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ways to make extra money from home online – real ways to make Money from Home

Ways to make extra money from home online

If you are looking for non complicated ways to make extra money from home online, then you have definitely come to the right place, because not only will you be able to work from the comfort of your own home, you will also be able to make good money while doing it.


Working from home

When it comes to working from home, there are quite a few ways to make money online, however a lot of those ways are complicated and usually not mostly done by regular folk with a modest background, so we are going to recommend you money making methods that are neither too complicated, but that you still can earn a decent income from,

We’re not talking about get rich quick schemes here, I’m sure you found quite a few of those online as well, No, but were are talking about real, honest and legal methods for making money online, which you can work both part time and full time, depending on your own situation,

Next to all of that, you will be able to help a ton of people and experience a good amount of personal growth yourself, making these few of the most meaningful Online money making methods, which in reality, they truly are meaningful and can also help you move forward in life.

The Online Money makers

Like i mentioned before, there are quite a few ways to make money online, but most of them are either too complicated or you have stuff like doing surveys and getting paid just a few dollars for usually a lot of work, which in my opinion is not really worth your time, your time is better spent at doing more meaningful work and be able to get decently if not good money for it, check out our recommendation here below,

Our recommended top two Real Online Money Makers from Home:

These are our top two chosen online money making methods, they truly are non complicated, in fact teaching online can be super simple and the previous complications(coding and technicalities) of creating an online business have mostly all been taken care of, So when we said non complicated, we truly meant it, we wont recommend stuff that we believe are too difficult for a lot of folks to do,

Although we truly believe that a lot of people are able to these online *jobs* without too much trouble, there are folks out there that simply just want extremely quick cash in just a day or two days, this virtually impossible, when you think about earning money, you make money by providing a service correct? When you work a regular lets say 9 to 5 job, you are exchanging your time for money, or simply put, you are providing your services in exchange for money,

Making money online is no different, once this simple realization sinks in, then an entirely new world will open up for you, we live in a world of services, businesses make money because of the services they have to offer, regular folk make money because they offer their service in exchange for money, it is really that simple.

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Don’t fall for the quick cash trap

Although you make money relatively quickly by teaching online, you usually get paid per month, some schools pay per 2 weeks, but that’s usually it, but it is also still offering your service in exchange for money, the folks who claim that you could make $500 in your first day by working online(and not even mentioned what you will be doing) are fooling you,

First most likely it will be something like, alright if you start to invest fifty dollars right now and i guarantee you that you will make five hundred dollars in the next few hours and you will have ten times your investment back, It’s not true, what service are you offering that could possibly make you five hundred dollars in your first day? How are you going to make that money, think about that for a moment,

It sounds pretty ridiculous right? The only real way to make money online is either by working a simple and *regular* job like teaching online or to work for yourself and start your own online business, which is a gradual process, like the starting and setting up of an online business will take time, most entrepreneurs who start out on their business still work a regular job and will work part time on their own online business.

A Long term plan

Yes, creating a successful online business does take time, however it doesn’t need to be complicated or difficult, most folks who said that, simply didn’t have the right training and tools at their disposal and i am *quite* experienced myself, but i can definitely say that creating a successful business comes mostly from consistent work,

Sure there a few details here and there, but those will be filled in along the way, again it takes time, it’s a gradual process, sure you could become and online teacher and make an income every month, which is definitely a great *job* to do by the way, basically stress free and well paid, you will be helping a ton of people and students to learn a new language and you will experience incredible personal growth as well,

So teaching Online is also an incredibly meaningful job to do, which i truly believe that is what most people love to do, doing meaningful stuff that leads towards a more fulfilling life and that’s definitely possible here, with both methods you are able to make that extra money you desire, just one of them is quicker than the other, there are great benefits to both methods, heck you could even do both, but before you decide, lets go through them a little more deeper.


Ways to make extra money from home online – The Online Journey

Teaching English or another Language/Subject Online

Online teaching was one of the first real work from home opportunities since the dawn of the internet more than thirty years ago, it quickly risen into popularity within the next following years because it was a real online opportunity that was both pretty simple and well paying, In this day and age it is one of the most popular online job that a lot of regular folks can do.

ways to make extra money from home online
ways to make extra money from home online

The adventure of teaching Online

Next to it’s counterpart teaching abroad onsite, teaching online is an entire new adventure in itself, but one that you can do online instead of going abroad, to become an online teacher is an incredibly meaningful job, one that you can help a lot of people and students with their foreign language issues and experiencing a ton of personal growth yourself, plus lets not forget the good salary you can earn,

You can usually work as many hours as you want, whether it’s just a few hours per week or teaching online as a full time job, both options are available for you, how much you can earn can be up to $30,-+ per hour, depending on your experience, usually new starter teachers start a little bit lower, but the hourly rate usually quickly rises with the more experience you acquire,

You usually teach small group of students from around 4 to 8 students per group, 1on1 teaching is also common and sometimes even entire classes at schools abroad, pretty exciting right? Or would you feel nervous? Or even both? Well being nervous is normal, if you have never taught before then or it’s been a long time then it’s definitely understandable, however even most experienced teachers will still feel a little bit nervous in front of a class most of the times, so it’s all okay, don’t worry too much about it.

The Requirements for Online Teaching

While you definitely don’t need an education degree and for most school no degree at all, most online schools do prefer that their new teacher is certified, this can be easily achieved by doing a TEFL Course and getting your TEFL certificate, you can do it both online and onsite, but most new teachers choose to take it online, because it’s much cheaper and you can work at your own pace,

By undergoing a TEFL course you will learn an incredible new amount of knowledge and information about being a foreign language teacher, you will learn the expertise and experiences from the teachers who came before you, learning about the most common obstacles in class and how to deal with them, but above all, a TEFL course helps to prepare you to become a more knowledge and better teacher to take on any challenge you may face,

Its usually much more easier for online teaching than teaching abroad onsite, because when teaching online, the students are pretty well managed, because it’s the parents or the school that pays for the classes after all and they want their students to learn as much as possible or in some instances it’s just about the cultural exchange and what it’s like to communicate with a person from the a different country.

An opportunity to take

So if you feel like that teaching online is something definitely you want to do, then take the opportunity, it’s a great way to earn extra money from home or to even do it as a full time job, you can earn good money and help a lot of people and students move forward in their career or what other endeavors they wish to pursue,

You will be providing your services to help others for creating a better future for themselves, At the same time you will also experience a ton of personal growth, because the teacher is always learning, if not even more than the students do, so there are quite a few personal benefits to being a teacher,

Teaching Online truly is one of the most rewarding jobs in the online industry, it pays pretty good, but this shouldn’t be your main focus, your focus should be on providing a good service for other, which in return will also help you get more money, the better you are, the better you can get paid after all and that’s the cool part, are you interested into becoming an online teacher?

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Creating your own simplified and long term business

While other opportunities like teaching online enabled folks to work from the comfort of their own home, other opportunities like creating your own online business have risen with it and truly, I’m not about the get rich schemes, I’m talking about a real way to create a solid income for yourself, A real method to create a simplified and successful business from.

ways to make extra money from home online
ways to make extra money from home online

The adventure of creating your own successful Online business

While it’s not exchanging your time for money like a regular 9 to 5 job, creating an online business is a gradual process, meaning you won’t make money within a day, a week or a even month, but instead it’s a long term process that can take up to six months or more before you can start to see any results,

Yes, in the short run you probably won’t make any profit, but in the long term and very near future you can definitely see results, which means you will have made yourself a monthly income and you don’t need to do much work for, of course if you want to keep on making more money, then go ahead, there are no limitations when it comes to online businesses,

I mentioned in the beginning that you can create your own simplified online business and when i said simplified, i really meant it, there is no complicated technicalities or massive coding involved, those stuff are already taken care of so you can just simply focus on creating and maintaining your own business.

How does it work?

Nowadays there are so many businesses competing with each other, most of them selling exactly the same or similar products and each and every single year, more and more businesses are being created that are doing exactly the same thing, the competition is becoming absolutely crazy, would i recommend you to be a part of all of that? Of course not, i wouldn’t do that to you,

But instead i will recommend you a business method that truly benefits from all that competition out there and this methods is called affiliate marketing, now for those who don’t now what affiliate marketing exactly is, its simple marketing terms that simply means selling other people’s stuff in exchange for a commission(referral fee) but without the need of owning any physical services or products yourself, just recommend stuff that people want,

This means, you will have absolutely zero hassle with any product or service bureaucracy, registrations, licenses or taxes, none of that stuff at all, You will just be doing the *easy* work, leaving all the hard work to the actual companies who make their own products and services themselves,

Providing a service

As i said before, a successful business is making money because they offer services or products that people Need, Want and Love, this is a simple concept of making money, even people who have do regular jobs offer their services to get a paycheck every month, exchange their time for money,

It all comes down to proving a good service, which in return will increase your own wealth dramatically, with affiliate marketing, you will basically recommend other company’s products or services to a group of people that wants to buy certain stuff, or use certain services, For every new purchase or reoccurring sale customer makes thanks to you, they will pay you a commission,

It’s actually really that easy, even if this sounds complicated to you at the moment, once you get started, you will be like, oh this is actually pretty fun, exciting, one of the best ways to do this job is if you run your own website, which isn’t difficult to do either, there is almost no coding involved nor any complicated technicalities either, in fact most of this stuff has been taken care of in the education and platform I’m currently using right now.

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Where could i start my own simplified online business?

When i started my own online business in early 2016, it was an incredible hassle to find the right education and platform to start with, nearly ever single training or tools that were necessary for an online business were spread across multiple different companies, never in one place, but then after a few weeks after tirelessly researching, i finally found it, the all in one platform that can help any beginning entrepreneur to create their own complete only business from scratch(without coding).

Everything was already set in certain models, like creating a completely new(but empty) website with just a click of your mouse button or using search tools for looking for the best search terms that people are looking for online and so many other amazing stuff like it, even all the training and education you need for a successful online business is included in the platform and better yet, they have a completely free membership too!

Within the platform i am still using right now, there are success stories every single day, more and more entrepreneurs are achieving success faster, even within a 6 month time frame, simply because the training and tools work so well and they improve and update the platform each and every single year! I truly believe that this is absolutely the place to be for any entrepreneur that wants to make money online, how about you? Are you interested at starting at the same incredible platform as i did?(And still do)

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Making Money online can be easy!

Everyone that has ever told you that making money online isn’t easy, hasn’t done their research well enough, well it’s true that both methods above does require some work and effort from your part, but come on, there is absolutely no complicated technicalities involved, you don’t need to be an IT expert or computer professional, with teaching online, you can generate a monthly income and with starting your own online business you are working on a long term plan that can go well beyond your retirement,

Again if you are only looking for and expecting quick cash online, you will most likely only end up into one of those get rich quick schemes where you end up losing money and sometimes a good deal of it as well, so whatever endeavor you decide to undertake, make sure that it clear states how you can make money online.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article, We truly hope that the information provided here has helped you in your quest to make real money online, We truly wish you much Successes and Prosperity in your future online adventure, We wish you A Life Of Greatness.

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  1. I lost my job a couple of months ago and I had just a few hundred bucks to my name. I was searching for ways to make money real fast and i bumped into this page from google, although starting my own online business is something i would really love to do, but Wasn’t able to because i needed to make money quite fast,

    So i decided to become an online teacher and i absolutely love it, The job is not difficult, i can`t even call it a job, it`s more of a hobby, but i get well paid for it, i also decided to try the online business program earlier this week and it`s amazing, creating an account is super easy and they have a really have a completely free membership, its a very simplified step by step program, So far i love it,

    I can definitely recommend both of these platforms for anyone who wishes to make money online! Thank you very much for the info you gave me, It was incredibly helpful,


    • Hi Cynthia,

      I`m glad to hear that both methods are working very well for you and thank you for coming back to give your feedback, it`s much appreciated,

      Keep up the good work,

      I wish you a lot of success and prosperity ahead of you!



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