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ULTRA DISCOUNT: Get your 120-hour Online TESOL Course just for €19 TODAY!

Your ULTRA 84% discount: Get Your accredited 120-hours Online TESOL course just for 19 today!

Interested in teaching English Online from the comfort of your own home are you? Well, you have absolutely come to the right place, because all you need is this simple, but yet great and very effective 120 hour TESOL course to get started. And there are only just a few courses left at an extremely low-cost price, get your own TESOL course for an incredible and temporary 84% discount today and become a fully certified foreign language teacher within a month!

So you’re looking to get TESOL certified, but you’re in no mood to pay hundreds of Dollars/pounds or Euro’s just to get this TESOL certificate. Well you’re in luck, because today we have a MASSIVE 84% discount for you, which means you can grab your ACCREDITED 120-hour TESOL course just for €19 TODAY and it’s 100% Authentic! Important note: Only just 13 TESOL courses left

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7 Reasons on why to get TEFL certified with the International Open Academy:

  1. Both their TEFL and TESOL courses have the minimum required 120 TESOL course hours
  2. Both courses are properly Accredited through the accreditation company ICOES
  3. Your TESOL Certificate will be considered Authentic and internationally recognized
  4. Super Cheap TESOL Courses priced at €19 through us (Alifeofgreatness)
  5. Not satisfied? Receive a full 100% refund and no questions asked! – 14 day Policy
  6. Courses are of good quality and with sufficient ESL education to prepare you for your ESL adventure and classes
  7. Certificates can be used to Get hired anywhere in the world or even Online!

ULTRA DISCOUNT: 120-hour TESOL Course just for €19 TODAY - Money back guarantee of the IOA

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13 courses remaining…


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Don’t Limit Yourself: Choose Your TESOL Wisely

Nowadays Teaching English online or abroad is super a hot job field that gets a lot of attention for the opportunities and incredible benefits it brings. It allows a lot of ESL teachers to travel abroad, teaching online or on the spot as they trot their way around the globe to teach abroad in places they’ve always dreamed of visiting and you can definitely do this too!

However, no matter which path a teacher chooses to follow, nearly every single school requires their teachers to have some form of a TESOL or TEFL certification. This is because of the incredible Wealth of ESL knowledge, education and training they provide for starting ESL teachers.

The TESOL and TEFL are the most common and recognized certification courses in the world and that gives future teachers the proper knowledge ESL knowledge and education they need to teach English as a foreign language to foreign students. TESOL courses are specifically designed to give ESL trainee teachers the right skills and information to teach students who speak little to no English.


Why TESOL courses are necessary

You can get lucky and run into online teaching platforms like Preply that don’t require any kind of degree at all(and still get well paid in the process). Platforms like these don’t require that you have and immediate certification or college degree, making it easy for most ESL teachers to jump on in and become a part of the company online teaching family.

They allow most teachers to hop in, housing online teachers who possibly lack the skills necessary to teach a language. This is where the know-how gained from a TESOL course comes in handy, allowing fresh teachers to try out their new tactics immediately. Plus, you won’t just get access to any old  teaching platform, you can have access to one of the best and highest paying online teaching platforms on the web with a certification.

TESOL courses are designed to give future ESL teachers the proper knowledge that they can hold on to for a life time, helping them to open their minds to a whole new way of thinking about teaching English. There are different types of accredited TESOL courses to choose from and at least in the beginning, most will suffice. There are a small number of schools that will accept the 100-hour course, but this is where you might want to do a bit of digging for the country or school you’d like to teach with(which becomes fewer with each passing year).

Be prepared for what awaits you

Some countries have a thicker layer of red tape to cut through(Stricter requirements) when it comes to work visas, requiring that you have at least done a 120-hour TESOL course. This is why we highly recommend taking the 120-hour right off the bat so that you’re not limiting your opportunities. A 120-hour TESOL course will get you in the door at almost any type of school and is recognized internationally so that you can teach wherever in the world you would like.

Not all courses are created equal, with some providers offering online courses that can be completed in only just weeks or less and others allowing learners to take as long as they’d like. Also, TESOL courses are offered both online and on-site, each one coming with their own benefits in the long run, which the latter(On-site courses) being the most expensive ones.

Before choosing the course that will work the best for you and your needs, it is best to take a step back and sort of spell out your goals. This will help you decide which courses are right for you and when to start applying for an ESL job in the country or company you want to teach at. Choosing the right course and mapping out your next moves are both very important steps in the process of becoming an ESL instructor, and we have a few suggestions that can help, even an excellent, low-cost option that you can benefit from.


Low-cost Vs. High Quality

In life, most of the time, you get what you pay for. The same applies to your TESOL course, where sometimes cheaper courses lack those much-needed extras. While cheaper are attractive for the obvious price reduction, it could leave graduates without the necessary hands-on experience they need to enter into the workforce confidently. On top of that, most high-quality courses come with added perks and extras like help landing a job. This could come in handy when shopping around for one on your own, taking away some of the hassle.

If that were not enough to seek out a course that has a reputation for high-quality, then perhaps see the TESOL course as a personal investment in good ESL training and education for yourself. Just like with many other types of training, working on building the necessary skills to teach is something that you will have to grow and nurture over time. The knowledge you have gained is a personal investment, one that will set you apart from many others trying to break into the field of ESL teaching.

But luckily for you, the 120-hour TESOL course that is presented for you here today has Both the good quality ESL education and Super affordable price that you need for starting your English teaching adventure!


Your ULTRA 84% discount: Get Your accredited 120-hours Online TESOL course just for 19 today!

ULTRA DISCOUNT: 120-hour TESOL Course just for €19 TODAY - The International Open Academy

Check This Out: Get Certified with IOA

If you haven’t heard of International Open Academy (IOA), then, we are about to make your day! This is a great option that won’t empty your bank account at all. Thanks to our partnership(ALifeOfGreatness) with the IOA, Their 120-hour TESOL course now comes with a super affordable price tag that is suitable for all budgets. Take this as a Huge Opportunity to keep some of your hard-earned cash in your pocket(or bank account, which ever you prefer), using it to embark on your journey. Don’t think of the lower cost as something negative, as it doesn’t have too much to do with the quality, at least not in the case of IOA.

When you choose a 120-hour TESOL course with IOA, you’re signing up for an accredited and respected course that is recognized around the world. You’ll find a long list of resources and training materials that can be used as you make your way through your course and beyond. Though there are other courses out there that come with more extra’s and perhaps even more ESL education, but this course from IOA definitely offers what you need to break through the door, plus, it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

As you begin your journey, you will realize that your best teacher will always be experience, learning everyday from your actual classes. You will begin to notice ways that you can make positive changes and improve, all the while experiencing how easy and natural teaching begins to come. A TESOL certification is just the tip of the iceberg, with the more you learn and invest in your education, the better and more confident you will be as a teacher.

You will find that the IOA offers a wide range of other courses, all at low costs that will allow you to build off of your teaching foundations. If not with IOA, opportunities to grow your knowledge base are everywhere, and you will find quality courses of all prices that will help you become the best you can be. But the price offered today for the IOA’s 120-TESOL course is truly unique, as normally it costs around €119 and today you can get it just for €19(Including most of their other courses)!


A Look at What You’ll Learn

So, what is it that you will be walking away with when you complete the TESOL certification? Most importantly is the confidence with the knowledge and expertise that you posses and will feel walking into your first class. You’ll be able to beat the first day jitters, walking in with excitement for teaching your students. Apart from this new found boost to your teaching skills, you’ll also be walking away with:

  • Creative ways to motivate your students, even the shiest ones
  • How to use any native tongue as a tool for teaching
  • Basic linguistics
  • How to use specific methods to improve reading, writing, listening and speaking
  • How to manage a classroom, no matter the number of students
  • Tips for finding a job abroad or online
  • And so much more

For more information Click here Check out the course overview directly On the international open academy’s 120-hour TESOL course webpage.

A Look at IOA Course Prices

ULTRA DISCOUNT: 120-hour TESOL Course just for €19 TODAY - The price of the IOA

We know that some of you are not going to believe the low price of this course(but it’s true)! As a matter of fact, we had a bit of trouble believing it ourselves when we originally got this partnership. Normally, the price is €119. It might seem expensive to some but, the original price is quite steep compared to almost most others you will find on the web. However, thanks to our lovely partnership with IOA, the TESOL course is currently discounted down to only just €19!

This truly is an unbelievable price, and a great opportunity to start learning with a good quality course for way less than the average cost. The price is an obvious plus, but you may still be wondering if this course is truly a good choice for you and your future goals as an instructor? Below, we’ve listed out some pros and cons to hopefully help make your decision more clear.


Pros and Cons of Choosing IOA

Like we said before, this course is far from perfect. But, when weighing the pros and cons, you will realize that there are a lot of reasons that point to a big positive yes when deciding if it is the right one for you. Take a look at these pros and cons, using them as a way to get your wheels turning as to whether or not you should sign up and start taking the first steps toward your new ESL adventure today. Use these as a way to weigh both the good and the bad, seeing if the price cut works to your benefit.

First, we’ll start with the cons:

  • You will only find one 120-hour TESOL course option
  • There are no options for advanced courses
  • There are no onsite courses, this is online only
  • There is no real job support, but good tips and advice are offered

Now, on to the Pros:

  • The 120-hour TESOL course is the most common and minimum required course accepted by nearly all of the schools world wide abroad and online.
  • This course is of good quality and comes with all necessary knowledge, ESL education and training
  • the course is properly Accredited, 100% authentic and recognized internationally
  • Comes with a 100% authentic 120-hour TESOL certificate after successful completion
  • Course is packed with the skills needed to teach both online or abroad in a traditional setting
  • The unbelievable price tag of only €19
  • And a 100% money back guarantee! – a 14 day refund policy (And no questions asked)

All in all, The 120-hour TESOL course offered by the International Open Academy is a great choice and it’s packed with Quality knowledge and ESL education. You will be more than prepared to take on any challenge in your classroom, Whether that’s Abroad or Online. If you are interested in taking this course, then grab it now while the discount still lasts. Reminder: Only just 13 courses left

Click here to get your heavily discounted 120-hour TESOL course from the IOA just for €19 TODAY!


How start your ESL teaching Adventure after course completion

ULTRA DISCOUNT: 120-hour TESOL Course just for €19 TODAY - How to start Teaching English

Teaching Online or Abroad

When you have finally gotten through hours of ESL Education, done your test and finished your TESOL course. You will receive your 120-hour TESOL certificate and you can finally start your ESL adventure abroad or online. In both paths, you will find plenty of English teaching job opportunities, because now more than ever before, it’s absolutely the Golden age for ESL teaching and English teachers are in High demand.

And you are about to take Nice cut from that massive and delicious piece of cake! The wonders of going abroad to teach English are limitless and if you plan to teach online, then you can travel the world and take your laptop with you as well or if you are a parent, then you will get the luxury to be able to work from home and be closer to your family!

When it comes to teaching Online and abroad, then in both cases there may be some limitations if you don’t posses a bachelors degree or higher. For example: If a teacher wishes to teach English abroad, then some countries(Mainly some Asian countries) will have stricter work visa requirements and nowadays, even some online teaching companies are requiring applicants to posses a bachelors degree or higher to be able to be accepted as an English teacher at their company, but luckily not all of them. If teaching English is your passion, then we recommend you to get yourself a bachelors degree or higher, you could even study for a degree Online!


Teaching English Online

Teaching English online is one of today’s greatest online opportunities, as you are able to work from the comfort of your own home or travel the world, visit amazing places, meet new friends and at the same time, make money through teaching English online. That’s absolutely the dream life most people wish they could live!

But finding the Right online position can be quite the hassle as there are quite a few Online teaching platforms out there and a lot of them dont pay well. Luckily we have done most of the searching for your as in our Top online teaching positions section, you will find some of the most best and highest paying online teaching companies in the world.

And for those English teachers among us who do not posses a university degree can start their Online teaching adventure with Preply, as they do not require their teachers to have a bachelors degree or higher. They are also one of the most top paying companies for teachers to earn a great salary with, of course, teachers with degrees are most welcome to apply as well and earn a super awesome salary too!


Teaching Abroad

The Opportunities for teaching English as a foreign language have skyrocketed since the start of the new millennium(the year 2000) and marked the beginning of the Golden age for ESL teaching. Incredible new opportunities continue to grow with each passing year and it is assumed that this Golden age will last for at least another 25 to 30 years! While teaching English online has huge benefits, teaching English abroad in most cases has even bigger ones!

Teaching English abroad comes with it’s own massive Benefits, next to a great salary, you can have your own non-shared free apartment, bonuses, health insurance and possibly more, depending on the school you will be working for. Also, teaching English has become more easier than it ever used to be, as most schools nowadays have their own teaching curriculum, lesson plans and lessons materials. So you only mostly need to focus on the fun part, which is just teaching English.

So not only is teaching English fun, it had become quite easy now as well and you know what? Finding the right teaching position abroad can be easy too, as we have some of the top schools and recruiters for ESL jobs in Asia in our Top featured schools Section and upon your TESOL course graduation, you can find an ESL job in no time at all!

For more locations, you can also check out our job board: https://eslpositions.alifeofgreatness.com

But get your TESOL certificate first!….


Grab Your ULTRA Discounted TESOL course today!

ULTRA DISCOUNT: 120-hour TESOL Course just for €19 TODAY - Sign up now

If you want to teach English abroad or online, then you first must get your key to open that door for the ESL job opportunities and that key is your TESOL certificate. By undergoing your TESOL course, you will learn precious knowledge, ESL education and training about teaching English as a foreign language and upon course completion, you will be ready to take your first steps into the ESL job world.

At this moment, right now, Doing your 120-hour TESOL course with the international open Academy isn’t just super affordable, But Super educational as well, as it’s picked with Quality knowledge and training specifically for teaching English as a foreign language. You can grab your course with a MASSIVE discount for just €19 TODAY and you will have a 100% money-back guarantee as well!

When you have gone through all the ESL education and completed your accredited 120-hour TESOL course, you will receive a 100% authentic 120-hour TESOL certificate that will be recognized world wide and you can almost any ESL job abroad or online. So get started today and grab your ULTRA discounted 120-hour TESOL course while it still lasts!

Click here now to get your ULTRA Discounted 120-hour Online TESOL course from the IOA just for €19 TODAY!

Click here to check out The TEFL version


Click here to check out our top 10 recommended Online and onsite TEFL/TESOL course providers.

Got a Question, Comment or got something to add? Then feel absolutely free to comment away here below into the comment section!

ULTRA DISCOUNT: 120-hour TESOL Course just for €19 TODAY!
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ULTRA DISCOUNT: 120-hour TESOL Course just for €19 TODAY!
Grab your ULTRA Discounted 120-hours accredited Online TESOL course just for €19 today! Get it while it lasts and receive a 100% AUTHENTIC TESOL Certificate!
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  1. Awesome article! I bought the course a few days ago and it’s actually very good, even better than the short course preview mentioned earlier in the article. The course is definitely more than my money’s worth and i have already gone through several topics like teaching and learning, linguistics etc.. The education is great, i already learned so much from it. If anyone needs a low priced course but still with good quality, this is it! An absolute recommendation.



    • Hi Leah,

      Glad to hear that you’re already benefiting so much from the course, Keep up the good work!

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  2. I never thought i would find a good course for such an affordable price. next to the good materials, the course is very easy to follow, plenty of images and with good instruction as well. I’m enjoying the course very much, however i wish they added a section for business English though, just in case i ever need it. I’m not complaining or anything like that, I’m just *wishing*, who knows, it may come true haha..

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    • Hi tracey,

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      Good luck and happy teaching!


  3. hello awesome article you have here. this tesol course really caught my attention, not just for the price, but also for the good quality that it’s available for and it’s accreditation. I’ve checked out a ton of courses, a lot are expensive and some are cheaper, but most were not in my budget so it finding this course came as a huge relief to me as i can keep most of my money for my future travels.

    I have just started my tesol certification today and I’m already learning a lot on the first module, it’s really well structured and the instructions are good too, I’m very satisfied. Thanks!


    • Hi Joy,

      Great to hear that you have found what you were looking for, that is the only thing what matters.

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  4. I started this course a few days ago and it’s a really thorough and good course. If anyone is thinking about taking this course, just do it, it’s definitely much more worth than the current price offer. I’m currently on module 4 on the grammar part, not my most favorite topic, but the way they explain it and the structure of the modules makes it pretty easy to follow. This course is a good recommendation and I have shared this article on Facebook as i know many people who might be interested in this possibility. Thanks! John.

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for dropping by and for leaving your feedback, it’s much appreciated!

      It’s great to hear that you are learning so much from the course already, although you might want to slow down the pace a little as you are already on module 4 in just a few days, still quite impressive though. But being faster doesn’t always mean that it’s better, this is just my advice.

      In any case, glad to hear you’re doing so well and keep up to good work! Also, feel free to share away the TESOL course with anyone who might benefit from it. 🙂

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