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what is the best small business to start with – The best business You should be starting today

what is the best small business to start with today

The best Business of the future

If you have been wondering what is the best small business to start with today, then you have come to the right place, not only will i recommend you to what i believe is the best business method, but also the easiest one out there, First you must really think one critical question for yourself and that is, what does the business of the future look like?


The Future & the importance of creating a successful Business

The Right business method is of utmost importance that will lead to either success or failure, The foundation where you build your business on, is what will hold together for decades to come, so what does the future of business look like? what do nearly all businesses have in common these days? It’s that they can be found Online right?

Thanks to the rise of the internet more than 30 years ago people and businesses have been more connected than ever before and this trend continues to rise exponentially every single year, you have also probably seen a few of those futuristic movies,  where nearly every service and product can be ordered with just a quick online search and POOF, within no time, there is your food, new bed, new refrigerator or any other stuff.

Yes, my fellow entrepreneurs, the future of business is definitely 100% Online, even workers might become obsolete thanks to the rise of automation and making products just by using machines, although as awful that part might sound to you, most companies think about 2 things, which is Time and Money, to make stuff faster, with less cost.

Considering The rising Competition

Nearly every single product or service can be found these days, most major companies and small business owners sell the same although different products and each year new businesses are being created, offering the exact same type(or similar) of service or product over and over again, the competition is truly becoming insane!

To join such type competition is incredibly time consuming, without knowing if you make it or not, not only would that mean incredible hassle for just creating such a business(and invest a ton of money or maybe even bank loans), but that would also mean you would have to spend incredible time & investment to advertise all your services or products, i really recommend against that type of business,

Instead, what i do recommend is the type of business that PROFITS from all the competition out there, but at the same time Helps Both The big and the small business owners(or whichever you choose) plus you get to help consumers buy stuff that they Need, want or love and you get a nice profit in return!

what is the best small business to start with the best Method

The best and Easiest Business method that really works

This business method is called Affiliate marketing, this is a marketing which simply means recommending other people’s stuff in exchange for a commission or also called as referral fee, you don’t need to own any physical services or products yourself, you don’t need to invest huge amounts of money or get a bank loan and you can just simply work from where ever you want.

what is the best small business to start with
what is the best small business to start with

More Benefits:

  • Just simply recommend stuff that people want & you don’t need to own any service or product yourself.
  • Let other companies do all the heavy and difficult work for you.
  • No hassle with product registration or license.
  • No hassle with product taxes.
  • No hassle with products bureaucracy and paper work.
  • Work from the comfort of your own home or anywhere else in the world.

This is why affiliate marketing is amazing, No difficult work, less hassle, work from where ever you want and just focus on your own business, this why i said that i truly believe that its the best & easiest business method out there, for small businesses(and if you want to, you could eventually even become a large one!),

The potential is truly unlimited, you could even in fact make many small businesses with different business idea’s by simply using affiliate marketing, it’s very cost effective, less time consuming, no heavy or very difficult work involved and you get to spend more time doing things that you love or spend more time with your Family.

The Simplicity of affiliate marketing

Simplicity is what usually works best for a business, with affiliate marketing it comes down to basically four steps,

  • Step 1 – Forming a business plan/Idea or also known as a niche(in marketing terms).
  • Step 2 – Setting up your business, for example having your own website(which is pretty easy and discussed later).
  • Step 3 – Attracting visitors(potential costumers) to your website.
  • Step 4 – Earn revenue, after all your *hard* work, you get to reap the fruits of your labor.

This is how affiliate marketing looks in a now explained simplified business model, of course there are details to it, but for now I’m just showing you the simplicity as a whole, it’s not a difficult process and it’s definitely not rocket science, it’s far easier than that,

Is Affiliate Marketing Legal?

Definitely 100% legal, or else companies like Amazon, eBay, E-commerce, AliBaba etc…, wouldn’t  be able to operate today, So yes it’s a Legal business method.

The Technicalities

The technicalities involved are simplified as well, in fact these days you can just create a simple(empty) website with just click of your mouse button, how is this possible? well for starters, it’s not the year 2000 anymore, where online businesses were still in there infancy, you definitely needed to be some form of an IT expert to create your own online business,

And now fast forward more than 19 years later, all the coding has been setup in certain models, like a website builder for example, that you can just create one with a click of your mouse button and POOF, tada…, there is your very own website, an empty one of course, but still it saves you all the coding trouble, you just need to fill your website up, sounds pretty simple right? What about the other details involved? Ah yes how could i forget about them!(Not) lets move on to the next chapter.

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The right Tools and program for an Online business

I would tell you that the details involved aren’t that complicated(which it actually isn’t), but you would have to start an online business yourself to believe it, however if you would ask me the question if there is any difficulty involved? I will say yes, not in the form of heavy work or stuff that tires you out(Well maybe that last one can be argued depending on how many hours a day you put into your business).

what is the best small business to start with
what is the best small business to start with

So what work is involved

The most of the work come into the marketing, not necessarily just paid marketing, there are many forms of marketing and the most effective long term success form of marketing is by creating content, you write posts & articles about the niche( Stuff that a group of people are interested in) you are working on,

You might not know this, but Yes writing stuff = marketing as well, how can that be marketing? Well it’s simple, search engines like google, yahoo & Bing, find & rank sites according to their content and what they offer to their website visitors, Each post means more marketing signals for example like google to find and to rank appropriately for the right audience,

So basically the more posts you write, the more *free* marketing signals you send out and the more Money you will make, Search engines like google, yahoo and Bing LOVE Content, it’s what makes the search engines work, people use the search engines to find stuff they want or are interested about, this is also called Organic Traffic, because you get visitors to your website naturally.

Difficulty level

On a Scale from 1 to 10, i would give it a 5(if you never wrote before), so at the beginning you will probably find writing about stuff a little challenging, but to be honest this is nothing compared to starting a whole new business from scratch, with your own products & the hassle that comes with it,

The difficulty of writing has mostly to do with coming out of your comfort zone, because lets be honest here, For every new interest or endeavor you want to pursue, there is are always stuff you feel uncomfortable with right? But that’s just a normal part of life, The only thing you can do is just do it, get past your comfort zone and achieve a new level of success!

Everything will become natural

When i first started out on my online adventure in early 2016, i was really careful with every single detail of my business, trying to make it perfect, but the truth is, nothing will be perfect, but it will quickly become Natural to you, that writing a post or article will always be good enough or in most cases, just simply Amazing!

So my fellow entrepreneurs,  get out of your comfort zones and just start doing stuff! This is what will lead you to success, not your comfort zones.

Important technicalities

These are some of the tools need or knowledge you need to learn:

  • A website Builder.
  • A website hosting platform.
  • Website maintenance support.
  • Keyword researching tools.
  • Education about creating an Online business & affiliate marketing.
  • Education about how to get ranked into the Search Engines.
  • Google webmaster tools and Analytics
  • And several more extra’s that help for faster rankings & success(not a must, but it does help).

These are just basic stuff that you need, It may sound complicated, but like i said before, all of this stuff is already set into certain models, some of them are free, others you do need to pay for, but i also stated before, that an investment in an Online business is far more cost-effective, it doesn’t costs thousands of dollars,

I Myself use a very effective affiliate marketing program that has all this stuff in One platform(or just call it an All in one Platform), There is a community there that consists of thousands and thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs  and they even have a free membership, with some free simplified step by step training & websites, which you can keep forever.

Make Life as simple as possible for yourself

There are quite a few affiliate marketing programs out there, a lot of them are crap, others do offer some decent education and training, but no tools, features, website builder or hosting platform, which can make life more complicated for creating an Online business,

Actually i tried creating an online business earlier in 2012/2013, but i simply couldn’t find the right program to help me get started, it was really frustrating back then, in fact i didn’t even know any proper business method, i didn’t even knew affiliate marketing existed, had i known back then, i would have had my own successful online business so much earlier,

But no point on contemplating the past, I am where i want to be now and that’s all what matters.


Using the right program For your Online success

Using the right business partner for your success is such an incredible boost for your ambitions, it Saves money, but more importantly it just saves so much of your valuable time and efforts, Wasting time and energy on stuff that doesn’t work is one of the biggest reason why businesses fail and give up on their dream to becoming their own boss.

what is the best small business to start with
what is the best small business to start with

Why does Failure happen?

There can be quite a few reasons why failure happens, but the most common reasons simply are wasting time and energy on stuff that doesn’t work, Impatience and just focusing on getting quick results, it’s good to be persistent, but when plans or idea’s need to be modified, then just do it, Sometimes it’s really just better to go with the flow,

Creating A new business needs your Love, Patience and Attention, without these simple basic foundations, a business cannot flourish!

How can an Online Business become successful?

By recommending stuff that people Need, Want and Love, This is how an affiliate marketing business works, it’s fun and it’s by far one of the most easiest business methods out there! You need don’t to be an IT expert, even complete beginners can do this, because all the technicalities are already taken care of.

After setting up your website, it all comes down to marketing, which you could simply do organically by writing content, Write posts and articles about stuff that people want, it is really that simple, It just takes some time and effort from your part, which is the only *difficult* part of the business, because writing about stuff will take time,

But don’t see it as difficult or time consuming, see it as fun and an investment for a growing, successful business, each post will eventually get ranked in search engines and has the possibility to earn you a $1000 or more every single month(you could even almost say on autopilot), The possibilities are truly Endless!

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The right business Partner to get Started

I tried to find the right program to get started for a very long time and by Far, i truly believe that Wealthy affiliate is the place to be for any beginning or experienced entrepreneur, Why? They have simply everything you need in an all in one platform, So all the simplified step by step training, tools, Features, website builder, site maintenance, site support and all the other stuff + the extra stuff that helps to achieve success even faster,

Next to all that, there is an incredible community consisted of thousands and thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs, both newbies and experienced alike, it truly is an community where you can turn for more advice and help when you need it and above all that they simply have an amazing free membership(forever) for anyone that wishes to start their own Business Online.

Being with this affiliate program just makes life so much easier, which is why i can recommend them to anyone who wishes to start their even online business, i wont get into great detail about wealthy affiliate in this article, because i already made a different article(with video included for an inside look) with a review at this page,

It Matters!

So Yes, working together with the right business partner matters a lot, you can either take the long road to success or the shorter one, This choice i will leave up to you,

I cant say there is a right or wrong here, there are some other programs that do offer some decent education and training about affiliate marketing, but that’s where it usually ends, you will have to figure out how to get the technical details on your own, plus costs for the training involved are usually much higher,

Which is why i personally recommend you the platform I’m using right now, it’s simplified, with quality training, they have a simple free membership with free stuff included and a premium membership at a very low cost, within this platform you will have more than everything you need to create a successful online business.

But again, i can only recommend you stuff what i personally use and works, whatever you choose to work with is up to you.

what is the best small business to start with
what is the best small business to start with

The Competition

When it comes to the competition within affiliate marketing, it’s far less competitive than regular big and small businesses out there, In fact now it’s absolutely the best time to be starting an online business(well okay… 7 years ago would have been even better, but still!), The competition is not that much at all,

Every year new technologies are being created, which means online opportunities as well! The future of business is Online, it’s better to be ahead of the game, rather than running behind it and trying to catch up where everybody else,

Currently, the work involved isn’t that too much or difficult, but with every increasing year, this competition will also rise, of course new business are being created every single day, but still more competition, means more work and it will take longer to succeed, so i cant stress it enough why now is the time to get started!

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A Bright future for The Online Business Owners

The future of the online business have never been more bright than it is now! Nearly Everything will be done Online and you can have a huge piece of that cake by simply using affiliate marketing as your business method, you can created an unlimited amount of businesses with many different business idea’s, the potential is limitless!

Having your own Online Brand(or multiple brands) is the greatest business investment you could endeavor, in end, its your brand name that will be worth a ton of money, for example my brand name is ALifeOfGreatness, i have multiple websites affiliated with this name, this website you are on now is my main website,

And it’s this Name that is worth $$, because no brand name = also no business, which also means no money, but having an incredible rich brand name is all just a side effect from creating a successful online business, it’s just a fun fact i wanted to share with you, creating your own successful online business comes with all sorts of positive side effects, It’s just the way how good effort works.

Final Word

Being Successful has a different meaning for everyone, for some it just means becoming their own boss and make a decent living, for others it might mean creating huge amounts of wealth and living a life of incredible luxury, all of this is possible, you simply offer a product or service that people Love, this is how any successful business works,

what is the best small business to start with
what is the best small business to start with

There is no Limit to what you can achieve, The only the limit you could have is simply your own Mind and imagination, move past any limitations and you will see that success is not far Behind it, Do what you want and love to do and never give up, don’t listen to others who cant understand your journey, You KNOW, that’s all what matters!

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We truly hope that this article has been helpful for your quest to create a successful Small business, If so, then we have been honored to have been of service to you, We truly wish you incredible success & prosperity in you Business ventures, We Truly wish you A Life Of Greatness, Thank you for reading!

Have a Question or Comment? Then Please feel free to leave a comment below in the Comment Section!

6 thoughts on “what is the best small business to start with – The best business You should be starting today”

  1. I have to say that affiliate marketing is here to stay. It is so much cheaper for business owners to save cost on hiring the affiliate marketers than having the store front and dealing with logistic and employment. I think it is a win win for both side, the employer saves money and the employees can work when we want to work. The reality is you need to acquire knowledge to be good as an affiliate marketers. It is such a high competition,

    let’s face it we all want to work when we want to work. I am so burned with the 9-5 jobs that I got myself into affiliate marketing. Eventually, if you are successful as an affiliate marketers, you can start having your own E Commerce store and make more profits by selling your own products.

    I love the aspect of affiliate marketing that I do not have to deal with the customer service or dealing with the logistic, the company will take care of that, you just basically earn a commission. However, you need to have a useful content for your products and through time when people trust you and start buying the product through your link you can make a decent living. Affiliate marketing is like having a small business, the more you work the more money you will make. It is not an easy path to make money but it is achievable. Thanks for writing such an informative post.

    • I agree with a lot with what you just mentioned, Business do love working more and more with affiliates, so the potential is becoming unlimited,

      When you are just starting out as an affiliate marketer and you never created an online business before, it may seem really difficult, but actually it’s not, it just require some work, effort and time,

      The more time you invest into your business, the faster you will see results, follow the training and make consistent effort every single day, The startup may be a bit Rocky, but it will get a lot smoother, overtime,

      Keep on going, if you need any help, just send me a PM and ill reply Asap,

      Thanks for dropping by and giving your input, it’s much appreciated!



  2. Today, one of the main ways to do business in on line business,,People can buy things by ordering from far and wide via on line business, Through this, all people can sell products,There is a need to keep some members in order to supply products to all the people through on line business,Business through on line business can be easily beneficial in this way…
    Thank you for discussing such a post…..

    • Hi Hasan,

      I’m glad you liked the post,

      Yes definitely, The future of business is Online! anything can be but Online nowadays, Nearly any service or product can be found Online and Well… Automation is rising rapidly, I’m not even sure if that many workers will be required in the future, Scary thought..

      But who knows, maybe something good will come out of it!

      Thank you for visiting & i wish you well,



  3. The thing I like with Wealthy Affiliate is they continue to stress that your intention is to be an authority in your niche and provide value to the readers, whereas many other websites are usually talking solely about how to make money.

    • Hi James,

      I couldn’t agree more, the way to make money good money is proving people with services or stuff that they Need, Want & Love and you can make a great profit in return, Having your own Long term business is definitely the way to go,

      Thanks for your comment and input,

      I wish you much success in your online business Adventure,



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