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what is the best affiliate marketing course – A Wealthy Affiliate Review

what is the best affiliate marketing course

If you have been wondering what is the best affiliate marketing course, then you have definitely come to the right place, because not only will it be a training course, it will be an All in one platform, with all the tools, features, education and training an entrepreneur could ever need to start their own Online business,

You will be among a community of thousands and thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs and the best part is you can start it completely for Free, you don’t need to signup a bank or credit card either, just a very simple account signup and that’s it, there will be both free training and websites all for you available, No strings, no catches and no attachments, what you see is what you get!

Your number one partner for an amazing online adventure

Building an online business used to be quite a hassle 19 years ago, all the coding, building websites from scratch, tools, features, it was all in it’s early stages and you needed to be an IT expert at the very least,, luckily for us entrepreneurs, we are now 19 years further and all these technical stuff has already been set in certain models, which means, you don’t need to create any tools, features or even a website from scratch, in fact, nowadays you can just make a website with just a click of your mouse button and POOF! there it is your own (still empty) website.

When i started my search for creating an online business in 2012/2013, i was a complete newbie and i didn’t know which business method i could use, i didn’t even knew affiliate marketing existed…. that’s how big of a newbie i was back then, i tried several different systems, however it was either some get rich quick scheme or some form of a pyramid scheme, both which were completely useless for making money Online,

Needless to say, i failed back then, because i simply didn’t knew how to start or even which business method to use, so i kinda grew very skeptical about all this making money online stuff.., it wasn’t until early 2016 that i regained interest for making money online and this time i scored a hit after a few days of searching, What i truly loved (and still love) about this program, is that they have a completely free membership for anyone business man or woman who would like to start out(and yes free training & free websites are included!)

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what is the best affiliate marketing course – A program that works

The Step by step Program that makes Online Success come true

When i first joined wealthy affiliate’s free membership, i was totally surprised(of course you wondering if it really is free) that it truly is free, meaning, super simple account creation, no need to add any payment details like PayPal or a bank or credit card, none of that hassle, just Free = Free(Forever) and yes they also have an amazing premium membership!

what is the best affiliate marketing course
what is the best affiliate marketing course


Why join wealthy affiliate?

Well first of all it’s free completely free to start, second, you get free training & free websites, third, you get to learn first-hand knowledge about creating an online business & affiliate marketing, the training is a simplified step by step process that any newbie(like i was) can understand and follow, there is also an amazing community there consisting of thousands and thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs, both experienced and beginners alike, you will never feel alone and help will always be there when you need it.

They truly have all you need to create a successful online business in one platform, All the training, education, tools, features, free website builder, keyword search tools, an amazing community and so much more!

Why the free membership?

These guys have started out in 2005, that’s over 14 years ago, it was a 100% paid program back then, no free membership included, so what changed? While so many good opportunities have been created thanks to the rise of the internet, unfortunately, it’s counterpart were also created, like get rich schemes or lets better just call them scams.. This is a big problem for any honest online business, because of the Scams, folks became too afraid to pay money for a program that they don’t know and trust,

Put yourself in the shoes of a complete beginner, the fresh entrepreneur has no knowledge of making money online and doesn’t even know a proper business method to use, They want to make money online, but they don’t know how, He or she heard all about these scams online and is too afraid to spend money on a program that could actually be the real deal, it’s sad, but it’s simply the reality of the world we live in today.

So to combat this problem and to expand their reach, they had to evolve their methods & strategies, one that is very successful to this very day, again 14 years is a long time for an online business, what makes businesses successful? It’s because they offer a product or service that people truly love right? It’s no different with these guys, in fact, they yearly spend money to improve the platform, add more tools, features, training, upgrading the program, they truly care about their members loving their service, which in turn makes them very successful


What are the benefits?

Let me list the Pros and cons for you, Ill add a nice bonus afterwards, ill show you a tour of the platform, by embedding a video.

The Pros:

  • As i mentioned before, a completely free membership that you can keep forever.
  • Super simple account signup.
  • There is absolutely no need to add any payment details like PayPal or a bank or credit card.
  • Amazing training about creating an online business & affiliate marketing.
  • An amazing and extremely helpful community.
  • Learn how to use affiliate marketing with any business idea.
  • An incredible premium membership.
  • The first month of premium is $19,- (no up-sells, everything is included).
  • More incredible training at the premium membership.
  • Hundreds of amazing free and useful webinars included in the premium membership, with weekly new ones every Fridays.
  • Hundreds of useful & free extra training made by the experienced community members.
  • 1on1 personal support from the owners or anyone else from the community when you ask for it.
  • 24/7h technical support (it’s near perfect, they reply a little late sometimes, due to time differences, but usually no later than an hour or so.).
  • And so MUCH more!

Sounds pretty good right? Now let go over to the cons,

The Cons:

  • Once you go from a free membership to a premium membership, you cannot return to a free membership using the same account(this has most likely to do with account abuse and avoiding payments).
  • Information overload, as i went through the training, sometimes i could feel my brain saying STOPPPP!!!, No More Please!!! Just because of the amount of information i absorbed at some point, in which case it’s good to take a break, go exercise, drink a fruit juice and get back to your online business.

These were my 2 cons with the program, although, i went through the training pretty quickly, so that last point might have been my own fault, but i added it anyway, just in case….

So how about a tour? As promised, i embedded a video here below, it was created by another member of our community, feel free to check it out.

Creating a successful online business with the best all in one platform, This is what Wealthy is about(if you even watched the video…) , although the video a little outdated, most of the stuff still look the same, just a little new look, some new tools & features added at the end of the previous year(2018), Yes, these guys are the Real Deal, when i finally found them in early 2016, i really couldn’t believe it, but as you see, this website and if you check the side bar, you will see some images, scroll a little down and you will see a few job-sites, those are mine as well, all of it thanks to the help of Wealthy affiliate and the amazing community there.


Why would this affiliate program work for me?

If you have the patience and right mindset and you are willing to put in the work and effort to create your own successful online business, then this program can work for you, this is not a get rich quick scheme, as soon as you create your account and start your free membership, you can get acquainted with the community and start you training almost immediately, it truly is an all in one platform, that has everything you need to create an online business, using affiliate marketing.


How much does the premium membership costs?

Not as much as you think, it doesn’t cost thousands of dollars, just a simple monthly/6-month or yearly fee, ill list them for you here below.

The Prices:

  • First month super discount $19,-, afterwards it’s $49,-/M
  • 6 month premium membership is $234,- ($39,-/M), Big discount.
  • Yearly premium membership at $359,- ($29,92,-/M), Huge discount.
  • November special Black Friday Yearly premium membership at $299,- (less than $25,-/M), Super Discount!

That’s all folks, no other fees or up-sells, sorry for those with a very skeptical mind, i can’t give you anything to be skeptical about :-), But OK, seriously, that’s truly everything. just try out the free membership, you can start your training there and create your own free website, once you get started it’s quite exciting actually, They have the all in one platform that you need to create a successful online business, the rest is up to you(meaning just working on your business), are you ready to finally start your own incredible online adventure today?

Then click here now, to start your free membership and start your own amazing online business!

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It Doesn’t need to be Difficult

Unlike what you may have heard from your peers or other marketeers, creating an online business doesn’t need to be difficult at all, sure if you don’t use the right training or program to create a successful online business, then yes i can be very difficult,

But lets say you do find the right program, some folks still will say, Oh this affiliate marketing stuff is so difficult! From my perspective, it’s not difficult at all, because lets be honest here, there is no heavy physical work involved, most of the folks working an standard 9 to 5 job, probably do much more heavy physical work than we do, correct?

So we can’t really say, Working online is such hard work, because it’s really not, what it does require though and this is definitely true in the beginning, to create a successful online business requires a lot of consistent work, this is true, you should be writing content every single day, content will always be King, you have probably have heard this a hundred times by now.

Keep writing Content

Content is what drives people to your website, the more posts and articles you have, the more signals you send out to google and the other search engines, all if this is consistent work, especially in the beginning, Write more content, be consistent in your efforts to create as many signals as possible,

And even when your website does get traffic, Keep on writing! keep making more posts, keep getting more traffic, this is your key to success, of course SEO plays a role, but without enough content on your website, how can the search engines possibly take you seriously?

Consistent work is what matters, don’t even think about heavy or difficult work, it’s all about being consistent in your efforts, this is how you become successful and this is what you should be focusing at.

Keep going and stay focused

No matter what happens, keep going, stay focused, don’t be afraid of failure, there may be trail and errors along the way, but the truth is, real success comes from a lot of failures and believe me, i had a lot of them, you research, you learn, you grow and you will improve you business for the better, Your failures will also lead you to success,

You will become better, more knowledgeable, more experienced and then you will gradually succeed, this is how businesses work, Don’t doubt yourself, don’t listen to those fearful and negative emotions, just keep going and later on you will reap the rewards of all your *hard* work,

All the work you put in today and from every day forward, will lead you to success in the near future, The more consistent work and effort you put in, the faster you will succeed, the more you write, the more the search engines will love you, more signals means more exposure, So put in a huge amount of time just for creating posts.

Follow the program

When you follow the education and training within wealthy affiliate, do exactly as in instructed, believe when i first started out i didn’t do exactly as instructed, whether because of fear, or stubbornness, in any case, it took me much longer to succeed, simply because i decided to go my *own* way,

The owners have more than 15 years experience in the field and i had… well.. 0 years of experience…? Hmm… I think You can imagine who was going to be right or not, correct? Yes well i was absolutely in the wrong, it’s a BIG beginners mistake and it’s a common one as well, many beginners who just start out just think they know better and decide to do things their own way, it’s will simply just slow down your own progress..

So my advice for you is, don’t make the same beginners mistake, just take a leap of faith and follow the training, By doing so you will probably achieve success much faster than i did, it took me around 1.5 years to start earning money Online, the first year i pretty messed.

Take a Leap of faith

Just take a leap of faith, even if you don’t believe any of the words I’m writing now, you will gradually find out the truth for yourself, follow the program and training and the success will follow you with it, be consistent in your efforts to keep your business going,

The more hours you work on your business, the faster and greater your success can be, some days you might feel tired or you might feel Nah… ill relax for a day, even on those days, make some minor growth and changes into your business, every bit helps,

You can definitely do it, you can definitely create your own successful Online business, you are more than capable of it, you truly are! And once you are totally shocked by the first results you see coming in, you will be even more motivated to do a lot more! That’s the beauty of your own Online business.


Thank you so much for taking the time for reading our article, We truly hope that This article was helpful and has answered your question on what is the best affiliate marketing course that can lead any entrepreneur to success, We truly wish you much success & prosperity in your online adventures, Wish you A Life Of Greatness!

Have a question or comment? Then please feel absolutely free to comment away here below in the comment section!

8 thoughts on “what is the best affiliate marketing course – A Wealthy Affiliate Review”

  1. Hey Mark,
    You have a lot of great info here. I have been shopping around and this Wealthy Affiliate is the place to be, in my opinion. They have a lot of free training, a couple of free website domains, and free hosting to get you started. I checked out other companies and this is the place.

    I do have one question. You said if a person goes Premium, they can’t go back to the free membership. How long can you stay a free member before going Premium. If I wanted to take a couple of months to get my free website up and running, is that acceptable? Once again, thanks for the info!
    Hope to see you online!

    • Hi Steve!

      I’m glad to hear that you liked the article,

      Anyone can keep their free membership FOREVER, there are no forced payments within Wealthy Affiliate,
      So yes, you can keep going as long as you like with your free membership, it’s no issue at all,

      I wish you much success with your online adventure,
      Thanks for stopping by! (And you will definitely see me around)

  2. In my opinion wealthy Affiliate by far has the best training there is. When you look at the tools, the community and the training you know that you are a part of something great. Wealthy Affiliate has and is helping so many people to have online success. There are so many testimonies that have come out of this community of persons who are making an income from the comforts of their home.

    • Hi Norman!

      I couldn’t agree with you more! Every single day new success stories come! Small and Big, the Wealthy Affiliate blog is full of it!
      I started out in early 2016 and soon after i made my first few sales! It training & education simply just works.

      Thanks for dropping by,


  3. Oh, Wealthy Affiliate.

    I have to admit this is a game-changer me so to any of your readers out there on the fence and not sure whether to go for it or not, hesitate no further. Seriously.

    I came across Wealthy Affiliate whilst on our third month of blogging and I can honestly say that without it, we’d probably have stopped by now. Instead, we’re simply going from strength to strength and totally enjoying the process.

    It truly is free, for one. So, you have nothing to lose but if you have the budget for the premium membership. Do yourself a favour and sign up. You get all the benefits above but I’d like to emphasise how important a strong and supportive community is.

    Blogging can be terribly lonely and terrifyingly confusing. You don’t know who to trust and where to turn. Well, guess what? With WA, you can go straight to the top and actually get in touch with either Kyle or Carson and thousands of other people who have succeeded with WA. 

    That to me is the best benefit and one I can now not do without.

    Thanks for this post. I love it. 🙂

    • Hi Kevin(and Jade),

      Thanks for your comment and input, it’s much i appreciated,

      Feel free to stop by any time again for further updates about your progress within WA,

      I wish you much online success and prosperity,


  4. Great information. I have enjoyed my premium membership with wealthy affiliates. The program has helped me greatly in setting up my businesses and giving me the knowledge I need to be successful. 

    The program is easy to follow and the training was in-depth and useful. I have had a lot of support and continue to get support when I have questions. 

    • Hi Myrna,

      Thanks for commenting, I’m glad to hear that you’re progressing well in the platform, Keep up the good work!

      Thanks for stopping by,

      I wish you an amazing online adventure ahead of you,



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