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Our top recommended Number One Online business School

Since the dawn of the internet more than 30 years ago, opportunities have risen that we could not have imagined back then and one of those opportunities is being able to work from home with your own successful Online business! But how does it work? And where can i learn how to create my own business? Not to worry, We truly have an amazing number One Recommendation, So that you can start your Online business Today!

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Create your own Successful Online Business the right way

When creating an online business the top priority as you already know is Education, without it, It will be like going through a maze or worse, some scary monsters(Scams Online) in it, That will eat you for dinner, It’s probably best to avoid such a nasty experience, Next to education, you would need the right tools, mentors & better yet, a community with like-minded entrepreneurs that can help & motivate you to achieve your online business Goals.

what is the best business school online
what is the best business school online

The best Online business school(in my opinion) that has all these features in one platform & more is definitely Wealthy Affiliate, It is the best affiliate marketing program out there, it consists of community of thousands and thousands of affiliate marketers, experienced and newbies alike, Besides the amazing platform, it is also within the community that we help each other achieve success Online.

What is affiliate marketing you may have wondering? It’s very easy, it’s simply selling other peoples stuff in exchange for a commission or better known as referral fee, with this type of business, you don’t need to own any physical products yourself, just simply market them, thus the term affiliate marketing, it’s actually a rather simple business to have.

How can i know wealthy affiliate truly works? Good question, Click here to have a look at what some of the other members have achieved, as you just saw(if you even checked) those were just few of the successes among the many successful marketers, Oh Yes, besides all of them, lets not forget someone else, ME!

Yes i have been with this platform for over 3 years now and i continue to be a happy member to this very day, This website and of you check the sidebar and scroll down a little, you will see a few job sites, those are mine as well, with Wealthy affiliate and its community members, none of this would have been possible, Truly, i am not kidding here, but okay so maybe now you are tired of reading chunks of content from me at the moment,

so how about i just list up the pros and cons for you and let you decide for yourself, plus ill add an extra video of another member who got successful in 1.5 to 2 years and makes good money right now,

Lets start with the video I’d like to introduce you to Lilmama, Click here to watch!

LilMama is one of Wealth affiliate’s most recent successful member, she started late in 2016, followed the training there, used the tools to build her own business, asked the community a lot of questions( And nagged a heck of lot of members on how to become more successful) and she made it, Now she makes a Full time Yearly income.

The training and Education truly works and the tools and features are all included plus WA has a totally free membership version, risk free, you don’t need to sign up a bank or credit card either, you simply will either love the program or you don’t, no attachments(For Real), alright… You are probably getting tired of me talking, so lets do less talking and more info and then maybe talk more later(Ha Ha)!


Now lets move on to the pros and cons

Lets start with the Cons(my personal opinion):

  • The first Con is: once you decide to upgrade from a free account to a premium account, you cant downgrade back to your free account again, which might be upsetting for some folks if they(for any reason) need some time off, but my guess is, even if it were possible, some people might try to abuse this feature by keep switching from premium to free and from free to premium to avoid making any payments, even though the service that they offer is truly of professional quality, so that is rather a complicated situation.
  • Second Con is: (And this is truly just my opinion) Is that early on in the training if people aren’t able to come up with any business idea’s, that Wealthy Affiliate offers you to promote their affiliate program, why do i consider this a con? because how can you promote an Online business program that teaches folks how to make money Online, But, you haven’t made a penny in your entire Online career, that is just a little weird right?

These are my only personal two cons of the program, The education, tools and training are real, You can make money from nearly any business idea, it actually really isn’t that difficult, but in any case, this is just the way i see it, you or another marketer might see it differently, alright lets move on to the positives of the program.


The Pro’s:

  • Website & platform design looks amazing and very easy to navigate.
  • All in one platform with the best education, training, tools & features(most are non-existent in other programs).
  • Amazing community consisting of thousands and thousands of members.
  • Completely Free membership with no requirement to upgrade to premium.
  • No need to sign up a bank or credit card, just a simple account creation.
  • They have their own affiliate program. (as you already know by now).
  • First month premium is just $19,-
  • hundreds of free webinars in the premium membership.
  • hundreds of free extra training made by experienced marketers.
  • They teach you how to effective use SEO for your website.
  • They teach you how to get visitors to your website.
  • How to monetize your website.
  • Teach you about Marketing and how to do it effectively.
  • Teach you how to gradually and effective create a long term & effective online business.
  • And So much more.


How much does Premium cost?

  • As you know the first Month is only $19,-
  • Then afterward a choice of Monthly Premium for $49,-/M
  • Or a 6 month membership, discounted to $234,- ($39,-M)
  • OR Yearly membership, discounted to $359,- ($29,92/M or less than a dollar a day)
  • OR Black Friday, yearly membership for $299,- but you well have to wait until November though!
  • No Up sells this is it, The complete price for WA premium membership.
  • The Free account is free Forever.

I’m a premium member myself, you can find my profile here, that was it, the complete pricing. no hidden fees or any other kind of deceiving agenda, you may think it’s cheap or expensive, honestly it is really quite Cheap, especially if you get to know the quality & value that is all in the program, you could even just do the free membership and wait until black Friday if you want to, The power is all in your hands, Click here to join Wealthy affiliate for free Today and start your adventure Right now!

Alright ill stop talking now, i believe you are starting to get tired of all my talking, so all that remains is…. GOOD BYE,

Okay, Okay, ill give you some comforting words to brighten your day a bit,

I hope i have answered your question on what is the best business school online and also convinced you why this truly is the best recommended platform for beginners and advanced marketers alike, if so, then great this article has fulfilled it’s purpose and helped you achieved a better & more successful life, if not… Then this is a very sad day for me and ill go find a corner to quietly cry and think about the meaning of life… Alright, maybe not that bad.. But seriously. Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts & why i haven’t convinced you,

We truly wish you much success & prosperity in your future endeavors, You Deserve a Happy & fulfilling life and above all A Life Of Greatness! Thank you very much for taking the time to read this article.

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