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what is the law of attraction Really all about? A Powerful guide for using the Law of attraction Effectively

What is the Law of Attraction all About?

What is truth and what is fiction, is it real or not? What is the Law of Attraction really all about and how can you use it’s power to it’s full potential? You might have been wondering these simple questions Since you recently have watched the Secret, learned about the law of attraction and the method of Ask, Believe and Receive, What the Heck is this all about? Well you have definitely come to the right place for answers.


First, What is it not?

If you were wondering if the law of attraction had something to do with black magic, voodoo or even occultism, Don’t worry, it’s not, it’s not dangerous either or some fairy tale,

In fact, whether you know it or not, You have been using this power your entire life, just maybe not in the right way, the law of attraction can be used to manifest both positivity and negativity,

But what is it exactly and how can you use this power to benefit your own life? One of my favorite educational Courses i learned from, The No-BS Manifesting Course explains and uses the law of attraction in an incredibly scientific way, We will talk More about this later on and the incredible 5 step Process for Ultimate Manifesting.

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You are more Powerful than you realize

You are truly more powerful than you realize and you don’t need to be afraid of it, This seemingly unheard of power may scare the heck out a lot of folks out there, but there truly is nothing to fear,

Because whether you know it or not, even now you are using the power of the law of attraction, You are ALWAYS using the law of attraction to manifest wanted(or unwanted) things into your life, it can be both positive and negative,

The Law of attraction is the ability to attract things into our lives and with things i mean ANYTHING, stuff, people, wealth, health, love, happiness, travels, jobs, promotions, truly anything you can think of, You have already been doing this your entire Life! Now all you need to learn is how to master it.

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In this article We will be discussing these topics Extensively:

  • Understanding the law of attraction through Energy and Vibration
  • How to Properly use the Method of Ask, Believe and Receive to it’s full potential
  • releasing your negativity, blocks and personal barriers
  • The law of attraction is not that strict
  • Changing your ability from uncontrolled to controlled Manifesting
  • Using the Power of the Law of Attraction to Attract absolutely ANYTHING
  • Useful Law of attraction tools
  • The incredible Power of the subconscious Mind
  • Being receptive and open to energy


What is the Law of Attraction all About? – An Extensive guide for understanding and using your Natural Power

Understanding Energy and Vibration

To explain what the law of attraction is in simple terms, you can simply call it Energy and Vibration, because that’s what it all comes down to, science already tells us that everything is made out of energy and it cannot be destroyed, only transformed,

what is the law of attraction about
what is the law of attraction about – Energy and Vibration

Energy and Vibration

We human beings are also made out of pure energy and each and every single one of us is vibrating a frequency, if you don’t know what a frequency is, think of a radio, when you are listening to some music or something else, but eventually you may prefer to listen to some other music or listen to the news, you can switch channels right? Well scientifically that’s actually called switching frequency,

your radio has a receiver(like an antenna) somewhere and can accept and switch frequencies through it or when you are looking for TV channels on your flat screens at home, you are also just simply switching frequencies,

We Human beingsΒ  basically do the same thing, only we do much more than just receiving, we are also transmitting, conscientiously and subconsciously, every day, every hour, every minute and every second of our lives.

Different Levels of frequencies

There are probably an infinite amount of frequencies out there in the universe, all vibrating on different levels, including for things, people, Wealth, Love, health and everything else in our world, everything has a vibration and frequency,

And each and every one of us are using the power of the law of attraction every single day to attract people, things and other stuff into our lives, We are always Manifesting, every single second in our lives, even when we are sleeping,

Our subconscious mind continues to manifest things for us, even while we are sleeping, as time is non-existent there, it will continue to manifest things that match your current vibration and frequency, so as you see, you are always using the law of attraction, you just never knew it before!

The tuning forks – Vibration and the law of attraction

When you were looking for a law of attraction experiment you have probably already heard about the think of a friend experiment, which is think of any friend you know of, even someone you haven’t heard from in while and later that day you get a sudden phone call from Him or her,

well that is a common and decent experiment, however i want to show something different and a more direct example of vibration and energy, Tuning forks make a great example and how they fit in with attracting the goals and desires you wish to achieve in life,

If you haven’t heard of a tuning fork before, it was used more than 300 years ago for mostly musical instruments , but it is still widely used today for a lot of spiritual and some medical practices, here below is a short and interesting video about a tuning fork experiment to create a sound resonance with 2 matching tuning forks, by hitting one tuning fork, the other matching tuning fork will make a sound as well.

What does this have to do with the law of attraction? Well, EVERYTHING!

The tuning forks have a resonance because of their same weight and frequency, without it there is no resonance, did you notice that when the person doing the experiment puts an extra weight on one of the tuning forks and suddenly there was no resonance anymore? That’s because the Two tuning forks didn’t match anymore, neither in weight nor frequency(in this case non matching sound wave),

If you want, Check out another very short and interesting video about a tuning fork experiment.

This very same principle applies for the law of attraction as well, it works by you matching your own frequencies to be in resonance with your Desires, dreams and goals and achieving great success in the process, this is basically what the law of attraction is all about.

Equal vibrations attract

As you have learned previously, equal frequencies and vibrations attract each other, you my friend, are a very powerful and wonderful human being, there is no need to be afraid of that(Truly), the power of the law of attraction has been inside of you all along, most people are just simply not aware of it, they are just living day by day manifesting things(Wanted or Unwanted),

By now you have just learned from the previous chapters above your own previously unknown powers and capabilities, never think little about yourself, you are GREAT, more than your realize, from your thoughts to your feelings and emotions, Everything has power and leaving that power uncontrolled is where most people are currently at right now,

Because sending out the wrong thoughts, vibrations and frequencies may attract more unwanted emotions or events into your Life, This is where you can make a BIG shift in your life, by changing your negative thoughts into positive thoughts and aligning your vibration and frequency to your goals, dreams and desires.

You are the Creator of your Life

We human beings are acting like Magnets, we are all constantly sending thoughts, vibrations and energies every second of our lives and we are attracting most of these very same things back to us, whether they are positive or negative, if you are more in a negative state of mind, then your are more than likely to attract a lot of negativity around you, If you are more in a positive state of mind, then you are more than likely to attract a lot of positivity around you,

It’s how the law of attraction works, have you noticed how all those seemingly positive, happy and grateful people naturally vibrate a certain energy? And it simply makes people Want to be around them? It’s because (perhaps unknowingly) they are naturally using the law of attraction and sending a lot of positive energy out into the universe and the world, which also naturally comes back to them,

They almost seemingly do it effortlessly, they are just in a certain mindset which is set up automatically for success and surely their result was that they achieved success without much or no effort whatsoever, all because they naturally tapped into the power of the law of attraction and it’s this state of mind that can lead you to achieving your goals, dreams and desires.

Why does the Law of attraction work?

Good question, i have another question, why does gravity work? Any idea’s? Me neither, next to gravity, one of the mysteries of the universe is also the law of attraction, as to why it works is a very good question, why are we here? Why does the universe exist? what’s the purpose of our lives?

Maybe it serves as a connection between heaven and earth, between man and the higher planes of existence, there could be multiple reasons for it’s existence, but one can only theorize it at this moment,

There may come a time when science can explain it’s origin and why it works in the first place, all we can do now is enjoy the power that the law of attraction has to offer us.

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How to Properly use the Method of Ask, Believe and Receive to it’s full potential

Since you have watched or read the secret, you will have learned not only about the law of attraction, but also a little about the method of Ask, Believe and receive, using this three step method properly is crucial to achieving real success in attracting your goals and desires into your life,

what is the law of attraction about
what is the law of attraction about – Ask, Believe and Receive

Using the law of attraction to your benefit

It’s all about matching and vibration frequencies, remember the tuning forks? think yourself as one tuning fork that wants to match the vibration and frequency of the tuning fork (for example) of Wealth or that of love or your dream job, your perfect travel destination etc…

There is a different frequency and vibration for absolutely EVERYTHING, for each person, for each object, for the different types of energy, absolutely anything you can think of and you can attract any of these frequencies,

This is where the Ask, believe and receive comes in(and additional details included), you need to know how to exactly attract the right goals, dreams, things and desires you want, so we are going to walk you through this seemingly simple process.

The Three step method for using the Law of Attraction

This process, especially at the beginning, is a gradual one, it’s all about learning how to use the law of attraction and feeling it’s *Magic*, there is no rule book here that says what is right or wrong, it’s simply about attracting the things and goals you want.

  • Ask

What would you like to attract into your life, most people would have said by now, a million dollars(Ha Ha), let your power grow first, start with attracting smaller things and then build it up to more bigger things and goals,

see it like training a muscle, you need to exercise it, gradually leveling it up to an incredible magnet vibrating with attracting powers, build this muscle up gradually, this is usually also the fastest process,

This buildup can grow rapidly once started, so it’s best to prepare yourself as much as possibly, which of course we will guide you a little bit with further into this article, Lets do a little exercise: Think of something small you would like to attract, maybe for today or tomorrow, it can be anything, a flower, a chocolate chip cookie, a pen, seeing a butterfly, it can truly be anything! (On to the next part).

  • Believe

Now focus all your mental energy on believing that you will receive what you asked for, without any doubt, if there are any doubtful or negative thoughts showing up in your mind, just cast them all aside, just keep your focus on believing that you will get what want,

Just keep your focus on your desires, like a laser focus, without a loss of connection, you want to vibrate the exact some frequency like the one you would like to receive, be the matching tuning fork!

Continuation of the previous exercise: Use affirmations, like i will get this flower today or i will get my chocolate chip cookie tomorrow over and over again, believe it, feel it happening, feel your excitement coming up that you will get what you so desire! (on to the last part)

  • Receive

Feel absolutely ecstatic for the thing or desire you are about to receive, feel it coming, what does it feel like when you have it, see yourself getting it and be grateful for your manifestation,

gratitude is an extremely powerful thought and emotion, Use it, be grateful for every thing, desire and goal you will attract, feel the joy of your manifestation!

Continuation of the previous exercise: For this exercise we are going to use affirmations in the previous tense, saying something like, thank you so much for this beautiful Flower or thank you so much for this delicious Chocolate chip cookie, keep repeating your affirmations over and over again.

Keep on repeating and vibrating

Keep on repeating the same exercise over and over again until you manifest your goal or desire into reality, start with something you resonate with, things that you like and love, these are usually the easiest things to attract, start attracting small things,

remember, it’s all about building up that (invisible) muscle, keep leveling it up, keep making it stronger until you become an expert at manifesting, later when you are able to attract the little things very easily, move on to your more bigger goals and desires,

become a matching tuning fork for your dreams, goals and desires, you can repeat the same basic exercises, keep your unwavering belief that you will achieve your dreams and goals, crush aside all the negative thoughts and doubts.Β 

Boosting your goals and desires into reality

Within first few years since the release of the secret and the law of attraction became known to the public, the methods have advanced further to fast track the manifesting process, so of course, these advancements will be added here as well,lets get started.

The four step process to fast track manifesting:

So within time, new books and video’s came out about how to boost your ability to use the law of attraction and manifest your dreams, goals and desires much faster, you can simply see them as additional knowledge, advancements made from the previously learned knowledge.

  • Focus

Concentrate exactly on the goals, dreams and desires you wish to receive, it can be absolutely anything, what are the goals or things you so incredibly desire? Focus on them and keep a laser focus locked on it,

(You can repeat the same previously done Exercise)

  • Boost

Now boost your desires with incredibly happy and positive emotions, feel the excitement of what it would feel like when you have achieved that particular goal or desire, keep that excitement and positivity with you.

  • Gratitude

Feel the immense gratitude that what you desire is on it’s way and that you will have it no matter what, gratitude is truly incredibly powerful, don’t underestimate it, use it’s power to manifest your goals and desires even quicker!

  • Action

Take action on every sign the universe gives you, every thought, every idea, every sudden inspiration, take (if you can) immediate action, you are currently an incredible vibrating tuning fork for your desires, dreams and goals, you will be vibrating a ton of wonders into your life now!

Power boosting your Goals, dreams and desires into reality

Evolution never stops, so that includes for the Law of attraction and manifesting, very recently, New and incredible advancements just were made at the very beginning of 2019, the unbelievable Manifesting movie(backed by science) came out and the amazing No-BS Manifesting Course provided a ton of new knowledge that was previously unknown to the public, check out the 5 step process below.

The 5 step process for Ultimate Manifesting

From the No-BS Manifesting Course, I have shortly written the 5 step process for ultimate manifesting to power boost your ability to use the law of attraction and practically start your manifesting journey almost Instantly! Lets get started.

  • Intention

The difference between your intention and your focus is that your intention has a purpose, while your focus is well.. simply just focusing(to learn more about the difference, click here and check out wikidiff for more details), so instead of just focusing(which is powerful as well), setting your intention in your goals, dreams and desires is SUPER Powerful, truly it is!

You are manifesting with a deep purpose, Firmly fixed and concentrated on making you dreams and desires become a reality, it’s so much more powerful than just focusing, your entire being is fixated on making that particular goal or desire a reality,

So Yes, definitely remain focused, that is good, just your intention is so much better and it’s this power which you want to have on your side, backing you up all the way along your journey to achieving the *ideal* life you so desire, you can do the exact same exercise as discussed in the previous chapters, set your intention clear and start manifesting!

  • Boost

Similar to the previous chapter, but as an addition, combine the boosting(by using your thoughts, feelings and emotions) with your intention and super boost your law of attraction ability, become a huge magnet vibrating with positive energy,

Super boost your manifesting power to a whole new level that will most likely freak you the H*ll out or make you totally excited or perhaps even both! Manifesting is super fun and an amazing journey towards creating an awesome life for yourself and perhaps others around you,

You will become a powerful vibrating tuning fork that can easily emit and attract a ton of positive energy, connect your vibration and frequency to the goals and desires you want to attract and start manifesting!

  • release

Although i have read several articles about releasing before, i have never read or seen it together like this in a simple, but yet effective 5 step process, releasing can be super easy, but yet for most people it can be quite difficult(I will give you a little releasing exercise later on in the article),

Releasing(or also known as letting go) is another very important step to having the law of attracting working as your ally, by releasing all your negativity and personal blocks surrounding your goals, your vibrational energy and frequency becomes more clear and you can more easily attract the goals and desires you wish to achieve

Releasing can be a quite complicated process if you don’t know the proper methods, there are so many articles that write about how to let go, yet most of them only provide a fraction of the necessary satisfaction, Real releasing is internal work and the work you do on yourself (can also do it with an exercise), your life can already feel a lot lighter and you will feel more powerful.

  • Gratitude

Similar to the previous chapter, but here you also want to infuse your powerful energy of gratitude together with your Intention, this way you will give yourself an additional power boost for attract goals or desires you want,

Remember to show immense gratitude for each of your goals, dreams and desires, keep boosting the things you want to achieve with incredible power and vibration, Be grateful for all the success and abundance that’s about to come into your life,

Gratitude can work miracles, once you start feeling it’s power, you will be amazed how something as simple like being grateful can do for you, Keep Power Boosting!

  • Action

This mostly stays the same, Take action on every sign you get or see, again, this is entirely different and situational for each person, signs can come in any form, pictures, billboards, signs when walking the street, a phone call from a friend or learning something from a friendly meetup, sudden inspirational thoughts and idea’s and so much more,

The signs can come to you in all shapes and forms, it’s an endless and non-exhaustive well of manifestations you are creating, pay attention to them and act accordingly, only you can know what they mean, they will be related to your dreams, goals and desires, take action on them,

Without action, most of the time, nothing gets done or achieved, while the law of attraction teaches effortlessness, this doesn’t mean that action is not required, effortlessness attraction mostly come through signs and inspirational idea’s, but okay occasionally unexpected wealth does happen or unexpected love, but still action in most cases will always be required, Keep that in mind!

Visualize your dreams, goals and desires

A Vision board would actually make quite a great visualizing partner along your manifesting adventures, considering you can incredibly power boost your ability to use the law of attraction, because a vision board is a great tool that holds an entire collection of visual images of the *ideal* life or desires you wish to have, consider making one,

Otherwise try to visualize every single day in your mind the life you wish to live, the goals you wish to achieve, the ideal relationship you wish to have or the things you desire to have, use your intention to maximize the full power of the law of attraction,

you can also try day dreaming, some people are naturally good at day dreaming, which is similar to visualizing, although eventually you may want to move from day dreaming to visualizing because it is somewhat more powerful, because it is more controlled and fixed.

Take action on every manifestation and sign

The universe has a sense of humor(truly, it does), it can manifest signs for you in the most incredible and weirdest ways, this is why manifesting is fun, the universe has a non-exhaustible source of methods of sending you what you want(and sometimes need),

And only you will know their meaning, you will notice a certain sign and usually a sudden feeling inside, your intuition at work, like HEY! THAT’S IT! That is Exactly what i need right now! When this happens, be sure to give the universe some Gratitude and you will attract more of these awesome signs,

You may also get sudden inspirational thoughts and idea’s, just out of nowhere, out of the blue, they suddenly pop up and now is the time for you to take action, take action with your sudden idea’s and put them to good use and give the universe some gratitude. πŸ™‚

Be Flexible to Change

Everyone is vibrating a different kind of frequency, everyone’s wants and needs will be different and in most cases, these wants and needs can gradually change or be updated as we grow and evolve as a person, it’s a natural part of life that change might occur,

You don’t need to fear this change either, as i mentioned before, most of the time this will be a natural process, you will learn, grow and evolve, the best thing you can do is to be as flexible as possible with the occurring change, resistance will mostly only lead to struggle and unwanted pain,

Change has always been a natural part of life and probably always will be, but it doesn’t mean it’s always a negative process, most of the time struggle helps us to become stronger and more efficient in achieving our dreams, goals and desires and this is an encouraging thought, be as flexible as possible to change and your life’s journey will go much smoother!

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releasing your negativity, blocks and personal barriers

This is absolutely one of the most important chapters of this article and in the law of attraction, as releasing helps a person become clear of any negative energy and unwanted personal blocks, a good example would be a muddy pond, can the pond become clear again just by pouring new water into it? No right? It needs to be cleaned first.

what is the law of attraction about
what is the law of attraction about – Releasing

Releasing negativity to make room for more Positivity

No matter how much positive thoughts or energy you muster, you cannot use the full power of positivity with a cup filled with negativity, the negativity has to flow out of your cup , to allow your positive energy to full it up entirely

Now this may all seem like it’s black and white and all doom and gloom, but luckily that’s not the case, because the universe knows we are all learning and its a process growth and self education,

Releasing your fears, negativity and personal blocks is also all about your own personal growth and to manifest the abundance you truly deserve, once your cup is gradually drained from negativity, it will gradually be filled with more positivity, but it will be a gradual process which can be very fast.

How does releasing work?

releasing works by letting go of all the fear en negativity that may be surrounding your goals and desires or even just removing all the obstacles that is weighing you down in your life, i know what you are probably thinking right now, easier said than done right?

Well you are partly right, it is going to be a gradual process, how fast and how long it will take is entirely up to you and how much negative baggage you carry, the duration of the process will be different for everyone, but with daily and consistent practice, you can definitely be successful in releasing all that negative load off your shoulders,

And by relieving yourself of all that unwanted negativity and possible blockages, you will be able to use the law of attraction far more easier and with greater efficiency, which in turn helps you achieve your goals and abundance you so desire, lets do a little and simple releasing exercise shall we?

A Simple, but yet effective releasing exercise

First you want to know what kind a feeling you will feel once you have done some releasing, so we are first going to start with a simple relaxation exercise to help your body feel more relaxed, just your body for now, the second exercise is going to be about releasing for both your mind, body and energy.

Relaxing the body

Shake your entire body from your head to your feet, just shake every part of your body, start with your head(shake your head slowly), then move on to your shoulders, your arms, your body, all the way down to your feet, shake each part of your body,

Do this exercise for one or two minutes(set your intention on becoming relaxed), by now you should feel a little more relaxed and relieved of some tension through your entire body, even if it’s just a little bit,

With relaxation and this exercise, it’s mostly all about relieving tension throughout your entire body, which helps you to feel more peaceful and calm, you can do this very simple exercise again if you wish or for as long as you like, in any case lets move on to part two.

releasing through breathing

Now that you have a basic feeling of what releasing feels like or actually i rather say what relaxation feels like, there is a difference between releasing negativity and releasing tension, yet both are equally important, because releasing tension is very good for the body and releasing blocks and negativity is very good for your mind,

Many books about releasing talk about breathing, specifically about breathing and relaxing at the same, unfortunately most don’t actually help the core issues, like actually feel both light in your mind and body, no longer having this heavy feeling inside your head or continuously overthinking etc…

but we are going to practice a simple breathing exercise anyway, just to know what it feels like, alright, breath in deeply and breath out a little slower than you normally do, when breathing out feel every part of your body relax with it, in fact, set your focus on (for example) your head and shoulders first and move down to the rest of your body, you can do this exercise several times, in part three there will be an improvement to this method.

Breathing through your entire body

The last exercise is also simple but yet very powerful, remember, you want to set your intention within every releasing exercise you do, not just focusing or visualizing, in this exercise you wont be just simply breathing, you will be breathing air into your body, you can also visualize this air as pure white energy entering each part of your body,

So this wont be just be breathing in and out, first sit comfortably and set your full intention on your body, now focus on your head and shoulders first, breath in the air into your head and shoulders and release down through your body, out your feet and into the earth, repeat this exercise a few times and then move on to the next part of your body, all the way down to your feet,

Set your intention on removing all the negativity and tension throughout your entire body, feel the calm and relaxation happening with each release you make, you can do this exercise for as long as you like and as many times as you like, feel body become more relaxed through and your become more lighter.

Releasing thoughts and tension

usually when negative thoughts or situations arise, people become naturally tensed, most of the times, this tension begins at the head, so when you release this tension, most negative thoughts and energy will naturally flow away,

However some negativity might keep sticking around a little bit longer, which can be the cause for negative thoughts or even outburst(anger), after you have released this tension in your head, don’t let the negative thoughts get the best of you, just let them pass by, say thank you for dropping by and that their services are not required,

But seriously, don’t pay attention to them, just let them flow away and breath the tension away from your upper body and down into the earth, the more you get the hang of this, the faster you will become a master of releasing and almost effortlessly, it can almost be just a one second release, one second tension pops up and the next second it just dissolves away just like that, because you are so good at releasing.

effortlessly releasing

Eventually, you will be able to release almost effortlessly, it’s like the struggle of letting go of negative was ancient history, you will feel an incredible peace and tranquility which will benefit you for the rest of your life,

No Matter which exercise you which to use or method you will follow, what matters is that releasing takes place, without releasing your journey towards achieving your dreams, goals and desires may take longer,

We all love the fastest road to success and releasing helps to make that happen, at first, it’s going to be a gradual process, but over time, you will find yourself living a more happier and successful life.



The law of attraction is not that strict

The Movie the secret has told us that you can only attract positive and negative energies into our lives, period, if you are living a negative life and having lots of negative thoughts, you are doomed and if you live a positive with only positive thoughts, you will have all of life’s gloom and glory,

what is the law of attraction about
what is the law of attraction about – Non strictness

Some form of Relief

Luckily for all of us, the law of attraction isn’t really that black and white, years have passed since the release of the Secret and new advancements have been made, with new knowledge coming out every single year, the truth is, the universe knows we are learning, if the law of attraction truly was that black and white, we probably would have destroyed ourselves long ago,

So take comfort in the idea that every negative thought you are thinking right now, probably will not come true, it’s most likely when you repeatedly think the same thoughts over an over again, adding your emotions and feelings to it as fuel, that your negative experience or event will come true,

As they say what you think repeatedly, you will become, meaning, when you think the same thought patterns over and over again, you will most likely create that reality for yourself, when you vibrate a lot of negative energy, you will probably attract negativity back to you and when you vibrate a lot of positivity, you will attract a lot of positivity back to you, we are always using the law of attraction, every second of our lives.

The Balance of Power

The current level of power where most people are currently vibrating at is at a balance point, which can slightly turn both positive and negative during the day or attract bigger things during the week, month or year, these manifestations are mostly uncontrolled,

some people naturally attract a lot of positivity into their lives simply because they are naturally(or learned) positive and optimistic people, vibrating a strong positive energy out into the universe, which in return attracts them a lot of *good fortune* into their lives, this is the level where you want to go and eventually go beyond it,

But the law of attraction isn’t really that strict as most experts claim it is, if it were, there would be destruction’s everywhere, so the universe put a natural safeguard in place to prevent that from happening, so you are quite safe for now.

There is no need for Fear

As i mentioned before, the universe knows you are learning, so don’t Panic or be afraid of your own thoughts, in fact just let them go, let them dissolve into the nothingness that awaits them, there is no need to give negative thoughts(or emotions) unnecessary power or attention, just let them flow away,

Easier said than done? Think about doing the releasing exercise or think about a place, thing or person that brings joy into your life, there are many methods to let go of unwanted thoughts, feelings and emotions, one of the best ways to stop growth of these negatives is to stop giving them power right at the moment they start to surface,

Block it’s passage then and there, don’t give it any more ground or anymore of your precious time and attention, spend that time for other amazing joys and desires in your life, start using the law of attraction as your ally and vibrate a powerful energy around you that is brimming with positive energy.

It’s about your Journey

It’s all about the journey and the adventures ahead of you, about growth and personal evolution, of you becoming the best version of yourself, every day you can reach a new and higher level of yourself, this is what you should be focusing on, your own personal growth and development, keep working on yourself every single day and the success will come,

The more you focus on the adventure ahead of you, taking it one step at a time, the smoother your journey through life and using the law of attraction to manifest your dreams, goals and desires into reality will be, so don’t take your current thoughts or emotions to seriously, just try to let them go,

Also, remember your struggles, they helped shaped and make the person who you are today, where would you be today without them? All of our struggles have a meaning somewhere, they helped to make you stronger, to help you grow as a person, you are here today because of everything what you have previously experienced, but now it’s time to use the law of attraction as your strongest Ally.

Extra: The Art of Simplification

As an extra addition to this section, the art of simplification, meaning the simplification of your own life, getting rid of things, events(and sometimes people) who no longer do you any good in life, you will want to simply your life as much as possible, so that you can keep a lot of personal space and time for yourself,

At the moment, you may be in a certain routine that you have been doing for the most of your life or maybe even multiple routines, whether it’s helping people who show absolutely no sign of gratitude or maybe you are a people’s pleaser, devoting a great deal of your time and energy to make people happy, while neglecting your own happiness and personal life,

Focus on your own life first, in fact, put yourself FIRST, how can you truly help others if you cant even help yourself? You need to spend a lot of your time on your own personal development and happiness, you need to give yourself some Love and Attention,

in fact give yourself A LOT of Love and attention, simplify your life as much as possible and give less energy to things that are no longer good for you, put yourself first!

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Changing your ability from uncontrolled to controlled Manifesting

You have been using your ability of manifesting uncontrolled for most of your life, now it’s for you to take control of your manifesting power and take charge in leading your life toward the goals, dreams and desires you wish to achieve,

what is the law of attraction about
what is the law of attraction about – Controlled Manifesting

Controlling your manifesting ability

As you know by now, to manifest the goals, dreams and desires you wish to acquire in your life, you must match your vibrational energy to the frequency of that particular goal or object you desire to have and it also goes for anything else you can think of,

You have to learn to become that matching tuning fork or better yet, a tuning fork that vibrates a ton of positive energy that can manifest anything you want in your life, this is the type of frequency you will wish to be at and you can definitely achieve that,

Abundance is everywhere, believe this and you shall receive it, when you start to work with the law of attraction, signs will be popping out of nowhere, it will just happen, set your intention for one very small thing you would like to have and repeat the steps of focus boost and receive, manifesting small stuff should be relatively easy.

Manifesting is easy, cats are complicated

As they said in the latest Manifesting Movie(if you have watched it), Manifesting is easy, Cats are complicated, truly, manifesting can be incredibly easy, well that goes for both the positive and negative of course, but anyway, its all about the process in between, which will help your ability to make the law of attraction a controlled power,

When you master the 5 step process for ultimate manifesting, which is intention, Boost, Release, Gratitude and action you will find yourself gradually becoming a super powerful attracting magnet of incredible positive energy, which in turn will attract a lot of your goals and desires to you.

These manifestations can come in many forms, like additional wealth, a new job, a pay raise, a new relationship, new business partner, new love, a travel adventure, a new friend, and so many other incredible things, once you have mastered this 5 step process, you can naturally implement the method of ask, believe and receive almost effortlessly!

Practice unconditional Love and Kindness

Love and kindness(Gratitude as well) are two of the most powerful energies in the universe and they are very natural as well, it’s just most people succumb to their hardships and forget who they really are inside as a human being,

Loving one and another can bring so much comfort and happiness in life, and i just don’t mean your loved ones, friends or family, i mean EVERYONE, your fellow human beings, even complete strangers are worthy of love and i don’t mean romantic love, i mean unconditional love, care, sympathy, compassion and kindness can warm up anybody’s heart,

Simple acts of kindness can truly mean the world for some people or just some kind and loving words, once you start naturally vibrating this type of energy, you will be attracting so much abundance back to you, it’s a very powerful energy to be vibrating into the universe and the universe will naturally respond back to you.

The law of attraction is also Science

There is no difference between the law of attraction and science, there isn’t even a difference between Magic and Science, eventually science will be able to help us understand all of this *mysterious* stuff and will likely be able to replicate the process, so there is really no need to have a mindset of Magic vs Science or Science vs Magic, what good will that do?

Advancements will always be made as the years pass by, as some experts say, evolution never stops, it’s and unending process of endless new creation and advancements, this is simply a normal process in life, one that we human beings also have to adapt and live with,

So use the law of attraction to your benefit and personal growth, use it’s power to achieve the goals, dreams and desire you wish to acquire, if you want to help a lot of people, start helping yourself first, learn, grow and become a more knowledgeable and power human being, one that a lot of people naturally can look up to!


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Make Money Online by creating your own successful online business the Easiest way!

Using the Power of the Law of Attraction to Attract absolutely ANYTHING

You can use the law of attraction to manifest anything you desire, Truly ANYTHING, the abundance that the universe has available for you is absolutely unlimited, Ask, Believe and receive it.

what is the law of attraction about
what is the law of attraction about – Manifesting Abundance

How to Manifesting abundance

Now that you have learned and have a basic understand of what the law of attraction is about, it’s time to be more goal or desire specific, you will be setting your intention and vibration to the vibration and frequency of the goal or desire you would like to have,

Each specific spiritual power will have a different frequency and color, although it is still quite unknown what the exact frequency for your specific goal or desire is, there is range of frequencies where that particular goal or desire will be vibrating at, plus the color attached to that vibrating range, the focus is primarily on the color attached to your specific goal and dream,

so next to the how to (for example) attract more wealth in my life power, you can also be visualizing and absorbing the color associated to spiritual power you wish to acquire and so that you will be vibrating the frequency to the goal or desire you want to achieve, it’s just another great power boost addition for fast track manifesting.

Different types of frequencies and colors:

  • The frequency and color of wealth is Red due to its relation to the material world
  • The frequency and color of health is Green due to it’s relation to Nature
  • The frequency and color of peace and tranquility is blue due to it’s relation to Calmness
  • The frequency and color of love is pink (Yes it’s pink, that may be surprising to some of you)
  • The frequency and color of spiritual growth is dark Purple or Violet

Although the exact frequency for each specific objective you wish to achieve is currently unknown, absorbing the spiritual frequency of the spiritual power your goal or desire is associated in, is close enough as well, so you will need to be focusing on the color your goal or desire is associated with,

It’s not a complicated process, in fact, it can be quite comfortable and relaxing, just so you know, you are not obligated to do this visualization method, but it definitely can be extremely helpful and powerful in manifesting the goals and desires you wish to achieve.

Manifesting Wealth

Becoming financial independent or having financial abundance is usually the biggest reason why folks from all around the world become interested in the law of attraction, living a low wage job that can barely support you or your family is no way to live a life of abundance after all,

But by using the law of attraction and increasing your vibration and frequency to that of wealth, you can attract wealth from huge amount of unexpected sources, whether it’s a new job, a pay raise, unexpected money or many other incredible ways,

The universe has an abundance of ways of sending you what you need and want, but usually it all starts with your basic needs at first, after that, your financial growth and prosperity can increase at an incredibly rapid pace, keep in mind the universe can send abundance in many forms, also in ways you may not expect or according to your exact wishes, be grateful for them as well!

Visualization Technique

Next to all the previous exercises, you can add this awesome visualization technique to your collection, for this exercise you will be breathing in the color red, which is associated with the material realm, so like money, cars, houses, and other stuff you wish to acquire, you will need to be breathing the frequency of red,

So focus on the material wealth or object you wish to acquire, in fact, use the 5 step method as previously discussed, so use your intention, boost, release, gratitude and (action depending on how you receive your wealth),

You can keep your eyes, open or closed, both is okay, now visualize red energy all around you, breath and absorb that energy in a relatively normal pace into your body and when breathing out, set your intention on the wealth or object you would like to receive and show gratitude(you can simply just say, thank you, thank you, thank you).

Manifesting Health

You body is a temple and your vessel through life, you want to take care of your body as much as possible and yes this is also possible through the law of attraction, whether it’s healing your body through your intention and affirmations, or attracting people into your life that can improve your health,

whether they are doctors, healers, chiropractors, acupuncture, spiritualist, it can truly be anyone! The universe can provide you with a diverse of means to improve your health, it knows no limitations, Set your vibration to the frequency of Health and your intention on where you would like to have your health improved,

also very important, LOVE yourself, what does this have to do with health? EVERYTHING! If you don’t love yourself, you wont take care of yourself properly, being negative and bad for yourself can make your body sick as well, so absolutely love yourself, give yourself some positive thoughts and energy!

Visualization technique

Set your Intention to the frequency and color of health, which is green, due to it’s relation to nature and vitality and visualize green energy all around you, breath in and absorb that green energy into your body at a relatively normal pace and when breathing out set your intention on the health goal you wish to achieve and show gratitude,

In fact, after you said thank you several times, you can also say several times for example thank you for my perfect health,

When breathing out, send that energy into the sky, let your energy vibrate strongly and send a clear signal out to the universe.

Manifesting Peace and Tranquility

Overthinking, a talkative mind, a lot of stress and negative energy in your body, does that sound all too familiar to you? If it does, then the law of attraction can help you with this as well, help you to manifest more peace and tranquility into your life,

Whether it’s through thoughts and affirmations or through people with expertise, the universe can provide you with exactly what you need at the right place, at the right time, there is no rule book here, these manifestations can be different for everyone,

Maybe you will stumble upon an article online with a very good releasing exercise in it, like the one we did earlier in this article or maybe you will find a very good mindfulness teacher or meet some reiki or healing master, these manifestations can truly be anything!

Visualization technique

Set your intention to the frequency and color of peace and tranquility, which is blue, due to is relation to calmness and relaxation, visualize blue energy all around you, breath in and absorb that energy through your entire body at a normal rate and then breath it back out up into the air,

When breathing out, set your intention on the peace and tranquility you wish to achieve, show gratitude to the universe and feel the calmness inside your mind, body and energy happening,

feeling calmness is mostly all about releasing, however follow every manifestation and sign the universe gives you, these will be signs only you will know.

Manifesting Love

Another big reason why people want to learn how to use the law of attraction is because of love, having their true love partner and best friend at their side through thick and thin, which of course is also possible by using the law of attraction,

When you *train* the law of attraction, you are basically training personal growth at the same time, you will become the powerful vibration of the love you will be attracting into your life, again the universe can provide you through many means how you can attract this love into your life,

Maybe through a friend, at a meeting, while shopping, at cinema, absolutely anywhere, it might even be your new next door neighbor, the universe truly can have a sense of humor when it starts sending manifestations your way, because most of the time they come in entire unexpected and very interested ways.

visualization technique

Set your intention on the frequency and color of love, which is pink due to it’s association to intuitiveness, caring and empathy, visualize pink energy all around, breath that energy and color inside your body at a relatively normal pace and breath it out again up into the air,

while breathing out set your intention on the love you wish to attract and show gratitude to the universe, feel the immense gratitude for the love that is on it’s way and feel excited about it.

Important: For lasting relationships, the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself, Love yourself first, so that when the time comes, you can show unconditional love and that you are not dependent on the love of the other person you have attracted,

Put YOURSELF first and love yourself, focus on your own personal growth, treat yourself to gifts and small acts of kindness, massages, a chocolate chip cookie or anything else that lifts you up!

Manifesting Spiritual growth and knowledge

This is quite an interesting topic as the quest for seeking spiritual knowledge and growth seems to have a destiny that is more *favored* by the universe itself, compared to the previous spiritual powers, perhaps it’s because the universe is continuously evolving itself and its vibration frequency might just simply be higher,

in any case, like someone once told me, if a person seeks more wealth, health or any other desire, learn power first, then you can manifest almost anything you want, the quest for spiritual power also seems to have a naturally symbiotic relationship with the other spiritual powers as well,

So by learning and *training* the law of attraction you are naturally working on your own self development, which may also seem like effortlessly, because personal development is also a fun process, so when you are on this journey of spiritual knowledge and awakening, focus on the journey ahead of you, enjoy it and you will manifest your desires much quicker.

Visualization Technique

Set your intention on the frequency and color of spiritual growth, which is dark purple or violet, due to it’s relation to the universe, visualize dark purple(not too dark) or violet energy around you, now breath in and absorb that energy inside your body at a relatively normal pace and breath it out again, up into the air,

while breathing out, set your intention on your spiritual awakening or spiritual knowledge you would like to learn and show gratitude for the entire process, feel yourself vibrating the frequency of the universe and the infinite knowledge and wisdom within it,

Spiritual development and knowledge is one of the most closely related vibrations to the universe, which are in most also easier to attract, train *power* and you can naturally flow the rest of the spiritual powers to you.

Different Spiritual powers

As you know by now, there are different types of spiritual powers(and yes wealth is also one of them) and you can use each of these vibrational powers to attract the goals, dreams and desires you wish to achieve or acquire,

The Universe is abundant, it’s power is abundant as well, there is abundance everywhere, in fact if we human being all work together in harmony, we would all be creating and attracting abundance this very day,

Each spiritual power has it’s own vibrations and color, if you wish to attract a specific desire or object, become the tuning fork for that goal, vibrate it’s spiritual energy and become a strong manifesting magnet.

Why unwanted manifestations happen

While the law of attraction is definitely about attracting the things you want in life, it is also attracting things that are helpful for your own personal growth and personal evolution, why that happens is not entirely sure, maybe it’s evolution or perhaps the universe has different plans for you than what you initially may have in mind,

There could be several reasons why unwanted manifestations, although some law of attraction articles and experts say that we are entirely the creators of our lives and are entirely responsible for each and every of our manifestation, we don’t believe that’s entirely true, although for sure we are great manifesting, we human beings are also still a little bit like children in this vast universe,

We are all still learning and growing, so in that theory it would make sense for the universe to make some manifestations take place for us, for our own evolution as a species and personal growth, including for each person itself, while this is just a theory, it would explain the unwanted manifestations that are happening for everyone on this planet, this theory may be proven wrong or might even be more improved in the future, We shall see!


Useful Law of attraction tools

Naturally, to help speed up the process and power boost the law of attraction to manifest more effectively is part of the evolution and advancements we all make throughout the years, because the faster we can all live the lives we truly desire, the better right?

what is the law of attraction about
what is the law of attraction about – Law of attraction tools

Using a vision board

A vision board is a collection of visual images of the life, goals or desires we wish to achieve or acquire in life, which we can hang up anywhere in our house, office, bedroom or anywhere else we spend most of our time, it’s a real powerful tool to super boost your power to use the law of attraction and to manifest your goals or desires into reality,

It’s quite easy to make a vision board either by hand from old articles and other tabloids or you can make one digitally online on word, power point or any other visual editor and take similar images of your *ideal* goal or dream and insert it in your digital file,

Using a vision board is truly an incredible tool for manifesting the dreams, goals and desires you want, you can see your vision board every single day from the moment you wake up, until the moment you fall asleep, this will boost your subconscious mind beliefs that what ever you are visualizing must be true.

The No-BS manifesting course

An incredible course backed by and uses science to make the law of attraction work for you even faster and thanks to it’s 5 step method for Ultimate manifesting, you can power boost ANY goal or desire into reality,

The No-BS Manifesting course has an incredible program which you mostly only need to listen to(just a few minutes per day), inside it’s audio lessons, it uses brainwave entrainment and the Theta frequency to program your subconscious mind to achieve any goal, dream or desire you wish to achieve,

So far, it’s truly one of the best online courses out there in the world, i have actually been using their 5 step process(unknowingly) my entire adventure of spiritual growth and enlightenment, it is definitely a highly recommend Course, try it!

The Raikov effect

This amazing course is about a secret Russian experiment in 1971 performed with the help of a dozen university students and helps people to copy and imitate the methods used to turn them into Einstein level geniuses and world class musicians and any other legendary people through out history, it’s called the Raikov effect, named after DR. Vladimir Raikov,

Basically this course can help you unlock you own inner genius and natural talents, which can be greatly used for manifesting a greater life for yourself and others around you,

Although they call it stealing other people’s genius, skills and talents, this is an obvious sale’s pitch, but what it does is power boost one’s brain power to an significant point where one can see vast improvement in intelligence, art, music, sports and other interested area’s, it’s definitely worth a try!


If you haven’t heard about subliminal messaging before, it’s about mind programming through affirmations and messaging at a split Milli second, meaning we cant see it, but it can directly effect our subconscious mind, which in turn is a very powerful tool(more powerful than our conscious mind),

You’re subconscious mind soaks these subliminal message just like a sponge, which is why the awesome program offered by Subliminal 360 is full of subliminal messaging with positive affirmations to make your subconscious mind work for you in a natural way,

Your subconscious mind will naturally create the reality you wish to live and the subliminal 360 is one of the best programs out there that can help your subconscious mind naturally with that task.

Hypnosis Boot camp

As the headline already says, the hypnosis boot camp is about using the power of hypnosis and rewire your brain to achieve success and abundance in any area of your life, this course will just send you one audio program per week and is about 30 to 40 min long, you can gradually see the effects of the hypnosis through gradual changes in your own life,

You only need to relax, by either sitting down or just lie down or even in a meditative position, whichever position your prefer, it’s all alright as long ad you are comfortable and can relax, the more open you are, the faster the changes will take effect, it’s all about reprogramming your mind through hypnosis, which is quite comfortable,

For a very long time hypno therapists have been using the power hypnosis to transform people’s lives for the better, to release blocks, to achieve greater wealth, to achieve perfect health, to becoming the vibrational energy of love and so many other things, the hypnosis boot camp can provide the same hypnosis effect, but without the need for you going to a hypnosis therapist, you can just stay at the comfort of your own home or any other place you feel at Ease!


The incredible Power of the subconscious Mind

The Subconscious mind is incredibly powerful as it’s processing everything you have learned and experienced during your day and throughout your life, it’s always evolving and you definitely want your subconscious mind as your Ally for manifesting greater abundance and Success.

what is the law of attraction about
what is the law of attraction about – Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind stores Everything

Everything you learn, hear, see and experience gets stored into your subconscious mind and gets processed, there it will work day and night to make sense of everything you are doing and will try to create your reality accordingly,

This is why subconscious programming is so effective, the programming goes straight to the core of your inner being, especially by listening to audios or programs that are using the theta frequency are highly effective, or programs that use hypnosis or subliminal messaging, your subconscious gets that extra boost and juice to create the reality you really want to live,

Your frequency and vibration can naturally change during the process entire process, the duration of the process can be different for everyone, it also depends on how deep rooted some your fears and blockages may be, which is why there is a heavy emphasis on releasing in this article, being free from any constraint you may have will benefit your natural growth process.


Being receptive and open to energy

For quicker and faster results it’s definitely a must to be receptive to the law of attraction and the spiritual powers that are always around and inside you, if you have religious beliefs, then see the law of attraction as an extension of your beliefs, considering this power is also in all religions, you will be simply exploring it like a religious scientist.


Energy is simply just Energy

There is nothing dangerous about the Law of attraction or the spiritual powers, they are all a part of the universe and also a part of all of us, we human beings ourselves are made out of energy, whether you call it pure energy or stardust, it’s all the same, Energy is simply just energy and there are so many ways to use them,

In fact, to not to use the law of attraction is to deny your own greatness, don’t let fear or even doubt stop you, just explore the law of attraction, explore the spiritual powers that are available inside of you, don’t think too little of yourself, you are a being if great potential after all,

The law of attraction is always available for you, you are using it every single day uncontrolled, now learn how to do it controlled, You Can do it!


You CAN Do it!

what is the law of attraction about
what is the law of attraction about – You can do it!

No dream or goals of yours is too big or too small to achieve, set your intention on the goals, dreams and desires you wish to acquire and MAKE them happen, take action on every manifestation and sign the universe provides you, Take action on them,

Without action, nothing can be achieved, although the law of attraction teaches effortlessness, this effortlessness comes in the form of a gradual process, eventually everything you do or manifest may indeed seem effortless, but you still need to take that journey to achieve that goal, But you can definitely do it!

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Thank you so much for taking the time for reading our very long article about what is the law of attraction really all about, we hope it was truly helpful in your quest toward a greater life, if so, then it was truly our please to be of service to you, we wish you much success and happiness in your life’s adventures, We wish you A Life Of Greatness!

44 thoughts on “what is the law of attraction Really all about? A Powerful guide for using the Law of attraction Effectively”

  1. One always reads about the law of attraction, and in spite of good intentions one never really knows how to implement this to benefit your own life. Your article did an excellent job of explaining just how to do this. 

    So if I understand this correctly it is simply a matter of asking, believing and receiving?

    Surely this can’t be all. It must be more complicated than that. I will now be trying your tips and your releasing exercise. I am sure this takes quite a bit of focus and practice over time. 

    • Hi Michel,

      The Method of ask believe an receive is a very basic foundation of the law of attraction and eventually when you know the details of how the Law of attraction works, then it all comes down to just using the method of ask believe and receive, because manifesting just seems like a very natural ability for you, almost effortlessly

      This article further discussed so many more details attached to the law of attraction, please read these sections below in the article

      Understanding the law of attraction through Energy and Vibration
      How to Properly use the Method of Ask, Believe and Receive to it’s full potentialAndUsing the Power of the Law of Attraction to Attract absolutely ANYTHING

      You will learn more about how the law of attraction works and gain a better understanding,

      It does practice at the beginning, but overtime you can definitely see the results of all your personal growth and development, You Can do it!

      Happy manifesting,


  2. Wow, this was a REALLY long article.   Yet, the information that you provided about the law of attraction and manifesting provided me the answers that I was seeking.  Or maybe a reminder of the solutions.    

    One of my favorite videos is by Bob Proctor, discussing the Law of Vibration.    In it he talks about how the law of attraction and the laws of vibration have been around since the beginning of time.    

    Perfect example is when we consider how “Misery loves company.”  People that are unhappy or miserable love to have pity parties.    

    Currently, I am living proof that our choice of friends and acquaintances will impact our wealth.    I thought that I could pull some friends up into a better, more financially secure life.   Several years later, I have discovered that my income has diminished to the point that I am earning about as much or less than them.     Resetting our frequency and what we are attracting into our lives is harder when you are in the midst of challenges.   

    Yet, you have provided some tips that keep me encouraged.  Thank you.  

    • Glad to hear that this info was helpful for you Sondra,

      I also love bob proctors video’s, as someone once told me, your friends are your future, which means you share the fate together with the people you hang around most, like you mentioned, you will be sharing the same frequency and vibration with these group of people,

      Thanks for sharing and i wish you much success and happiness in your life’s journey!


  3. Wow, this is truly an intriguing and exciting article. I remember I read the book “The Secret” and I was a little skeptical but I tried it anyway. I ended up giving up after awhile because nothing seemed to manifest for me. I suppose my doubts and negativity were getting in the way. I never thought about treating the power of the Law of Attraction like a muscle that I have to develop and make strong.

    As a matter of fact, the way you’ve presented it here, I was doing it all wrong and attracting exactly the wrong things! I also found the part about us all having a certain vibrational frequency fascinating. It seems that many of us just go through life, unaware of this amazing power that is in each and every one of us. I want to thank you for so effectively communicating it through your article and giving me enthusiastic encouragement for giving it another try. This time doing it the right way. 

    I have to get ready to go to my day job right now but tomorrow I am planning on reading your “No B-S Manifesting Course Review.” Thanks again for sharing your knowledge and expertise. I’m sure your article will change some peoples’ lives for the better.


    • You’re very welcome sue!

      Don’t see your previous *mistakes* as wrong, it’s all just simply part of the learning process, keep growing and learning, eventually you will get there!

      Definitely check out the No-BS manifesting course(and the manifesting movie), it will absolutely worth your time,

      I wish you much success and happiness in your life’s journey!


  4. It’s really fabulous that I can really make use of the law of attraction to attract practically anything. It’s very cool honestly. I have always seen people talk about this law but never anyone who has written anything as comprehensive as this.

    I believe that being deligent to this tips will make do much even better. One I will love to try is attracting wealth. Especially in my online business. Thanks for this.

    • Hi Henderson,

      You can use the law of attraction to attract anything you desire, including greater wealth for your business! Follow the steps in the article and you are already very close to achieving greater Success, You Can do it!

      Happy Manifesting,


  5. Hello, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I heard about the law of attraction but I did not know anything about it or how it works. Now I see that it can really help me to get self-esteemed and worry too much about what other people think. Thank you for sharing such useful tips, I will definitely work more on this.

    • Hi Danijel,

      I think you meant not worry too much what other people think about you?

      In any case, I’m happy to hear that this article was very helpful for you, you can definitely a greater self esteem and reduce of negative thoughts about yourself, follow the simple process that is set out in this article and you can get there real soon!

      I wish you much success and happiness in your life’s journey!


  6. I’ve been a practitioner of the law of attraction since I was a child, but I didn’t know what it was called then. Lol I actually used it first with intention when I was around 5 or 6 years old.

    I’ve always known I could influence what happened to me by using my thoughts, but I’ve never been consistent in using it. I also learned as I got older that it always works best for me when I become very still and let go of too many expectations. Which is hard to explain because it sounds like the opposite of ask, believe and receive, but it isn’t.

    When I relax and let the universe guide me to my best manifestations, they are often quite amazing. You are so right about everything being energy and that we need to get in the flow of positive energy to experience joy and peace in our lives. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Stella,

      That’s amazing! Especially at age 5/6, even though you didn’t know exactly what it was, it’s still incredibly to start at a very young age like that, That’s really impressive,

      The Universe really does guide you in the right direction, it’s actually really simple if you actually just let go and listen, follow the *small* signs or manifestations first and the rest will follow, you are doing Great, keep up the good work!

      Happy Manifesting,


  7. You truly dig into the law of attraction topic. I have personally seen the movie,  the secret and some YouTube movies as well.  There is something everyone should do. It’s so so simple really, yet so hard. I believe people don’t ask the right questions. And if they do, they surtently don’t believe. Then they simply won’t achieve either. Because most people manifest negativity into their lives. Then its harder to believe. I’m impressed of your work and this article is bookmarked for later reference. Thanks. 

    • Hi Fred,

      Glad to hear that you loved the article,

      Truth be told, most people probably don’t even know what they really want, but still, everyone has a reason for being on this planet, the universe knows this and will most like push folks into the *right* direction, even though they might experience *negative* manifestations, they might end up being in a very positive situation later on, the universe can work miracles in amazing ways,

      We have got a great degree of control, but sometimes the universe has something else in store for us, these experiences will be different for everyone, there might be so many way’s for a person leading toward abundance, they just need to pay attention to it, You can definitely achieve the life you desire to live, but sometimes it might be achieved in a way you will not expect, this is a part what make life interesting, but you Can achieve it!

      I wish you much success and Happiness in your life’s journey,


  8. Hello,

    First of all I have to say that I haven’t watch the secret or the latest incredible manifesting movies. But I have heard about the law of attraction. But today, by reading this article I got to know about this law of attraction in great detail. I don’t know how to explain this properly. But I have today I truly believe about everything being vibrations and frequencies. Maybe this is something little similar to what we call vibes. We get positive, negative and neutral vibes from almost anything. Be it a person, situation, place or an object. It could be due to the matching frequencies between us and the situation. Do you think I am following you correctly?

    Also it is pretty interesting how the ask, believe and receive steps can guide us to the things we truly desire. I am planning on practicing and trying this exercise today. And I have to ask whether you truly attract the thing you desired for? 🙂

    It’s amazing how we can backed up this theory scientifically. It makes everything easy to believe and understand. Also I believe that the good intentions, positive mindset, gratitude can lead us to a better version of ourselves. It’s something like if we smile at the world, world will smile back at us. 

    • Hi Anjali,

      If you haven’t watched the secret or the latest manifesting movie, i definitely recommend you to do it, it will add a ton of incredible knowledge to your spiritual development and to manifest any desire or goal you wish to achieve,

      Yes Definitely, vibes has absolutely also has everything to do with vibrations and frequencies, although i believe this is more in the form of using our intuition to *detect and know* stuff, even within us, we use different spiritual *tools*, the law of attraction and feeling vibes(or you can call it intuition) are just few of the spiritual tools we have at our disposal,

      Whether we truly attract the stuff we want or not is depending on your path in life, if you currently in the *right* direction with your life then it’s most likely that you will attract your desires, however the universe also might have other plans in store for you, which may end up leading you attracting different manifestations or leading you to live an entirely different kind of life, there is not set in stone guideline for your life or the lives of others, it will be different for everyone,

      Actually Magic and science are close friends of each other, just for some reason a lot of people like to see them as something separate from each other, which only leads to resistance, we are all in the same boat(which is called life) together, so lets make the best of it together! And indeed you are right, Smile at the world and the world will definitely smile back at you, it can really just be that simple, πŸ™‚

      Thank you very much for commenting,

      I wish you much success and Happiness in your life’s Journey!


  9. Hi Mark, it is not as if I didn’t hear some of this before, but you have explained it in very great detail. So I ask myself “what do I need to do?”. Well I think I am going to make myself a vision board so that what I desire is out there in images. When things are not going my way, I am going to think of myself as correcting the vibration I am sending out. Based on your discussion, if I take more responsibility then I will have more of what I want. Right?  I think i need some subconscious work because I know some of this intellectually, but I need some reprogramming. Thanks Mark. Time for me to get busy.

    • Hi JJ,

      You can definitely use a vision board to boost your goals and desires into reality, Just visualize about the things you would do when you are financially free and have enough wealth to live the life you want to live,

      Also, the universe might manifest you something entirely different, which can lead you to live a greater life, there are limitless paths to financial freedom, most likely some of them are already on it’s way to you now, you just don’t know about them yet,

      The Universe truly is full of surprises, Don’t be just stuck on your specific desire or goal, Abundance can come from ANY direction, just imagine becoming more wealthy and focus and the life you want to life, let the universe take care of the When, how and where it will happen!

      You Can definitely live the life you truly desire to live, you CAN do it,

      I wish you much success and prosperity in your life’s adventures,


  10. Hi, 

    This is a good piece of work. I first heard about the Law of Attraction some 10 years or so ago. I tried using it but the information on how to apply this law in life was too limited. Your article does a great deal of work in breaking down the information into a step by step instructions on how to apply the Law of Attraction.

    The most difficult part for me is staying away from the negative energy that comes from close associates, such as relatives. What is your recommendation on how to deal with this kind of negativity?

    • Hi Kachunda,

      If your relatives really create such a bubble of negativity in your, then it might be best to spend as minimal time with them as possible, you can’t change the behavior of others around you, but you can change yourself,

      You can follow the release chapter discussed in the article and also try not to get involved in the negativity once it enters your personal space, try to let is pass by, just like a car, your inner peace is more important than wasting your energy on arguments or other forms pointless energy loss,

      just set your intention inwards and let the negativity of everyone else flow outwards, I hope this will help you,

      I wish you much success and achievement in your life’s adventures!


  11. Getting in tune with your mind and training it to perceive the things you want in life as coming to you is a powerful mojo to have. Millionaires and Billionaires have long said you have to believe with every inch that you deserve this and will have it for anything to happen positively in your life. We get stuck in a cycle of self-blame, and blaming things like our environment and the people in our lives for us being broke, being unhealthy, etc… But the fact is most things can be beaten with the right mindset.

    • Very well said Andy,

      Couldn’t have said it any better, thank you very much for your input,

      I wish you much success and happiness in your life’s adventures,


  12. Hey. Great post. i have heard of the law of attraction before, and then i had forgot it existed until now. I think i first heard about it in some documentary about some secrets to success or something, cant realy remember, but i should get more in to this and start using my power for good :). thanks for this. 

    • Forgot about it, but still used it your entire life, πŸ™‚

      Glad to hear this article refreshed your memory again,

      Happy Manifesting Simon!


  13. Thank you for this intriguing and informative post!

    I’ll admit.  I’m a bit skeptical of intangible beliefs (i.e. I can’t handle or see it).  That said, I know we absorb and produce energy and vibrations so the explanations/examples you’ve provided here make sense and lower my defenses a bit.

    I believe that our handling of ourselves, especially when interacting with others (both pleasantly and in confrontation) affect our energies and vibrations.  I guess what I, saying here is that there are multiple factors that play a role.

    This has been an enlightening post.  I’m going to bookmark it for future reference.

    Thanks again,


    • Hi Scott,

      well you are definitely not wrong, there are always multiple factors that come into one’s life, everybody’s life journey will be different and success will mean different for everyone as well,

      The law of attraction is not some black and white rule, for most folks that have not learned to use or control their of manifesting power, there will mostly be a balance between positives and negatives, otherwise we would have destroyed ourselves long ago,

      Just try it’s power for yourself by starting small and you can discover the truth for yourself,

      I wish you tremendous prosperity in your life’s adventures,


  14. Great article. I learned a vast amount of things to try in my life.  You explained the law of attraction so well.  I really liked the color impressions and meanings.  This is a fascinating subject and you even shared how to “attract” the different manifestations.  Thank you for this information.  All the Best, Krista

    • Hi Krista,

      Glad to hear you enjoyed the article,

      The more details you know about the law of attraction, the better, so you too can achieve any goal or desire you wish to acquire as fast as possible, that’s what this article is all about!

      I wish you much success and happiness in your life’s journey,


  15. The book is even better than the movie.  Affirmation is a wonderful tool to get you focused.  It is so true you have to start with small goals, patience is the virtue here.  Goals are not achieved in a day, you have goals needs to be followed by a plan.  Energy is transferred and we want to attract positive energy always. Thanks for a very broad description of the Law of Attraction, may positive energy follow you always.

    • Hi Hanlie,

      The book was good as well, although it was a little while ago since i last read it, however even the book misses a lot of science and details on how to properly use the law of attraction, which is unfortunate, it was still a good read though,

      And it may indeed take some before some goals are achieved, manifesting signs and small steps towards achieving your dreams and goals become relatively easy once you become more in tune with the law of attraction and this is where most starters should be focusing on, although manifesting some small bits of fun and pleasure here and there is quite nice as well,

      I wish you tremendous success and happiness(and of course a lot of positive energy!) in your life’s adventure’s!


  16. Hi, Mark.
    Thanks for the insights of Law of Attraction – it was a real exhaustive article and worth spending time to complete it. Your article seemed an extension of  the book called Secret and What I learned was more than that . I also liked few tools you described to enhance and practice Law of Attraction and will definitely be using it for my benefits. Thanks once again.  
    Warm Regards, 
    Gaurav Gaur

    • You’re very welcome Gaurav!

      Glad to hear that this article has helped you improve your manifesting power, that’s all what matters!

      Keep up the good work and happy manifesting,


  17. This is an extremely detailed article about the law of attraction. I am familiar with the concept but have never read so much on it before. I think I am pretty good at sending out my positive energy! I just know I need to do more action to create that money return. More writing and working to send the exact formula of positive energy! I think I can, I think I can. I feel like the little engine that could! Thank you for all the motivating information. 

    • You’re very welcome Ashton!

      Now change that i think i can, to I CAN do it!

      You are definitely on the right track, keep up the good work,

      Happy manifesting!


  18. This is a very interesting article, thank you.  I had heard of the law of attraction before, but I hadn’t seen it explained so much in-depth.  It is definitely something to think about.

    As for gravity, there is actually a scientific explanation.  No mass is no gravity, like the vacuum of space.  Small masses have small gravities, like the moon or asteroids.  The more the mass, the more gravity.  Also, the closer he objects are the more gravity works, too.  Even something like a golf ball has a small amount of gravity.  Gravity can even affect light. It’s basically that all mass objects have energy that exerts force on other mass or energy.   

    I don’t know about the law of attraction though.  Sometimes I feel that with the law of attraction, people could really start blaming themselves a lot more for having horrible things happening to them if they feel they attracted the negative event that traumatized them.  I don’t mind believing it all happens for a reason.  I don’t feel that people attract negative actions towards them.  Their minds affect their OUTLOOK on life and how they act in a lot of cases, but there are a lot of horrible events that have no reason behind them and are horrible, and no way do I want to believe that someone attracted those horrible acts.  That’s the reason I have a problem fully believing in the law of attraction.  

    Some of it does have merit.  A person with a positive mindset will usually have positive things. A person who has a goal and can visualize it often goes out to achieve it.  But bad things happening because of other people?  That’s only the perpetrator’s fault.  Not the victim’s. 

    • Hi Selenity,

      Thanks for the science lesson, very educational! However it was meant more as philosophical question, like why does gravity exist, what’s the reason for it’s existence in the first place? To be able to allow life to flourish on the planet? It’s more like that,

      You are definitely not wrong and i believe a lot of it what you were wondering was also written in the article, in any case,  i personally believe that everything happens for a reason, the good and the bad, whatever that reason is, that is up to ourselves to discover or eventually it will be revealed,

      The Universe wants all of us(humanity as a whole) to be successful and happy, but it also(personal belief) wants us to evolve, to became greater, stronger, just like scientific advancements or sometimes just stuff happens and we need to learn how to deal with it appropriately, this journey in life will be different for everyone because everyone is unique,

      A Positive mindset can absolutely attract a lot of positive manifestations, it’s one of the spiritual powers at our disposal :),

      Thank you so much for your input Selenity, it’s much appreciated!

      I wish you much success and happiness in your life’s adventures,


  19. Hi, This is a really informative post. I had heard of the law of attraction, but I just thought it was a figure of speech. Your article has brought a few things to my attention that I hadn’t even thought about. You obviously know your stuff and have read up on this subject a lot. 

  20. Hi, I’ve always found the law of attraction quite interesting. Great job on providing such valuable information on it here. What we speak shows us who we are in life. When we speak such negative words, we normally may be living life not how we desire to. There is so much power in our words and yes what we speak attracts whatever we speak!

    • Hi Nikki,

      Not just in your words, but your thoughts as well!

      Feel free to watch the manifesting movie to also gain a lot of scientific perspectives on the law of attraction,

      I wish you much Success and happiness in your life’s journey,


  21. Wow what a positive and extremely thorough post especially when it comes to the particulars of the law of attraction and the subconscious mind. It’s amazing to think of how much information we store in our subconscious mind and how we can pull from it in an instant. I guess that’s what makes us unique as a species. I think I’ve heard of a vision board before and it reminds me of a detective piecing together a case on the wall. As far as the no-BS manifesting course, Raikov effect, Subliminal 360 and hypnosis boot camp I haven’t heard much about. so this is really helpful. With Subliminal 360 I like the idea of subliminal messaging creating a positive charge while with the boot camp I like the idea of re-wiring the brain. This is a lot of valuable information and I will take some time to check out your links further to see more about them all, excellent post!

    • Hi Pentrental,

      Glad to hear that you enjoyed the article,

      Actually why detectives use a board for research purposes and for connecting the dots, the vision board is mainly for visual images(or even affirmations) of your *ideal* goal, dream or desire and to manifest it into reality,

      there are quite a few useful tools for power boosting your ability to use the law of attraction, the ones mentioned in the article are some of the best out there, feel free to check them out,

      The more knowledge you acquire about manifesting and the law of attraction, the better you become, always keep on learning and growing and you can definitely achieve success in any area of your life, you can do it too!

      I wish you much success and happiness in your life’s adventures,


  22. Wow. I’ve never though of the law of attraction in this way. How you relate the law of attraction to vibrations is clever and really interesting. 

    I will try to apply your suggestions in my life and see how it works on me. But how would you suggest we use the law of attraction in everyday life?

    • Hi Dustin,

      Check out the section about the vision board, you can use visual images representing your *ideal* life, goal or desire and use it to power boost your ability to manifest and use the law of attraction,

      Also check out the No-BS manifesting course which is a course you mostly only need to listen to, it’s an incredible brainwave entrainment course, that uses audio tracks, affirmations and many other amazing power boosting tools to help fast track your success to achieve any goal, dream or desire you wish to manifest into your life,

      Start by manifesting small things into your life, enjoy the manifesting process and later start manifesting bigger things, You can do it too!

      Happy Manifesting,



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