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what is the secret book all about? By Rhonda Byrnes – A guide to lead you to the true power of Manifesting

What is the Secret Book Really all about?

If you have watched and read the Secret, then you undoubtedly have many questions on what the secret book is all about, is it real or is it just simply another fairy tale to give desperate people false hope in a seemingly highly dualistic world that is filled both with positivity and negativity, does the law of attraction truly work and can we really create the life of our dreams? You have definitely come to the right place for answers, it’s time for you to find out the real truth.


The passing of History

Throughout history and religion, there have always been stories about unexplained phenomenons and people with seemingly great powers or abilities, although (and unfortunately) modern historians aren’t able to verify these well documented parts of history, simply because… well.. they aren’t able to go back in time, however one might try to *learn* these unknown powers and abilities,

And this why the secret came out, although it’s missing a lot of science and details, it’s definitely a uplifting book and movie to read and watch, it’s simple method of ask, believe and receive has inspired millions of people from all walks of life from all around the Globe, it has given people hope and a reason to strive for something greater,

Ancient Buddha has passed on the method of ask, believe and receive to his students and his students have been passing it on to their students for generations ever since, but the most important question here is, is the law of attraction real or not? Does it really work? If it does, what’s the science behind? Why the heck does it even work?

Is the law of attraction real?

Does the law of attraction truly exist? For that answer we can first turn to science and science tells us that the universe and everything in it is all made of energy, specifically from vibrations and frequencies, the law of attraction is all about attracting the goals, dreams and desires you wish to acquire in life, which happens to work also through vibrations and frequencies,

So in that perspective, yes the law of attraction is real, but how does it work? Well according to the book, it’s all about the method of Ask, Believe and receive, you ask the universe what you want, believe vigorously in it, and viola you will receive it, but is it truly that simple? Well i guess it is for the ones who have done it their entire lives and know the details involved, but for most folks out there, without the proper details, it’s going to be most likely a very long journey,

The Scientific No-BS Manifesting Course explains these details in great depth and how to use it easily and almost effortlessly, Science is already picking up the pace and backing the existence of the law of attraction, the current question most law of attraction practitioners are wondering is why does manifesting work for some people, but not for others?

Why is there an *imbalance*?

Why do some people get (Big) results and others don’t? That’s a question what most practitioners are wondering, while most people do get small results or some fun, quick and easy results, why do the *bigger* results only happen to some people and not to others? After all, manifesting should be simply be about ask believe and receive right?

Well there could be a number of reasons, one of them is that the people who got big results practically instantly is perhaps because they were more naturally in tune, these people might have already had a very positive outlook on life, always a smile on their faces, very grateful for everything they had in their lives and so on, for them using the law of attraction is just a natural skill,

Other reasons might be because they were more in tune with their path in life, follow their true life’s destiny or they somehow managed to find the details needed to use the law of attraction more effectively, in any case, the law of attraction can work more effectively for most people out there if they know more of the details involved, which can be the key to success(We will continue this topic later on).

Why does it work?

This is a very interesting question, why does the law of attraction work? Why does gravity work? Why do we exist? Why does the Universe exist? Can you think of any answers? Me neither…

These are truly fundamental questions which we most have no answer to, maybe the law of attraction exists as hint, a sign that there is more to life than just the material world, how else are we suppose to know that there is *more* out there if the universe doesn’t give us any clues or signs?

This of course can only be a theory as there is currently no way to proving it, maybe in the near future this might be different(hopefully), in any case, maybe we don’t why the law of attraction works, we can still definitely enjoy the power it offers, after all, thanks to it, we can manifest our dreams, goals and desires!

What is the method of ask, believe and receive about?

How does the method of ask believe and receive work? Truth be told, unknowingly, you have been using the law of attraction all your life, you just never knew you did, we all did, we have been creating both positivities and negativity in our lives,

We have all been doing this unknowingly, that is until you have watched or read the secret and unveiled to you the law of attraction and it’s method of ask, believe and receive, but how does it work? Next the simplicity of simply asking what you want, vigorously believing it and then receiving it, there are a whole lot of other stuff happening in between,

It’s all about vibrations and frequencies and how to properly set your own frequency to match the frequency of the goal or desire you wish to acquire, through knowledge and self development, you can learn the proper details to fill in the gaps that were not told in the book or movie.

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What is the Secret Book Really all about – The Science behind the law of attraction

When we look for the science behind the law of attraction, then it all really makes a lot of sense, It’s truly unfortunate that the secret misses a lot of the science and other important related details in it, because it would have helped a lot folks out currently practicing the law of attraction out there,

what is the secret book about
what is the secret book about – The Science behind the Law of Attraction

The Tuning forks

The tuning forks always remain one of our best examples, because it’s all about using the right vibration and frequency for a tuning fork to create resonance with another tuning fork, which means if they are both exactly the same weight(frequency), you only need one tuning fork to vibrate and create resonance with another matching tuning fork, Check out the video below,

Now, You may wondering what this has got to do with the law of attraction? Well… EVERYTHING!

You see, the tuning forks will only create a resonance if they are an exact match, which in their case is their weight(their frequency), you see if they are not the same exact same weight, then only the tuning fork that has been hit will vibrate, but cant create a resonance due to it’s difference in weight,

The law of attraction works basically in the same way, to attract the things you want, you will have to create a resonance with them by vibrating their exact or similar frequency, manifesting is not something complex or even that complicated to do, you just need to use it in the right way, after all, you are currently using it *unknowingly* right now.

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It’s about energy and vibration

The law of attraction is all about using energy and vibration, it’s about vibrating the right frequency to match the frequency of the goal or desire you wish to achieve, Manifesting isn’t just *magic*, it’s science as well, it’s simply one of the many powers we all have at our disposal, energy is always around us, science also tells us that energy can’t be destroyed, only transformed,

everyone is currently using energy, in one form or another, to use the law of attraction effectively, part of your energy, which is manifesting energy, needs to be transformed to the vibrating energy that matches your specific goal or desire, otherwise you might be attracting something entirely different(might be both positive or negative),

Manifesting can truly be easy, it doesn’t need to be difficult or complex, even though some manifesting or law of attraction experts explain it that way, it truly doesn’t need to be complicated, when you know the science behind the law of attraction and the details involved, it already becomes so much easier and it’s the details that can make the difference between success or  ramming against a wall.

Matching frequencies

The secret explained that you need to match your energy to the energy, or rather say frequency to the very goal or desire you wish to attract into your life, whether it be wealth, a job, a promotion, greater a health, a new romantic relationship or anything else you can think of, it’s all about matching frequencies,

And if you have watched the free manifesting movie earlier, then you will have also learned that the law of attraction is also a very scientific power, in fact, as i have mentioned before, science and magic are very good friends, one might even say that they belong in the same category of researching and evolution,

The tuning forks are a great example of matching frequencies, if they are not an exact match, then there wont be any resonance, did you know that tuning forks are still used for some medical purposes? And even in spiritual healing, tuning forks are still widely used, it’s because of the vibrations they make, they give off certain qualities which can be of great benefit in many different fields of spiritual development.

Know as much details about Manifesting much as possible

Evolution and change never stops, since the secret came out, the law of attraction has passed many evolutionary levels and advancements, this process will never stop, as more and more people learn about manifesting and become successful, this knowledge will be shared and will be passed on to other incredible folks such as yourself,

An amazing example of this is the incredibly scientific No-BS Manifesting Course, which explains and uses the law of attraction in a very scientific way and uses a very effective 5 step method for ultimate manifesting success, the more time passes by, the more methods are being created to simplify one’s manifesting journey to achieve greater success in whatever goal, dream or desire they wish to acquire,

The more knowledge and information you acquire, the better you will become at manifesting, of course it’s not just about learning, learning and learning, it’s also about taken action, meaning, when after you learned something new, you put that into practice and take any action to any sign or manifestation that the universe sends your way, this way, you are using the law of attraction a little more effectively


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How to use the Law of Attraction more effectively

This has been an incredibly troubling question for a lot of law of attraction practitioners around the world, people who have saw or read the secret, but couldn’t use it’s power to it’s full potential or not even at all, even though there have been some improvements since the secret came out, there is still just a lot of noise out there, which can lead to absolutely nowhere,

what is the secret book about
what is the secret book about – How to use the Law of attraction more effectively

So many answers but few successes

As the title said, so many answers(like books and methods), but few successes, there have been countless of books and e-books created, countless of methods revealed that claimed to have absolutely the best way or information to use the law of attraction to it’s max potential, while there may have been a small degree of success, real lasting success was almost never achieved,

This currently still is somewhat of a wide spread issue, but luckily, real successful methods of using the law of attraction more effectively are catching up fast, evolution simply doesn’t stop, especially with the help of science, which is a great thing, people absolutely DESERVE to life greater and more fulfilling lives, You DESERVE it!

Believe that you deserve it as well, every goal, every dream, every desire you wish to achieve, believe you deserve it, not just somewhat believe, although it is a good start, but truly believe you deserve it, meditate on this or think about this, which ever way you prefer, if you are currently an experienced practitioner, do you truly believe that you deserve Abundance?

Do you Truly Believe that you deserve Abundance?

You may think now, yes i truly believe i deserve Abundance, but let me ask you the next question, how much % do you believe? 60%? 70%? 80%? If you said 100%, then you wouldn’t be here now reading this article would you? Allow me to explain further,

while you may definitely believe you deserve it, what I’m talking about is absolute and unwavering belief, the kind of belief you see in old style western movies, people who were looking for gold(gold hunters) and some of them weren’t even the kindest people in the world, but why did those type of people succeed? They weren’t exactly kind or grateful or even helpful in anyway, but they still succeeded, how?

It’s because of their unwavering belief that they deserved it, a very selfish, scr*w  everyone kind of belief, they only cared about themselves and no one else, a belief so strong, thoughts so fixated on getting that gold, that they succeeded, it’s that kind of powerful belief in yourself and that you deserve abundance that will lead you to success, now don’t get me wrong here, I’m only talking about it’s power, not actually becoming a selfish and inhumane human being, you want to use the maximum power of your mind, thoughts and belief to achieve maximum success.

How you really can manifest more effectively

While pure belief can definitely lead you to where ever you want to go, you can still vastly fast track your journey to success by combining it together with the other spiritual powers inside you, everyone uses these powers on a daily basis, some uses it more powerfully, others more productively and some others just like to take a lot of action, You however, you are going to combine and use your powers to it’s maximum efficiency,

These 5 powers or you can also call them steps come directly from the no-BS manifesting course, which is called the 5 step process,

The 5 step process for Ultimate Success:

  • Intention
  • Boost
  • Release
  • Gratitude
  • Action

With these 5 specific steps, your power to use the law of attraction will gain a massive power boost and you can start manifesting almost instantly, nowhere before has any course or book provided such detailed steps to achieve maximum success to manifest Abundance in any area of your life, now lets get a little more into what these 5 steps mean,

Intention – instead of simply just focusing on the goal or desire you wish to acquire, set your intention on that specific goal or desire, which means focusing with a purpose, firmly fixed and concentrated on making your desired reality come true(Remember, unwavering belief in yourself and your dreams).

Boost – Now boost your desired Reality with incredible powerful positive thoughts, emotions, excitement and happiness, fill your entire being with joy and positivity, knowing that your goals, dreams or desires are becoming real.

Release – Now release all negativity, blocks or personal barriers that may be preventing you from achieving your goals, dreams or desires, a stained pool cant be cleaned by filling it up with more clean water, the dirt would need to be removed and cleaned up, after that, clean water(positive energy) will be able to flow and shine clearly again.

Gratitude – Feel immense gratitude for the success, wealth, desires that is on it’s way, feel immense gratitude for already possessing what you want to acquire, feel it with your entire being, let gratitude flow through your body,feel that what you so desire will be yours soon.

Action – Take action for every sign or manifestation the universe sends your way, only you can know what these signs mean, whether you see a billboard sign when walking a street, some written text on someone else’s shirt, a sudden inspirational though or idea, talking to a friend and that friend mentions something important to you, a friendly meetup which may lead you to the answer you have been looking for and so many other possible signs, the universe has no limit on how it can help you.

Take action on every Sign and Manifestation the universe gives you

When receiving sign’s or manifestations, the universe has limitless ways of providing you with what you want and need, truly these signs can absolutely be ANYTHING, the universe definitely also has a sense of humor, sometimes it can provide you with what you want or need in the most humorous and amazing ways and mostly in ways you will never expect!

Expect the signs to come to you, but don’t go looking everywhere for them, just remain open and be aware, they will come to you mostly at the right time and at the right place, the universe truly does have a sense of humor and it is at those moments that you will enjoy manifesting immensely,

Believe that everything you want is on it’s way, believe that incredible manifestations are about to happen for you, believe that you definitely and Absolutely DESERVE Abundance, you really do deserve abundance, to live an incredibly happy and prosperous life, you really do deserve it, Believe that!

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What does success mean to you?

Although this may or may not be a key factor for achieving success, but still can be helpful by giving an extra power boost, what does success and a fulfilling life mean to you? Keep in mind, that most people don’t really know what they want in life yet, most people are still looking for their place in the world and how they fit in,

But, this doesn’t mean they cant manifest the Abundance they currently desire, of course they can, it’s just a question of what do they truly want in life, in any case, what does success look like in your eyes? What does Abundance look like in your life?

Visualize it all in front of you, your dream life, your goals, your ideal job, the promotion you want, new love, the *perfect* partner, anything is possible, just before you visualize what success means to you, think about it for a while or meditate on it and see what else pops up, after all, there are probably a lot of hidden desires buried deep inside you!

What do you really want?

This may be a difficult question to answer for most folks out there, so if you don’t exactly know what you want yet, that’s okay, for now you can just think about living a more comfortable life, after all, that is what most people are currently after at the moment,

If you are already living a comfortable life, but not entirely sure about what you can do with your life, then think about the thing that light up a fire inside you, that bring up such a passion, that you simply just can’t ignore, that is usually a good place to start,

If it’s love you are after, then start with the most important relationship, which is the one you have with yourself, love yourself fully and unconditionally, feel yourself worthy of love, believe that you are worthy of love(which you definitely are), when you love yourself first and unconditionally, it’s something that does go away, NOBODY can take that away from you.

Do you Truly Believe?

This is probably the most difficult process almost everyone goes through, Do you truly believe that you deserve abundance? And it’s definitely understandable, for most of your life, the people around you having been filling you(consciously or unconsciously) with limiting beliefs,

Maybe beliefs of lack, there is not enough to go around, you need to work incredibly hard to make money, wealthy people are bad, money is evil, you need to earn love, you are not good enough and so on, absolutely useless limiting beliefs, in fact if everyone in the world actually worked together, none of this stuff would probably even exist,

The truth is, you DO deserve love, wealth and abundance, in fact EVERYONE deserve to live a fulfilling and happy life, filled with abundance and joy, but it all starts with yourself first, if you are a person who loves to help others, then help yourself first, live an abundant life or a life you deem as successful and BELIEVE that you truly deserve it!

The Universe WANTS you to be Successful and Happy

Although it may not feel like that for you at the moment, but the Universe absolutely WANTS you to become Successful and Happy! Truly it does, even though you may be struggling at this very moment due to whatever circumstances, the Universe loves you and wants you to live a life full of abundance and happiness,

Success happens when there is a process of education, self development and growth, also know as evolution or in this case personal evolution, the law of attraction is a lot about personal development, the universe wants you to evolve, to become stronger, more knowledgeable and more successful,

When you learn and grow as person, greater success will happen as a side effect, the more you know, the more personal development you go through and the more experienced you become, the greater your success rate in life will be, this is just a natural process in life and eventually this will almost seem like a effortlessly process, simply because you are in a state(vibration and frequency) of success.

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Power Boosting the Law of Attraction

there are definitely some simple(but effective) methods and tools to power boost your ability to use the law of attraction more effectively, as mentioned before, now with science in the game, manifesting has become so much more easier than ever before!

what is the secret book about
what is the secret book about – Power boosting the law of attraction

How to release more easily

Lets start with releasing first, considering a stained pool can never becoming clean again just by pouring more clean water into it, First it needs to be purified and cleaned up, Then we can start pouring clean water into it and we will have a nice and shiny clean pool,

A very common question is, how does releasing work? If you don’t know how releasing works, then it may become a frustrating and tiring process for you, in the beginning it may definitely be a trial and error process, which is normal, but eventually, you should be able to feel more relaxed, with a calm and peaceful mind,

Releasing starts with removing mostly all the tension from your body, which is why people who go to the gym, do yoga or martial arts feel a lot of peace and harmony after doing a good workout, stress can bring up a lot of negativity and negative thoughts, releasing tension(stress) is one the first points to start with.

Minor physical Exercise:

If you want, you shake each part of your body, starting with your head(slowly), down to your shoulders, your arms and your body, all the way down to your feet and toes, just shake your head slowly and you can do the rest of your body a little faster, doing this exercise you will feel at least a slight release of tension throughout your body, which also helps keeping a peaceful mind.

Breathing Exercise:

Next exercise is a powerful breathing exercise, which not only will you breath in air, but also the energy around you and when breathing out, you will visualize releasing all the stress and negativity in your body dissolving into the thin air or you can just release it all the way down your body and into the ground,

So now(or later) sit down, lie down or  sit into a meditative positions, whichever is most comfortable for you and visualize and breath in energy(white energy if you want) into your body, in fact start with your head, neck and shoulders first and when breath out, release all the negativity and tension you may have in your body, relax your shoulders and feel the peace and tranquility flowing through your body,

Now, with each new breath, keep adding new body parts, for example, breath in the air and energy around you again and into your head, neck, shoulders plus your arms and now release it again, for the next breath you can add your torso, then the next breath your lower body and so on, you can release the negativity into thin air or into the ground, whichever way your prefer, both is alright.

Using brainwaves and Theta waves for power boosting

There are many useful tools you could use to aid your ability to use the law of attraction more effectively, tools like a vision board, which is a collection of visual images of your *ideal* life or desire or like the No-BS Manifesting course which is a course that uses brainwave entrainment and the theta frequency to specifically target and power boost parts of your brain for incredible manifesting success,

after all, we human beings are also all about vibrations and frequencies.

What is brainwave entrainment?

First, lets take a look at this video below and see what kind of different levels of brainwaves there are,

As you just saw, there are multiple brainwave frequencies we can tap into, with delta being the most calm and peaceful, it’s the kind of state we love to constantly be in and the great part of this is, that we can actually train our brains for tremendous success in any area of our lives or also know as brainwave entrainment,

Brainwave entrainment works through just simply listening to audio tracks which naturally helps to change your brain patterns to any frequency you desire, including specific frequencies for Wealth, health, love and abundance or anything else, which is why brainwave entrainment is so widely used and loved,

listen to the video below as an example for reaching higher frequencies of peace and joy, once again, just sit down, lie down or any other position that is most comfortable for you and enjoy, this video isn’t so long, but you can stop it at any moment you wish.

This audio track was a good example of brainwave entrainment for greater peace and joy, using brainwave entrainment is one of the simplest ways(and laziest) to fast track your manifesting powers for success ,this is why audio tracks and courses are so popular, but what else does it do and what does science say about it?

What does science say?

Well, if we follow this video’s example and description it says:

Research by Dr Vincent Giampapa, MD, Former President of American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine, New England Journal of Medicine

Dr Giampapa suggested that binaural beats “dramatically” affects the production of three hormones directly related to longevity of life and overall well-being; cortisol, DHEA and melatonin:

1) Cortisol is found in the adrenal glands and impacts learning and memory, as too much of it is bad for us and causes stress. This is reduced by binaural beats

2) DHEA is used as a “source ingredient” for virtually every “good hormone” the body needs, and helps our immune system. This is increased by binaural beats

3) Melatonin is the chemical produced during deep, natural sleep. Having lots of DHEA and melatonin is good for us. This is increased by brainwave entrainment using binaural beats.

Evolution simply doesn’t stop, science supports the advancement of humanity, including the spiritual advancement, Science and spirituality are very close friends of each other, this is just a simple truth,

You can use simple tools like a vision or brainwave entrainment or any other tool you come across with to fast track your ability to use the law of attraction, you can simply become a powerful vibrational being and attract whatever goal or desire you wish to acquire.

The color of success

This may seem like a weird line to you, huh? The color of success, what the heck does that suppose to mean? Yes what does it mean? allow me to elaborate, as you know by now, every spiritual power has it’s own vibration, so like Wealth, love, abundance, health etc…, each of them has it’s own vibration right?

Well what if i were to tell you, that each of these powers has their own color as well, Yes they really do! And how is that helpful you may wonder? Well knowing this knowledge, you absorb each of these spiritual powers natural frequency, which is another fast track method to use your ability to manifest any goal or desire you want, lets go through the base colors of some of the spiritual powers and how you can use them.

Colors of the spiritual powers:

  • The frequency and color of wealth is Red due to its relation to the material world
  • The frequency and color of love is pink (Yes it’s pink, although it may be a surprise to some of you)
  • The frequency and color of peace and tranquility is blue due to it’s relation to Calmness
  • The frequency and color of health is Green due to it’s relation to Nature
  • The frequency and color of spiritual growth is dark Purple or Violet

You can use each color in your spiritual practices as well, how? do you remember the breathing exercise from the releasing chapter?

Well, it’s almost basically the same practice, just in this case, you will be breathing the color of the goal or desire you wish to acquire, for example, lets say you want more wealth, you breath in the color of wealth, which is red and when breathing out, breath it up into the universe, see yourself brimming with red energy and visualize(or use affirmations) the wealth you wish to manifest, do this while breathing out and feel yourself becoming in resonance with wealth,

This is a very awesome method, very effective as well, you can use it with any goal or desire you wish to achieve, enjoy it.

Becoming the creator of your own Life

Although sometimes there may be unavoidable circumstances or events coming into your life which there is no escaping from, Most people will go through their own challenges, but it’s how we face these challenges that matters, will you give up or run away? Or will you face them head on and say bring it on, i can handle you, instead of feeling down and feeling negativity, choose crush your obstacles and uplift yourself,

Start creating and manifesting amazing new positives for yourself, both small and eventually big ones, become the creator of your own life, yes the universe may sometimes send you challenges for whatever reason or maybe the Law of Murphy is effecting you, which simply means everything that can go wrong, will go wrong and i believe most people will have this law effecting them at least once in their life, So sometimes a bad day is just a bad day, but try not to let it effect your personal happiness,

Watch some funny movies or videos or read a funny book, whichever brightens you up, do an affirmation that tomorrow will be a much better day no matter what and have a good night rest, you can choose to make your own life as easy as possibly or give in to the negativity that may be surrounding you, that is up to you, i would say, choose to uplift yourself and push through and difficult times you may currently face!


You can Manifest the Abundance you Deserve

what is the secret book about
what is the secret book about – You can Manifest Abundance

You CAN do it, no matter who you are or where you are from, you can definitely manifest the abundance you deserve, Every dream, goal or desire you may have, you can achieve it, BELIEVE you can do it and don’t let anyone or anything tell you otherwise, you are the creator and the master of your own life, you can achieve your life’s goals and live the life you dream of,

You can attract your *ideal* romantic partner in your life, you can attract more peace and tranquility, you can achieve greater health, have more friends you can resonate with, go traveling and on adventures, gain tremendous spiritual growth and development or anything else you wish to achieve, you CAN be Successful, remember to take action on every sign and manifestation the universe gives, Follow your intuition!

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Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article, we truly hope that is was immensely helpful in your quest to get answers on what is the secret book about, if so, then this article has done it’s job and we are honored to have been of service for you, We truly wish you tremendous success and happiness in your life’s adventures, we wish you A Life of Greatness!

Have a Question or Comment? Then feel absolutely free to comment away here below into the Comment Section!

10 thoughts on “what is the secret book all about? By Rhonda Byrnes – A guide to lead you to the true power of Manifesting”

  1. Having read The Secret a few times, I agree with your definition of it. The law of attraction only works when we are in alignment with what we are asking for. If something which isn’t meant to be ours, no matter how much we raise our vibrations, it will never take place. 

    Manifesting an ideal life takes time to create, I feel we have to go through many different scenarios before we find what matches our vibrations. 

    • Very well Said Eric,

      It’s true that sometimes the things we want are just not meant to be, for example, if you have a crush on someone, you cant force that person to like you back, it’s process that simply happens naturally,

      What is meant to be yours, will be yours and who is meant to be with you, will be with you, it’s also got to do with your natural vibrations, your path in life and what the universe has in store for you,

      When it comes to most materialistic stuff and wealth, that is something most people can get, because it’s a very basic and common power, an earthly element so to speak,

      Thanks for your input, it’s much appreciated!

      Happy manifesting,


  2. This post was quite interesting. I had never thought about any of these points, especially on attraction. Do you follow these rules or try to at least? or try to preach it? The example with the tuning forks was quite good as well. Thank you for making this post as I will be back

    • Hi Ian,

      I don’t just follow these *rules*, i practice them every single day,

      If you are new to the law of attraction, i recommend you to read or watch the secret and also the manifesting movie, They are definitely big life changers!,

      Feel free to drop by any time again, I wish you tremendous happiness and prosperity in your life’s adventures.


  3. This is a fantastic post! Thanks for sharing.

    I’m a big fan of the Law of Attraction philosophy. I like to use those words because that’s what it is, a philosophy. I practice every day. My life has changed so much that I have no clue how did it all happen.

    However, the key, the secret, in my opinion, is constant repetition. In other words, continuous action and taking steps forward to accomplishing your goals. That’s the only way to develop faith or belief, a key ingredient for success in life.

    I think that many people don’t believe, or they stop believing at one point because somehow they think it’s a magic trick that can be turned overnight. It’s a practice, just like everything else.

    Thanks again for sharing you thought on the book and the philosophy in general. I wish you all the best and keep up the excellent work!


    • Hi Ivan,

      I definitely agree! Belief is absolutely one of the biggest key elements to success,

      However it’s also not only about repetition, it’s very important, yes, but you also need to keep on learning and advance your knowledge about manifesting, there are always more methods out there to help you fast track your goals, dreams or desires into reality, keep doing that as well!

      Happy manifesting,


  4. This is a really great post. I would love to be more successful and use manifesting to help me achieve my goals. This post is very interesting and I learned tons. Do you know where I can get the Secret Book? I want to learn more about how to use the Law of Attraction and other things to improve my life and get things that I want. Thanks!

    • Hi Kevin

      I believe you can get the book on Amazon or at most book shops in your town or city,

      You can also watch the secret on YouTube and even watch the latest(2019) manifesting movie,

      Enjoy your manifesting adventures!


  5. Very interesting article. I really enjoyed reading it. I believe in the power of attraction and what Secret talks about is just that. However, my personal take on that is that you should add expectation in the equasion and completely ignore negative thoughts. Or in other words, doubting that manifestation will occur.

    Great article by the way.

    • Hi Strahinja

      Well most negative thoughts can go away through simple releasing exercises, if you have 100�lief in yourself, your goals, dreams and desires, all your doubts can be crushed aside easily, Keep up the good work, you are well on your way!

      Happy manifesting,



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