL and more.

Lets get started with our top 10 TEFL course providers and if you are not sure which type of course you want or need to take, then maybe this video here below from ITTT(Our number two in the list) can help to guide you in the right direction:

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The Top 10 Best ACCREDITED Online & Onsite TEFL Courses in 2020

1. Getting TEFL Certified with SEETEFL (Onsite Courses)

An Emperor among the Kings of TEFL Providers – Get Certified in just 4 Weeks!

This TEFL provider is absolutely on the top of our list. With it’s onsite courses and own personal teacher training centers located in the Beautiful and tropical Thailand, Doing your TEFL training with this provider makes it one of the most realistic and super effective courses that exists in this world, next to that it’s also more cheaper than most other onsite courses done locally in your own country!

You will be joining a group of max 20 trainees in Super Popular ChiangMai, which is a small, but very beautiful, touristic and Buddhist city, with plenty of activities, scenery, Thai and foreign restaurants, bars, clubs and much more to keep you satisfied during the course of your training and better yet you can discover it all together with your group.

During your training, you will also observe live teaching classes by others foreign teachers, with REAL local students, as mentioned earlier, SEETEFL has their own teacher training centers and are also connected(Directly and Indirectly) nationwide across Thailand, so once you finished their training, they can help you find a job or even an (PAID)internship, offering you the possibility of gaining the necessary and valuable experience you sorely need.


  • The Normal price is $1595,-

But! there are some discounts Available As well, Which are:

  • Discount One: Early bird price is $1495,- (Save $100,-)
  • Discount Two: Super Early bird price is $1395,- (Save $200,-)
  • The TEFL Internship + course option (For Native English speakers) is $1295,-

The Pros and cons

Naturally, no company will be perfect, the same goes for SEETEFL and so for you to make a better decision, it’s best to know the positives and negatives with this TEFL Provider.

Lets Start with the cons:

  • No online courses
  • Only have onsite courses in Thailand
  • More expensive than online courses, but cheaper than most other onsite course.
  • Might go a little fast for some trainees due to the huge amount of information and knowledge

And Now for the Pros:

  • Training in the most effective possible environment + Thailand’s tropical weather as an addition
  • Group training of max 20 trainees
  • You will have group support and training in a fun and encouraging environment
  • Super Realistic TEFL training
  • Cheaper than even most other onsite courses in your own country
  • Both Native and Non native teachers are accepted
  • Observation of REAL TEFL Classes with Real local students
  • Job and Internship support
  • Paid Internships
  • Highest grade TEFL Certificate
  • All courses are properly accredited
  • And much more.

SEETEFL is absolutely our top recommendation for any Prospecting ESL Teacher(Both experienced and starting) who wish to start their TEFL adventure with excitement and Highly Effective Training, There is much more to discuss, but you can Check our SEETEFL Review(Click here) To learn more and for Those who wish to start with their TEFL certification right away,

Click here to Start your TEFL Adventure With SEETEFL in Beautiful and tropical Thailand Today!


2. Getting TEFL Certified with International TEFL and TESOL Training – ITTT(Online + Onsite Courses)

Another Emperor Among the Kings of TEFL Providers – Get Certified in just 4 weeks!

ITTT stands among the top and one of the more older TEFL Providers, they provide both Online and Onsite(In class) courses and even Blended courses of studying Online and onsite. Their Onsite courses are considered much better and cheaper(With exception for SEETEFL in Thailand) than most other onsite courses world wide, In fact they provide onsite courses in MANY locations around world, check out the list here below.

ITTT’s Onsite Courses location list:

United States Of America(USA) – New York City (And for Combined courses in Many more locations)

South Africa – Cape Town

Ireland – Bundoran, Limerick

England – London

Australia – Sydney

France – Brittany, Paris

Spain – Barcelona, Gran Canaria, Granada, Malaga, Seville

Italy – Florence, Rome

Greece – Athens, Corinth, Santorini

Czech Republic, Prague

Ecuador – Loja

China – Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai, Zhuhai

Taiwan – Taipei

Hong Kong

Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh city

Thailand – Phuket, Ban Phe, Bangkok, Chiang Mai

Japan – Tokyo

Philippines – Cebu

Cambodia – Siem Reap, Koh Kong City


Indonesia – Surabaya

Nepal – Kathmandu

India – Kolkata

Uzbekistan – Tashkent

Russia – Moscow

Egypt – Cairo, Alexandria

Costa Rica – Manuel Antonio

Brazil – Natal

Guatemala – La Antigua

Peru – Cusco

Mexico – Chiapas

Colombia – Chia

Argentina – Buenos Aires


These are currently all their locations, if any more pop up, then we will update them to the list as well.

The onsite courses ITTT provides are ranked incredibly high among all TEFL courses, thousands of trainees graduate with them each and every single year and afterwards, ITTT can even help their trainees find a job in almost any location in the world.

This is Why the popularity off ITTT is unmatched and continues to grow with each passing year, they have locations in So many different countries and have helped so many students to make their ESL teaching dreams come true. You can also definitely be part of this adventure.

They also Have incredibly good Online Courses of super high Quality, but naturally, it is not as good as their Onsite courses and even though the quality is extremely good, they are a little more Pricier than some of the other Online TEFL Courses offered by other TEFL Providers. But ITTT definitely offers a lot of ESL resources, support and extra’s within their courses to make it worth both your time and money.

Course Prices

Onsite Courses:

  • Depending on which country and location: From $1495-$1695

Any Discounts?:

  •  Yes, We have a Discount Code for you: WBIRX2020G which gives you a 5% discount off any course you choose to pursue with ITTT

Online And combined Courses:

  • Varies from $175 to $1000 depending on the course you wish to follow, if you just wish to do a 120-hour course, then the price of that particular course is $349 or without tutor support it’s $239.

Any discounts?:

  • Once again, Yes, If you decide to use our discount code: WBIRX2020G then you get 5% off any course you decide to pursue

For those who just wish to do simple and cheap(But Accredited) TEFL Course, then several of the next TEFL providers can definitely help you in that area, because this top 10 list is just getting started. In any case lets continue with the Pros and cons of ITTT.

The Pros and cons

Lets Start with the cons:

  • The Online courses are not as effective as Onsite Courses(Face to face courses have a much more practical and realistic effect)
  • Compared to some of the other TEFL Providers, Even though the quality of ITTT’s Online courses are incredibly high, they are still on the pricey side, which might be a turn off for some ESL Trainees.
  • ITTT Onsite Courses might be a little overwhelming which can feel tiresome at some point(AKA Information Overload)

And now for the Pros:

  • Incredible top grade and Low priced Onsite Courses
  • Many onsite locations available across the world
  • Has combined courses which you can do a mixture of both Online study and Onsite Classes
  • Accepts trainees starting the age of 18+
  • Incredible group support and Environment for optimal Learning and Progress
  • Courses are easy to follow
  • Finish your course within 4-weeks and start your ESL teaching career
  • Can help their Trainees find ESL jobs Worldwide
  • Choices of combined courses between 5 to 10 days options
  • All courses are properly accredited
  • Has some very professional and specialized courses
  • Incredibly High quality Online courses
  • Many different types of Online courses available
  • study at your own pace
  • Personal tutor support
  • world wide job support in a huge number of countries and locations
  • Earn a TEFL Certificate of the highest quality and that is accepted internationally

Like SEETEFL, ITTT is definitely one of our most top recommendation for any ESL trainee who wishes to start their ESL teaching career either Online or abroad. Although we definitely believe that ITTT’s Onsite courses are the best choice for your ESL future, their Online courses will get you there as well. You can learn more about ITTT by checking out our review(Click here) or if you wish to get started with your TEFL certification immediately,

Then click here now to start your TEFL Course and begin Your own incredible ESL Journey with ITTT Today!


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3. Getting TEFL Certified with ETEFL (Online Courses)

An Emperor among Cheap Online Courses

When we talk about Real, affordable and low cost online TEFL courses, then ETEFL definitely doesn’t disappoint. Their Low cost and relatively good quality courses are excellent for starting ESL trainees who are on a strict budget and need the extra savings in their wallets to prepare for their ESL journey abroad or… well, just like to keep the extra pocket money for other necessities or pleasures.

Low cost courses doesn’t necessarily mean low quality courses, although it’s absolutely possible that the more expensive and professional TEFL courses provided by other TEFL providers can offer much more value and higher quality education. However ETEFL’s courses are both of a great low cost and with relatively good quality.

Further more, all the courses of this TEFL provider are properly accredited as well. So once you have finished a 120-hour course or higher with them, You will receive an authentic certificate that can be used at most schools internationally or Online and you will be ready to start your ESL classes and teach English to Locals students from all around the World.

ETEFL’s course Prices

Compared to other TEFL providers, ETEFL only offers their students Three different types of courses,

and these Courses are:

  • The 60-hour standard TEFL course
  • The 120-hour advanced TEFL Course
  • The 180-hour extensive TEFL Course

And the prices for each course are:

  • 60-hour course – 49.99 pounds
  • 120-hour course – 99.99 pounds
  • 180-hour course – 149.99 pounds

Any discounts?:

Yes there is, if you wish to have an additional 10% off any of these courses, then all you need to do is fill in our personal discount code ALIFEOFGREATNESS to get your discount.

The Pros and cons

Lets start with the cons:

  • Only has Three types of courses available
  • No Professional courses
  • No onsite courses

And now for the Pros:

  • Super affordable and relatively good quality courses
  • Study in your own pace
  • Courses are pretty easy to follow
  • Good ESL resources and study materials
  • Pretty quick and good support
  • All courses are properly accredited
  • Good video educational materials
  • Earn a good quality TEFL certificate that is internationally recognized

Although ETEFL’s courses are very cheap, they are still of relatively good quality and the certificates you can earn with them are recognized internationally. Cheap courses are great for ESL trainees who are on a incredibly low budget, However we always recommend Onsite courses for optimal ESL training and better preparation for the ESL classroom, but that’s entirely up to you. To Learn more about ETEFL, You can check out our review(click here) or if you wish to get started right away,

Then Click to start your ESL training with ETEFL Today!(And if you want an additional 10% off, use our discount code ALIFEOFGREATNESS).


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4. Getting TEFL Certified With LETSTEFL (Online Course)

The Ultimate 120-Hour TEFL Course

When you hear about the top of online TEFL Course Providers, Then LETSTEFL is definitely a King among them and even though they only offer one type course, which is their Ultimate 120-hour TEFL Course, it’s the minimum required course hours which is accepted by nearly most schools worldwide.

When doing your TEFL Course with LETSTEFL, you’re not doing just some ordinary Online training which can be found  at most other TEFL Providers. Nope, You will undergo some highly interactive and actually fun ESL content and video training materials, which makes online learning far from boring and easier to absorb!

Next to all that, their courses are of incredibly high quality and effectiveness, offering their trainees more value than what they are paying for, which is also a very low cost course. compared to other TEFL courses offered by other TEFL providers(Which is mostly around the $240+), they offer their high quality Ultimate 120-hour course only for around $180 plus much more additional materials and Value.

Course Price

As Mentioned earlier, they have Only one TEFL course with one Price, which is:

  • around $180

The Pros and cons

Lets start with the cons:

  • Only One course type available(Which is also the most widely accepted amount of course hours)
  • No Onsite Courses

And now for the Pros:

  • Super interactive course and effective methods of teacher training
  • High level Teaching content, ESL resources, teacher training and additional value
  • Course is simple to follow
  • Top and super quick online support
  • You can finish your course in 4 Weeks!
  • Life time job assistance
  • Relatively Low cost TEFL Course
  • All courses are properly accredited
  • Earn a Online TEFL Certificate of the highest quality
  • Learn at your own pace

Although Online Courses cant exactly give the same amount of value and training as onsite courses, most of them will still do the trick helping you land an ESL job Abroad or Online. LETSTEFL takes TEFL training a huge step further, making it one of the Most popular Online TEFL provider. You can learn more about LETS TEFL by checking out our review(Click Here) or if you want to get started right away,

Click here to Start your Online TEFL Certification and ESL Adventure with LETSTEFL Today!


5. Getting TEFL Certified with International TEFL and TESOL (Online Courses)

ITT is another very cost effective TEFL Course provider with some of the cheapest and reasonably good quality TEFL courses you could find online. So for those of you out there who are on a budget and don’t have to much money too spend on higher quality course, Then ITT’s alternatives might be just the answer you were looking for.

Compared to other more popular and older TEFL Providers, ITTT only has 4 types of TEFL Courses available, including the necessary 120 hour TEFL Course and they have two types of 120-hour TEFL Courses, the regular 120-hour TEFL Course and the Advanced 120-hour TEFL course.

The difference between the two is that the standard course is for teachers with experience and the advanced one is for advanced learning. So it’s quite nice that you have a choice, especially if you already have some teaching experience and you can save an additional amount of money for your wallet.

ITT Course Prices

Course Prices:

  • The regular 120-hour TEFL course only costs $99
  • The Advanced 120-hour TEFL Course costs $119

So even though there isn’t much difference between prices, you still get more value during the 120-hour advanced TEFL course with some more advanced learning techniques. If you feel that you already have plenty of experience and just want to do a regular course, then the first option would probably be more suitable and save you an additional $20.

Just think about what you need as a starting ESL trainee and what type of course would fit you best. Narrow your choices down to the course you think that would benefit and greatly prepare you for your ESL classes and teaching English foreign students

The Pros and cons:

Lets start with the cons:

  • No onsite courses available
  • Only has 4 types of online courses
  • No Job support
  • Fewer video educational materials and additional ESL resources

And Now for the Pros:

  • Cheap TEFL Courses with reasonable good quality
  • All courses are accredited
  • You can finish the course in Two weeks
  • Or you can finish the course in your own pace
  • Good and easy online support
  • Good quality content
  • Plenty of ESL resources
  • TEFL Certificate is recognized internationally

Even though the Quality of International TEFL and TESOL’s Online courses isn’t as high compared to other online TEFL providers, Their cheap courses make up for what they lack in quality, video training and extra’s. Their TEFL courses can definitely help you get started. you can learn more about ITT by checking out our review(Click here) or if you wish to get started right away,

Then Click here to start your Online TEFL course and ESL adventure with ITT Today!


6. Getting TEFL Certified with TEFL UK (Online Courses)

TEFL UK is also one of the more popular TEFL providers with relatively Cheap TEFL courses, although you can get their 120-hour TEFL course at a very affordable rate of 99 pounds(+10% off with our discount code: 87C47f55), their more professional an higher levels courses are more expensive compared to the previous listed TEFL providers.

As mentioned before during the course of this post, Higher quality courses usually offer much more value and in turn can be much more expensive, Luckily TEFL-UK’s 120-hour TEFL course is offered at a very affordable and low cost rate. Thus making it also one of the perfect choices for ESL trainees who are on a strict budget.

You can study from the comfort of your home, a Coffee shop or anywhere else you feel comfortable and have a quiet spot for yourself. TEFL UK provides a variety of different TEFL courses, including specialized and professional Courses, Unfortunately they have no Onsite(in-class) courses available.

TEFL-UK’s Course Prices

This TEFL provider has 6 different types of TEFL courses available, each of them focused on different aspects of ESL training.

The six courses are:

  • The 120-hour TEFL online course
  • The 140- hour TEFL Combined Course
  • The 150-hour TEFL online course
  • The 170-hour combined TEFL level 5 course
  • The 70-hour Business English course
  • The 20-hour In-class(Online) practicum course

And the prices for these course are:

  • The 120-hour course – 99 Pounds
  • The 140-hour Course – 199 Pounds
  • The 150-hour course – 179 Pounds
  • The 170-hour combined course – 279 Pounds
  • The 70-hour Business English Course – 89 Pounds
  • The 20-hour in-class(Online) course – 149 Pounds

Any discounts Available?:

  • Yes, as mentioned earlier, we have a discount code 87C47f55 and you can use it to get an additional 10% off of any of these courses.

The Pros and cons

Lets start with the cons:

  • No onsite courses available
  • Professional courses are a little more expensive compared to other TEFL Providers
  • Courses with this provider can take longer to finish

And now for the Pros:

  • Cheap 120-hour TEFL Courses.
  • Good quality courses
  • Quick and good online support
  • Six different online courses to choose from
  • Job and internship Support
  • All courses are properly accredited
  • Offers additional ESL resources and extra’s compared to some other TEFL providers
  • Earn a good quality certificate that is recognized internationally and online.

TEFL-UK’s Courses, especially the higher level ones are more professional and of higher quality. Once you get your certificate with them and become a fully certified teacher, you can start your ESL teaching career anywhere in the world. To learn more about TEFL-UK check out our Review(click here) or if you want to start your TEFL course asap,

The click here to start your TEFL journey with TEFL UK Today(And if you want an additional 10% off any course, then feel Free to enter our discount code: 87C47f55).


7. Getting TEFL Certified with Premier TEFL

Premier TEFL is one of the more older and popular TEFL course providers. They have been in the course providing business of many years and have helped many ESL trainees world wide to become Real Certified teachers, find a job and achieve their ESL teaching dreams. So like some of the previous mentioned TEFL providers, this provider is also a very good choice for ESL trainees who wish to invest in more higher quality and professional courses.

they offer a wide range of TEFL courses, professional courses and like our number 2 in the list ITTT, even some blended courses, which is one of the reasons why they are a very popular option for many Trainees from around the world. If you are looking for specific areas of ESL education, Then you will most likely find it at Premier TEFL as well.

The most common course is the 120-hour TEFL Course which leads to a 120 hour certificate and is the one needed for most schools world wide. Premier TEFL also offers a 120-hour TEFL course for a very affordable price and with reasonably good quality as well, which can make it an attractive options for Many ESL trainees who are on a budget.

Premier TEFL course prices

Online courses

  • Depending on which type of course you choose it will vary from $119.50 to $399.50, their 120-hour TEFL course is priced at $119.50.

Any discounts?:

  • There are no regular discounts either than sales periods(Example: Black Friday) in which all courses can become a little bit cheaper.

Combined course prices:

  • The prices of their Combined courses varies from $159.50 to $649.50

Premier TEFL’s courses are pretty reasonably prices and Even though their courses may not be as good or as thorough as the ones ITTT and See TEFL offers, but it will still give you a decent amount of quality education which will help you in your ESL journey.

The Pros and cons

Lets start with the cons:

  • Not enough interactive video classes
  • A lot of reading and less interactivity compared to other online courses

And now for the Pros:

  • Affordable 120-hour TEFL Course with decent quality
  • job and internship support
  • All courses are properly accredited
  • Good ESL teaching materials and resources
  • Good quality professional courses
  • Premier TEFL gas been in business for years
  • A trusted TEFL provider
  • Every obtained certificate will be Authentic and can be used internationally

Starting your ESL journey

All in all, Premier TEFL is a very good TEFL provider, they have helped thousands of students world wide to achieve their ESL dreams and can definitely do the same for you. To learn more About Premier TEFL, Check out our review(Click here) or if you wish to start your TEFL Certification with this provider.

Then Click here to start your TEFL journey through one of Premier TEFL’s courses Today!

8. How to get TEFL Certified with International Open Academy (Online Course)

Low cost 120-hour TEFL course

International Open Academy(IOA) is a very cool course provider that doesn’t just offer TEFL courses, but courses in many other subjects and topics as well. However for the sake of ESL teaching, we will be only discussing their TEFL course and it’s a pretty low-cost one as well, which makes it another good option for you ESL trainees who are on a low budget and need a decent and affordable course.

IOA has been around for quite some time and they have helped many ESL trainees get certified with their 120-hour online TEFL course, which is full of good ESL resources, teaching Knowledge and expertise. They also have a 120-hour TESOL course, but it’s almost the same. So you can choose which course you prefer to take, but either courses will do just fine.

Whether you are going for the TEFL or TESOL course, both will take you where you want to go, which is to become a certified TEFL teacher and starting your ESL journey abroad or online. Both courses are also properly accredited, which means that which ever certificate you receive, it will be considered authentic and you will be able teach English as a foreign language to local students at most schools world wide.

TEFL Course Prices

Regular Course Prices:

  • Both the 120-hour TEFL and TESOL courses cost €119


  • Through ALifeOfGreatness you can get any course just for €19! Just click on the link below after the Pros and cons to get your Super Discounted course.

The Pros and cons

Lets start with the cons:

  • No onsite courses
  • only 2 types of courses and both are 120 TEFL course hours
  • Course quality are not as high or as thorough as the previously listed course providers

And Now for the Pros

  • Both courses are Incredibly discounted through ALifeOfGreatness
  • Both courses are properly accredited
  • The international open Academy offers Diverse number of courses in different subjects and topics
  • Relatively good and quick support
  • Courses are of decent quality and can help to get your ESL journey started
  • Receive Job advice and tips
  • Courses are pretty easy to follow
  • Receive authentic TEFL certificates

All in all, international open academy is a good course provider with decent and low cost 120-hour TEFL courses, after receiving an Authentic TEFL certificate you can start your ESL journey abroad or online. To learn more about the international open academy, check out our review(Click here) or if you wish to start your TEFL Certification them,

Then Click here to start your TEFL course with the international open academy Today!


9. Getting TEFL Certified With i-to-i (Online And Combined Courses)

i-to-i is also quite a popular TEFL provider among the many out there, they provide a number of Online and combined courses for ESL trainees to choose from and like ITTT they have Combined courses available in numerous locations, but fewer countries and these courses only last two days, compared to the regular(And usually necessary) 5 to 10 days attendance courses.

This Course provider has also been around for a large number of years, making it one of the more older TEFL providers in the field. They have helped a ton of ESL trainees for Certification in a number of their different set of courses, whether it’s the regular 120 hour TEFL course or the more professional courses.

Also, all their courses are properly accredited, so that means once you finish any of their TEFL course, whether it’s online or onsite, your TEFL certificate will be considered authentic and recognized internationally. You will have become a real certified teacher who has obtained the necessary ESL. Education and teaching skills to be able to start teaching ESL at most schools abroad and Online.

i-to-i course prices

Course Prices

  • 120-hour online TEFL course from $130 to $180
  • More Online courses from $200 to $400
  • Combined Courses from $200 to $1800

Pros and cons

Lets Start with the cons:

  • Most courses offered by i-to-i are more expensive then the previously listed TEFL providers
  • Only two days of in-class training, compared to the regular 5 to 10 days like ITTT offers in their combined courses.
  • In-class training in fewer countries available
  • No full-time in-class training
  • Lack of video training
  • lack of teaching hours with real students

And now for the Pros:

  • Relatively Low-cost TEFL courses
  • High quality TEFL and Professional Online courses
  • Good and relatively quick Online support
  • Offers combined courses
  • Offers TEFL internships and job tips
  • Relatively easy to follow course modules
  • All courses are properly accredited
  • Receive an Authentic TEFL certificate upon course completion.
  • TEFL certificate can be used for most schools world wide and online

I-to-i may not be perfect, but their courses are definitely legit and of good quality as well. It’s TEFL courses are a good choice for ESL trainees from all around the world. To learn more about i-to-i check out our review(Click here) or if you wish to start your certification.

Then Click here to start your TEFL certification with One of i-to-i’s courses Today!


10. Getting TEFL Certified with Cudoo (Online Course)

Low cost 100-hour TEFL Course

Cudoo is an awesome course provider which offers is not only limited to TEFL, but also offers a great deal of many courses in other subjects and areas as well. However, For the sake of our top our top 10 TEFL providers, we will discuss about their very affordable 100-hour TEFL course.

Although most schools world wide and online(Especially in countries with higher job requirements) require at least a minimum of 120 TEFL course hours to be intelligible to teach English classes to local students, but their 100-hour TEFL course can still be accepted at a lot of schools world wide with less strict job requirements.

So if you are planning to teach in Asian countries or places like China, Japan, Thailand, South Korea or Japan, then we definitely recommend you to get yourself a 120-hour TEFL Course as ESL teachers need a minimum of 120 TEFL course hours done to be able to teach in these countries.

TEFL Course Price

Cudoo has just One type of TEFL course with one price which is:

  • 100-hour TEFL Course Price: $119

No discounts available.

So again, This also a great choice for ESL trainees who are on a low budget and can only invest a limited amount of funds in personal education. The quality of the 100-hour TEFL course is also quite decent as well and you should have sufficient education for performing proper ESL classes for your future students.

The Pros And cons

Lets start with the Cons:

  • Only one TEFL course available.
  • No onsite courses.
  • it’s a 100-hour TEFL course compared to the more Regular 120-hour TEFL course

And now for the Pros:

  • It’s a low cost TEFL course with quite decent quality
  • It’s made by CELTA certified Experts
  • you can study at your own pace
  • Job advice and tips
  • Course is properly accredited
  • Once completed, you will have an authentic TEFL certificate that will be recognized internationally

All in all, Cudoo is a good choice for low budget ESL trainees, their 100-hour TEFL course can help you get started at a lot of schools world wide. To learn more about Cudoo, check out our review(Click here) or if you wish to get started right away.

Then Click here to start your TEFL journey with Cudoo today!


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And that was it for our top 10 best chosen TEFL providers and TEFL courses, we hope that you found this post informative and that you have found the right TEFL course type for yourself.

We wish you good luck and a happy teaching adventure!

Extra: Need some Free ESL teaching resources and useful tips? Then click here to check them out.

Share Your Experience! which course did you take?

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Top 10 Best ACCREDITED Online & Onsite TEFL Courses in 2020
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Top 10 Best ACCREDITED Online & Onsite TEFL Courses in 2020
Are you Looking for top quality and affordable TEFL Courses? Then check out our Top 10 Best ACCREDITED Online & Onsite TEFL Courses & Start Your Journey Today!
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26 thoughts on “Top 10 Best ACCREDITED Online & Onsite TEFL Courses – Choosing the Right TEFL Course”

  1. Wow this is amazing, thanks for taking out time to share this with me. Ive been looking for something like this for a while now. I think I will go with getting TEFL Certified with International TEFL and TESOL (Online Courses) as it’s cool for due to the fact that it’s affordable. Thanks!

  2. Taking TEFL and having the certificate is one thing that can really be a blessing to anyone who is directly involved with making money while teaching ESL. I really like this post and the many TEFL providers a lot as it has given a more broad view on what makes TEFL worthy and places that one can get the certificate, i would like to do an onsite course, which TEFL provider would you recommend?  Thanks.

    • Hi Rodarrick,

      I would personally go for SEETEFL, as i love Thailand in general, the people, the slow paced life style and low cost of living. However, ITTT also has programs in that country(and many others), It’s just SEETEFL is specialized in Thailand, but this is just my take, ITTT would do Just fine as well!

      Good luck and Happy teaching!


  3. It’ a great list of the top 10 best TEFL providers to get good information about the TEFL certification

    I was talking with a young friend of mine, she was telling me she is interested to teach English in a foreign country but she was having hard time to find some proper information about what does she need to do to get hired as an English teacher abroad.

    I think this post is one of the best on the internet and that it can help my friend to get started.

    After checking out all the courses I’m sure my friend can make a proper choice on what type of course she wishes to do and get the TEFL Certificate to get a job.

    I will forward your article to my friend as I think she will happy to learn about these courses! Would an Online course be sufficient for her?

    • Hi Alejandra,

      Feel free to share away and with anyone else who might be interested!

      Your friend could do an 120-hour online TEFL course, which could be sufficient enough to get her ESL journey started, however as was stated in the article, Onsite courses usually are the most effective form of ESL education and ESL trainees can be accepted by almost any school after graduation. but it’s up to her.

      In any case, feel free to share away and she will probably find a course that is the most suitable for her.

      I wish you well,


  4. What is the difference between Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) exam system and the International English Language Testing System (IELTS)?

    Academic or non-academic, business or corporate service, general or high personality, etc. are compulsorily involve with the English language. As a profession, this Language is very important to absorb perfectly. Although, various teaching system is available in the world. (TEFL) has been certified as a big institution and popular around the world. It has been contributing to developing professional teachers relentlessly.

    • Hi there,

      I don’t think we mentioned IELTS in the article, in any case, that particular certification is for students or people who wish to work or study at higher education in the UK, TEFL is for teaching English to students as a second language, meaning teaching English in a country where English is not the native Language.

      I hope this was clear enough, if not, then feel free to send another message. 🙂

      I wish you well,


  5. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us. Your article is really informative and I gained important knowledge by reading your article .I am a starting ESL teacher myself and have done one of the best onsite courses in Thailand, I did SEETEFL Onsite Course Last November and was nothing but amazing. For me this was the most realistic and super effective course.

    Doing this course has given me a job and it was also cheaper than other onsite courses. Besides that, the weather in Thailand is perfect for me!

    Once i finish my vacation here, i will return to Thailand. I’m Going to share article to my friend, i think she will benefit from it too! Is it also okay if i share your article on my social media?

    • Hi Shanta,

      Glad to hear that you enjoyed your time with SEETEFL, i love Thailand As well!

      Feel free to share this article with anyone who might be interested in Travel and adventure. 🙂

      Happy teaching!


  6. Hello there, I just started my Online course with letstefl
    and i love it, it’s interactive, enjoyable and very effective, I already
    learned so much more about esl, the necessary teaching skills and
    classroom management, I’m currently learning about teaching 1on1 and
    group classes, which doesn’t disappoint, i would recommend letstefl to anyone looking for a high level course, also they give lots of extras and additional teaching resources that are very helpful, this is my experience, Martha.

    • Hi Martha,

      Glad to hear you are enjoying your course and thank you for your feedback, it’s very much appreciated!

      Good luck further and happy teaching,


  7. Nice top 10, i wanted to go for SEETEFL’s Onsite course in Thailand, but unfortunately due to the corona virus outbreak it’s not possible for a while now, so i decided to take ETEFL’s 180 hour Online course as it includes business English and the price is affordable. I like the course, it’s very extensive and easy to follow.

    • Hi Asraful,

      Yeah, it’s a real tragedy about the corona outbreak, i hope you are well and stay well.

      ETEFL is a great alternative, although it’s not an onsite course, it can definitely lead you to amazing ESL jobs prospects world wide and even Online.

      Enjoy the rest of your course and happy teaching!


  8. Hi, could somebody help me find a course please ? well, I am a Teacher of English in Turkey. I have been teaching English for 22 years now. I want to work as a language tecaher in the UK or Republic of Ireland. I have been involved in many in service training in the UK and EU countries. I want to join on line courses but I don’t know what sort of certificate accredited in teaching I need. I need a valide one in the UK. I”ll be happy when you advise me. Thank you.

    • Umit,

      Thanks for your question.

      Well, according to our research, it is said, that TESOL course are more for teachers who wish to teach English in native speaking countries and TEFL courses are more for teaching English in non native countries. But when we checked both, we saw that there isn’t much difference in either of them.

      However, just to be on the safe side, we recommend you to go for the TESOL course, which is what ITTT also is specialized in, you can learn more about the International TEFL and TESOL training by clicking here.

      I wish you much success in your teaching adventures and if you have anymore more questions, feel free to ask away.


  9. I chose for ITTT’s 250hour TESOL Diploma as i believed that particular course would suit me better and so far i was right, although it is a little expensive it has been worth it so far. My personal tutor has also been so incredibly helpful and the course is terrific and very extensive, it offers everything i need and much more! 

    • Hi Juliet,

      Good to hear that you’re enjoying your course and thanks for your feed back!

      Happy teaching,


  10. Hello!

    I started letstefl ultimate 120-hour tefl course and it’s great so far, i also got a personal tutor and i’m learning so much, i look forward on becoming an English teacher very soon! I definitely recommend this course for anyone who wants to do an online course. Thanks for the top 10, Alam.

    • Hi Alam,

      Glad to hear you are enjoying your course, LETSTEFL is an excellent choice and you are well on your way on becoming a great English teacher! 🙂

      Good luck and happy teaching,


  11. Onsite courses are a great choice, but unfortunately i do not posses the funds for doing one right now, So i decided to go for a Online course and i love it so far! ETEFL has provided me a with ton of knowledge and ESL teaching skills, if anyone needs a low cost and good quality course, then this one is it.

    • Yes, it’s true that onsite courses are more expensive, but they definitely worth it. If you have the opportunity to do an onsite course, then i would definitely recommend to go for it.

      Good to hear that you’re enjoying your course, ETEFL is a great online course provider and it’s definitely one of our top recommendations as well.

      Good luck with the rest of your course and happy teaching!


  12. I just finished my 180-hour online tefl certification with etefl, it was a great course and i learned so much from it. The section of teaching business English was the most intensive and interesting part for me as this was something i was particularly keen on learning. Initially i wanted to go for one of ittt’s courses, however the courses were a little above my budget, so i went with etefl instead. Nevertheless, it offered terrific content, a definite recommendation!

    Thanks for Sharing!


    • Hi David,

      Glad to hear that you enjoyed your TEFL course and congratulations on becoming a certified teacher, now your ESL adventure really begins!

      Thanks for sharing your experience, it’s much appreciated!

      Happy teaching,


  13. Please stop using the American slang term ‘super’ as an adverb in articles – it’s extremely annoying to see, since it is grammatically wrong. It confuses students when instructors can’t model English properly, because they assume that this is acceptable, proper English, and it also reduces learners’ exposure to real adverbs in English, which then diminishes the language. I’m sorry to be so strident, but just because you say something colloquially, does not make it correct, especially if those who rely on you then copy it, to the detriment of their potential development.

    • Dear Thompson,

      There is no need to be sorry, everyone has their own view of when it comes to speaking/reading and writing a language. Some are easy going at it and others are more strict, which is okay as well.

      Yes, we use some words like *super* to amplify a particular subject or item in an article, because it’s our way to amplify great topics in certain article’s like the TEFL courses. Whether it’s grammatically incorrect, that might be true, however, we do not train ESL teachers ourselves, that is the job of the TEFL course/TEFL course provider, including providing proper language structures. We just add some hype-up Marketing language from time to time in our articles and(as you have noticed) we are not that strict with using a 100% correct language structure as well. 😉

      If you have anything else you wish to add, you are free to speak your mind.

      I wish you well.



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