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which is the best online business to start – Vital Knowledge you really need to know

The Best and easiest online business

The future of business is Online, there is no way around it, the world is becoming more connected than ever before, currently there are more than 4 billion users online and this number is increasing exponentially every single year, if you been wondering which is the best online business to start in this day and age, Then we have the perfect easiest recommended method for you and the education, tools and training that come with it.

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Your Online adventure starts here

The Easiest type of business in my opinion is simply affiliate marketing, it’s a marketing term that’s simply means selling other peoples stuff in exchange for a commission(similar to what Amazon does), Without the need to actually physically own any service or product, just simply recommend folks to stuff or a service that they want and in exchange the company or advertiser in question will give you a commission(referral fee) for each sale.

which is the best online business to start
which is the best online business to start

Why affiliate marketing?

Like i said, i truly believe it’s the easiest type of business, you don’t need to own any product or service yourself, just simply recommend stuff that people want, you’re still providing great value, it’s just in a far easier way.

Here are some more benefits:

  • As you already know by now, you don’t need to own any product or service yourself.
  • No hassle with product bureaucracy.
  • No hassle with product license and taxes.
  • No hassle with product registration and paperwork.
  • Work from the comfort of home or anywhere else in the world

These are some of the benefits which makes affiliate marketing the best choice for an online business and you can use it for any business idea or endeavor you wish to pursue, it truly isn’t that difficult, but like any business opportunity, it still does take time and effort, successful businesses aren’t built in a day, entrepreneurs worked really hard to achieve the level of success they have achieved.

How can i start affiliate marketing?

The best way to start is with your own website, you want to have your own signals through the internet, which will be like a shining beacon that will attract visitors to your site, your website will be filled with content(your signals) that provide value which people will want, The better your service, the greater the revenue(profits), inside your content, you will have some affiliate(referral) links, in each link there is a special code embedded, when a visitor clicks on that link, it will let the advertiser know that it’s your referral and if a sale is made you will get a commission for it.

But i have no Technical knowledge at all

That’s no longer necessary, most of the technicalities are already on autopilot, meaning you don’t have to do any coding or create a website from scratch, if you tried to start this 19 years ago, Then you definitely needed some IT education, but these days not anymore, you can create a simple website with just a click of your mouse button, it truly is that simple.

There are affiliate marketing programs out there that offer education and training on how to create a successful online business using affiliate marketing, in early 2016, i just one such program that no only offered training and education, but also have their own platform full of tools & features to actually create your own online business, even better, there is also a community of thousands and thousands like-minded entrepreneurs, experienced and newbies alike and the absolute best part is, they have a completely free Membership for anyone who wishes to start an online business and see how it all works.


Using the best Affiliate marketing program

When i was searching for a proper business program to start my online business, nearly all the programs offered just decent training and education, so when i joined the affiliate program in early 2016 and currently am still using, i wasn’t expecting an all in one platform, in fact the first thought going in my mind was, This is probably another scam, But it was said they have a complete free membership and you don’t need to sign up a bank or credit card either.

which is the best online business to start
which is the best online business to start

And Boy oh boy, My thought was completely wrong, It was actually all Real, you can only imagine the surprised look on my face when i found Wealthy Affiliate, Not only can you have an inside look with the free membership, they actually also have some free step by step training included! I have never been so happy before, in fact they also offer 2 free websites, that you can create easily for free(inside the free membership),

Eventually of course, the free training ended and i was left with a choice, i could continue using the free membership with what i have learned or if i was satisfied with the platform and wanted to use all of it’s potential to maximize my business and upgrade to premium, i decided to upgrade to premium membership, in fact ill show you a video later on that shows all the features within the platform.

The community a wealthy affiliate is great, there is live chat, near perfect 24/7h support, step by step simplified training that is effective and easy to implement, many tools & features that help you get ranked in the search engines like google, yahoo, Bing etc.. (All good ways), How about ill just sum up the Pros and cons? that’s much easier right?

The Pros and cons

The Pros

  • Free membership(Forever).
  • Easy account signup.
  • No need to sign up a bank or credit card either.
  • Get acquainted with the community.
  • Get straight into the training.
  • Learning on how to create a successful online business.
  • Build your first free website.
  • first month premium $19,- .
  • Their own affiliate program.
  • Amazing community of thousands and thousands of entrepreneurs.
  • Hundreds of free useful webinars in the premium membership.
  • Hundreds of free useful training created by the community.
  • And so much.

The Cons

  • Once you upgrade to premium, you cannot go back to a free membership using the same account (Maybe because this feature could be heavily abused)
  • Apparently some folks cant come up with proper business idea’s, so WA offers them early on in the training to promote their affiliate program, however these people haven’t made a single sale in their entire online career, so how can they promote a program they teaches how to make money online, without ever making money online before? Kinda weird right?

That last part is personally just weird for me, the training and education works, this website you see now is proof of it and if you look at the sidebar, you will see several images, scroll a little down and you will see a few job sites in a row, those are mine as well, you can create a successful online business from any business idea using Wealthy affiliates program, this is a simple fact, how about an inside look? check here below a video made by one of WA’s community members.


You just had an inside look at WA website & platform, These guys have been in business for over 14 years now, they continue to grow & update their platform every single year, new features are added, new tools, new discoveries, they absolute share everything they know, They truly care about their members and not just the $$$, this is why i am still with WA today, what about you? Do you want to try it out? Their account sign up is a free membership anyway, do the free training and get a little more educated on how an online business truly works, you will grow wiser for it!

Click here now to start you online adventure and start your free membership today!


We hope this article was useful for your quest to create the best possible online business, We truly love helping entrepreneurs to succeed in their life & business, We wish you much success, prosperity and A Life Of Greatness, Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

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